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um... JULY?!??! 1st ... weekly chat.

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It's July. dizzy.gif



Where did the last 8 months go?


Welcome to this weeks chat.. !!!!11!




Any appointments, upcoming plans, feeling/thoughts or other stuff on your mind? You know the drill thumb.gif

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NOTHING for my baby girl is done. 


I just washed her clothes TODAY. I'm going to put them out on the line tomorrow morning so they get a GOOD sunning. I might throw them in a 2nd wash with some oxyclean because unbeknownst to me, breastmilk DOES stain. O_o



my 2 year old is making me CRAZY! I love him sooo much but he's seriously become like a velcro child. He HAS TO BE ON ME or being CARRIED BY ME, and the minute I leave the room its "MAMA ! MAMA ! MAMA !" its like that clip from Family guy where Stewie is torturing Lois. I'm so scared what's gonna happen in a few weeks when the baby comes. My heart breaks for him already. 

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I can still wear my rings so no real swelling.  I have weekly appointments but nothing is really of note this week so far, which is how I like it, nice, routine, and boring.  Still have some things left to pick up, several of them are very large baby items.  They may or may not arrive on time.  I have been craving fried food this week like french fries or chips but haven't really eaten much of that stuff and still eating tons of fresh fruit.  I am feeling a bit like I didn't get enough done before this point and wondering how to work it in for the future.  But on the other hand so much has been done over these past few months as well.  I share the same due date as ithappened so this feel it is quickly coming to an end and there are lots of feelings about that. I am thrilled and happy but I am wondering where did the time go?  Lots of whoa - about to be a mommy moments.  Throw pregnancy hormones in and it is interesting.    

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I haven't done much either, I did go through all boxes of 12mo and under clothes and sorted out all the new newborn sized stuff. Haven't washed it yet....oh and I've been sewing up baby blankets, but most of those are for gifts for my cousin and SIL who are expecting, and an egg customer who had micro-preemie twins.
Ahhh they are so so adorable! They are (adjusted age) 2months old, born at 27 weeks. I can't imagine!

I told DH that it'll be so unfair if I have a longer labour this time because I'm getting tons of super strong BH ctx all the time. But baby is posterior most of the time :-/ have to do something to change that!

I don't have another appointment until next week, I think I'm supposed to go weekly now but I just can't justify it.

For those stains maybe try a little scrub with sunlight bar soap? I find it works miracles! Oh and having a washer that works.
For now, I'm lugging a load of laundry down to the barn to use the little front load washer because mine at the house sucks apparently! It's crazy, clothes that I had designated barn clothes years ago are coming out ridiculously clean! On one hand I'm annoyed, but on another I'm happy that I don't suck at doing laundry/we aren't exceptionally dirty people and it's just a mere $500 to have a decent washer at the house. I will be happy to have it all sorted out before baby diapers are back in vogue around here :-)
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I gotta go back and read the last of last week's thread, but I'll still check in and do more personals later.

I'm doing a 12 hour fast so I can get some bloodwork done (to see if I have that high blood clot risk). Boo. I am happy to say I stayed up all day and wore myself out so hopefully I can sleep through most of it.
I also have an OB appointment tomorrow. It's 34/35 week, they told me they'd be doing a pelvic exam, I don't know if that's to do group B swab or just check things out?

Baby stuff is coming together, got some really generous gifts these past few weeks and feeling loved and less nervous about money. 

My bestest TTC friend (from the June DDC) had a beautiful baby girl Friday and I'm so thrilled and freaked out that this is all real!


hug2.gifI<3chotchkes, I am so sorry you're having a hard time with your little one, it sounds stressful on top of the pregnancy.


I'm ready for us to start having some babies! joy.gif


Question: Do you guys think I should be very worried about a possible 1 week discrepancy in due dates between what my doc thinks/baby measuring/when I know I ovualted? I think I have asked this 100 times but I keep wondering if I should be discussing it with my doc. I guess the real question is what will she do/recommend if I am "overdue"...Need to have more dialogue with her about this.

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ilovetchochkes my 2.5yo is the same, he ALWAYS wants to sit on my lap or wants my attention.. I am really nervous about whats going to happen after the twins. I am hoping having my parents here for a week will help a bit but once they leave it will be really rough.


Sol Im in the same boat, I didn't realize things were coming up so quickly and a lot of the stuff people are mailing etc I realize won't be here in time.. oh well. I did manage to get some diapers at least and its so hot here right now I am not going to use an ergo or many clothes anyways..


Tizzy I talked my Doc out of weekly appointments also for the last few weeks..  I just felt they weren't needed/justified right now as everything is more/less ok..


AFM- hopefully not much news this week :) Hoping the babies stay in there and I can have a week or two of 'mellow time' and just work on some of my studio projects I need to finish for an exhibition in NYC in the fall and I REALLY I want to get done... as well as have a few nice lunches out alone.. maybe get a pedicure or massage.. I'm hoping I can do some nice 'high alpine' walks or go swimming as much as possible before the birth-- I really love being outdoors and alone, I need to have as much as I can of that before they come. treehugger.gif

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I don't have anything ready. No space ready, no diapers, clothes aren't washed, no carseat, important paperwork not done... I've just been too paralyzed by anxiety over not having a birthplace/doctor to do much other than work & sleep & watch mindless tv.

Boots, I'd definitely talk to your doc about dates. If they are going by LMP, they should at least adjust for dating you got at any early ultrasound. But, uh, they might not. My due date keeps getting moved earlier (last u/s said 8/7 based on LMP?? but there is no way I ovulated then. I still say 8/10 or 8/9 at the earliest).
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Boots-- I never had a LMP (since I was still BFing DS1 when I got pregnant) and I know there were two possible times which I could of conceived.. the problem is- they are literally 3 weeks apart (I was traveling for work between them) and so its really hard to know which one was right- luckily my OB when I went in to confirm the pregnancy went with the later of the 2-- but its possible I am already full term as it is.. sort of crazy. My hunch is it was the later of the 2 dates but who knows.. I think my DD has been moved around 4-5 times now depending on which Doctor I see (since I dont have an 'assigned' one thanks to my new health insurance- I just get whoever is on call when I go in for my check ups)

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Hi everyone!  


ilovetchochkes, I'm sorry you are having issues with R, hopefully he is just sensing that things are about to change?


Sol and Ithappened, everything is so close for you!


Boots, I would definitely talk to the doc and see what they think about the date and just kind of make sure you're on the same page.


Tizzy, glad you at least have a washer to use for the time being without having to purchase a new one.


Eleuthia, I hope you get everything worked out with the plans for getting this baby here soon.  I can't imagine how that must feel.  hug.gif


AFM, I have a midwife appt today and I think she is going to check my cervix since I had the issue with possibly losing my mucus plug.  But honestly, I'm not that worried about it anymore since (a) I read that you can dislodge them through sex or vaginal exams (b) they regenerate and (c) I have had no contractions, not even BH (that I know of).


My mom moved up here this weekend and everything turned out to be much more work than I expected, I forgot about just how needy she can be, but I'm sure as she gets settled she will sort of find her way.  However, I still feel very much like the parent in the relationship, so that hasn't changed.  At one point I was giving her a present I got for her birthday/mother's day, this push grocery basket thingy, so she can walk to the grocery store (she really wanted one) and after saying thank you she said, "I always get gypped for birthday/mother's day gifts because they're so close together."  In my head I'm just thinking, wtf, this is a very nice gift, it is what she wanted, and she hasn't got me a gift for ANYTHING in years. On top of that, B and I and my whole family go out of our way to help her out all the time...I've been "loaning" her money I will never see again since I was 13yo...and she is complaining about not getting enough gifts?! A lot of this is my and my sisters fault because we have bailed her out so many times over the years, but I have been working on forcing her to take responsibility for herself over the past year, and I've been trying to get my sisters to stop enabling her as well.  I'm hoping that with this move we can get her to a place where we can absolutely say, "We've got you to a point where you should be able to be financially responsible for yourself, no excuses."  Sorry for the long rant, I forgot how stressful she can be, and I'm hoping I can get her all settled soon.  The problem is she KNOWS we won't let her just get her bills turned off or get evicted, so she isn't as careful with her money as she should be.


This coming weekend B's family is having a celebration dinner for us, instead of a baby shower, which should be really nice.  I'm a little worried because nothing has been purchased off the registry yet, but I guess my sister and friend warned me this would likely happen.  I feel ungrateful and awful for feeling like this, but I think we may have to return a lot of stuff simply because we will get things we won't use, such as disposable diapers, baby products with chemicals we don't feel comfortable using on Q, etc. I've talked to some of B's family about some baby stuff and I know we have slightly different takes on things, for example, the carrier his mom told me she couldn't live without is one of the crotch danglers that is bad for baby's hips, so I gently responded that I had found XYZ carrier that I thought would work very well for us.  I truly appreciate anything we receive, I'm just worried about making sure we get all the stuff we need (return/repurchase) etc, with the hectic schedule we have coming up in the next months before baby gets here.

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ilovetchochkes I swear kids are so good at picking up on the unspoken things.If you are stressed, they will be.  My kids just don't know how to leave my belly alone. They are constantly touching it which makes me kind of stressed.


Sol Kudos to you for being almost finished! I am..not. lol. I am just trying not to get too worried about it. IT will all fall into place.


ithappened I am so stoked for you that the babies are measuring so big. I know you feel big but you grow good babies I guess!  That just means they will be ab;e to come home with you! :-)


eleuthia I have nothing done either. The closest I have come is tiedying onesies with the kids a few days ago. I havent even washed the diapers yet.


vv I am a serial stalker of my baby registry too. I only put a few things on there becasue really I don't want a bunch of stuff..just the essentials. but, alas, nothing has been purchased yet. Someone is supposed to be planning me a little shower but I dont know if it will happen, we will see I guess. Family issues stink..there is always something isn't there.


afm I am so not prepared. Mentally yes. everything else no. I feel like things could be cleaner, more adjusted, better, etc. Its like skydiving and someone just pushing you out before you willingly jump. I have my own family drama about who will watch my brothers dog while he goes to the beach for a week. my mom is giving me a guilt trip..grandma is still calling me every two seconds with names for me to consider, everyone keeps asking me when im due and they look surprised when I tell them., Like I should be having the baby tomorrow. I think I am pretty good at venting these things without letting it affect my too much which is good. I seriously think a vacation from the phone, fb, and email is in order. Everyone is just calling and asking me for things..um im 8 months pregnant. Why do I have to jump? Aren't there other people to help out? Sorry about the ranting.


I think I have gained about 25 pounds. I don't have any swelling to speak of, except when I walk around all day :-/ baby is moving like crazy..feet all up in my ribs, I think. I had some grass fed beef from whole foods the other day, for the first time in a long while, YUM. And watermelon. :-) I am enjoying the dh seems to be relishing this last pregnancy a little more then the others. He seems more in touch with me which really makes me happy and contented. Finally found someone to take care of my daughters issue..hopefully that will be the end of it. I think  its been a good week.

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Hey everyone!  I just got back from a wedding in the Berkshires, which was pretty nice.  It was very hot and while I got some pool time, there was also just a LOT of family stuff and because it was my DH's cousin getting married, I don't know people all that well.  Oh well.  Apart from wicked hip pain from not having my beloved preggo pillow at the hotel, I did pretty well in the heat.


Boots, did you have a 1st trimester ultrasound?  Those are usually considered the most accurate.  All my dates are hovering within the same four day window, but it would make sense to ask your doc now what he/she plans to do if you go over, especially with a discrepancy.  Part of the two week window in either direction though is to help make up for the wiggle room that inevitably enters the picture. 


Veritas, sorry you're dealing with a stressful mom situation.  It must be so hard to have someone so dependent on you when they should be the one supporting you during this time.  And I totally hear you on the chemical stuff.  So far we've been pretty lucky, but my MILs shower is coming up and I don't know what people are going to buy for us.  My MIL is a peach though and bought a book of cloth diaper patterns so we can make some together (even though she didn't CD with her kids).  And as for getting disposables at the shower, you might want to keep some on hand anyway, since you might struggle with diaper rash or need some while traveling.  Of course, if you get 8 packages of newborn dipes, you'll want to return or donate.  It's tough being grateful for all the love people show you while still balancing what you want/need at the same time.


Sol, I had my first car trip in the 3rd trimester and my feet blew up like little balloons!  I didn't think it would be that dramatic.  Lucky you on the no swelling so far.  My hands are usually fine unless it's over 90 degrees.  My feet are a little puffy now in general, but I have ankles today, so that's a good thing.


ithappened, I can't believe how close you are!  Hopefully you get that installation and other work done before the babes arrive.  I'm seriously struggling with self-imposed deadlines that I have no interest in meeting.


Tizzy, you are an inspiration.  I have no idea what I would be doing if I had farm work or whatever to do.  I have had people compliment me on how I look and move at 35 weeks though and for me at least, the secret is to keep moving.  I'm still lifting weights and working out regularly, which I swear is the key.  But I also choose my hours and can skip a workout if I want to, so it's really inspiring that you're still trucking along at a dizzying farm pace.


Hello to everyone else!  I'm definitely not prepared as a few of you mentioned.  I'm hoping to get the crib bought, shipped, and set up this weekish, but we'll have to wait until July 10th or so for DH to make the last trip with stuff from my SIL (including bassinet, car seats, etc.).  So I'm on ice until then, apart from some baby laundry I can do.


AFM, this is week 35!!!!  If I follow my mother's pattern (please please please follow mom's pattern) I'd have three weeks left to go!  If I'm very unlucky, I'll have seven (boooo).  I'm trying to keep the 38 week possibility out of my head, since I don't need to feel even MORE emotional and crazy for an extra two weeks just because I got my hopes up.  Also, in reality, I probably need those extra weeks to put the finishing touches on this book and do some prep work and administrative stuff for next year.  But let's be realistic... I don't really care about most of that right now.


No appointments or anything this week.  I have the strep B test next week and then that's it for things other than routine checkups.  I talked to my doc about cervical checks and we agreed that we wouldn't do any until I went into labor.  I don't think I need to know if I'm 2cm dilated for three weeks or whatever. 

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It seems as though I'm on the opposite end over here. I have absolutely everything prepared (I have 30 days of meals in my freezer....no joke), but I'm not mentally there. My three-year-old is so demanding and independent/controlling, that thinking of having a newborn and dealing with him is terrifying for me. So....I'm not freaking out about the birth or having "stuff" prepared. I'm freaking out about everything post-partum. I'm sure everything will work out, like all of your issues will resolve themselves somehow, but it's the one thing I'm really worried about. Some days I honestly cannot handle being within 20 feet of my son. There's no way to tell when he will freak out or what will trigger it. If someone opens a door for him, he has a temper tantrum. It's beyond ridiculous. I know it's a phase, but it really needs to pass. Most parents I've talked to have said that ages 3-5 can be the worst. I'm so thrilled. :-/

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Whew, I can't believe it's already JULY! 


ilovetchochkes- I hope your little one starts being less clingy in the next couple of weeks.  He's probably sensing that a change is about to come.  Sounds really tough.


Sol- Sounds like your easing into the last bit of pregnancy!  My wedding band is a bit tight these days, but I can still wear my engagement ring since it was originally sized too big. smile.gif


Tizzy- Thanks for the stain removal advise.  I have some really nice silk and wool baby clothes from a friend that have some stains in them.  I will try this out.


Boots- Good luck with your exam.  I can't believe its already time for these kinds of checks!


ithappened-  I sincerely hope that you are able to get some r&r (especially time to yourself) before the twins join you.


veritas- We just moved back to the town my parents live in and though its wonderful being close to family again, they can certainly drive me bonkers.  I feel for you!  I'm glad you're feeling less stressed about the mucous plug.  I lost a little bit of mine (which was streaked a brownish tint) and my midwife wasn't concerned in the least.  In fact, she told me I would probably loose bits and pieces here and there all the way up until labor.


midstreammama-  I feel you on the skydiving analogy.  I certainly need more time to get everything in order and feel confident about having things ready.Hopefully your family eases up and realizes that you need some space these next couple of weeks. 


Lily- Things are getting close for you!  I'm also now 35 weeks and it takes so much mind power to think that this baby could come healthily anywhere from 2 weeks to 7!  7 weeks feels soooo far away and 2 weeks is much too soon.



I am finally in Oregon with my DH, which has alleviated LOTS of stress.  We also found a place to live in a sweet little housing cooperative (shared community garden/ community building, separate houses and townhouses) which is great since it will help us find community sooner rather than later.  Now we just need to move in and finish collecting/organizing baby stuff.  I can't wait to be done with this part so I can truly relax.  At 35 weeks I feel the clock ticking more and more. 


One thing my DH and I are having trouble figuring out is family/friends visiting after the baby is born.  We both agree that we would like the first 40 days or so to be private and quiet although we also acknowledge help would be nice and that family will want to see this little baby as its the first on both sides.  Mostly we are unsure about what to do with DH's sister.  She wants to drive up from california in an rv with her husband, mother-in-law, and their two very small yappy dogs.  While we would love to see SIL and BIL we don't really want to be around BIL's mom who has never been very friendly to us nor do we want dogs around.  I know they will be in an rv, but it just feels weird.  We would just say no, but DH's mom died of cancer two years and his other family members are all sort of self involved right now.  DH's sister is the only family member who has shown any interest in visiting the baby at all, which really hurts DH and I think he is feeling like he can't say no to any support his family is willing to give since the offers are so few.  His mom was very much the center of his family and now that she's gone I know he is feeling like he has no one to share this important event with. 


We have our first appointment (well second since we interviewed her back in December when we knew we wanted to move out here)  with our new midwife today.  I'm hoping that we click with her and things feel comfortable as I really want a home birth, but not at the expense of safety or feeling confident about our attendant.  If things don't feel right we also have an appointment at the birthing center here in town next week as a second option.  We'll see. 


Sorry for the long post! redface.gif  Happy July!!!

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Good morning everyone! Felt like having some purple today! tea6.gif


justchanti: so happy you are finally getting settled. I bet that has helped tremendously in feeling prepared.


sol & it happened: seriously, I am envious of how close you mamas are to being done with pregnancy and onto the next stage. 


midstreamama: why are people asking so much of you? I would totally be ranting too. How abnoxious! 


sally: I literally laughed out loud when I read you had 30 meals prepared. Is there a thread somewhere with lots of ideas? I would just be stumped on what to make! Sorry about the toddler times. I feel your pain. 


Lily: I hope you have a shortie too. 38 weeks would be perfect, in my opinion. Especially if baby is super mature and ready. 


VV: I have a parent like that too. It is exhausting. hug.gif I hope she finds her way after settling. 


eleuthia: I hope things fall into place very soon. No fun to be worried about something like that.


Boots: I would really go by what you know. Do you know when you O'd? Because that would be the best, regardless of what doc says (IMO)


Chotchkes: Sorry baby boy is being a clinger. He can probably sense a huge life change coming. Hopefully things will mellow soon.


Hope I didn't miss anyone!

For us: 

Just waiting for this month to fly by. DD turns two towards the end and we are throwing her a big party that I know she wont remember, however I feel so strongly that I need to show her how much she is loved. I just can't believe I am going to be a mama of two. That being said, I am so excited for her to be a big sister!

I have a lot of things to collect before our homebirth. I am worried about how much of a mess it is going to be, getting the pool set up, etc. etc. 

I have suddenly had a lot of energy this last week. I even went for a run (okay it was a trot, in fact dh called it my homerun lap) but it felt good to move fast (ish)

I think baby is slowly getting into position because I feel heavier down there. At least I hope so. I am so so so tired of being pregnant. Cant wait to sleep on my boobs again, although that wont be for a while either. Sigh.


Have a great week everyone. heartbeat.gif

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Hi Everyone!  And hello July, ahh!!


ithappened - good luck wrapping up your projects (I'll have to check out your installation in NYC this fall!)... and I hope you get your much needed R&R and "you" time this week!!


Boots - good luck w/your fasts and tests!  To go on a 12 hr. fast would be tough - I think your plan to sleep through most of it is a good approach!


Veritas - sounds like such a frustrating situation w/your mom, esp. during this important time in your own life....Hopefully she can quickly get situated and you and family can impose those self sufficiency "guidelines" for her.  Enjoy your dinner this weekend!  I totally had the same gift anxiety upon discovering that only 2 items were purchased from my registry, and I made the mistake of not hanging on to receipts for making exchanges.... hopefully you don't end up w/too many things that you aren't wanting!


justchanti -  you made it to Oregon, yay!!!!  Your housing coop sounds wonderful.  Good luck w/your new MW and w/sorting out your family visitations.  Definitely sounds like a complicated situation, but maybe it won't be so bad given that they have their own space (RV) to stay in?


poppylove - can't believe you're still able to run (or...trot) - that's awesome!  I can barely walk anymore, feel like such a wuss....



Good luck to everyone w/your remaining to-do lists!  And of course *cheers* to what you've all gotten accomplished so far!!  I know many of you have been super busy lately....  It'll all come together no matter what!


..... and again I have to give major kudos and virtual *hugs* to all you Mama's w/needy toddlers at this point!!  I've seen how clingy and "climby" my 2yr old nephew got when his baby sister's birth was imminent... and based on my current aches and pains (and energy/strength level), I'm convinced I would have lost my mind or have certainly gone into preterm labor (or worse) by now if I were in your shoes!!  Hang in there!!



AFM - I'm starting to worry that this LO is going to come very soon (which is only a problem b/c DH has 2 more trips to squeeze in this month)!  Over the w/e the BH contractions have gotten really strong - happening EVERY SINGLE time I stood up, bent over, walked, or went up stairs.  And ohhhh, my bladder!  I was absolutely miserable Sat & Sun, and couldn't do anything but lay on the couch, or in the bathtub (when not peeing constantly).  This was sooo frustrating b/c DH was home (a rare occasion) and we had so many things we wanted to get out and do together, but instead he ended up having to wait on "helpless" me the whole time.  I'm sure the heat has a lot do w/it and I've been trying to stay hydrated.  


And now upon waking this morning, the Baby has DROPPED!  I can tell by the low bulge in my profile and can also see a couple ribs that I didn't have before.  The BH are a little milder so far (it's a tad cooler today) so we're hoping to at least get in a walk and a couple errands done while we can.  Finishing my hospital bag has become #1 priority!  I'm nervous about any activity while DH is away later this week/end for fear of starting labor (but at the same time, I worry about being soooo sedentary).... of course my doctor was no help when I asked him about this - he only said "So what if you go into labor now?  The baby's ready!"



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Happy July, ladies! I just wanted to pop in quickly. I've been reading along but this week is all moving so I'll catch up on personals as soon as I can. :)


We're packing, house hunting, generally winding everything up here. I think I found a MW in Norfolk, fingers crossed that I can get the referral I want and everything goes smoothly. We will be moving down on the 9th and we have to check in before I can get a new care manager and ask for a referal (stupid insurance stuff). So I'm hoping it all goes quickly and I will be able to make my next appt w my new MW, which is supposed to be at 36wks (around the 19th). Omg! If all goes well, I think I will get to deliver at a birth center, which I am super excited about. It would be a great reward for all this crazy timing. 


Otherwise we are also on the 'nothing is ready for this baby' wagon. We did some shopping this weekend. Got a few nursing bras, I was bumbed that the only ones at Target that fit me are sleep bras. :/ But at least I have a few of the things I needed for my hospital bag. Its just so tough to really prep with this move happening. The car seat is being purchased this week and I'm ordering my prefolds so at least we can bring baby home and put a diape on her. :)


Ninetales, I have a carseat question. I was planning on getting a Combi Corroco (like that its a good fit for NB's and very safe/easy to use) but I'm also looking at the Gracco My Ride 65 w safety surround (great safety features/NB fit, higher weight limits but not so easy to use). Can you offer any advice betwwen the two? I'm kind of stumped and just want to make a smart purchase. W the Combi, I was thinking that by the time LO is outgrowing it we'll probably have #2 on the way and can just pass it down to the next LO. Which do you think makes the most sense for a convertible for a NB? Thanks for your advice! I know you get tons of these questions. :)


I hope everyone's doing well!! I'll check in more when I can. orngbiggrin.gif

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Hey Everyone - Just a quick check in this morning - I can't believe we're all on the homestretch!  


Put me solidly in the camp of having nothing done for baby.  :)  I am just packing up our house (trying to anyway!), selling our stuff, and trying to keep it together between work, saying goodbyes, and our kiddos.  A friend threw us a farewell dinner last night and it was lovely, but my son came down with a fever at the party and then it downpoured and we got stuck at their house until almost 10pm.  My kids do not bounce well when they're kept up so late!  So, multiple night wake ups and one throwing up episode later, they are finally settled in this morning - fever under control with Tylenol... but we are two tired parents to two tired kiddos this morning!  Hopefully my daughter stays healthy.


I really wish my kids would STOP getting sick.  It's really rare for them, actually.  When it rains, it pours ;).  Dumb pun, but it's all I've got with the small mental energies left in my head this am.  


Otherwise, though, things are really just fine.  We're getting there, day by day, and I'm just counting down until we are back in the US and all this is done and we can just get over jetlag, chill at my in laws, and wait for the baby to show up.  


OK - on a totally random note - My hair is a total disaster recently - I have a haircut this afternoon, but I've got this weird buildup in my hair and after I wash and dry it, it still doesn't feel clean - it feels oily.  Any solutions?  Anybody else?  Maybe it's my shampoo??? This has never happened to me before, so I think it's totally unrelated to pregnancy.

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LeAnn, they're actually both great choices.  I haven't installed a Cocorro before, but I have an older style Myride and I've never had trouble installing it in any vehicle.  With the seatbelt, anyway - I don't use LATCH unless I have to as I find it a pain in the butt.  If you travel by air a lot, the Cocorro makes a great travel seat.  It would really come down to which you like better, and how long you want to use it.  For return investment as far as the time you get for the money you put in, the Myride is the more economical choice.  But if you're going to pass it right down, that's not such a big deal, especially if you're using it instead of a bucket.


The Cocorro is smaller front to back, but the Myride installs so well in small cars that I don't think between the two it would make such a difference.  So really, it's about how much you want to spend and who has the patterns/colors you like best!  :)


Is it weird that I don't feel or at least don't notice Braxton-Hicks?  I never felt anything with Elsa, and I haven't with this one either.  I remember my midwife feeling my belly near the end last time and having her say something like "Oh, you're having some Braxton-Hicks contractions there, huh?"  And I was like "uh...I dunno."  I honestly didn't notice anything.

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Is it weird that I don't feel or at least don't notice Braxton-Hicks?  I never felt anything with Elsa, and I haven't with this one either.  I remember my midwife feeling my belly near the end last time and having her say something like "Oh, you're having some Braxton-Hicks contractions there, huh?"  And I was like "uh...I dunno."  I honestly didn't notice anything.


I've only noticed them once - I was sitting at work and felt my uterus get really tight, and that was it.  I asked my midwife about it and she said that a lot of people don't notice them, and have similar situations to yours where the midwife/doctor will point one out to their surprise!

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Oh I'm predicting I'm going to NOT make it to August. Not at all dudes. 


I'm having a LOT of BH, like, ramping up to labor- just like last time. 

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