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I am 40+5.  Nothing is happening at all, I am feeling a bit more frustrated and feeling as though it is never going to happen.  I know this is not true, but it is so hard to stay patient.  I am glad DH has off tomorrow, he can deal with the kids.  If it wasn't so hot, I think it would be a tad bit easier.  But spending time outside just saps what tiny bit of energy I have.  I hate being cooped up in air conditioning too, so I feel stuck.  

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m 40+4 today. i must have read that wrong. lol. my back hurts so bad and i am so much more grumpier than before. the only thing that makes me feel better is hands and knees with my butt in the air and ice on my back. and i have the beginnings of a cold sore. gonna go watch fireworks tonight and do some walking. this baby has got to come soon. i cant handle this back pain anymore. 

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Thinking of you ladies!!!  I was where you are 2 years ago exactly...was due today, the 4th, and had to wait an extra week in unbearable heat...this time around I went a week early and labor was so fast...and as miserable as I already was, I almost wish I had that extra time...I thought I was ready for my pregnancy to be over (last one for me), but I am so nostalgic over it now and wish everything had gone just a bit more slowly...  :  (  but  things happen the way they are supposed to...sorry, I know this doesn't help you ladies in the moment...you WILL be holding those beautiful babes soon!!!!!!!

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I am 42 weeks now.  My children all came home this evening spoiled from grandmas :)  I missed them so much!  My mom was so sad to leave them with me- which is just because she will have an empty house now!  She wants to come get the kids for this coming weekend- they will revolt :)  Anyway- someday I will have my baby and now I am praying for a night delivery- cause otherwise I have not much of a back up plan at this point....  I have been having a few random contractions today and a lot of cramping and a horrid backache- not too much confident at this point though!

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42 weeks!  Oh my goodness, I'd be crying.  Do you have a plan?  How long you are willing to wait? 

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Nicole.  I think I have patience for another week.  I don't really have any plans other than to just wait.  The baby is doing good and as miserable as I am- I am really doing ok.  Nobody stays pregnant forever right?  I kind of thought something was going on last night- but I was able to sleep.  This morning I have been having irregular contrax again- so maybe today?  But it would be nice if DH was around- he had to go get a crew for our beans.  Sooo I have been kind of nervous this morning- but we have waited and put off everything for a month and things really have to get done ya know?

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I hope your husband is able to get back soon.  and I admire your patience.  I am going nuts at 41 weeks.  My midwife is not allowed to attend a homebirth past 42 weeks, so I have one more week.  Then I don't know what we will do!  End up in the hospital, but I don't know if I would wait it out or induce.  I guess it would depend on the nst or bpp.

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i am 40+5. this morning i woke up at 5 am with cramping. it was so bad i couldnt go back to sleep. so i laid down on the couch and watched tv. they have been regular and strong. i can feel them pulling at the bottom. they feel like they could turn into the real thing. but i doubt it is today. maybe tonight though. i walked alot yesterday and ate stuffed jalapenos. DH got drunk last night and is always horny when he wakes up. lol. so we did that this morning. i so hope it is soon. tomorrow would be a good day for a birthday. 

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hope this is it for you lioness!!

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Yay Lioness! I had regular strong contrax every 10 minutes for about 4 hours this afternoon before they stopped...

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I have had a few contractions and some cramping, but I think I am at the point where I don't think anything will be real or develop into something more.

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I feel the same way Nicole. I refuse to time any more ctx, because I'm sick of the cycle of dissappoinment. I figure if the labor's real, I'll know at some point!

I'm trying not to feel like this kid'll be getting his diploma before this is over...
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And not still pregnant!  I am so happy aboutthat.  Baby Hadley was born this morning at 9:14 at 41w1d.  8lb6oz 20".  I will post adetails later.

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Yay, Nicole!!!!!  Is there anyone else out there?  Sounds like the last few might have come!  Wow.  Enjoy your little girl!!!

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Congratulations.  Welcome little Hadley.  3 new babies this morning! 

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i cant believe 3 babies were born this morning! that full moon did something. my boy was born at 1:59am this morning. i was in labor. here i thought the whole time i had a stomach ache lol. i still didnt believe it until my water broke. 


how many ladies are left? i hope your babies come soon. 

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My water broke on the 6th too! Lucky day I guess. My boy arrived 309 am on the 7th. Congrats to June-turned-July babies and mamas!
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MovnMama- congratulations!  Babies liked the 6th I guess.  Yellow?  Sharlia?  Pitball?  babies?

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nope. im starting to think my dates are off lol

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Sharlla - any update?
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