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PP Bleeding?

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Just wondering how everyone who has had their LO already is doing as far as bleeding?


I'm on day 10 and pretty much stopped bleeding altogether yesterday. A few days ago it seemed that I had stopped, so I did a few gentle PP exercises and minutes later started bleeding--so obviously not a good idea. :(


I have been lying-in as I did with DS1 and DD but this is the earliest that I've ceased bleeding and also the ligthest from day 1 that I've had! The only thing that I can connect it to is the herbal brew I drank in the last trimester (RRL, etc.). I'm continuing to drink it daily, thinking it is probably helpful in the first 6 weeks.


What has been your experience?

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I'm on day 16. I keep thinking that any day I'll be done. I too have had a day or two when I thought I was done. It's definitely very much lighter than with DD. I went out the other day and walked around for an hour and that made for heavier bleeding that day, but the next was super light again. I'm ready for it to be over already.
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I'm STILL bleeding and I'm almost 4 weeks PP.  It's pretty light now, but it didn't really get that way until the last week or so.  We almost thought I might have some retained placenta or something going on, but I don't have any of the the other indicators (I have tons and tons of milk, not super emotional, etc).  As someone who's always had really light periods and super long cycles (so not very many periods a year), this whole bleeding up a storm thing is driving me insane.  I want to be able to go swimming and enjoy the summer already!

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This is helpful to know that some bleeding is off and on. I've been very careful to lie down quite a bit and stay in bed and today I'm having light "bleeding" (more like a mix of cm and watery brown--TMI). I guess I just need to be patient!

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My baby is three weeks old and I am still bleeding.  I have been feeling really good and have been super active lately but every time I do anything then I bleed more.  I spend some time every day laying down and being mellow but I need to walk and get out.  I'm really over the bleeding but it just is what it is.  

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I'm at just over 3 weeks and my bleeding has pretty much stopped.

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I am almost 3 weeks postpartum and my bleeding has finally turned light (in color and amount) in the last few days. I noticed that the few times I walked around to much or am up and about a lot, the bleeding get a little heavier so I'm trying to take it easy whenever I can.

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So, ladies whose babies are a bit older- when did your bleeding actually stop?  

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i am now 12 days pp. i stopped bleeding heavy by day 2 or 3. it turned to cm mixed with pink. every few days i get a day where i bleed some. the last 4 days i had no bleeding or cm really. i actually dtd with Dh last night. then i bled a little after that and this morning it is gone again. i have been drinking my rrl tea still, i mixed it with mother's milk tea. i also have been taking my placenta pills. my milk came in on day 3 and i was engorged for a day then my milk regulated and now they feel like they did when i had been nursing for a year. i get really emotional if i dont take the placenta pills twice a day, but this pregnancy made me feel that way too. so different from the girls' pregnancies. i was worried maybe i had retained something but i saw the pics of my placenta and everything was there. i did have a placenta smoothie right after birth too with a nice big chunk in it. LO nurses alot and sleeps alot. i thought maybe i was overdoing it and slowing down the healing. last time i bled for the whole 4 weeks straight. the thing that worried me the most was when my blood pressure got too high (for me) yesterday. i got vision changes and a headache. but as soon as i got home and put my feet up it went back to normal. i had taken the kids to their swimming lessons and i think it was too hot and too much and i was sitting wrong etc. 



updated to add. my vision changes got worse again after this and i decided to stop taking the placenta pills. 24 hours after stopping my vision cleared up, my headaches went away, and i started bleeding again. i bled for a week before it started clearing up again. there was def something my body needed to get rid of.

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