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Thanks for the rain wishes, esp! Yes I have had some down time, and today I am taking DS 2&3 to go visit my brother for the weekend in Vegas - it's about a 5 hour drive from us, we will spend a couple days just sitting in the pool, with no other kids around, enjoying the sunshine. And maybe the Tournament of Kings show :)

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Hey all! I've been busy and haven't had much time to post, but wanted to jump in and say "HI!"


Sego and darkblue, I am so glad to hear that you and your families and homes are both OK.  Those fires are just awful! We have some friends and family that were effected by the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado. It was so hard to see pictures of the devastation. We actually had a friend that was posting pictures on FB that she took from her DECK of the fire coming over the mountain and homes burning to the ground. So scary!


We had sweet, sweet rain this morning! I actually sent my girls outside to play in it. We miss having rain, so it was a fun loving time!


Hot Topic: Boobs! LOL We talk about those a lot here too! Mine haven't necessarily grown, but they are fuller and my smaller side is now equal with the other. I'm still nursing DS though, so I'm wondering if I'll experiance a growth spurt if/when he weans.


What would you do if you had a bad tooth that needed worked on, oh, like 2 years ago? I have a hole in one of my molars, and it's right at the gumline. It only bothers me if I've had A LOT of sweet foods within a short period of time, but it still worries me. I've been avoiding a trip to the dentist for some time, and now my DH is really encouraging me to go. We both wonder if it's the cause of some sinus/ear/throat issues I've been having. I'm just concerned about any x-rays and getting the actual work done while pregnant, as well as the cost and I'm wondering if I can hold off until 2-3 months after the birth. We may not be able to afford a homebirth after we pay for this tooth, which leaves me with crappy hospital options. I guess I could go to the "birth center" (a school where they teach CPM's). Either way I would have no one (trustworthy) to watch my kiddos.

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madis81 - dental problems can be a cause of preterm labor, so I think it's important to get something done about it if you have a problem tooth.  I have no idea what your total financial situation is - but part of the reason I am applying for Medicaid with this pregnancy is so I can have some needed dental care paid for.  I believe in most states pregnant women are eligible for Medicaid within income eligibility parameters even if we have other insurance.  Also, when DS1 had major dental issues at a time when we had no access to dental insurance coverage for him, there was a company which offered no/low interest loans for the total cost of care for 12 or 18 months or something.  We were able to pay it off within the time limit so didn't end up paying much/any interest.  The dental offices around there all had brochures from the company - I guess because dental care is expensive and a lot of people don't have insurance or the means to pay up-front.


segolily - have a good trip!


It's so exciting to see some of you sharing results of your ultrasound scans!  I've never had one (an anatomy/sex scan, anyway) and I don't want to - but I do enjoy hearing your excitement!


I spent almost all day yesterday and so far today organizing.  Yay, 2nd trimester!  We have a LOT more toys than my kids could possibly play with all at once.  However, especially my eldest really does better with variety/novelty in what's available so I try to split them up and rotate them about every 4 months.  When we moved, that system got totally messed up and most everything has been out for the past couple of months, causing much chaos.  Also, I can't do this organizing when the kids are here - At. All.  So, since DH took them on this little trip, I've been able to get everything sorted and 2/3 of it boxed to put away in the loft storage space (DH will have to do that - it involves a ladder and large boxes and I'm not that crazy.)  Also, I've shoved some furniture around so that there is a small 'room' where a child or adult can go to be 'alone'.  (Our living space is two huge open rooms, with no privacy whatsoever.  This is especially a problem for DS1.  I think the 'alone' space might help, especially if I can get him to take the iPod and some headphones in there so he can really block out his siblings' noises.  He is not diagnosed as any kind of special needs but it has been obvious since birth that he is very HIGH needs, and one of those needs is to go away from everything and everyone when he is upset and needs to calm down instead of screaming at everyone.)  Very satisfying!  I wish I could now clean All The Things, but really I need to go to work for a little while before the family comes home.  Also, I am TIRED.  Yes, 2nd trimester, but also it is 100 degrees outside and we don't have AC.  (It's about 85 or 90 degrees inside, I think.  Fortunately work has AC.)

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Wow, I haven't been on here in 5 or 6 days and a lot has happened!  I'm glad that everyone is safe and well though.  The headaches have been bothering me the past few days and even when I was stuck with a stubborn one all day and night yesterday, I didn't take any tylenol.  Today I'm going to follow in travelmum's footsteps and try and drink a ton of water and see if that will alleviate them. 


We're in Portland now and I've been spending my days from about 9am to almost 10pm sitting in my dd's hospital room.  I've had this surreal experience of every time I look in the mirror in a bathroom or at the the house where we're staying - I don't recognize myself.  I look a lot heavier and - I don't know, it's weird and hard to explain - just different.  I don't know if I'm retaining a bunch of fluids or if I had skinny mirrors all over the house at home! that were giving me a false impression of myself - or if it's the opposite here - or if I'm just in some really weird stressed out state of mind. I sort of feel like I look how I normally do much much further into a pregnancy.  Anyway, it's been disconcerting and I could really use some long walks and a weekly prenatal yoga class to make me feel healthier and gain some perspective.  Maybe I'll go in for a midwife appt. here soon just to check my blood pressure and weight and make sure nothing wacky is going on - but I sort of feel like it's something more psycho-logical;)  


Anyway, the weather here is absolutely GORGEOUS, even if we can't really enjoy it, it's still nice to see it out there.  I'm 14 + weeks now and almost felt like I might have felt some movement laying in bed last night, but it's still a bit early from when I normally do.



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