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Well the first obviously looks like an angel- but I believe that is possible- there may be some skeptics out there :)  The second looks like you used old film- although I assume it was in fact a digital camera.

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An angel - I hadn't seen that yet.  Where do you see the angel?  Of course there will be skeptics, but that's fine...I just want to see if anyone sees what I am seeing...I am amazed by these pics.  I used my Canon Rebel digital camera, so definitely not any old film!  digital all the way, and I haven't touched them...I totally believe there could be something going on here, so I find it fascinating!

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Well, I am not into angels, perse, but I think these photos are super cool, especially the first one.  Someone/thing wanted in on your photo.  :)

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Oh wow.... those gave me chills. You are definitely not seeing things!
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I know what I see. Did you deliver at a hospital? Cause I see an old nurses uniform. I think its a ghost of a nurse from.timed past and she was helping and watching. That's what I think. smile.gif
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