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Chasteberry for PMS management

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Does anyone take chasteberry solely for relieving PMS symptoms?  I searched through the archives but most people seem to take it if they're ttc.  I'm not ttc I just don't want to feel like I want to kill some one prior to getting my period (slight exaggeration but only slight wink1.gif )  I got some halfway through my last cycle and started taking one/day and I definitely felt more even keeled.  But I have no idea if I should take it every day to keep my hormones stabilized or if I should only take it within a week or two of when I think I'll be getting my period.  And what dose do you take if you take it?  I'm currently taking 400 mg/day.  And is it safe to take long term?  Thanks for any advice you can give me. 

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I've used it more for stabilizing cycles. I would imagine it might help for PMS. I think it is a balancing herb, so if something was 'off' about your  hormones it should help. You also might want to get a thyroid test to make sure you are not off that way too. That can cause irritability.

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I've never heard of it for PMS.  A B6 supplement has been a God-send for PMS/PMDD for many.  Taking a B-complex and then additional B6 to bring you to 150mg/day seems to do the trick for most (some have to go to 200mg in second half of the month).  Seems to simple to work, but I can attest.  redface.gif


There's a very long thread on this in the Mental Health forum.  Saved my marriage and my sanity.

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vitex/chasteberry totally helped with my PMS and bad hormonal acne. i took it as i was weaning of birth control pills for the last time, and it made me feel balanced and my cycles jumped back to normal immediately. it supposed to take about three months to kick in. if you do some research you'll see a couple of German studies showing its positive influence on PMS symptoms. i second the b vitamin post above as well!

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heatherdeg- Could you post the link to the thread in Mental Health please?

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Originally Posted by Breathless Wonder View Post

heatherdeg- Could you post the link to the thread in Mental Health please?



Yup... here ya go!  It's a loooooooong one!  http://www.mothering.com/community/t/993349/life-w-pmdd-severe-pms-support

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Thank you!

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Thanks for all the replies! A friend told me it helped balance her moods so I wanted to try it, but I couldn't find a lot of info on the web or here to determine if it would actually help for that.  And I couldn't find info on whether women took it daily or not.  And to clarify, I'm actually taking 80 mg/day not 400.  Not sure why I was so off on the dose.  I'm going to check out that thread.

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