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Ugh. I was supposed to have my RE appointment today to go over the results of all my blood work and DH's SA. I just got a call saying they need to cancel it b/c the doc just got called into emergency surgery. I'm dying to know the results and have already been anxious all morning. So frustrating.
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Thanks for the new thread Rochelle!


Bucket - so sorry about your BFN.


Teresa - My fingers are crossed that your beta was higher yesterday! I will be able to do IVF after 2 more IUI's... but I can't do an IUI in August due to a trip I'm taking so chances are I'll get on the waiting list for IVF around mid-September and then if I'm really lucky I might get my IVF before the end of the year. Or if I'm really lucky I could get a BFP from one of my IUI's... you never know ;)


Smiles - I hope you enjoyed your long weekend & your camping. Did they check your antral follicle count via ultrasound, or was it just bloodwork?


lilac - wow your DH quintupled the # of motile sperm! That is pretty exciting. It sounds like things are getting better every time.


Rochelle - wow I have trouble imagining what the RE could possible ask that would take up 16 pages! I think the questionnaires I did were 1-2 pages.


toothfairy - I'm taking 50iu of Puregon. Last month I took it every day, this month it's every other day. I've already done injections on CD5 and 7, now I'm just waiting for my u/s tomorrow on CD9 to see if I need to take it again.


shesaidboom - congrats on the continued weight loss. Your pics were pretty cool, so much wildlife! I think OPK's are different for everyone. Mine are often positive for less than 12 hours, and are definitely negative by the time I O! I take 1 test every 12 hours and sometimes I'll get a + on one, but the ones before and after are negative. If you had ovulated it's extremely unlikely you'd have a + OPK. I say keep taking the OPKs, and keep BDing!


Sila - your vacation sounds lovely! Your progesterone level as well!


SKJ - definitely ask for Femara. I developed pretty horrible anxiety on Clomid (I never had anxiety before in my life!) but I haven't had any problems at all with Femara. Sorry about the surprise pregnancy news. I always get that horrible "just got punched in the stomach" feeling when I get that kind of news unexpectedly. And the cancelled RE appointment sounds like such an annoyance!


AFM - while I find the Puregon injections pretty exciting to do, the side effects are no fun. I've been feeling like I have a bad hangover for the past few days, and I'm so tired all the time. My first ultrasound of the cycle is tomorrow, my fingers are crossed that I have the perfect number of follicles this time (I'm hoping for 2 mature follicles)!

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I'm honestly confused. I tested 9dpo/10dpt and got a light but obvious positive. I figured there was still a little trigger that hadn't left my system. So I waited until today, 11dpo/12dpt because in past cycles the trigger has been out of my system by 12 days and I've gotten negatives. Instead I got another light but obvious positive. Could these internet tests just be super super sensitive and I've still got some trigger in system? All I can do is wait and see if the tests get darker or lighter and wait and see if AF shows up on Sat.


I feel like I'm being strung along for a cruel joke. (Which is probably my own fault for taking the risk and testing so early)

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Sila!!!!!! I think You're Knocked up!!!!! Praying your line gets darker and darker each day!!!

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Omg Sila!!!! A line at 12dpt that is not lighter than your last test is definitely not trigger leftover! I'm so excited for you!
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Sila!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for more tests from you!!! I'm doing a 4th of July happy dance for you, come on baby!!
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You guys really think so??? I want it to be so badly but I'm also protecting myself and not letting myself get my hopes up.


Sourire - It's definitely at least just as dark as the 10dpt test, certainly not any lighter.


I'll keep you guys updated! I have acupuncture tomorrow so I hope she can help a possible little bean along. Have a fun and safe 4th to all my American friends!

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I think so... My trigger was also out 10 days past the only time I tested it out. So to have it at least as dark seems really promising. Of course theres no for sure just yet, but I'm crossing everything and praying your little boy will be a big brother soon!!
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Sila!!! I think the trigger should be gone by around 7 or 8 or 9 dpo.
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Sila!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just chart-stalked you and I am so so excited! Sending sticky vibes to your little July 4th bean! joy.gif
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Sila: I have all parts crossed for you, I really hope this is it!


SKJ: Yay for great timing! I have only done one month of Clomid and did not notice any real mood swings. There were other undesirable side effects but not those.


Sourie: I hope that you have a better response to the Purgeon and that you get a more reasonable number of follicles in there!


AFM: I'm back from a BFN induced hide out:) Thanks for all the support, I am so glad that I found this place.  I am cd 4 today and we are not doing any meds etc. this month due to a trip. We are leaving on Saturday for a much needed vacation to the Caribbean, so excited!!! I will likely ovulate while there so there was no way to plan for an iui this month. Since I had such a poor response to Clomid I figured I am better off trying naturally this month instead of doing an unmonitored month. I did break out my copy of Making Babies again to see if I had overlooked any suggestions and I added royal jelly to my supplement regimine. I also switched my multi to one that has chaste-berry. I have read conflicting stories about it but we shall see if/how it impacts me.  Any body else have any experience with it?

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SIla - joy.gif I think this is it too!!!! Your acupuncturist should be able to tell if you are preggers due to your pulse. Hope she has good news for you tomorrow. Your pulse will feel like "pearls on a dinner plate". This is such wonderful news!!!!!
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Originally Posted by BucketOfRain View Post

Sourie: I hope that you have a better response to the Purgeon and that you get a more reasonable number of follicles in there! 


I was hoping the same but I just got back from my u/s and my follicles definitely didn't listen to your advice. I'm so discouraged. The follicles they measured were 14, 14, 13, 12, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7. Yep, that's 9 follicles. WTF!!!!!!! Last month every follicle that was 12 or more had matured by my next ultrasound 2 days later (even though I stopped all meds), so it's almost certain that I will have 4 mature follicles when I go for my next ultrasound on Friday. Last month I cancelled with 3 mature follicles and 1 borderline. This month I took less meds and I will probably end up with more follicles. It doesn't make any sense! I took a total of 100iu of Puregon (50iu on CD5 and 50iu on CD7)... I know ladies doing IVF who are taking way more meds for way longer and having less follicles than me.


So since it's 99% certain I won't be comfortable with IUI this cycle (AGAIN!!!! So frustrating!), I'm going to keep taking the Puregon in hopes that all my follicles will keep growing and they will agree to convert me to IVF. The Dr said you need 4-5 mature follicles to be allowed to convert. Up until now I've been willing my follies to not be too enthusiastic, now I'm turning around and hoping they'll grow like crazy (especially all the ones at 7-8mm) so I can have IVF! I've got nothing to lose because right now I'm looking at another cancelled cycle anyways.


Anyways if this cycle doesn't work out I'm going to go see my doctor to inform him that I am never trying IUI with Puregon again! What a waste of time! I've now had 2 other Dr's at my fertility clinic tell me I should be doing IVF instead of IUI :P Maybe I should make an appointment with one of those two.


Bucket - I tried chasteberry a while back for about 3 months and it never did anything for me.

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Sila!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think this is it!!!!!!  Waiting impatiently for you next update!


Sourire - I hope your follies grow grow grow and you get to do ivf now!!


AFM - I am just back from my doctors apt.  And am devastated.  She told me that all of my hormones were in the normal range except for my FHS which was in the 50's which is in the menopausal range.  She told me that it is abnormal for a 37 year old to have a FSH that high (though not impossible).  Anyways, she is making me do the day 3 blood work all over again in case it was a lab error, so I go back on the provera for 10 days to induce af, then go back and see her in 4 weeks.  So what that means is 4 more weeks of holding out some hope, I just want this to be over and move on, that's what I thought would happen after today, move on one way or another.  I cried the whole 45 min drive back to work and now I am sitting here trying to hold myself together.  She told me that if it is not a lab error then there is nothing more she can do for me.  She mentioned sending me to an ivf clinic to see if they can do anything but we can't afford to go that route. 

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Smiles- Hugs to you.

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Smiles - I'm so so sorry. I really hope it's a lab error. Have you read Inconceivable by Julia Indichova? She was in a similar place trying for #2 with an FSH of 42. She goes on to have another child by relying on mostly eastern medicine. hug2.gif
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BFN this morning. So it was either left over trigger or a chemical pregnancy I guess...


(edited) I *guess* it's positive? When I looked at it the 1st time it hadn't been quite the full 5min I guess. It's so light though. Lighter than yesterday. It's hard to see on its own but if I line it up with yesterdays test I can see it. I want it to be a little bean starting to take over, but I'm doubtful.

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SILA - I am SO excited for you and hoping that this is it!!!!


Sourire - Glad you're deciding to try to convert to IVF.... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works for you!!


Smiles - I'm so sorry.  I hope it was a lab error.... big hugs.


OK, back to lurking :-)


EDIT* Sila - we must have cross posted.  I'm still keeping the hope for you, but am so sorry for the confusion...

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Sila - I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. Please, please let this be it! praying.gif Sorry you are dealing with some confusion. Are you going to get a beta done?
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Sila - sorry for the lighter test today. What kind of tests are you using? Maybe you could try with a FRER tomorrow just to make sure? I'm really hoping for the best for you.


Smiles - I can't even begin to imagine the frustration and sadness you must be feeling right now. I'm so sorry. Have they done an antral follicle count? This is a test done by ultrasound around day 3. I was reading up on it recently (because I had one done last week) and I read that this is a more reliable indicator of your ovarian reserve than blood FSH levels. I've also read the book Inconceivable which SKJ mentioned and I think it might give you some hope.

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