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Can't find the crafty thread anymore...

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Currently it is taking me about a week to get done what would have taken me a day or so pre-Nora. I feel guilty for shaking her little head around attempting to nurse and knit. :) Is anyone getting anything made since the arrival of our babies?


I remembered that we had the thread about what we were working on for babies when I came across a shot of a pile of Nora knits. I wanted to post it there, but can't find it so thought I'd start a new one. :)




Here is a pinwheel blanket that I knit also:



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DDC Crashing....as a knitter - those are Beautiful!  I love the pinwheel blanket.  Is that Chroma? Or something else?

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Wow! I love it all! I so wish I could knit...I've made nothing since Lennon came, but I've been itching to sew something lately!

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Please tell me that you knit those gorgeous pieces before Nora was born! I have been able to knit here and there. I'm missing my needle though! SInce Juliet has been born I have knit a hat, a skirted soaker for her photo session, and I have started a couple pair of booties. I need to do more though.... sigh.


I can't quite knit while nursing because J has been spitting up like crazy and I always have to be ready for it!

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Adina - It is Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn


Adore - That is all pre-Nora's arrival. I have only completed a sweater, soaker and a pair of longies in the 9 weeks she's been with us. And, the day I finished the soaker, I also lost it. :/ I am hoping that I can figure out a system to have a clean house, meals and knitting time. 

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kaismum - Oh no!!!  I'll ask St. Anthony to help you find your soaker....  He helps me all the time. Haha! You never know!

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wave.gif Hi Adina, you are in my sisters DDC and I sometimes crash that one!


that pile of Nora knits is scrumptious!


Since Cora has been born I have replaced the elastic in about 15 diapers, I have sewed some longies, some soakers and made some fleece diaper covers and cut out more fabric for fleece diaper covers, I have sewn a skirt for a birthday party, a stuffed elephant for my sister, and appliqued 4 t-shirts. There might be something else.


One of the fleece covers



applique shirt for my daughter



Applique shirt for my niece



Applique shirts for my friends son






Nightgown for my daughter from a pillowcase




Longies from a sweater




soaker from same sweater




It really does take so much longer and when I spend my time doing this the whole house falls into complete dissarray!

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