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July 2012 Infertility One Thread -- Let the Fireworks Ignite!

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A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!


Please let me know if there are any changes/updates to make.


Trying to Conceive #1


Polyhymnia (29 - 30 next month), DH (30).  IUD removed 6/2011, no luck since then despite regular cycles. Just scheduled one-year-of-trying appt with an OB/GYN next month. BFPChart2.gifhttp://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3606ed/


Lilacvioletiris (36, DX hypothyroid 10/11) and DH (40), initial diagnosis no sperm, azoospermia 3/23/12, second sperm assay found 25 sperm on 5/18/12, third SA for cryopreservation of sperm found 5 motile sperm and 3 non-motile sperm on 6/29/12) TTC #1 since April 2011. Waiting to make another sperm donation for freezing so there is enough for an IVF cycle and saving money for IVF.



mexilady (29) married to DH (32), ttc for over a year with short lp and spotting. All labs have come back normal so far, including normal SA. Seeing an RE, starting Femara. moved to graduates!!!


Kparker (27) DH(34) married since 10/2008.  TTC#1 since 9/2008 w/ MIF.  Using sperm donor; 3 failed IUIs so far. HSG + IUI #4 in Jan 2012, suspected female IF. moved to graduates!!!!!!


krunchyk Me (32), DH (33), ttc #1 1/11.  Diagnosed with PCOS at 19.  Eastern Medicine diagnosis of phlegm stagnant.  Currently taking 1500 mg of Metformin daily along with supplements and acupuncture.


Teresaresa (32), DH (46) TTC #1 since 4/09. Tried holistically for 2.5 years. 1 failed Clomid IUI and 4 failed Femara IUIs. Now a regular poster on the Summer IVF thread - hoping science can help us make a baby!


Gemmine (27) Me+ DH TTC #1 since July 2010. 1 loss at 5 weeks in April 2011. 

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/gemmine84

moved to graduates!!!!!!


Shesaidboom (28)  TTC #1 since early 2007. Four early miscarriages and one second trimester loss. Struggling with PCOS. Four failed IUIs, three on Femara and one on Puregon. Currently on IUI #5, this time using Gonal F.


toothfairy2be (26) TTC#1 since 10/10, Failed Clomid/Femara/Gonal F, 4 IUI. Switched to NaPro Technology and diagnosed with Stage 3 Endometriosis with a complex chocolate cyst, all removed at laproscopy March 29th--- making a baby the old fashioned way in 2012.


Sourire (30) DH (33) - TTC # 1 since August 2010 with endometriosis. So far I've done 3 IUI's with Femara and had a laparoscopy in April 2012.

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2d1bce



Monkeyscience  moved to graduates!!!!!!


Renavoo  (35)  moved to graduates!!!!!!


Blueyezz4 TTC #1 (technically #4 - long story) since 2006; Moving on to our 3rd Fresh IVF in Oct. after 5 failed IUI's, 2 failed IVF's and a failed FET.  Hoping & praying for a miracle. Mother to our twins boys - lost at 22.5wks on 6-20-09 and another little angel in heaven lost at 8wks!


deborahbgkelly (30); DH (30) Began TTC 2/2011; BFP after IVF in 11/2011. Late second trimester pregnancy loss of identical twin boys in 3/2012. Fertility challenges: Endometriosis, Diminished Ovarian Reserves (likely due to Endo) and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (anti-thyroid antibodies). Still trying on our own in July and August, but if not successful, we'll be back at the clinic in September.. chartnew.gif


Chicajones (27) DH (30) TTC#1 since June 2010. Diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance in Oct 2011. Long cycles, currently taking Metformin and watching my sugar. Moving to the UK in the fall, but hoping for a BFP before we leave!  moved to graduates!!!!

BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/32b88b


Tickletoes (36) & Hubby (45) TTC #1 since 8/10, 3 early losses on 11/4/10 ribbonpb.gif, 6/14/11 ribbonpb.gif, 1/19/12 ribbonpb.gif. First fertility visit scheduled for 2/20. My chart:BFPChart2.gif http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/Tickletoes


Charley: 38, husband 38. TTC our first. Me: One unsuccessful cycle with Clomid/IUI in Jan of ’12. In March of ’12 diagnosed with Hydrosalpinx in right tube and endometriosis, polyp at 2cm located in the “sweet spot” of uterus. Lap surgery scheduled for April 13, 2012. Other treatments: positive thinking, green juice, loads of supplements and creative visualization.


Simply Rochelle: 24, Matt, 26. Married in May 2007 and ttc most of that time. Conceived in June 2008, miscarried at 12 weeks. Lap in April 2012 found stage 2 endo. Lots of failed Clomid cycles from 50mg-150mg. Finally seeing an RE in July 2012. 


NievesSteve: 40, diagnosed with Grave's Disease in 3/10, married my awesome DH and partner in '09. TTC since 2010, lost a pregnancy on 5/12/12 at 5-6 weeks and now working with RE, fall into the unexplained category. Had 3rd IUI w/Clomid 6/10/12. We moved to CT (Hartford Area) in September where we live with our two dogs.



Trying To Conceive #2


TinyMama TTC #2 (DD is 5), with severe MF.


SilaMarila (26) DH (29) TTC#2 since 2010. Rarely ovulating with PCOS and motility/morphology issues. 1/12 DH starts intensive acupuncture. 3/12 Motility up to 50%, penetration 100% all w/acupuncture! 2/12-6/12 = 1 failed Clomid cycle & 3 failed Clomid+IUI. Taking a break from meds/RE and saving $$$ for an injectables cycle. BFPChart2.gifhttp://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SilaMarila


MammaBird (42) moved to graduates!!!!!!


rcr (38) TTC #2 since December 2007. Three failed IVFs, four canceled IVFs, five failed medicated IUI cycles. Waiting for another IVF cycle in December, and trying to keep hope alive.


Gozal (33) trying for number 2 since 2009. Finally diagnosed with prolactinoma after extended breastfeeding; PRL levels normal 4/11; ectopic pregnancy 6/11; three monitored natural cycles after the ectopic, now on round 2 of Clomid with trigger and IUI. moved to graduates!!!!!!


Hope4Light (31) DH 33.  TTC #2.  Trying Since: March 2011 (after PPAF came back) with severe MFI.  IVF #2 Cycle 1; Lupron started March, stims in April.  ER 4/16/12, ET 4/19/12, Beta 5/4/12! Moved to graduates!!!


Smilesarefree TTC#2 for almost 2 years, waiting on a diagnosis.


BucketofRain (32) dh (33) ttc #2 for 18 months. Unexplained infertility...all tests have been good, with regular cycles. 1st cycle of 50mg clomid plus iui...


SKJ2011  (34) DOR, DH (35) perfect. TTC #2 since Spring 2011. Missed m/c and D&C in March 2012. Started clomid + IUI in July 2012.


Trying to Conceive #4


baileyandmikey Kristin (31), DH (36), we have 3 kids (10, 7,3), and one angel (miscarriage and D&C back in 2001), we've been trying for number 4 for over 2 years with no luck.  My cycles got all crazy, having multiple in a month, the OB put me on Clomid, I'm currently on cycle 4.   I've done 50 mg (ovulated, but no bfp), 100mg (no ovulation), 150 mg (ovulated by no bfp), and this cycle was 100 mg.  I'm currently on 8dpo.... and I'm praying it worked this month.  I'm done stressing out about it, and just want to be pregnant already!


(May everyone who passes through this thread find her way to this section!)

Hope4light, Mexilady, Chicajones, kparker, gemmine, gozal, wissa19, Monkeyscience, Mammabird, Tenzinsmama, Renavoo, Tantylynn, Kaydove, Brichole1214, Sweet.Bee, Lega, NishaG, Kewpie80, Tear78, ValH, Lesliesara63, no5no5, Minkajane, EastbayK, Grapesbunch, thtr4me, alexaskj, trumpcard, poetgirl, ann_of_loxley, livelovelaugh


Join our graduates on the Graduates thread for Winter/Spring 2012

In our thoughts.....  

Stretch358 Waiting for PPAF

Missing In Action...but we're still thinking of you

(please let us know if you'd like to jump back in)

babymc, yoyonana, Silverbird, fierrbug, rhiandmoi, jenger, tryingfortow, wallabi, gale, cassnbeth, mindfulmomma, emski4379, kyliel, moonfireglow, Milletpuff, First Short Photo,InGodsHands, Simplymere, Indianagrl, Victorian Patch, lovebug, LuluRoo, catheleni, zanelee, JodiAriel, Skeemama, Jukim


PLEASE let the thread keeper know if there is anything you would like to add/delete/change in your synopsis above. Bolding requests is appreciated! love.gif 

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SimplyRochelle- Thanks for the new thread. Love the name!

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Thanks Rochelle for the new thread. I hope you end up with threadkeeper's luck!

Can you please add my chart to my blurb? http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SKJ2011
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Rochelle, if you could update my blurb.  I am a year older and more news on what we are doing next to get pregnant.


Lilacvioletiris (36, DX hypothyroid 10/11) and DH (40), initial diagnosis no sperm, azoospermia 3/23/12, second sperm assay found 25 sperm on 5/18/12, third SA for cryopreservation of sperm found 5 motile sperm and 3 non-motile sperm on 6/29/12) TTC #1 since April 2011. Waiting to make another sperm donation for freezing so there is enough for an IVF cycle and saving money for IVF.

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SimplyRochelle- I forgot to update my blurb too. Still trying on our own in July and August, but if not successful, we'll be back at the clinic in September.

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Thank you for the new thread Rochelle!


I'm back! I missed you all! DH and I had nice vacation to Santa Barbara. We enjoyed some tasty wines, kayaked, hiked, and talked a lot. Just hanging out at 8dpo. I'll wait to test until I'm out of the "hcg trigger could still be in my system" zone. My acupuncturist gave me some herbs to help boost my chi and support a pregnancy. We'll see if it changes anything.

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Copied my post from yesterday, didn't realize July was up already, thanks Rochelle!!

Rochelle-All out RE stuff was online but I remember it taking forever to fill out. Good Luck!!! can't wait to hear how your appt goes.

Lilac- 5 in the bank is still good!! Glad you're gettingto relax!

Smiles- have fun camping. Hope theres ansers waiting on wednesday.

Teresa- happy anniversary. Hope youre enjoying your time away and looking forward to good news monday.

Sourire- congrats auntie! Good luck ths cycle, the waiting / timing/ breaking stinks... Sorry they won't do IVF sooner. How much puregon are you taking?

Milk- sorry AF came. Shes such a buzzkill. No advice here on the thermometer... Weird that it gav the same temp for so long.

Shesaidboom- welcome back from your honeymoon!! Where were you, was it amazing?

SKJ- your timing still sounds good to me,I'm the queen of terrible timing! Hopeful for you :-)

Sila- miss you, come back soon!

AFM- been so busy with my mom here the past 2 weeks & now DH is home for 2 weeks so its hard to check in. 5 dpo, just angin out. Had a beautifl wonderfl date day inBoston with my hubby today, so nice to be distracted.
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It won't let me use bold for some reason, so let's try this: Please change/add to my blurb: TRYING ON OUR OWN IN JULY AND AUGUST, HEADING BACK TO THE CLINIC IN SEPTEMBER. Only, please use bold and not caps.
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No no use caps, then we can all say Deborah is loud! ;)

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Sila - glad you had a nice time away! Sounds like it's just what the doctor ordered. I"m really hopeful for you this month.

Toothfairy - glad you got to spend time with your mom and now DH. I'm hoping that the timing somehow worked out this past month, or will work on the coming month. Fingers crossed!

AFM - had a nice temp rise and got my CHs today. Starting vaginal prometrium tonight. We had excellent timing this month, and I O'ed early for me, which is a good thing. I'm trying to stay grounded and be thankful that my cycle is behaving more "normally" for me. So, regardless of this month's outcome, I'm feeling like things are at least moving in the right direction. Meeting with the RE tomorrow to figure out our game plan. I'm scared he'll suggest clomid, only b/c I have a history of anxiety and depression. I've been on anti-depressants since 2001. I tried going off them a few years ago and it was disastrous. Is femara any better in terms of mood swings?
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kparker- I can definitely be loud when I need to be.

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SKJ- I always fel like those types of timing miracles happen to other people but would never happen for me, so I'm not hoping on anything! I thought the femara was much better mood wise. I still felt like me. Hoping you never make it there smile.gif
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Toothfairy - Thanks for the hope. I hear ya on not having much hope on the timing. I'm trying so hard to believe that things will work on when the timing's right in the big picture. Thanks for the tip about femara. I"m going to keep that in mind when I talk to the dr tomorrow.
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Rochelle - thanks for the new thread!


SilaMarila - I'm glad you and DH had a nice vacation! It sounds wonderful. Hiking and Kayaking are my favourite things to do. I'm crossing my fingers for that BFP.


Cait - I didn't realize July was here either! I totally went to the June thread today until I was like "wait...Canada Day was yesterday, that means it's July!" Thanks for the welcome back! We were in the Florida Keys and the Everglades, as well as a short stop in Miami. It really was amazing! If you want to see pictures, check out my flickr page.
I'm glad you had a nice distracting date with DH. Hopefully there'll be some more nice distractions during your 2ww.


SKJ - that's great you guys had excellent timing! My mood swings weren't too bad on Femara, but I haven't been on clomid. I have a history of anxiety and depression as well, and had no idea clomid was prescribed over Femara for that reason.



AFM, now I'm definitely sure I ovulated this cycle. I was getting some symptoms over the past couple days - ewcm, a litle cramping, and sore breasts, but yesterday was just UGH. The cramps were awful and the ewcm was extremely noticable (sorry, tmi). DH and I did BD yesterday and on Friday, so I'm hoping his swimmers and my eggs decide to dance. I'm a little worried after that test that showed my egg stores were crap (still haven't gotten the results of the repeat test since my RE won't give them over the phone and we're not scheduled for an appointment until the end of July), but Im hoping for a lucky natural cycle. We've taken out the cost of IVF from our savings, so we're ready if we need to go there. I just really don't want to. Our living situation is crap right now since we've spent so much of our down payment fund on fertility treatments and are holding on to that $14,000 for IVF, so we can't afford to buy right now like we had planned to this summer. Thankfully my parents are letting us stay with them for a while until we can build things back up again. I really don't want to even think of having to repeat IVF if the first round doesn't work. It is just wrong that it costs so much. I know you ladies understand the stress of finances from fertility treatments. Aside from all that, we had a nice Canada Day. I hope all my fellow Canadians did too!

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Cait - Missed you too! We're almost cycle buddies again.


SKJ - I hope you end up not even having to take the femara ;)


Shesaidboom - Thanks me too! Ahhh those turtles in your pictures! Too cool! Glad you had a great honeymoon and that the weight loss is going well. I'm sorry the living situation sucks. Hoping for a miracle for you so you don't have to spend that $14,000! What's Canada Day? Is that like the 4th of July/Independence day? I'm the worst at geography and world history. Drive my History buff DH crazy.


AFM - Progesterone is 15. Highest it's ever been. My clinic doesn't supplement unless it's 10 or under but a lot of places on the internet say it should be 15 or higher on a medicated cycle. So I'm happy to finally be there. Maybe it's just because I had it done on CD9 not CD7. I was on vacation and my RE said it wouldn't make a difference though.

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SilaMarila - The turtle pics are my favourite! I abosolutely loved visiting the turtle hospital, and they do such good work. We got to feed some of the turtles, which was probably the cutest thing ever.

Canada day is similar to the 4th of July. It's Canada's "birthday", which is a little weird since it already belonged to people, but that's another story. A lot of people celebrate by having bbqs and setting off fireworks. I always wear my Canada underwear, haha! I'm terrible at history/geography too :)

I'm hoping that good progesterone number is a great sign!!



EDIT: I fell so dumb. Ages ago I bought a whole bunch of OPKs and HPTs and for some reason I didn't think to take an OPK now that we're on a natural cycle. I just took one and it was positive. I thought I ovulated over one of the past couple days because of symptoms, but I'm still getting symptoms and now the positive OPK. Soooooooo, DH and I are going to BD again tonight just incase. I can't believe I didn't think of taking the test before now. Since I'm so inexperienced with them, how long do they usually stay positive for? If I did ovulate like 3 days ago would it be negative by now? Thanks!

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SheSaid - For me, I O a day or two after a positive OPK, and I usually have 2 positives in a row. You can O as soon as the day of your positive or I think up to 2 days later. Hope this means your timing will be excellent! Congrats on your wedding joy.gif

Sila - Thanks! Your progesterone sounds great! I'm hoping so hard for you!

AFM - I know i've posted a couple of times today, but I just found out that the owner of my DD's home daycare is pregnant with #3. I wasn't expecting it at all and totally took the wind out of my sails. I had to hold back tears, but I'm feeling ok about it now. It's so hard to not feel down when someone else (seemingly) has no trouble getting pg. I'm trying not to compare myself to her and have faith that my time will come.
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I think I got everyone updated. We're still just trying to prepare for this RE visit while planning to call for our first home visit from the county foster-adopt specialist this next month. One of my good friends (and her 21 month old son and 2 year old nephew) is staying with me and it's been a nice break after weeks of not having a day off. And now, back to the chaos of my house at the moment...popason chair off it's base, toys scattered across the floor, half eaten dinner on the table, and Cars 2 on the tv (and I'm loving every crazy second of it!)

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Shesaidboom- Once you get a positive, it is usually WITHIN 24-36 hours of your positive. I O'd on my +OPK date last month. AFM- I'm foregoing charting this month and working on lowering my stress levels. Also, I'm finally seeing an OB tomorrow about the pain and weird cycles I've had. I'll let you all know how it goes.

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Shesaidboom- i've always heard 12-36 hours after yiur first positive opk. So minumum 12 hours from o. The surge is always before o so theres still time.come on free baby!
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