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Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback.  I've been reflecting on the thought process for a few days and I get a little more why I became so anxious. I think dd is entering a stage where she's worrying that others will think her weird for being homeschooled.  And if I'm honest with myself, I worry about that too...but when I watch her, if I can shut the anxiety babble out, I see what an amazing human being she is. She is really well adjusted, has a great head on her shoulders, fantastic sense of humor, and what I'm most grateful for...a good sense of self worth.  I got thrown when I realized that we had gotten somewhat isolated and I encouraged her to reach out to some of her swim mates...she was way more nervous than I thought she would be.  But it has led to some good thinking on my part and good conversations between us.  She's reached out to several people and there are a couple that are reciprocating and wanting to get together.  I've always held to the avoid odd numbers.  She has a book club where there are 4 of them, but they do so fantastic together.  They had a little drama once or twice, but it got worked out pretty well and knock on wood it's been smooth sailing.  But she's a pretty low drama girl and is generally drawn to low drama girls... thank God!


Bec your report was awesome! You are an amazing woman! I am so impressed by your endeavor.  Congratulations!!!!!


I do think the sweating more as you get older is linked with hormones.  I was never a big sweater and I find myself sweating more now.  I don't have a solution though because I don't use anything.  Just call me stinky pits mcgraw.  


See now I come again to the commune where our children could all be friends. Sigh.

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I have loved the two interviews Ive read with her. Maybe this will be my summer reading. Poor Rihanna biglaugh.gif "My feminist Marxist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard" biglaugh.gif
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sparkle ~ ROTFLMAO.gif I can't bring myself to read 50 Shades either. 


BBM ~ your DD sounds like she's got a good head on her shoulders.  You should  be proud.  Yay for no-drama friends too!


bec ~ a huge CONGRATULATIONS on an awesome 1/2 ironman!  You must be so happy and proud!  Loved your RR.


Geo ~ I'm a sweaty Mama too.  Especially now that it's 100+ degrees ALL the time....  I use the same non-natural stuff Nic does (Secret Clinical Strength) and it works well to keep the pit circles at bay.  But I hate to think about what I'm putting on/in my body with it.


RR ~ nada, unless you count sweating profusely while watching swim practice every morning.


NRR ~ Only two more swim team practices left, then the conference meet all day Saturday.  DD1 is swimming breaststroke and backstroke.  DS is swimming breast, IM, butterfly and is an alternate for the free relay.  Yeah, we'll be at the pool all day......  I may as well just accept that fact and start preparing for 8+ hours of sitting outdoors in the heat. 

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JayGee - ugh ugh ugh.  (But woo hoo to your kids!)  I skirted out of championships this year....dd wanted to do a 5k instead.  We had a meet last night, another tomorrow night followed by pizza party and then the awards on the 31st.  I have really enjoyed swim this year, but I am equally looking forward to it being over.


I'm finally getting a run tonight after at least a week off.  God I need it, I'm itchy and irritable, and honestly I think it's a huge part of the mom anxiety I've been struggling with... bah.

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Hi ladies!!  Each time I post I vow to be better about getting on MDC and keeping up, but alas, I have to re-vow every time.  sigh.  So sorry.  I do think of you often though!  I wish the FB Dingo group were closed so I could be better about keeping up since I am on there daily (okay, multiple times a day). 


RR: training is going good, got a new treadmill from Craigs list which is cool.  Decline to -3% and incline to 40%.  Seriously tough work outs which are fun.


NRR:  took kids to Holiday World Monday and had a BLAST and counted that as my work out for that day.  :)  School starts in less than two weeks, just got our teacher assignments today. 



Lisa :)

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It would be easy to make it closed and open to invite only.... I'm on facebook more and better than I am here.

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BBM-That would be fantastic!!

Geo- I'm having the same sweating issues. Blech.
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Eww, I was just chastised by a professor, whom I was asking about opening another spot in their class for me, for my lack of professional tone. First, I DO NOT do well with being disciplined (like, I feel sick), but second, give me a frickin' break. She said I should "mind my tone" in "professional communication". To the Profs. out there; how formal do I have to be in asking if you can possibly open another slot in your class? ...... faint.gif

edited b/c my tone was, er, coarse lol.gif
Edited by sparkletruck - 7/18/12 at 4:59pm
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Sparkle - I'm a pretty relaxed prof - generally, polite gets the job done, formal isn't necessary.


Bec - I read your report and was drooling to be able to do something like that in the not so distant future.  Sounds like a fabulous race.


Hope all the sweaty mamas out there can find a solution.


I am almost done with my semester!!! Wahoo!  Only need to enter final exam scores in before I can file final grades for my students.  biggrinbounce.gif  Then I get to go back to my normal exercise schedule - 6 days a week, here I come!!! run.gifbikenew.gifjoy.gif

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bec--great work, and thanks for such an awesome race report! clap.gif

JayGee--hope the meets go well and you can find some shade.

DM--yay to be almost done!

sparkle--I don't need formal but I do get annoyed when someone I don't know emails me as if we're good friends when asking for a favor (i.e., "Hey Lisa, I need a spot in your class. Can you let me in?"). If the student already knows me, it's (mostly) fine, but if I've never met them, I'm not thrilled about being addressed quite that casually. Keep in mind that the prof's frame of reference might be 18-year-olds, a shocking number of whom need a bit of instruction in these areas. That said, I always err on the side of caution and formality. It seems like it greases the wheels better. (Exhibit A: when someone calls and asks for "Dr. Lisa C," I'll stop and talk even though I know full well that's it's one of my alma maters calling to beg for money. lol.gif

RR: had hoped to do some but it looks like none. I'll do pushups before bed.

NRR: The tankless water heater is installed and a small laundry room remodel is mostly done--as in we moved our washer and dryer to a different spot and just need to finish extended hoses and such. We leave for NY in about 7 hours. Wish me luck, sanity, and decent trails please!
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Real-good luck!! Love to hear how you like the tankless heater.

Bec-I'm. In. Awe. You are amazing. I was reading your race report like it was a novel!!! Love it!!! Thanks for taking me along your journey to become an Ironman!! You rock!!!!
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Real and DM - Thanks, or should I say, Thank You, as this has really given me a knot in my stomach. Dh cant figure out what she took umbrage with, and Im not sure which email of the two I sent she meant wrt tone. In the first one I addressed her as Prof. X, and asked, humbly I thought ("would it be possible...") but also a little informally "..to open a few more upper div. slots (or, you know, one extra slot)..." It is a class that is taught concurrently to grads and undergrads, and while the grad class is full, the undergrad class is very under-enrolled, so I was asking if, due to this, she could open a few more grad slots.

The second email I sent, which was to give her the info. she needed to open a slot for me, was Great. Thanks. Here's the info., with no address.

I dont know which one was problematic. She said it was "your last email" which makes me think that I should have addressed her and said Thank you rather than thanks? Sigh

It's especially a bummer bc she is someone I am looking forward to meeting. She's young, and has a very similar background as mine and similar interests. Good thing I didnt ask to be her research slut like I was going to. That probably wouldnt have gone over well lol.gif

Bec - bow.gif This will ripple through the rest of your life and your daughters' lives. So amazing!
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I'm pretty tolerant of informal to a point.  When it's beyond what I can tolerate, I correct in my response.  When it's not noted, I then state the problem clearly.


For instance:



Quote Student:
Miss Geofizz,





Stu. Dent.




Quote Me:

Dear Stu. Dent.,




See you in class,

Dr. Geofizz



If the next one comes addressed to Miss Geofizz, then I correct the student directly, but with the understanding that they don't understand the difference or the insult.  I suspect this is more insulting to women in the sciences than anywhere else.  Most don't know that this implies I'm not a prof.  It does.  And many people out there are baffled by the idea that a woman could be a prof, so it come across to me as an insult.  It's my title.  "Miss" or "Mrs" is inappropriate and incorrect.  So I correct it.  Students should rest assured that my memory is so shot that I never remember who the student is that I had to correct.


As someone who has been opening extra slots for my class all summer, each one requiring easily 10 emails involving the student, me, another undergrad advisor, and the general advisor, I can tell you that these requests are both simultaneously reasonable and irritating.  It's a pain, and I'm agreeing to teach more students than I'd agreed to previously (in my case, 30% and counting).  I may or may not get appropriate support to take on the extra student load.  I'm therefore going to be very wary of any student who I'm signing in as an overenrollment who is going to be a time or energy suck.


That being said, yeah, your email sounds perfectly fine.  I'd send a quick apology for the level of informality and move on.


OK, onto my sweat problem.  I never expected two recommendations for Botox here of all places!


Any idea what it is about the Clinical Strength stuff that works?  It has the same active ingredient in the same concentration as the cheapy stuff.  It's also scented.  Reviews online are mixed, including one person stating they see the same outcome with my cheapo stuff (Suave) as this stuff.   Other reviews seem to state that it's the only thing that works, specifically listing the Suave as something that didn't.


On the scents, one of their scents is "Marathon Fresh."  I'm sorry, but marathons are great, but under know circumstances do I ever want to smell like one.  orngtongue.gif

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Thanks Geo. I did send an apology.
I used to have sweating problems that I too think were due to hormonal imbalance (I say that b/c I also had menstrual irregularities that have since resolved, and with it the sweating) and found success with a brand that started with a D, I think. It wasnt Dial.... I'd have to do some looking. But I know, at the time, something like Suave or Tom's didnt touch it, but this one brand helped some. The thing is, you are looking to block the actual liquid coming out of your pores, no?, not the stench, and in my experience (I recall reading it as well), anti-perspirant doesnt really work. Hence the Botox idea....

RR: none. kids have no more activities planned for summer, so I am stuck trying to find times when I have mojo and Dh is awake lol.gif

NRR: bought plane tickets yesterday for a long labor day weekend in Plady's neck of the woods. I think we will all be crashing at her house for a night or two joy.gif Is there a place to buy wine on the island, or should I pack it? lol.gif Oh, and fwiw, my girls are right around your girls age (near 10, and 4 1/2)
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Geo ~ the clinical strength stuff (yes, marathon scented twins.gif) is literally the ONLY thing that works for me.  They used to make it unscented, but stopped.  I preferred that one.  I've tried it all ~ regular Secret, Suave, Dove... nothing else stops the actual perspiration.  I have no clue why, but it does work for me to keep my pits relatively dry and un-stenchy.


sparkle ~ ooooh!  Dingo meetup for you!  So envious.  Have a great time with Plady and her family.


Real ~ I want to hear about your tankless heater too.  Good luck and zen thoughts for your upcoming NY trip.


RR ~ not today, but definitely next week!  I've got my eye on a 5K in October.  I should be ready to actually run 3.1 miles by then.  How the mighty have fallen.  Sigh....


NRR ~ I cannot take the heat.  Yesterday I had the WORST headache all day that just wouldn't go away.  And today, it's back again.  I know it's heat/humidity related, so I'm drinking a lot of water, taking Motrin, and staying indoors to help.  So far it's not really working.  It's been over 100 degrees here 18 days already this summer and hasn't rained at all in weeks and weeks.  My grass is gray.  My peppers cooked themselves before I could pick them.  All the corn in the fields is already brown and only waist height.  The Mississipi is 10ft. below where it ought to be this time of year.  It's GOT to rain soon.  Please.  Today's high is predicted at 105 (110 with the heat index) and a 10% chance of thunderstorms.  The 10 day forecast looks exactly the same.  Summer in Southwestern Illinois this year = NOT fun.  Seriously, it's too hot to play outside.  My kids are watching old Three Stooges videos on the iPad. I'm out of ideas.

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bec, way to go!


JayGee, we got rain. All the corn tassled this week, like the whole state, and then it rained. Hoping it makes all well here.


sparkle, I just checked out The Secret Lives of Wives. Seems way more my speed than, say, 50 Shades. Also, feeling a little meetup envy.


Have not run in a few days, but my dance and yoga instructor hostess and friend worked me out yesterday. It worked.


Blessed Ramadan, all.

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Blessed Ramadan, Jo!
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energy.gif I get a Dingo meetup!  I get a Dingo Meetup!  nyanyanya nah nah nahh! orngtongue.gif 

Sorry, I just couldn't help it. 2whistle.gif


Sorry to hear about the nasty heat.  It really does sound intolerable.


So, we've got a houseful of friends who I love but now both girls are coughing up a storm, particularly at night and I'm exhausted from worrying about why they both now have this gross cough (mine is slowly improving) and whether we are going to pass it on to my friend's kids and continue the unfortunate pattern of her having some sort of medical emergency every time she visits (which is only about every 6 years).  Gar. 


Dh has been dealing with super bad depression for the past couple months (mine resolved as soon as I looked it in the eye, lucky me) and yesterday he went to the acupuncturist who I really like.  He thought she was great, she thought he was a train wreck but is eager to unwonk his chi.  As part of that we're thinking about the Whole 30.  I'll have to search out the details again but to those of you who have done it, how hard would it be to do on a family vacation? 


That's all for me, time to go go go.  Love you all though.

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goodvibes.gif to all those in CO (just heard on NPR about a shooting in Aurora; 12 dead greensad.gif )

Plady - hello depressioon. my chi must be really f****d messed up. I feel his pain. I hope it works! As for Whole 30 - what kind of vacation? Staying at someone else's house? Road trip? Camping? The first two, in my experience, are pretty seamless, as you can find what you need at stores and restaurants and make it work. Camping is harder. Are you concerned that staying w/ someone else will force you to eat what they are serving / the peer pressure of eating weird while with others and/or not having access to what you need? Can you *just* bring things for backup, like nuts and a small container of Coconut oil, and then just eat the eggs, meat and veggies that are available?... There are so many people eating "Paleo" now that its not so weird, especially if you say that you are trying it to address some health concerns...
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