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Ducks & Bunnies?

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Well our ducklings are here! Almost 3 weeks old and what a joy they are! I love the way they connect so deeply with us through their eyes and are so much calmer than chickens. I also love the way they travel in a little line and stay so close to each other. I am looking forward to breeding them - no more mail order - we had a Cayuga die after the long ride through the postal system and it broke our heart. 


Todays question is about whether we can have bunnies (our next grand adventure!) share a yard with the ducks. They would have their own houses, but it would be nice to let the bunnies run around a large fenced area during the day. Does anyone have experience with this?flock.JPG

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Oh how sweet! Would it be okay to feature you pic of them on Mothering's Pinterest and FB page?

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of course!

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Thanks! I'll place it on Pinterest now and give our social media gals an email point to see if they want to post it on FB. smile.gif

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We did have bunnies and chickens share an outside yard (but different sleeping quarters) for a while so maybe it's OK with ducks?

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update: we've got our bunnies now and their hutch is in the duck yard. we take them out sometimes and let them run around the yard and its all fine. the ducks are a little scared of them but no one is picking on anyone and i think they will get more used to each other with time.....the hardest part is catching the bunnies to go back in...but we are hoping to train them to come to us with some treats...



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Very cute pics.  Sounds like a lot of work catching the bunnies.

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Cute! We keep our goats/bunnies in the same place. They are currently sharing a 3-stall horse barn. The bunnies have a hutch and have dug burrows to get into their stall and have basically free range of the 1+ acre we have fenced in. Although they are again, burrowers to the max and sometimes we find them exploring the front. So far so good - it's been months and no predators and now they are huge so I'm not as worried. They are the HAPPIEST bunnies on the planet! 

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