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What are you eating???

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I'm so sick of feeling hungry all the time and simultaneously feeling like nothing sounds good.  I was really into fruit for awhile.  Peaches, cherries, watermelon were good any time.  I'm not really craving anything, I'm sick of eating eggs and cottage cheese but do it for protein purposes every day.  Really just needing some inspiration because normally I'm such a foodie and lately my DP, poor thing, will go down a list of like twenty things for dinner and I veto them all!  I'm feeling less sick and really want to get back into cooking yummy, inspired stuff for the family.  So.  What have you been craving and/or eating?  

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I'm feeling the same way - hungry, but feeling really apathetic about anything.  Last week my parents were up visiting from out of town, so I just splurged on things that sounded good but weren't the best (pizza and a lot of pasta!)


This week it's back to healthier eating, though, and I eat even if it doesn't sound good.  I've found that cutting small bites of food and eating slowly help things go down even if they don't seem appealing (I have trouble with some meat textures during this time of pregnancy). 


We're having one of my favorite ground beef dishes, which is the beef and a creamy sauce (made with cream cheese and tomato sauce) served over broccoli.  Another dish is a chicken dish with boneless/skinless breasts lightly dusted in coconut flour then pan-fried.  I serve that with salsa over the sliced chicken and it's so good - always good no matter how I feel :)  Other main dishes will be dishes I just have to grin and slowly eat my way through!!


Snacks are a little easier - sourdough bread and butter, nuts, cheese, smoked salmon, greek yogurt (full fat, plain, with fruit mixed in).


We're also getting our CSA veggie boxes now and I'm being creative with cooking those to be kid and pregnant mama friendly :p


I'm still mostly craving pasta and sub sandwiches, though...

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I am also hungry but just cant seem to eat. All this baby seems to want is sugar, but when I eat sugar i get really sick. So I have been doing a lot of testing lately because baby also does not like grain products. I really want to eat healthy food, and I am eating a lot of fruit and veggies but its just so hard when nothing sounds good. I need protein but don't feel like cooking anything because its been so hot here lately (we are on day 12 of 100+ degree heat). My DH has been trying to cook me lots of foods he thinks i will like but most of them just turn out not so well. I was hoping that by now I would be over this but I guess not. 

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I'm feeling the same way, too. Hungry and wanting to eat, but can not decide what I want because nothing sounds good. DH tends to make the same 3 things over and over again which was helpful when I wasn't feeling well because I knew I could tolerate those things, but I'm so ready for this stage to be over and to eat a bigger variety of foods again. 


For breakfast I've been eating sausage hash (ground sausage, cubed sweet potatoes, diced peppers and onions) and fruit. 

Lunch is usually leftover dinner or eggs and salad (with cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, sunflower seeds and a little cheese). 

Dinner lately (since DH took over) has been tacos/burritos, burgers or steak with some form of veggies. 


Snacks are usually coconut yogurt, fruits, nuts, chips & homemade pico de gallo, sliced turkey. I don't usually eat many grains (usually the only grains I eat are corn tortilla chips), but I've been eating a little bit here and there when the craving is really bad. 


That's really about all I've eaten in the past 3 months. Not much variety at all.

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Well, at least we're all feeling sorta apathetic so I guess it's normal.  Tacos sound good.  I always fry my own shells which makes all the difference in the world.  That sounds great, actually.  I do refried black beans, seasoned tofu with mushrooms and red peppers, fresh spinach, pico, guacamole, cheese, plain yogurt instead of sour cream and hot sauce.  My problem is getting all the stuff I want on my taco to fit in the shell! DP is making coconut rice and green curry with broccoli, tofu, red peppers, and carrots right now for me.  I was trying to give another woman food advice and suggested curries then that was suddenly the only thing in the world I wanted.  I just need to get out of my food rut.  Normally I go crazy and make lovely things like fried artichokes, baked brie with fig preserves, quiches, fancy phyllo desserts and tons of wine with everything.  Pregnancy makes me feel like food is way less enjoyable at a time when I need more of it but the soft cheese and tuna tartar and things I adore are off the menu.  I did have the most amazing pancake in the world yesterday, though...  banana and granola, surprisingly. Pre-pregnancy I honestly don't think I had eaten a pancake in at least eight years. ?  

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I have been craving junk food, cheeseburgers, red dye, basically things I normally hate. I had kool-aid hate other day and i was in heaven and I don't usually like Kool aid. I also love anything sausage and/or cheese. Fruit has been yummy and carrots sticks and ranch rock my world. 

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Looks like I'm feeling the same as everyone else.  I am constantly hungry but have trouble even looking or smelling food because of the nausea and trouble making food because of the fatigue.  I NEVER eat take-out and in the past couple of months I have eaten it several times simply because I'm too exhausted to make food.  It really bothers me, but then again - I know that soon I'll be out of this pregnancy fatigue rut and get back to making my family healthy meals.  The only food I do crave is carbs...pasta, breads, cereals etc.  And for some reason it settles my nausea and makes me feel good.  Amazingly I haven't gained a tonne of weight - judging by my food intake lately I would have guessed that I would have gained a great deal of weight but at last check I'm only at 2 lbs. at 11 weeks with baby #3 so I think that is just fine!

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I did something similar! I haven't had or wanted French toast in....8 years maybe? And that's all I've wanted the last week! So I used my Udi's gluten free white bread and made some French toast for me and the girl Sunday morning smile.gif Had the last two pieces this morning with eggs and kiwi.

Fruit has been easy to eat, and TACOS!!! All I want to eat is Mexican food, all day every day. Chipotle and a local Mexican restaurant have been frequented more than I'd like to admit...Most mornings are eggs with cheese, Udi's toast, and fruit. Lunch is usually leftovers, but sometimes I have to force myself to eat it. Dinner is hard to plan, but Brussels sprouts with bacon are always a good choice.

I've been having the hardest time with most veggies, especially my dark leafy greens that I should be eating daily! Kale is good, but spinach and lettuce are not welcome in my belly.
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I mix a green powder with spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, kale and other greens with OJ or in smoothies because I can't do many greens, either.  Salads are OK, broccoli is OK, kale is OK, but I just can't handle the smell of any cruciferous veggies cooking.  Usually I love Brussels sprouts with whole toasted almonds and dates.  Sounds so gross right now. :(

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Hotsauce the smoothie idea is great, I really need to do something to get those greens in. Tomorrow sounds like a good day to start!
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Wow, this thread is making me hungry and nauseous at the same time!


I am craving junky meat this time around. Chicken hot dogs with pickles and ketchup, BLT's made with chicken bacon, and anything spicy or strong tasting. Normally I am not a meat eater, and yesterday I was soooo craving a Big Mac (I haven't eaten red meat in over 10 years!).


Right now I am munching on blueberries, but they aren't doing anything for me. I am trying to balance the junk with the healthy, but the junk is winning :(


Tacos are now on my menu for tonight!!

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Originally Posted by Clarasmama View Post

...All I want to eat is Mexican food, all day every day. Chipotle and a local Mexican restaurant have been frequented more than I'd like to admit...


That was my pregnancy with DS2. Mexican food was one of the few things I could tolerate and keep down and the spicier the better. I now call him my spicy baby because he is also a fan of all things spicy. lol

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Ha, sorry Ms Rabbit smile.gif My totally ridiculous craving?? For weeks now I've wanted chicken nuggets from Wendy's! WTF??? The closest thing to fast food I even eat is Chipotle, and I don't ever feel guilty about that (except the price some days....). Haven't eaten a chicken nugget of any sort in probably 4 years! DH has orders not to allow me to indulge fast food cravings, the gluten makes me so sick! Ice cream is another matter, he's an enabler there redface.gif
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Today I made an asparagus, goat cheese and shiitake mushroom quiche in a phyllo crust.  I only got one good slice out of it and my son and partner ate the rest.  It was so good, but gave me the idea to make a roasted pumpkin, caramelized onion, gorgonzola and fried sage quiche, which got me thinking about fall food, dried cranberries, warm salads, curried squash soups... mmmmm!  Glad my appetite and passion for food is back today, too bad the thing I seem to be craving the most is a season still months away.  I so can't wait for hot homemade chai, crisp fall air, sweaters and boots crackling in the dry leaves.  Apple picking, pie making, and all the wonderful kitchen smells that come in the autumn.  Anyone know of a place I could live where it would be damp, foggy and fall-like all year round?  After spending the last ten years in between Austin and Lawrence, KS I am so over the summer.  You can keep sunburns, ice cream, swimming pools and sweat!  It's supposed to be 106 here tomorrow and I plan to spend my day inside fantasizing about sipping coffee and reading a book during a thunderstorm.  In other news, I can't wait for my garden to start producing.  I've already planned to make stuffed zucchini boats and eggplant stacks with homegrown tomato and basil salsa as soon as I get some ripe looking vegetables.  Yum.

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We've been visiting family in Maine and family gatherings are all about the food. Fantastic fish chowder, lobster, crab, tons of salads. I've been in charge of bread so there has been fresh made bread every day. That doesn't even touch onto the strawberries and angel food cake, cookies, and dark chocolate. Mmm. Too bad I have to see the OB on Tuesday and step on the scale. Tis is not going to be pretty.
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