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Heavy bleeding with no apparent cause

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I spotted some (not fresh) on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, which I've done both times with the babies that made it so I wasn't too worried. Went away until yesterday afternoon in Walmart, when I peed, light fresh spotting. Severe cramping on and off, too.
By the time I got home, it was all over the tp, so I called the answering service to page the Dr. At first, she said just stay home unless it got to be as heavy as a period or severe cramping. I was like, yeah-that's what's happening. So she changed her mind and said get in there. Lol.

They ran blood work and did an u/s both ways (abdominal and vaginal), but the meany tech wouldn't let me see the screen, so I couldn't even comfort (or freak) myself out by seeing it. Turns out it would have been a huge comfort, cuz dh told me after we left that he could clearly see the gestational sac!!

Anyway, the whole 4.5 hours I was gushing blood laying in the bed, and it was running out into the toilet when I would go. I'm not talking a little bit here. But... NO clots whatsoever, and the sac was completely in place (thank God I know it's not ectopic. All three have been ectopic scares).

I already had my first appt set for Tuesday, so I'm supposed to be on bedrest until the bleeding stops, get my appt moved to Monday if at all possible, and get the hcg quant done on Monday no matter what.

I have upped my progesterone cream use drastically, and the bleeding has backed way off. That cream saved my two boys as well, but this is way beyond anything I had with them. The er was actually already preparing for a D&C when they saw how much it was. And they have no explanation.

Anyone have any experience with this?
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NO experience here, but that sounds really scary. Get some rest! I hope everything gets sorted out soon!

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Just wanted to send hug2.gif. Some women experience bleeding throughout their pregnancies and have healthy babies in the end. Stay positive!

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A friend of mine had heavy bleeding in her first trimester and thought that she'd had a miscarriage.  Her doctor thought she'd miscarried.  She told everyone that she'd miscarried.  A couple months later she was still having pregnancy symptoms including a growing abdomen (!) and went in for an ultrasound.  This has turned out to be her healthiest pregnancy so far, and she's due in three weeks.  My mother also had heavy bleeding when she was pregnant with my sister and had thought she lost it.  Unusual stories, but not that terribly uncommon.  Some women carrying twins will sometime lose just one of them as well.  So it's not over until it's over.  Sending you hugs!

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Thank you. I actually found a blob in the toilet about an hour ago, from when I had peed a couple hours earlier. I hadn't flushed, but I totally hadn't seen it, either. I've been waiting for over an hour to hear back from the dr. I don't have a good feeling about it :'(
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JoyfamMama- praying for you and baby bean.  Hopefully not anything to worry about.

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Update-spoke to Dr on call, and she said that bleeding doesn't stop after passing a baby, it immediately intensifies to clean everything out. She said she thinks it may be a subchorionic hematoma, and the baby may be completely fine. I'm still supposed to get my appt moved to tomorrow, and repeat blood work. This is so weird, and I am sooooo confused. Don't want to get my hopes up, yet, I don't want to give up hope either...

I will be trying to get moved to maternal-fetal medicine tomorrow. Thanks so much for everyone's prayers and thoughts.
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Good luck tomorrow. Hoping everything is fine!
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JoyfamMama - thinking of you tonight.  Hope things went well today. 

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Thank you so much. I tried to get into maternal fetal medicine first thing this morning, but they were completely double booked in u/s today, so there was no reason for me to go without getting one. As it turns out, tomorrow is one of the days that the mfm drs take turns being available to see high risk patients immediately at the dr I'm going to tomorrow! So the nurse told me whatever I do, to keep my appt tomorrow. It's at 10:40.

I try not to think about or look at the little blob in my fridge, because I have no hope when I do. But as of the past hour, my bleeding is COMPLETELY gone, and I know that the chances of being finished bleeding 24 hours after a miscarriage are next to nothing. What a mess I am... I did spend the whole day in bed, sleeping on and off (still very, very tired, bloated, peeing constantly, and nauseous). With 4 kids 3 and under... I don't even remember when I last did that was! Lol
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Checking in joyfammama. Hope everything is looking good.
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hoping that  everything went well at your appointment  =0)

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No...it didn't go well. The test was already negative from having been positive just on Saturday. He is running blood tests to make sure everything goes back down to 0. The one good thing that has come out of it is that he is ready to aggressively address why I'm having so many miscarriages. We're supposed to have a meeting in 2 months to discuss the plan for when we start ttc again. NO babies for 3 months.


I'm not taking this very well. I've had 5 losses in a row (with one surviving twin), but I am by far the saddest this time. All I could think of after the nurse left the room was, "oh Baby, I'm going to miss you". I have tears running down my face just typing it.


We still have it in a little baggie and hubby and I will probably bury it tomorrow...

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I'm so sorry, JoyfamMama.  Hope you can get some things figured out.  It is really heartbreaking to hear.  candle.gif

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So sorry to hear this news, mama.  

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I am so sorry mama. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
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Sorry for your loss, JoyfamMama. This one and the others. I'm glad your doctor will start giving you the care you deserve. Take care.

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I am so very sorry!! bawling.gif

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So sorry for your loss.

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Im so sorry for your loss hug2.gif

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