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I met with the midwife on Thursday and it was great.  Just a meet and greet.  We decided we would work together and I'm stoked.  It was about a 2 hour meeting, at my place (45 mins out of town). 

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I just had my second appointment with my midwife.  I'm not sure how I'm feeling.  We left the last appointment uncommitted to place of birth, but I was/am pretty determined to at least try for a home birth.  In the month since DP has come around.  We also live super close (1.8 km/5 minutes/1.1 mi) to a regional health centre with 24h on duty surgical teams.  I'm not so staunch in my position that I would refuse a hospital birth, if anything comes up that leads the midwives to believe that there is an issue, I will reconsider.  However when I told my midwife this she restated that she has to recommend a hospital birth, but that the college advocates for informed consent regarding choice of birth place and they can't refuse to attend a birth, but that the idea of a home VBAC makes her really nervous.  She just wanted to be honest with me, and but her biases on the table, which I respect, but I feel a little nervous now.  Not necessarily about the home birth choice, but that she's going to be nervous and that it may affect her.  I'm not done processing yet, but I have to say that the thought of going to the hospital just so that my attendant is comfortable did cross my mind.  I'm nervous to tell DP since I just finished convincing him that HBAC is safe.


I meet with my other primary midwife next month and she has a few years more experience (the one I met today just started practising in July), so she may have a different thought.


When my MW mentioned that the reason they like to go to the hospital for VBAC is for the continuous monitoring, I didn't have the heart to tell her that I would likely not consent to that at the hospital anyway.  


I feel like there aren't a lot of people I can talk to about this.  My best friend who just had her second was planning a home birth but was induced early due to cholestasis and had an otherwise natural birth, and has said, "hospital's not that bad" and no one else I know has considered a home birth, and thought I was a little crazy last time I attempted it.


In good news my blood work came back fine, blood pressure was good, and the heart rate was a nice 170.

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We had our 2nd appointment yesterday (15 weeks). Baby was being very uncooperative while the MWs were trying to find a hb. It took 5 minutes and 2 dopplers. Baby kept swimming away and also gave the doppler a few big kicks (which was awesome!!). I'm measuring at 16, which surprised me. When I lay down my belly isn't very noticeable, but when i stand up it POPS. The head MW didn't see me until I was laying down, and she mentioned that I am getting a little pooch. When I went into the waiting area to make my appointment, she saw my belly and said "WOAH!!!!" ROTFLMAO.gif

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Same here WLL!!

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Heard the heartbeat again today. :-). I'm going to be telling my students tomorrow because I'm sick of wearing flowy loose clothing. I'm a little nervous, though. Sorry to be aam. I'm pretty overwhelmed right now with school, but I'm trying to pop in when I can so later you guys maybe know who I am. innocent.gif thanks for reading!
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I'm sure your students will be excited, Tear78!

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I had a MW appt today.  As expected, I have not put on any weight in the last month at all.  However, the measurements from my NT ultrasound put fetal age at 8 days more than my LMP and my midwife said I'm measuring more like I'm 20 weeks rather than 15.  After a brief discussion about how it's completely physically impossible for me to have conceived 8 days earlier and that I am 100% certain of my dates she looked at how big my last kid was, my MIL's and mom's pattern of baby weights (#2 was about 2 lbs heavier than #1 in both cases) and said "Well, I guess you're just having a big baby."  Yay. So thrilled.  The last one was nearly 9 lbs.  I am barely 5' tall and not very wide in the hips.  My birth records for last time indicate that DD's shoulders got a bit stuck (although no dystocia) and my girl-bits got trashed.  (Sorry for the indelicacy, but really, that's pretty much accurate.  I had to have reconstructive surgery.)


Sooooo... I'm thinking hospital birth from the get-go this time.  I was leaning that way anyway, my only thought was that DD wouldn't be able to attend, but my MW says that's entirely up to me and her and she's totally cool with it, she thinks it's great, we just have to have someone available to be with DD if it gets overwhelming or takes too long and she gets tired. (The latter is far more probable.)  That's no problem.


On the plus side, baby's heart beat was nice and strong and about 150 bpm.  And DD was there because she was home sick from school so she got to hear it. joy.gif

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Heard the heartbeat again today. :-). I'm going to be telling my students tomorrow because I'm sick of wearing flowy loose clothing. I'm a little nervous, though. Sorry to be aam. I'm pretty overwhelmed right now with school, but I'm trying to pop in when I can so later you guys maybe know who I am. innocent.gif thanks for reading!


HOORAY!!!  I'm officially counting on a take home baby.  joy.gif  What a wonderful surprise and miracle!  I love you!

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I had my second Doctor's appointment today (16wks).  Everything was ok.  My bloodwork and ultrasound (from August) were great.  I hadn't seen her since the begining of August and she was a little surprised I missed a month, but didn't make a big deal about it. I heard the heartbeat for 3 beats, then baby was hiding.  I also told the Doctor that I was planning on working with a Midwife and having a Homebirth and while she certainly wasn't supportive, she wasn't mean about it (Midwives aren't registered or regulated in the Yukon, so they technically don't exist, and certainly don't have hospital rights.)  I assured the Doctor that I would continue to see her to make sure I was "officially" okay (lol).

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I'm sure doctors in the Yukon are as annoyed as anyone else that midwives aren't licensed with hospital privileges.  My GP here used midwives for her own births. 

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Spughy - that's cool.  I wish my Doctor was like that - but I'm pretty confident she's not.  But I think I managed to convince her I'm not some crazy tree hugger that's gonna go through with a homebirth no matter what the circumstances are.  If I'm not feeling it, or if medical problems present themselves, I'll get myself to a hospital. 


I forgot to add that I managed to loss 7 lbs since I last saw her (not on purpose, just strong food adversions, I know it'll be back on before I know it!)


My next Midwife appointment is next Friday - very excited!!!!!!!  It'll be our first "offical" appointment, last one was just a first meeting.

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Spughy - that is crazy awesome!

Scruffy - The weight thing is awesome! A little slap in the face to docs that restrict your weight gain during pregnancy. Lol! I lost a bunch of weight with DD without trying too. I'm losing weight with this one too so far despite eating well and often. I hope your midwife appointment goes well!! How exciting that you found one you're comfy with!
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nearlyelated: I would tell MW straight out that you would not be ok with constant monitoring at the hospital. 

Spughy: Sounds like a great appointment! 

Scruffy: I had a similar talk with the OB I used for both of my previous births. He was somewhat supportive, but did outline risks, which I think he has to. He has also agreed to see me through the 20 week U/S and then we would complete the transfer. If anything causes me to have a planned induction or C/S, I will go to him (In Seattle 2 hours east). He actually told me he has been the doctor for woman where I live (there is a doctor shortage) and I would have considered it if baby wasn't due in March and there wasn't a Mountain Pass I'd have to drive over to get to the hospital. :)


I have my 2nd MW appointment on Friday. It was supposed to be last Friday, but she had to cancel for a birth, meaning it has been 6 weeks since I last saw her. She brought up weight last time, but only after I mentioned I was up 20 lbs. During the first trimester, the only time I wasn't sick was when I was eating. It was pretty easy to self-medicate with food. Now, I seem to be feeling a little more normal and I think the weigh gain has leveled off.

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Hi Ladies!!


It's been a fabulous week for us. Monday I had my job fair and it went swimmingly, than I had my midwife appointment yesterday, and it went fantastic! I feel much better about the head midwife, we had a great chat, and when we left the overall feel was very family like. I am in such a better place with my feelings and whole heartily feel that everything is going to go perfect!


Today we had the ultrasound... With out any doubt, we are having a GIRL!!!! joy.gif I am so excited, I am beyond words, just over the moon!! I started crying as the tech was pointing out the labia and everything. I am still processing it all, it seems so surreal to finally put a girl in our family. My mom and I went shopping after, and she bought a bunch of Gap and Carters little itty bitty girlie dresses and tops, it was such a blast! DP is very happy, and my dad (who has been wanting a granddaughter for years) was so ecstatic! We called him from the sonogram room and I put him on speaker, when I told him we were having a girl he totally went loopy! It was really awesome... and so exciting! I just don't know what to do with myself!! LOL!! And I should also add in here that the tech and the doctor both said everything looked perfect. What a great day! Now we're order sushi for dinner, haha, perfect!


Hope all of you are doing well too!

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Oh babytoes how exciting!!!  I'm SO HAPPY for you!!!!!!  That precious little girl's future boyfriends better watch out for her older brothers!!!  love.gif

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babytoes!   joy.gif for a baby girl!!! How exciting!  I will update you in the roster! <3

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Congrats Babytoes!!!!  Glad to hear EVERYONE in your family is just as excited as you are!

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babytoes!!!!!!! I am so excited for you all!!! energy.gif<<<that's how I feel.
I am glad everything went well with the head MW and that the baby looks perfect! 

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Oh you guys, it's been crazy!! I took a silly picture of all the clothes my mom and I bought yesterday and posted it on my Facebook saying "It's a GIRL!" and my facebook EXPLODED!! that's the only way I can describe it... haha!! I have something like over 40 comments of friends and family saying great and wonderful things. One of my closest friends said it perfectly... "This has been 20 years in the making!" LOL, its sort of true considering my DS1 is 20 years old. I also realized that the lack of girl power goes through quite a few of my family tree limbs. Some of my cousins responded with "finally a girl in the family tree!" and after thinking about it, on my moms side it is very heavily lopsided with boys. 


I had a hard time sleeping last night, just because I couldn't stop thinking about my baby girl I was growing! Oh, how silly! On top of that, I bursted into tears for no reason while watching the X-Factor (yes, I am a closet reality show junkie!)  last night, and when DP looked over at me from his computer, he was like "what is wrong with you?", I  screamed "I am just so happy!!" (I am starting to tear up right now while typing this...) He came right over to me and hugged me, and then would say some crazy funny comments to make me smile , like "See? I always give you everything you want!" LOL, silly boy... although it is officially true now! 


I know I must be rambling like a teenager, I just have no idea how to explain this. I really honestly believed I would always only have boys. Although, I have always wanted a girl so much. And I think that it was planned out perfectly by God, fate, Allah (insert your own belief here). When my mom and I talked about it while shopping, we both fully agree that my ex-husband would have made a terrible father to a little girl, he is super strict with rules, and doesn't have very good listening skills, and I think that if either of my boys were a girl she would most likely end up with daddy issues due to a horrendously strained relationship. Lets face it, he can bearly deal with a pre-teen boy, if he where a pre-teen girl, it would not be a pretty picture.  Whereas Jason on the other hand is the polar opposite, very laid back, very emotionally and physically loving, very logical, consistent, and reasonable. Exactly what a little girl needs for a father. I know that this little girl will be the apple of her daddy's eye, just like I was with my dad!


I'm sorry this is so long, I am still spinning from the news! It's just so surreal. My boys are so great and wonderful, and I love them all so unbelievably much!! How perfect to add this little girl to our family? Like Granola said... all suitors better watch out for the older brothers! Especially Gavin, he's protective his little brother already! I cannot imagine how protective he will be of his little sister! Speaking of... I have to go and pick them up pretty soon here. They don't know yet because they've been with their dad the last couple days. They're gonna flip with excitement! Haha

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Wow, I hate to admit it but I am so envious of your beautiful story and so happy for you, too. I too feel like I may never make anybody but boys and want a girl so very much. I dreamed about having a girl again last night and bawled my eyes out in the dream I was so overcome with happiness and shock. I hope I can follow suit...congrats!

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