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Originally Posted by katealicia View Post

Finally found out we are having a BOY! So excited :)


So exciting!! When we found out this baby will be our second son and final kid, I was pretty dang relieved. biggrinbounce.gif Really, any healthy and hearty babe is welcome news though!

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More for team blue!

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I know so many people having boys this year lol it's crazy
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It appears that Yahoo has hired *gasp* a pregnant woman to be their new CEO. I am torn between thinking that it is ridiculous that this is big news and hey that's big news.  I suppose I applaud them for going out on a limb and taking a chance that a pregnant woman may do just as good of a job if not better than a non-pregnant counterpart *eye roll here.*  I am kind of miffed that she is planning on working through her meager three week unpaid maternity leave (unless I read it wrong).  Granted it is her personal decision and she has every right to do what she wants but what kind of message does that send?  What does that say about the struggle that normal women have just to take off the allotted 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, if they are so fortunate?  Are they going to be considered lazy because hey the yahoo CEO only took 3 weeks AND she worked through those weeks.  I am just ranting here and to be honest I think it is a shame that in this great country 1.  It is a big thing to even have a pregnant CEO and 2. Mothers and families in general are not valued more.

On a non serious note I hope everyone is feeling well.  I have noticed here recently that my little boys kicks have started packing quite the wallop for a little guy that weighs about a pound!

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BlessedJess- I would love to have a duck or two, but the hens are enough for us.  Our garden is fried, what isn't fried isn't doing well.  We've harvested (and canned) pumpkins b/c they grew from the compost and our growing season started in Feb this year (usually April).  They def aren't as good as Fall pumpkins though, I think we'll prob add the canned chunks to baking.  Our tomatoes are prolific but just aren't turning red, my pop pop has a theory about tomatoes that has proven true two years in a row.  We have one ear of corn coming, that was a compost pile baby too.  We hope the Fall season will be better but the weather is just...so harsh.  Also, our melons are not doing well and I neeeeeed my melons :) 


ANyone else having a hard time sleeping?  The baby has kicked into high gear and does not want to sleep when I do.  


Also, does anyone have experiance with a chiro while pregnant?  I have something in my lower back/hip area that grinds, and makes it hard to walk or bend.  I've never been to a chiro and wonder if going would give me any relief.

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I had immense pain in my lower back/hip area and saw my usual chiro. Turns out I had a dislocation from the spine at the pelvis level, and he popped all that back together and gave me advice on physical therapies to do at home. Between that at the usual stuff he does, it's pretty much the best thing ever. I'd try to find a good one.

My kid also is awake all night, it's pretty aggravating.

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I'm also having a lot of trouble sleeping. I used to sleep on my back and my stomach, but now I can only sleep on my stomach, and it has to be in this weird twisty way. I just cannot get comfortable and it's taking a toll on my hips and lower back. And he is the most active when I'm trying to wind down. Last night I was reading in bed and it was like he was throwing a party in there lol

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Mine throws bedtime parties, too. I politely inform that it's not time for gymnastics, but I get ignored.

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The sleep troubles have set in for me, too. The situation is compounded by the fact that ds is such a poor sleeper, and he now has his 4th ear infection in 5 months.  So not much sleep happening around here.  Also not much unpacking.  Things are a mess, and I'm just letting it go. Can't worry about it.  I have my glucose test on Tuesday morning and am fully expecting to fail.  I haven't done any self testing just because I don't really want to know before I have to know.  Also taking ds to the ENT directly afterward.  I'm guessing they are going to suggest tubes, and at this point I'm all for it. I hate the idea of having him put under general anesthesia, but I also don't want him to suffer through these ear aches any longer.  Rather than slowing down during the summer months, they are ramping up.  MIL said that DH had terrible ear infections as a baby, too, and his eardrum eventually burst at some point.  If we do go for the tubes, I'm going to have them do a blood draw to test for food and environmental allergies and maybe mineral deficiencies.  Something is up with this boy, and I just want to help him feel better and get some sleep.  He sleeps terribly even when he is ear infection free.  The pediatrician said it was ok to give him 1.5 mg of melatonin before bed, but everything I've read says that it's not necessarily a good idea, and most that say it is ok say only after age 2.  I have some, but haven't given it to him.  They also want me to give him zyrtec hoping that drying him up will reduce the occurrence of infections.  Doesn't feel right to me to medicate him every day.  I'm leaning toward a one time (possibly 2) general anesthesia vs round after round of antibiotic and daily zyrtec.  Anyway, that's what's going on with me.  Fretting about what to do for ds, not sleeping, and feeling a bit terrified of what is going to happen with this lo gets here if things aren't a bit more under control on the sleep scene.  I know that dh is suffering, too, but I have about zero in my emotional bank to give to him right now.  I know it will get better, just real tired.  Goodness, such a downer!


In happier news, ds and I went to our first playgroup in our new neighborhood.  The moms seem nice and there are a couple of toddlers close in age to ds.  He was so excited to see a room full of lo's and kept saying and signing "baby" over and over.  Super cute.  

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Sorry for all of you with sleep issues too. I was at the midwives yesterday and was told that I can take something called 'Calm' by Natures Vitality.  She said it a dose of magnesium and....I can't remember.  But that It will help with winding down.  I don't know that that's what I need but I'm willing to try it.


 I also got a list of Chiro's.  There are 3 listed in Altanta/Decatur and none of them take insurance.  I can't afford $200+ out of pocket for a new patient start up and then 40-90 for each adjustment.  The closest on the list that takes insurance in Kennesaw and that's quite a drive especially with a toddler in tow.  However- I did some prenantal yoga and it actually helped, it didn't last long, but I got about 20 minutes relief. SO I guess the search is on for chiro's not on the list.


In other news...I cleaned my house.  It was gross.  When I flipped the couch cushions to vaccuum I was completely skeeved out.  We now have a rule that food it only eaten at a table. But it feels so good to have things scrubbed and *clean*.  I have to admit that dh did most of the work, that man is great :)


We also picked up a 70's stereo console with turntable/radio/8 track.  I've pained the laminate monster and now only have to finish my accent colors, it looks really good.  Anyone know about stereo equipment?  One speaker works amazingly.  The other speaker works but is super quiet.  ANy thoughts.  


Beauty front: anyone use great products for straightening their hair?  I have pretty curly hair but it takes alot of maintanence.  I'm not a wash and go girl.  I'm a wash, leave in conditioner, apply products sopping wet, let dry half way, scrunch three times, apply smoothing product, let dry completely, scrunch out crunchies and go-girl.  I actually have to plan when to shower around when I have time to 'do' my hair.  The compliments and ringlets and not worth the effort right now, and I can't imagine doing it with a baby.  If I don't do that, I don't have pretty waves, I have a kinda flat fro.  If I could achieve a beautiful, full fro I'd be happy but alas, it's not in the cards.  So what do I use to help with straitening.  I've been using all organic, sulfate free products and realize I'll have to leave that realm, but I need to do something.  I almost shaved it all off yesterday.  Dh is down but last year after I shaved my head I decided I would give my hair a chance to grow out next time.  *though this is the time of year to shave it, last time I did it in the Fall*

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I was having sacroiliac pain too.  I tried a support belt, but in the end one of those exercise balls gave me the most relief.  I sit on it when I'm at the computer and when I meditate.  I don't use it all the time, but it really does seem to help.

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Woot woot!  I just signed up for a home school coop for the Fall.  I have been looking for something like it and am so relieved to have some support!  Dh is going to take an hour off every Wed to teach, this is going to rock thumb.gif

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Anyone else feeling that second trimester energy slipping away?  For the past couple days I have been really tired, exhausted when I get home.  I've been getting great sleep so it isn't a lack of rest.  I went to bed at eight last night (early for me) and slept until 5:30am, like a rock.  Sigh, I hope it is just a fluke.  I've really been enjoying my energy level through out the second half of this pregnancy.

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Originally Posted by Simonsez2u View Post

Anyone else feeling that second trimester energy slipping away?  For the past couple days I have been really tired, exhausted when I get home.  I've been getting great sleep so it isn't a lack of rest.  I went to bed at eight last night (early for me) and slept until 5:30am, like a rock.  Sigh, I hope it is just a fluke.  I've really been enjoying my energy level through out the second half of this pregnancy.

What?  I'm sorry...I drifted off at my computer while reading this. 




Soooo tired this morning!  (It had nothing to do with your post!  I assure you!)  Although usually my energy is pretty high so it's WEIRD for me.  But I was up with thunderstorms last night (first rain for us in almost 40 days!) so while it was peaceful, it made for an early morning yawn session.  


BUT my kids are away for 3 nights total, last night being the first.  I get two more glorious nights of sleep and tomorrow I can sleep as late as I want!  With the exception of being at the gym for 9:30.  But sleeping in for me is 7:00 so I bet I can sleep until at least 7:30 if I want!  :)  And I'm going to nap this aft and tomorrow aft!  #sublime #bliss

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My energy needs to stick around for a while! Please don't leave yet!!


Went to my midwife this morning, baby/uterus is measuring a couple weeks ahead but DS did too at this point. Then again he came 1.5 weeks before his EDD..... Hmm. Also- after next month's visit (end of August) I will be seeing my midwife every other week! Seems to be coming up pretty dang fast!


Ate my daily dessert just now instead of saving it for the evening and I'm off to go paint the trim in DS's room. Got the zero VOC paint ready and will open the window. Hope it doesn't get fumey since I really want to get the upstairs trim painted prior to November!

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I have been SOOOO busy this month that I haven't had time to post anything lately. greensad.gif Let alone read much of anything either.


I agree about the energy falling. So weird! Usually I have spades of energy in the second trimester. I feel more tired on some days now than I did in the first trimester!


I cannot believe that I only have 14 1/2 more weeks until the baby is here! yikes2.gif I have TONS to do around the house and yard beforehand. We just bought this house in November 2011, knowing that we would be spending the next 3 years remodeling the house and planting the yards. So many unexpected projects have come up and pushed back some major things I wanted to get done this year. At this point I've had to scrap remodeling the bathroom until next year so we can get all the projects we've started done before winter and the baby's arrival.


And midwife visits every two weeks after my next appt in August! Already! lol.gif

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