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Best Wrap Tutorials for Newborn Wrapping?

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#3 is here and I'm lying-in planning for my re-entry into world at the end of next week! With my other LO's, I used my carriers 24/7 except for sleeping time but I used Maya and pouches.


This time around I have: a beautiful woven wrap, 2 jersey wraps and a conversion mei-tai. So excited to use them!


My problem is this: finding some good tutorials for newborn wrapping. There are so many out there! I love babywearer.com but I feel lost sometimes with all of the info. I have ALOT of old Mothering issues and have gone through the baby wearing issues which have been helpful but I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed. :)


Any expert wrappers out there have some pointers that you'd like to pass on for wrapping/wearing my newborn?

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I was going to suggest babywearer.com.  You might also check the Moby Wrap website for some tutorials as well.  And you might also check YouTube. 

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My favorite!
There are lots of tutorials on wrap carries! In fact, you will probably feel the need to buy a variety of wraps, lol smile.gif
Have fun!
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oooh---i just watched a tutorial from wrapyourbaby on the front cross carry--the kind you pre-tie---and we love it! i can see it being a great carry for shopping and church.....!

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oh yeah, I loved that one! It's great for a woven and very nice when it's wet outside and you don't want the tails dragging in the parking lot.!
A nice idea for the jersey wrap you have for a really little baby is that you can tie it really snugly and not even have to untie it at all. They just squeeze in and out and that's one my DD really loved, maybe because it felt like swaddling. I actually tripped at the playground one time and landed with my hands on the ground. She never moved or got upset, lol.
I liked slings when she was older and walking sometimes because it was quick in and out but nothing felt as secure as wrapping.
I loved my mei tai for quick back carries! I kind of miss our daily wrapping days but she still loves my bamberoo and I hope she will for a long time yet!
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I love this video for Front Wrap Cross Carry with a woven wrap with a newborn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwwgMqZip-s&feature=youtube_gdata_player

If your baby falls asleep, you can spread one or both of the crosses to offer head support (making sure baby's face isn't covered); you may just need to feed some slack around to back and re-tie after spreading.

And this is a great video for how to use a stretchy wrap with a newborn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9Xq5MQT-w4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

The wrap she's using in the video isn't quite as stretchy as most stretchy wraps, so instead of leaving a little room for the baby like she does, I usually recommend tying it on tightly, like a too-small tee shirt, because the stretch of the fabric will allow you to pop in your baby. If you leave room for your baby in a wrap that has a good amount of stretch, it will be more likely to sag.
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Victoria Sling Lady has a channel on youtube with video tutorials on a few newborn wrap holds.  You can find it at :


I found her videos very helpful

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I love, loved, loved my stretchy wrap for the newborn stage. Perfect to pretie before leaving the house and then just popping the baby in when I got to where I was going. I used the Pocket Wrap Cross Carry and made sure it was nice and tight. I would wear my baby pretty much all day with it. Around 3/4 months we graduated to the woven wrap. Quite the learning curve, but I still love it at 18 months old!

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Glad I found this thread, I've been wondering about it and what to find before baby comes!

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thanks so much for the links! i'm still loving the FCC with my stretchy wraps and able to nurse DS2 with a slight adjustment. however, i'm still mostly at home and thinking when i venture out to the park, church, etc. with DS, and using the stretchy wrap, what is the best poppable carry hands-down for nursing with a little coverage? maybe the FCC modification? i'm petite, so anyone taller than me can just see right down when i'm nursing DS at this point!


few ne more Qs while I'm at it---when did y'all start using your woven wraps?

do all of the carries work the same with woven and stretchy?

can you recommend a great back carry with a stretchy wrap for a newborn (or woven, for that matter)?


i know i'll be able to nurse DS2 in the conversion mei-tai, but it is really warm so i might wait for that until the fall!


thanks again, mamas!

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