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Was your IUI medicated at all SKJ?

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Milk: Congrats on the promotion, sorry about AF:(


Deborah: Glad to hear that your new meds are helping.


Sourie: I always have my preggo radar up as well, I think its a defense mechanism (for me at at least) so I can prepare myself  and try to react somewhat appropriately when they start discussing. Sounds like you had fun despite the company at your table and having too much to drink is certainly one of my favorite ways to deal with a bfn as well.


shesaid: I have never heard of irritating the uterine lining but it sounds like your RE is thinking of all things that could possibly help which is great. I hope your follies keep growing in there!


SKJ: I don't think its the best idea to start a workout plan while in the 2ww as your body is not used to it. If you already have a plan in place I think it is ok to keep it up, especially if it light exercise as Deborah said. Sorry, that is probably no help at all!


AFM: Yesterday was CD24 and guess what I woke up to, freaking AF. No free vacation baby for me:(   On top of it sucking that I am not pregnant this month, this totally screws up timing for August as well.  We will not be able to do meds/iui again because my dh has a business trip when I will O and we can't do it in September because I go back to work (teacher) and don't want to be a complete space cadet the first few weeks of the year. So, that puts us into October before we can try a medicated cycle, which puts us at 2 years ttc:( I am trying to hold onto my positivity but it is very challenging right now. I think I am going to do a fall 1/2 marathon, I really need a concrete goal that I can work towards right now because this baby stuff is not happening and I really am beginning to think that it may not.

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Deborah - yes. I did clomid + ovidrel trigger and am now on crinone.
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Bucket - hug2.gif. I'm so sorry AF showed up. And, I'm sorry the timing is going to be off until October. That's so unfair! I think having an non-TTC goal is a great idea. I've been trying to focus on non-TTC things too.

As for the exercise, I have been pretty active - working out 4-5 times a week before the IUI. I've been walking a lot lately, but it doesn't feel like exercise. I emailed my RE's nurse to see what the official take on it is.

Also, I think it's ok to not feel positive when it doesn't feel right. Let yourself feel what you need to feel and then move one if you can.
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SKJ: My clinic made me do an orientation before I did my IUIs. They told us that there was no need to limit exercise, unless you are using injectibles. My acupuncturist always told me I shouldn't be doing bikram yoga in the 2 week wait. But I got pregnant with my 3 yr old while doing bikram yoga almost every day during the 2 week wait. I think if you're used to it, it's fine. But if it makes you nervous to do something like running, maybe do the elliptical or something instead. I wasn't allowed to exericse for a month after my IVF transfer and it drove me insane! But I think that was more about having swollen ovaries than anything else.



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Cant remember when I checked in last. I'm so bummed we haven't had any BFPs recently. It super sucks.

Anyone feel bored of TTC. I almost feel like it isn't the stress of not conceiving it is just boring, same thing month after month. I mean the BDing is exciting but the rest is just so routine. I think I'm quitting my real life IF support. It is probably the best thing for both of us. Inevitably one of us will get preggo & online is one thing to chwck in with those who it worked because you don't ever have to. in person it is this strange awkward sad thing. It was so good at first to have names & faves that unerstand... Now it is just sad.

My O did come early so we at least have a chance this month, better than the last 3 months. Wait & see now. O was from my left side, my lazy/cystic/adhered ovary so that stinks. Maybevit will be lucky, we 'll see. My hubby will be home tomorrow & I have my followup with my NaPro Tech doctor.

Sry to be AAM. Hopefully I can get a chance soon to really log in & do personnals. Hoping for good news soon!
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Hello, I'm new here.  I've been lurking for a few weeks and I've finally decided to join in the chat.  I just got done with two months of "doing nothing" and am back to the Dr tomorrow to start a new round of treatment.  A little about me:  I have two daughters - one is 9 and was conceived while on the pill in college, the second is 3 and was conceived two cycles after removal of the Mirena IUD.  Thought I was Fertile Myrtle but that turns out not to be the case.  We have been trying to get pregnant since Sep. 2010 so closing in on two years.  I did have a miscarriage in Feb. 2011.  So far I have done three cycles of Clomid 50mg, two months off, two cycles of Clomid with IUI, one cycle of Clomid 100mg but no IUI because my lining was too thin.  Then the two months I just took off and now I am starting a cycle of Femora, injectibles, and IUI.  I feel like I don't know nearly as much as all of you do here and that is making me think I need to ask more questions of my dr...


Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully find some support for this journey.  There is so much to talk about that is hard to do with people who aren't or haven't gone through this.  

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SKJ-I asked about the meds b/c some can make you grow cysts. I couldn't exercise almost my entire first trimester b/c of them. Though my circumstances were unusual.

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Deborah - I see. Well, I've decided to keep the exercise to a minimum. Just walking and some minor strength training. I'm going with what my body feels like doing.

ToothFairy - I totally get you with the boring thing. If it weren't for the end result, I'd have gotten bored of this whole thing ages ago. As for the BDing, DH and I have been together for 14 years, so that's getting a little old now too wink1.gif IF really makes it hard in the sex department, I think. I want to go back to the days of doing it for fun and not having it be attached to an outcome.

Sorry you feel the need to cut ties with your IRL IF group, but I totally understand. I have one pseudo-IRL friend who's going through IVF right now. I really want it to work out for her, but it is gonna suck for the other when one of us gets knocked up.

I'm hoping your left side is the ticket this month! Someone better get a BFP soon!

Planegreen - Welcome! Sorry you've found yourself in a position to end up on this board, but all the ladies here are so supportive. I"m dealing with secondary IF too. I have a 2 y/o who we conceived easily. It's a shock to find yourself in this boat. I've read that something like 50% of women suffer from secondary infertility. Seems not to be the case in my circles... But, at least we are not alone.

I hope the femara + injectables is your ticket to a BFP!
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SKJ- That's always the smartest way to do it.

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SKJ2011 - thank you! You're right about it not being hopeless just because of low AMH levels. It does take just one egg after all.
During 2ww, I continue to exercise but try not to exert myself too much. It can't hurt as long as you're not running marathons or something.


BucketofRain - I'd never heard of it either, but hopefully it will increase our chances. She said it was a result of new studies being done and it's not widely used yet, but I really don't know.
I'm sorry AF arrived instead of a vacation baby, and that's so frustrating about not being able to do a medicated cycle because of work schedules. I find these cycles really do take over our lives. The marathon for distraction sounds like a good idea. Please don't lose hope. I know so well how that feels, but I think it really will happen for you.


Vegan Princess - do you remember what the reasoning for limiting exercise on injectibles was? I never heard anything from my REs about it. I don't go overboard anyway, but I do exercise daily and I'm on injectibles right now. No exercise after IVF transfer? I think I'll be going insane too!


Cait - I'm bummed too. We really need some BFPs in this place! It has been a while. I can relate to the bored feeling too. I am so over cycle monitoring and IUI and everything that comes with it.
I completely understand about the IRL support. I had a friend who was like that for me, and she got pregnant on her first clomid cycle. We rarely talk anymore just because we're in such different places now and it is HARD to deal with. Big hugs to you.
I'm crossing my fingers that this month works for you! Maybe you'll be the one bringing the good news!


planegreen - welcome to the thread! I hope we're able to offer you support through your journey.



AFM, I had one lead follicle at 1.7cm today and I'm having ewcm, so I think O is going to happen some time between tomorrow and Monday. I can't wait to get this cycle over with, just to either get that BFP (I hope, hope, hope) or move on to IVF. I'm also tired of having to drive an hour away for cycle monitoring. DH is going to drive me tomorrow, thank goodness!

We got some of our professional photos back from our wedding photographer. Just the ones from our photobooth, but they are so much fun and have kept my spirits up a bit.

We definitely need some BFPs in here though!

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Shesaidboom- This sound super stalker-y but I <3ed the photobooth pictures from your wedding! And totally drooled over all your sweet vintage finds too! I hope you had a lovely night of burritos and good records.


SKJ- I'm with everyone else, light exercise is fine, but don't go trying to train for a marathon or anything. Sending you lots of sticky preggo vibes! We need someone to break this dry streak we're on!!


toothfairy- good luck with your follow up appointment! Let us know how it goes.


planegreen- sorry you've found your way over to this side of the board. We hope you feel welcome and don't have to stay for long!

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Shesaidboom: yes, their rationale is to prevent ovarian torsion. Your ovaries get swollen and they don't want you doing anything with too much impact or anything that twists your body (like certain yoga poses or flip turns while swimming) bc your ovaries could actually twist up or something (or maybe it would twist where they attach?). For my IVF cycle I used femara 5mg and then gonal-f and not a horribly high dose of it. But my ovaries were still swollen when I was 6 weeks pregnant! They actually said that if you get pregnant, they can even stay swollen until your 6 week post partum visit after baby is born (the pregnancy hormones can prevent them from going back to normal). So even at 6 weeks preg I was only cleared to do low impact stuff like elliptical, bike and weights. While I was stimming, my nurse told me that an evening walk would be ok. Yeah - not really a whole lot of exercise! I hope this cycle is it for you! I so know what you mean about just wanting it to work or to be able to move on!! My 2nd and 3rd IUI were really hard after knowing how slim our chances were w/DH's super low count! 



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SimplyRochelle - Thank you! Not stalker-y at all. We did have a lovely night. It was good to be distracted from this fertility stuff for a while!


Vegan Princess - That's good to know, thank you so much! I'm so glad we have you here. I'm glad that low-impact stuff is ok. I can deal with just an evening walk for a little while. We're on our 5th IUI now, but hopefully this is the one for us!



AFM, I am triggering tonight! Tomorrow will be our first IUI, then Monday will be the second. I know I shouldn't be nervous because this is old hat by now, but I am. I think it's just because this is the last IUI so if it doesn't work we're on to IVF. I am glad that at least one is on the weekend so DH can come with me. My mom is going to come on Monday so we can have a shopping date between the morning monitoring and the afternoon IUI. Fingers crossed! I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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I was told only a walk around the block and wasn't cleared to exercise until 9 weeks pregnant, but I had a pretty high dose of stims due to DOR.

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Good luck tomorrow shesaidboom- even seasoned iui veterens are nervous, any chance could be it! Have fun with your mama. I'm happy to hear you got the IVF approval too, yay!

Welcome planegreen! I'm sorry you've come so far on you IF journey& I hope we can support you the rest of the way!

SKJ- when is test day? How do you like crinone?

Sourire - pregdar is a crazy thing. Why do you think pregnant women flock toward us... Not fair. Good job on the drinking to excess, a girl after my own heart. So ar you looking at October IVF?

Milk- booo to AF. It will be nice to be able to enjoy the birthday party without worrying too.

Rochelle- whats new with you?

AFM- I didnt gain a single pound according to my doctor scale. I'm not sure how this is even possible... discouraged. So he said it looks like I may have a late luteal phase defect, meaning my progesterone peaks like it should (16.9 last time 7dpo) but instead of plateauing until 12dpo it just drops off. I am going back on progesterone support from 3dpo-12dpo. He said to stop at 12dpo as not to mess with your body hormones. Explanation is if you are pregnant your progesterone will take off and if not AF will come & it wont mess up your next cycle. Also I'll be taking 10 tabs of femara on day 3 instead of 6. He said so far things look like they are improving, hopefully the progesterone is the last step.
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Toothfairy: 10 tabs of femara at once? Wow!! That sounds intense! Does your doc just have you take it all on one day instead of spreading it out? I also needed progesterone support, even while on femara. I hope makes the magic difference for you!!



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toothfairy2be, I hope you will be able to get the doctor's scale to move upward the next time you visit. 


AFM, I was noticing that this cycle my DH and I actually DTD 3 times in my fertile window.  That has only happened 2 times before since we started TTC in April 2011 and both of those times were before I started my hypothyroid meds and he started vitamin supplements for low sperm count.  Here is to hoping for a free baby.  Going in for another sperm freeze Friday, Aug 3 and hoping that this is the week his work reimburses him for educational expenses so we can pay for IVF fees.

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shesaidboom - I have to drive 35 minutes to our office.  Although an hour is definitely worse, it still feels like forever, as it is on the opposite end of the nearest bigger city to me.  Here's hoping for a BFP! 


toothfairy2be - I hope that scale goes up next time! 


lilacvioletiris - Sending you good vibes for a free baby! 


AFM I went in for a baseline ultrasound on day 3 and had one leftover follicle still measuring average 16 so that means I can't do anything this month.  greensad.gif  Totally not what I was expecting since we were "finally" going to do something more this cycle.  I really didn't even know that was possible.  I asked for an appointment to discuss things with my doc.  Going in Tuesday morning for that consult and DH can come with me.  I'm really glad about that becuase he has different questions than me and I feel like he can be a little more forceful in the way he expresses himself.  Not in a bad way, just that I tend to bumble when I'm not sure what I am talking about or how the person will receive it.  I am interested to hear what the doc has to say. 

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Milkshake - sorry to hear about your BFN! I will enjoy stalking your chart though :) Practice cycles are good... it will give you a nice chart to compare with in the future!


shesaidboom - yes I've heard about irritating the uterine lining! I love reading studies about infertility treatments, and according to the studies this is a great thing to do! It's awesome that your RE is being so proactive and suggesting all these helpful things. You may have a BFP in a few months! I'm impressed that you were able to give yourself an injection! I have not managed that yet. One time DH couldn't do my Puregon, so I got my MIL who lives next door to come over and do it instead. It's so exciting that you've reached your weight loss goal! I hope your IUI's went well!


Bucket - wow your AF must really hate you, to screw you over for that long! A distraction sounds like a good idea, I need to find myself a distraction too this month.


SKJ - I found that when I did regular mild excercise, got plenty of sleep, and ate as healthy as possible, the Crinone side effects were way milder. I didn't do any of that last cycle - big mistake! I think your excercise plan sounds excellent.


toothfairy - so glad you got a chance this month! I'm thinking November IVF is most likely for me, since I will need a cycle off meds after my last IUI before starting. I'm a bit surprised at your doctor's advice on the progesterone. I always heard that a sudden drop in progesterone levels caused by stopping progesterone could cause a miscarriage, that is why they always make you continue it until the 2nd trimester if you were taking it when you get your BFP. I actually know 2 ladies on my local forum who experienced this. They tested BFN so they stopped taking the prometrium. 2 days later they tested BFP but then they both had miscarriages right away (one of them had a history of miscarriages though so it may not have had anything to do with stopping progesterone). I hope you figure out what works best for you.


planegreen - Welcome! I am also doing Femara + injectables + IUI (though I'm taking a cycle off right now due to travelling). What type of injectables are you on? I'm taking Puregon (same thing as Follistim), 50iu every other day starting CD5.


AFM - Only 2 days left of work then I am travelling out west to see my family. Should be a good distraction though I will be spending a lot of time with my 1 month old neice who I have not yet met. I have mixed feelings about that. Yesterday DH and I spent the afternoon with our friends who have a 3 year old and an 18 month old. They came over to swim in our pool. Surprisingly I spent most of my time playing with the kids and I had a blast. Usually I don't really play with other people's kids but by the end of the afternoon those 2 were jumping all over me (literally haha) and I loved it. Something to look forward to when I have my own kids I guess.

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