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I was going to add that usually it *is* the older men who give up their seats, being that they remember a time when that was expected.  I've had old men creak to standing to give me their seat and INSIST that I take it while they berate the younger men who didn't.  Shame on that grumpy gus.

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Nos, I am so sorry you had to deal with that. When O and I rode the metro home from work/daycare together everyday in DC, I was always startled by how few people offered us seats. I didn't use a stroller (too much on the metro for a 2 year old), but would often end up holding her by the time we were on the train, and often people would just stand there staring as I juggled 35 pounds of childflesh and tried not to lose my grip on the railing. I would usually find a very entitled looking business man and position myself directly in front of him that so her feet would be in his face.


I really don't miss that. Blah.

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Nos, I  like to think encounters like that are a HUGE anomaly...but yikes and I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that idgit!  On the other end of the spectrum...the second my congregation (I'm clergy) found out I was pregnant with our 2 y/o they started acting as if any physical exertion might possibly be dangerous for me and I spent oodles of time trying to dissuade frail and otherwise elderly folk from doing things like taking heavy boxes of food goods for our food pantry away from me--you know, b/c carrying a moderately heavy box of peanut butter jars might hurt the baby (seriously, I had 80 year olds walking with walkers try to hold doors for me).  There seemed to also be a general fear that I might give birth at any SECOND--you know, like during the Eucharist ;)  

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Cananny--do you still need diapers? Someone gave us some pocket dipes back before Edie was born and we've never used them. I'd be happy to send them on if you think they'd be useful, just PM me your address.

Amanda--I hope the sleeping has been going better. Maybe a futon would be good for her anyway for a few years since she'll be able to get in and out of it herself? Very Montessori, at the least. Thanks for the sympathy on the cold. It's apparently here to stay, for all of us. greensad.gif Pumpkin patch is in 2 weeks! You guys should come! And, finally, I have been thinking a lot about your friend recently--partly because of what our family has been going through (more below) but even before that just generally she pops into my thoughts fairly frequently. I hope that she and her baby are doing well.

knitting--yay for 2 good heartbeats!

and Wishin--yay for 1!

Nos--61 is so not old. And I used to stand with my belly essentially shoved into peoples' faces on the train. Shame on him for not giving you that seat. Does he not think anyone ever gave up their seat for his wife any of those four pregnancies? I really think there is karma to work off for things like that!

lise-how did the appointment go?

Kateadelle--sounds like a good plan to wait and know for sure what you're going to have to do. I'm glad it's moving for you, but sorry about the stress! I would freak out, too!

AFM--we've been in the middle (though technically on the periphery) of a big family crisis here for the past couple days. DP's cousin found out that the little girl she was carrying has a pretty severe anomaly in one of the veins in her brain. The baby started showing signs of stress so last night they did an emergency c-section (she was at 34 weeks, so it could have been worse on that front) and took her immediately in to surgery to try to fix it. Thankfully she came out with her eyes open, and started crying shortly thereafter, which set them in good spirits. The surgery also managed to close 90% of the anomaly, which is much better than they expected. They're hoping to be able to go back in later this week and close off the other 10%. She's potentially looking at a really long nicu stay, and her parents will need to balance that with caring for their two boys back at home, plus recovering from the csection itself. The really good part is that from what I can tell, if they manage to fix this now and she pulls through, it sounds like there will probably not be any long-term damage to her heart or brain. So we've been crying and worrying and wondering what we can do on and off since we found out on Tuesday. Last night Edie was up from 2:30-4 or so talking at full volume. She's never done that before, and it coincided pretty exactly with the timing that her little cousin's surgery ended. We looked at each other and both wondered if she was talking to the baby, which is silly, but reassuring somehow. Anyway, if you could keep them in your thoughts, I'd appreciate it.
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Anyone ever get a low grade fever in early pregnancy? I felt like I had one so I took my temp--and it is at 100 (I normally sit at 97). I did get a flu shot yesterday....maybe that is it? I took a tylenol but need to figure out what to do if it doesn't go back down...
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Isa, I'm thinking of your family. Let us know if there's anything more concrete we can do. Congratulations on the new baby cousin!


Lise, I get fevers like they're cool.  I think I had at least one fever every early pregnancy and I tend not to worry about them for myself.


The suspicion that the shot contributed is a fair one. The fever means your immune system is working. The fever will probably not go very high, if you are worried, your doctor has someone on call.  They are generally happy to talk to you because they understand that 5 minutes of their time can wipe away hours of worry.


Rest and soup are good. I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks, Seraf. Unfortunately after I posted that there were some complications and they had to say goodbye. She was a beautiful little girl, and we're all still in shock. I'm sure her parents made the right decisions, there just wasn't anything anyone could do. We're waiting to hear what happens next and if we can be of any help, and are cuddling our baby closer than usual.
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isa -- i'm so sorry...this just breaks my heart. 

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Oh NO! Isa, I am so incredibly sorry to hear this. Keeping your entire family in my thoughts.
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Isa--so sorry for your family's loss.  brokenheart.gif

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Oh how sad:( praying for all the families
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Isa, I'm so sorry.  You and your family are in our thoughts.  Sending love and strength your way. xoxo

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Isa ... You all must be heartbroken. I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and that wee baby girl.
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Oh Isa, I am so very sorry. Love and healing to you and your family.
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this is my 12 week bump

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Isa, I'm so sorry. We are thinking of your family.

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Thanks, everyone. It's very sad, to say the least. We hear that the parents are at peace, so that's a blessing.

In happier news, CaNanny, you are looking AMAZING with that bump! Is your back feeling any better?
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Thanks Isa.. I feel huge:/ my back has good days and bad days ... The Ice has been helping and saw chiro 3x last week .. I might see him again ... I go to see my high risk ob today and I'm going to ask him if it's ok !!!
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Sooo, just to have it on record (so you can laugh at me later) I am betting girl (which I also bet on our son).  I LOVE having a boy, and having a girl makes me nervous (for a variety of reasons) but last night I had the overwhelming sense "girl".  


But, then again, my intuition was very wrong last time around (at the 20 week ultrasound they said boy, and I said, "really, are you sure?")  I would love either, and really would be thrilled either way tho'!

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Isa so sorry for your family's loss.


Cananny - that is one gorgeous belly! I am so glad that you are getting chiro treatments! Hope they are helping. I know I couldn't function without mine!


lise - Did the fever go down? I bet your suspicions about the flu shot are correct. I did not have a fever, but was plagued by hot flashes. Hormones can definitely cause changes in temperature.

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