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Baby is here and postpartum update

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We had our baby on June 19th.  It went SOOO WELL!  Like Amberskyfire said in the other post on labor, I really just wanted to be alone.  Turned out that I didn't need DH or a doula.  Even the things that we had set up for DH to do (reading the HB scripts, etc) wasn't needed.  He had errands he wanted to do, so I sent him out to do them so that he wouldn't be pacing around the house trying to time my contractions and getting anxious.  I was so content to just be in my own little world with my headphones on.  He did help when he got back by filling up the birth pool and calling my midwife when I was ready to have her check in on me.  I thought I was still in really early labor, though.  But when my MW got there I was already 9 cm (I wasn't going to have any checks, but after days of prodromal labor with #1 I was feeling anxious to know if we were close or still days away from  having the baby).  


DH basically just stayed out of the way and did things in the background.  I think that if we had a hospital birth, I might have wanted a doula, just to be my guardian during the process so DH wouldn't have to play that role (he would probably bite the hospital's staff heads off and alienate everyone since he is so anti-mainstream medicine and it would be so stressful for him).  But having the birth at home it just wasn't necessary.  My midwives were enough audience for me.  


It was a night and day difference from our first birth.  Just letting DH be free to not be involved at all (plus a much easier and faster birth) kept the stress way down.  He was SO over the moon by how well things went.  It was wonderful to share such a positive experience together and have him so happy!  


Having a stress free birth also has made the first couple weeks postpartum much nicer.  Perhaps it is because this is baby #2 but he seems much more comfortable holding the baby, is spending more time with us, etc.  


I know that the tough part is still to come, though.  He isn't able to help me a lot at night because that is his main work time.  Because he really isn't able to multi-task, even coming in to hold the baby for an hour while I sleep will throw his whole night off.  I'm learning to still ask for what I need during this time, even if he is unhappy about it.  I spend so much time trying to keep everything  I can off of him, but I know that with 2 children now I have to really manage my own energy too.  But so far we are doing pretty well!


Oh, I will mention that we had a second girl.  We had been expecting it might be a boy, so it was a little bit of a surprise.  But a happy one.  

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I just wanted to post to say Congratulations! joy.gif


Wishing you and your DH a wonderful babymoon!

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Congratulations! I'm so glad that it went so well and baby is here and everyone is doing great. Wow, you can really get your husband to hold baby for an entire hour? I'm so jealous!

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