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oh, i am not against stomach sleeping, whatever works!  just wanted to share a theory as to why it is labeled as bad.  all of mine slept mostly on their sides and we haven't had reflux issues to deal with.

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Mine is mostly a side sleeper too; its great for co-sleeping and night nursing.  She sleeps up against me and nursing lying on my side (we do both breasts from the same side) allows me to barely wake up for a couple of night sessions; its really saving my sanity to get sleep.  She is only 6 weeks, but giving lots of signs of being a early roller.  When I put her down on her back she rolls to her side.  She doesn't seem to have reflux, but she does have gas in the morning after no burping all night.  She kicks her feet and screams and then lets out loud farts.  The other morning I rolled her onto her stomach, when she started acting like this and the pressure on her tummy seemed to help her feel more comfortable and she went back to sleep for awhile.  My older daughter liked to sleep on her tummy and as soon as she could roll over, she almost always ended up that way.  I think they are really guessing with SIDS.  Its whole definition is based on being unexplained.

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CA - that is the truth!  Unexplained is the definition of SIDS. 

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Unexplained is definitely what makes it so scary... C has been rolling onto his side practically since birth, so he sleeps on his side a fair amount and always when he's sleeping with me, and that seems to help his reflux a little. Reflux is the only real breastfeeding issue we're having, so life is pretty good. I'm hoping it doesn't last too long. Doc said it could clear up in a few weeks, or it could take up to a year. Kellymom.com seems to suggest my diet shouldn't affect reflux much unless it's a severe sensitivity, I'm wondering if I should go dairy free for a while? I use greek yogurt as a major source of protein, so that would be a bummer... If this goes more than another week or two, I'll probably try that. I've avoided soy because the week I tried some edamame in my diet, his dirty diapers turned green - not sure if it was the soy or the weather (it was 100+ degrees that week) or something else.

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i know that if i drink milk, my son spits up more and even throws up sometimes. sometimes the milk looks curdled. he is fine with me eating cheese yogurt etc but not straight milk. if i drink orange juice he gets a bad rash around his anus. if i eat too much sugar he gets gassy. so i avoid milk, orange juice, too much sugar, and too much caffeine based on his reactions. all that stuff upsets my stomach too anyway. i drink lots of chamomile tea, rrl, tea and nettle leaf tea. i also drink homemade lemonade. that doesnt seem to bother him, i sweeten it with stevia. 

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