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Cloth wipes for whole family?

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Earlier this year we bought a pack of bar towels and I haven't bought paper towels in 6 months.  I don't know why it only just occurred to me to do the same with toilet paper, considering we already use cloth wipes for the baby.


Do you use cloth wipes yourself?  What's your system?  I'm thinking just a basket by the toilet and a wet bag on a hook.  


Did you buy or make the wipes?  I don't have a serger, just a sewing machine...any tips on how to make them myself?  Type of fabric, method, etc.



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I have not tried this for the entire family but I have done it for myself. We use a bidet sprayer so I always keep a hand towel next to the toilet for my own use. But I don't want anyone using my towel - ya know? orngbiggrin.gif


Let us know how it goes and how you approach it!

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I think there was a long thread about it. Try searching for "family cloth".

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There was a huge thread about it, which is where I first heard of "family cloth." We do it now (though it's just me and my husband). DH was definitely a skeptic at first, but once he tried it he loved it.


I made my own wipes out of flannel. I cut them maybe 2x4. At first, I didn't sew the edges, but they frayed quickly and I had to start over. For my second batch (which we're using now), I took two flannel pieces and just sewed the edges together. 


We have a wipe warmer on the counter next to the toilet, and we use a small trash can with a step lid and a pillowcase liner. That way, it is out of sight and I can just throw the whole pillowcase in the washer and not have to look/touch anything. Just a personal preference.


In the warmer, I keep a stack of wipes and a solution I made for them (baby oil, baby soap with lavender, water). I also have some "dry" wipes nearby for tissues, etc.


It's been a great change for us. It reduces our impact on the environment, saves money, and is way more comfortable. :)

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If even one of the twins Im carrying is a girl (that would be three ladies in one house), I plan to do family cloth for pee only. If you poop, use real toilet paper. I wash out breastmilk poo- after that it really grosses me out. But, when Im pregnant I use a wipe a day. For some reason, when Im pregnant toilet paper really bothers me (even the really nice organic kind). I pee too many times a day maybe? Im more comfortable just using a piece of cloth a few times and then tossing it in the cloth diaper pail.
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Thanks everyone!  


I ended up just cutting up some old t-shirts, even though jersey is not super absorbent.  I figured all I really need to do is dab anyway, and since it doesn't fray I don't have to worry about sewing anything.  I cut the squares pretty big so that I fold them in quarters when I use them.


I bought a little step can and sewed two muslin liners that can wash with the wipes.  


I wasn't planning on using the cloth for #2, but I got into the habit of using the cloth so quickly I honestly reached for it without really thinking.  Our bathroom is tiny so I can wet down the cloth in the sink while sitting on the toilet.  


I'm doing all of this while DH is on an extended work trip...we'll see how it goes over when he comes back!  I don't see him using the cloth, but he's surprised me before...

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