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Chit Chat- July

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I thought it might be better to do a monthly thread instead of weekly. We don't seem to be an overly chatty group!


I'm 21 weeks now and I assume most mamas in our DDC are 1/2 or nearly there with their pregnancies. What are you thinking about when it comes to birth? I am re-reading Birth Without Fear which surprised my SIL, who asked why I needed to read it since I've already had a baby. Because I am going to give birth without any painkillers! Need to prepare however I can! I dunno, birth still seems so far away though. I'm not worried or nervous, maybe I'm blocking it from my mind? Or maybe I'm just too busy to really give it any serious thought! winky.gif


A friend of mine IRL was due same time I am and just found out on Friday that the baby passed away. I don't know the details but she went in Friday night to be induced. Oh my gosh, I cried for her. I can't even begin to imagine what her family is going through. They were going in for the 20 week ultrasound and I guess they found out then. 


So many mamas I know prefer pregnancy over having an active, needy baby out in the world but dang, not me. Pregnancy is such a scary time due to all the losses family members and friends have experienced. I'm very grateful for an active baby that I can FEEL is alive and strong. And I know I will not breathe easy until this baby is born. DS is a super active and curious kid and I MUCH prefer that to my new little DS that I cannot watch or take care of. I will be very glad to have 2 boys who might climb every high surface, open every container and guzzle it, want to run in the road, or who think fire is awesome. I'd take that any day over the waiting and uncertainty of pregnancy. I need to see my kids and know they are safe and that life is somewhat in my control. 


Wow, I'm rambling. orngtongue.gif And I'm such a downer!


Anyway, how is life for you right now? orngbiggrin.gif

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21 weeks here too.  I'm going to have to read 'Birth without fear'- I haven't heard about that book.  I do feel some anxiety when I let myself think about it, but mostly push it out of my mind.  I need to seriously think about starting to prepare in another month or so.  I will reread HypnoBirthing and practice the relaxation exercises on the cd's that I have with it.  This was so helpful during labor last time- I was really able to relax through contractions and surrender to the experience. 


So sorry about your friend- that's pretty much any pregnant woman's worst nightmare.  I don't feel my LO as much as I want to b/c of an anterior placenta, but the last 4 or so days that is starting to pick up.  I would be a basket case if I didn't have my little doppler at home.  That thing was worth every penny. 


I hear ya about wanting the baby to be out and anticipating relief at their safe arrival, but I remember last time just worrying about different things.  I don't love the newborn stage.  They're so little and cry a lot (at least mine did) so I'd often not know what was wrong and worried that it was something horrific.  However, my girls were not as much work at the toddler stage.  They didn't get into stuff and were relatively calm.  I guess thats the bonus for having girls (at least mine).


I'm already in nesting mode and have been going through bins of clothes and even buying more outfits (which I don't need).  I kept all clothes from both my girls and have 3 large rubbermaid bins for just sizes 0-12 months alone!  It's so crazy.  I can't wait to start washing/folding it all and putting it away in her bureau (which we don't have yet). 


I'm feeling really dizzy this week- anyone else experience this?  It's not just upon standing but even when sitting down and doing nothing.  I have a checkup with my m/w on tuesday and will ask.

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   Still 18 weeks here. We haven't had our ultrasound yet and don't know what we're having, but we're so excited. I agree that pregnancy can be a little nerve-wracking not being able to see them and know if they're alright. It all seems so mysterious like something bad could happen for no reason. But I try not to think about those things.

   As far as birth, I read The Complete Idiot's Guide to Natural Childbirth and DH is reading Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. I am a little worried about it but I know there's really nothing I can do until the time comes except moderate excercises and stretching, and mental preparation. It's funny, because whenever I have baby dreams, birth is never part of it. I've had several dreams where I had my baby but it was after birth, after we were already home. Most of the dreams center around my anxiety about nursing, though in the dreams I am always eventually able to get baby to latch on and nurse successfully. Weird, huh?

   We are getting ready for a big move at the end of July! A little bit of added stress but it will be the best thing for our family.

   I've been feeling baby move for about 3 weeks now, but DH still can't feel it. I feel like it moves around a lot on some days more than others, and I get really worried on the less-mobile days. It's good to hear how everyone else is doing :)

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Just hit 20 weeks yesterday.  I'm annoyed and yet thankful that this kid kicks the crap out of me on a good day, because I'm still worried that something will happen to it between now and birth. Even though I've been really unattached this whole time I'd be devastated if something happened. I'm really glad it's active, and when it's not, I have a doppler ;P


Nesting is pretty atrocious in this house. I just sanded and stained an antique that's going into the baby's room. I have a dresser left to do, and some things to hang on the walls, and I'm making my husband clean off these shelves full of junk in this other room so that I can empty out some of the baby's closet so we have room for its things. For lack of indoors nesting, I went outside and finished digging out my new flowerbed. I think I'm going crazy.

Over halfway through reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, then have a silly book my best friend sent me called Let's Panic About Babies! which looks hilarious. My Bradley classes start at the end of this month, which I can't wait to get into for my husband's sake. He's pretty clueless about all this, and asked me a million questions when I forced him to watch the Business of Being Born a couple nights ago. Should be interesting :)

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I'm 21w4d and am feeling ok, although I fell at the grocery store last night so now I am anxious for my growth scan tomorrow to make sure the babies are ok.  I can feel one a lot more than the other which always makes me nervous.  I am a labor doula so I have been to a bunch of births and have read a bunch of birth books but am still super overwhelmed about my birth. 


These are my first babies and because I am having twins so much is out of my control.  We had originally planned for a homebirth until we were risked out.  Now there are so many variables that it is hard to prepare.  I am planning a vaginal delivery with no meds provided that at least baby A is head down, however that is contingent on the supervising doctor being breech friendly (only 2 out of 6 are).  If both babies are head down I'm golden, however is baby B is breech or transverse and the supervising doc is not one that is breech friendly then I am strongly leaning towards a C-section because I dont want to take the risk of baby B not turning and having to have a C-section after delivering baby A vaginally and then have to recover from both.  If they are both breech they will automatically schedule a c-section.  The other wrench in all of this is that the hospital requires me to do final stage of labor in an OR so there goes my soft lights, comfortable position idea and I either have to consent to having an epidural catheter placed (but not turned on) or risk having general anesthesia in the case of an emergency C. 


My BFF and my mom are planning my baby shower for 7/28 and I am pretty excited.  It's a bit early but the other option was 9/8 and I was concerned that I was going to be on bedrest so early is better.  Now I have to stop changing things on my registry!


So my newest discomfort is a weird pinching feeling around my cervix.  I am hoping it is just a baby kicking and not my cervix changing but I will know for sure tomorrow after my cervical length check tomorrow.  It amazing me how I went from such a hands off birth mentality when I thought I was only pregnant with one to such intense monitoring now that I am having twins (also IR/PCOS, previous LEEP and very low iron which has all increased my risk).

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JodiAriel- Wow, that sounds complicated! Twins sound like a wonderful (and busy!) blessing but wow do they make a peaceful quiet delivery a challenge. 


Kparker- Your nesting inspired me to go do my dishes! Now I want to organize DS's art/school closet even though it's 9:14 pm!


Katealicia- My sister had my niece exactly one month before I had DS and I had sooooo many breastfeeding dreams just from being around her! Do you have a local La Leche League you can start attending? I love mine!


Kateeaton- Is your dizziness maybe related to not getting enough protein or water? I had a dizzy day a couple of weeks back and wow was it annoying. It's so hard to keep up with pregnancy protein needs and sometimes I get headaches when I fall short. 



Off to do some nesting before I get too tired!

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It's never too late for nesting! I was up until 2-3 am a couple weeks ago, mass cleaning everything in the house. I regretted that in the morning but still ;P

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I am sure that there is a la leche league meeting nearby as I live in a big city, but since I am moving soon I will probably find a meeting there. I already found a pre-natal yoga class where I am moving so I'm looking forward to that smile.gif

I remember when I got pregnant I was so confident about everything; confident that I would have a typical normal birth, confident that I would have no trouble breastfeeding, etc. It's so funny that once we get further along we begin to have doubts. It's like every step of the way there is something else that you can have different or wrong with you that can shake your confidence. I think I have been fixated on nursing because I found out I have inverted nipples. I was really stressing about it, reading up on what I could do. I read a lot about nipple shells and nipple shields and I read a lot about how they aren't always that effective. Then I thought about how active my baby already is. I thought to myself, a baby that spunky is not going to have any trouble sorting out the nursing situation. So now I am sort of back in that place where I just have to trust in not only my body, but in my baby as well :D

JodiAriel- This may not be correct, but I heard that after baby A is born that there is tons of room in there to turn around baby B, so that it might not be a big deal if the second baby is breech. Is it really true that only 2 out of 6 doctors would even try that? That is horrible. I really hope everything goes well for you hug2.gif

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I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow and am feeling pretty good physically. The nausea has been gone since about week 14 and I have more energy than before. I've popped out so people can actually tell I'm pregnant now (though it depends what I wear - some outfits make me look "more pregnant" than others) and sleeping has become a little uncomfortable. I take a prenatal yoga class on Saturdays and was amazed yesterday how off my balance is now that I have a little belly!


We found out on Friday that we're having a boy! We would have been thrilled either way and I'm excited about having a son, but I am stressed out because I don't seem to like ANY boys' names. Girls' names are so much easier for me to like. My husband is Indian and we'll be choosing an Indian first name, but I only like a few names (but don't LOVE any) and we don't agree on anything. :( I know we have some time to decide, but it's stressing me out! Otherwise, it's exciting to imagine us with a little boy and we can start referring to the baby as "he" instead of "it," which makes it feel a little more real. I have been feeling him move for weeks (since about week 13 or 14) but he always stops kicking whenever my husband touches my belly. Silly boy!

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Hi All!


I'm 23 weeks and feel like a house.  So big already. 

Had a MW appt on Friday and am completely traumatized that I gained 7 # last month.

OMG we spent the entire appt discussing my eating habits and the fact I need to cut out sugars, etc.

She mentioned to me that vegetarians she sees have the worse time controlling their weight/blood sugar.

Maybe it's the lower protein intake?  I do eat a lot of fruit, grains, veggies, etc.  (all simple sugars).

Very stressful for me, I have gained 60+ with each of my last 3 pregnancies.  sigh.


Spent the weekend at the beach, where I saw another very pregnant woman smoking a cigarette. 

Um wow.

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Sere234- I've been thinking about giving a birth a good bit this last week.  I think it is because I have hit the half way mark (which happened so fast).  I have been going over my daughters birth in my head, which was a natural VBAC, birth trying to remember what techniques helped the most.  I did the hynobabies home study course and it helped, although I personally did not find her birth pain free.  It did help me relax through each contraction and not fight it like I did with my first.  What I found to be most helpful was moaning (almost releasing the pain) and thinking "I need to get through this one contraction at a time." So I that is what I did, focused intently on getting through them individually.  I am hoping this works for me again!  I am currently doing pelvic floor exercises in the hopes that my minor, no symptom prolapse does not get worse.  So sorry to hear about your friends baby.  That is absolutely heartbreaking.


Kateaton-  When I went to the specialist he explained to us that it is common for some women to experience periods of dizziness.  It had something to do with our bodies blood volume almost doubling and the veins dilating.  If I am not mistaken basically this can cause your blood pressure to drop momentarily causing you to feel dizzy.


Kparker-  I wish I would get a little nesting syndrome. 

Babychak-  We found out we are having a boy as well joy.gif.  I can't seem to find any boy names I am in love with.  They all seem pretty standard.  Right now our name of choice seems to be Owen.  I like the way it comes out of the mouth if that makes any sense.


Katealicia-  My pediatrician has a great lactation nurse available when a new or old Mom has trouble breastfeeding.  She helped me a lot with my daughter who would latch and drink but had trouble getting a good mouthful of boob thus causing sore nipples.  She worked with us and we were good to go in no time.


AFM:  I am 20 weeks and I feel great with the exception of a tingly left hip when I lay on my side.  It has been an annoying occurrance with all of my pregnancies.  I assume it is nerve related.  It is not painful just aggravating.  I am sporting the pretty baby bump now and showing it off when ever I can.  I am hoping to get some professional photos done, something I never did with my other two.  I have gained about 14lbs +/- which I am happy with.  I gained 60 lbs with my first and 45 lbs with my second so I think I am doing pretty well.  I have been eating pretty healthy, lots of protein, fruits, and veggies.  Anyway good to hear everyone is doing well!

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23 weeks here and feeling big.  I'm about the size I was when I was at least 30 weeks with my first and probably about 27 with my second.  So I'm amazed at how much bigger I am.  Although weight wise, I haven't gained that much despite my carb-binging in the first tri.  Trying to eat Paleo as much as possible so my body isn't out of control by 40 weeks.  Training is going well though so at least I feel like I'm working out a lot more than I was with my first two.  Could probably do a lot more walking....I used to walk back and forth from work but I find that I'm trying to sleep more often so that cuts into my walking time (I'm at work at 6:30 AM so getting up earlier than 5:30 is pushing it for me).


Sere234, how sad about your friend.  Goodness, I can't imagine.  We were up at a cottage this weekend and I suppose it was because I was so busy and not focused on baby's movements but I was convinced she wasn't moving around enough.  By the time I was back to my regular routine today, I realized just how much movement there was.  It is comforting feeling her.


Veggie garden is blooming well!  I"m super psyched b/c it looks like my tomato & zucchini crops are going to be amazing this year.  Stupid raccoons got them last year and destroyed any chance.  But they are already fruiting and ready to redden before picking.  Lots of lettuce greens to choose from.  Peppers and cucumbers and carrots are S-L-O-W this year but I realized I forgot to add in some sheep manure in the spring (wasn't feeling well with HG and sheep manure wasn't high on my list to smell let alone work with!).  Peas & beans are already for some picking and have been some sweet afternoon treats right from the garden!  


Still nauseas come about 4PM.  Good until then but it makes evening hours yucky.  :(  I don't normally drink pop but I find a Pepsi really calms my stomach if it's really gross.  It grosses me out at the thought but the thought of vomiting again is just too much!!


Good to see some updates!  Hope you're all enjoying Canada Day/Independence Day Week!




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Sere234: First of all, my heart goes out to your friend.  Cannot imagine.  

I've found myself just today thinking not only about labor, but about the aftermath.  I was peeing this morning and thought, "After the baby come I will have to use that spray bottle again.  Huh."  I need to dive in to my Hypnobabies study.  I'm not hoping for pain free, just something to help me wrap my brain around another labor so it doesn't sneak up on me.  With how busy things have been I've been having anxiety dreams in which I didn't realize it was November, and suddenly here comes labor.  I'm also really trying to calm myself about the lack of sleep that will happen after baby girl gets here.  I went nut balls with DS from 5 to 7 months before I finally brought him to bed with me and kicked snoring DH out.  He's never been a good sleeper, but lately DS has been going through a really bad sleep regression, and I can't help but imagine how much worse it could be to go through this while caring for another LO.  Since I went out of town for the weekend in March, DS has been back in his crib.  DH just decided to try putting him in there while I was gone, and he slept fairly well.  His sleep had been improving until a couple of weeks ago. Last night we traded off rocking him for about 3 hours before we could finally get him out of our arms.  I can't bring him to bed anymore because he spends an hours kicking, tossing, turning, climbing on my head before settling and passing out from exhaustion.  Poor little man.  I know something is going on, dreams, teething, growth spurt, something.  Just wish I could help him get some consistent rest.  OK ramble done. 


All you nesters: I'm champing at the bit over here with the nesting urges.  We finally closed on the sale of our house on Friday and on our new house this morning.  I cannot express how badly I just want to jump in there and starting unpacking.  It is an actual physical urge!! The movers aren't coming until Friday, but we have a few deliveries of furniture and a refrigerator before then.  Gah!


Kateaton:  I am getting a few dizzy spells here and there.  Seems to come and go.  I'll have a few dizzy days and then none for a week or so.  


Re: baby moving: This baby girl is so much different than DS was.  At 21 weeks he was already beating me up!  He felt like he was flamenco dancing on my cervix and he would do these horizontal jabs where I would feel arms on one side and feet on the other.  I've been feeling this LO for a long time, but she's just sort of fluttering around compared to the MMA style action that DS was into.  I'm hoping that this will mean she will have a generally easier-going temperament.  I love my red-headed fire cracker to sparkly bits, but wouldn't mind seeing what it is like to parent an "easy" baby winky.gif


Be well, mamas!

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Babychak- I'm the same way! We had so many beautiful girl names but to come up with ONE beautiful boy name is soooo hard. I feel just "eh" about our boy names....


Simonsez2u- I need to get out my Hypnobabies and start doing those at least before bed at night. Not looking forward to her irritating voice but, ah, I loved how it helped me relax so easily. At least during pregnancy! 


Andrea- Our garden is starting to give vegetables too! It's been harder with the drought we;re experiencing but wow do my tomato plants look awesome!


Tekcez- We sold our house and moved out when DS was 4 weeks old so yeah, I get needing a place to nest! Glad you'll have decent amount of time to prepare before your baby's arrival!



AFM- I was feeling exhausted this afternoon but DS would not nap. So I did what any illogical sleepy mom would do: I locked him in my bedroom with me, laid down to close my eyes for just a second, and woke up 20 minutes later. DS had surrounded me with toothbrushes, a thermometer, toiletries, and was happily grinning about rubbing "med-cine" in his hair. He'd perfectly styled his hair with baby chest rub and was so proud of himself. 


Yeah. Awesome. Maybe someone should think twice before letting me have another kid! winky.gif At least he only found the chest rub! Well, we don't really keep anything dangerous up in our room anyway but I'm glad he didn't EAT the stuff.


So I hauled him to the bathtub and even though he is in a "Washing my hair means you hate me forever Mama!!!" phase, I managed to get some of it out. Of course he was sobbing and clinging to me while I scrubbed and rinsed away as gently as I could. Then he happily recovered, curled up in bed with me, nursed, and promptly fell asleep. And now I'M wide awake! eyesroll.gif

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I'm at 18 weeks and feeling fine.  This is my third child but my fella's first.  I just got him started on Bradley classes with me.  I took them with my first pregnancy 13 years ago and thought they'd be great for him too because they are so hardcore and father intensive.  


I was kind of disillusioned with this first class.  In this area, Southern IL/IN, there were only 3 couples in the Bradley class and they kept saying things like "...if the doctor lets me", as if they had no say in their pregnancy care.  I expected a hardcore Bradley approach and parents who come for that.  Back in Wisconsin 13 years ago there were 12 couples in class and a much less passive approach to interacting with the medical professionals.  I can't tell if women have gotten more submissive to the medical pregnancy industry or if it's just this area. 


I'm thrilled to have the full range of medical options available to me, especially if I need them, but this whole - do whatever my doctor says without question approach- bugs me.

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AFM- I was feeling exhausted this afternoon but DS would not nap. So I did what any illogical sleepy mom would do: I locked him in my bedroom with me, laid down to close my eyes for just a second, and woke up 20 minutes later. DS had surrounded me with toothbrushes, a thermometer, toiletries, and was happily grinning about rubbing "med-cine" in his hair. He'd perfectly styled his hair with baby chest rub and was so proud of himself. 


ha ha, that's so cute!

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Yay, I was thinking a July chit chat thread would also be the way to go instead of weekly:)


I am 23 weeks today and feeling pretty good.  I have had a sharp pain on the left side of my pelvic region, radiating down into my thigh/groin(?) area.  A very difficult spot to try and stretch out.  Thankfully I had a chiropractic appt. already scheduled for today and even though I still have a few twinges, it does feel quite a bit better.


I have an anterior placenta also and just started feeling baby a couple of weeks ago.  Mostly in the evenings or when driving I feel some good pokes and thumps.  DH hasn't been able to feel anything on the outside... but its not like we get to just relax and cuddle very often with a very busy DD (28 m/o) in the house.  She says she has a little boy growing in her belly. 


I really want to go buy a little outfit for this baby girl - I remember how friends and family and DH bought cute little clothes before we even knew the sex with the first baby.  This time around I guess it just isn't so exciting to everyone.  I think this one deserves a couple of her very own outfits:)  I told DH he could pick the 'rock n roll' t-shirt this time.... DD got an itty, bitty Bob Marley tee that I picked out.  DH will probably pick a Metallica or Beatles tee!


As for birthing... I am wanting to actually read Birthing from Within before I go into labor:)  I kept putting off reading all the birth sections of my books and DD came 3 weeks early!  Also want to DO more of the suggestions in Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives by Deepak Chopra.


Happy 4th Mamas!!!

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hey mamas:)

can I annoy you with something just a liiiittle bit off topic? okay, it's totally off topic, but it concerns my son's kindergarten. He goes to this wonderful montessori waldkindergarten (forest) and will most likely continue on in their school too.

They are a small private association and have little money. So the kids from middle school (I think) joined a competition where they had to make a short video about why they should win a van. The bank holding the competition will give out 8 vans to the winning clubs. There is an open voting for the videos online and we have to stay in the top25 for two more days to stay in the competition. we are currently on place 25, so things are getting very close.


would you give us a few clicks? just go to this link and click on the star beneath the video. You can vote once every day. It would be so heartbreaking to see them lose on place 26 or so ;(


Here is a picture of (part of - they are about in the forest most of the time) noah's kindy, so you get an idea:




TIA and I promise my next post will be entirely pregnancy related again ;) (btw: anybody getting cramps lately? Had this horrible cramp last nicght in both legs at the same time. Ugh, so painful and it wouldn't go away! I really have to take some magnesium supplements...)

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Hi!  Checked out the link but it's all in Swedish (or something?).  I don't know where to click or what I'm looking at, sorry.  Maybe if you can translate it a bit? Thanks!

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DH finally felt the baby move! He was sooo excited. And we have our ultrasound scheduled for next Friday, so at least we know when we will know the sex :)

Leafylady- do you think the Bradley classes really help? DH and I are expecting our first, and we really like that it's 12 weeks long becuase we can cover a lot of material, but it's pretty expensive so we want to make sure it's worth it.

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