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Morning mamas!


Gaye - That ride sounds intense.  DH and I met in Keystone long long ago and I can picture your route pretty well this time.  All I can say is Damn woman you're a serious athlete!  Not that we didn't already know that, just continually impressed!


Real - Ahh, that sounds like a nice space, can you just stay there and send the rest along to ILs?


Bec -  I love your enthusiasm for your craft. orngbiggrin.gif


So we took the kids to the dr and they're running the pertussis test now but they did put both of them on abx just in case.  I must say, C's cough was already better last night, she only had a fit when she first lay down and then in the morning when she sat back up.  Ali was still coughing a lot but no crying jags to go with them.  Our guests are hoping that their fully-vaxed status keeps them safe.  I certainly do too, I'll feel terrible if we send them home infected.  Gar.  Oy vey.

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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

sparkle~Yesterday's ride had 4 category 2 climbs, and today had 2 more. I feel your pain, literally. orngbiggrin.gif


In my defense, I dont have a granny gear. Now, why this is so, I dont know. I only learned of this after the first time doing that ride last summer, when I returned and described to Dh how hellish it was, and he said "doh..." So this year, I asked if he could add that gear to my bike, but alas, I didnt ask in time to get the parts, so here we go again. I see a lot of pushing a bike uphill on foot in my future

NRR: Leaving Th. morning, so I wont be here for 2 weeks.... just so you know, Im not ignoring you all kissy.gif
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sparkle~Sometimes I wish I didn't have a granny gear...I know I would be a lot faster if I was forced to be, but at the same time, when I'm on one of those climbs and keep trying to shift just in case I magically gained a few more gears, I can't imagine NOT having it! My next bike will probably be a double instead of a triple, which absolutely terrifies me! orngbiggrin.gif Have an amazing trip!

plady~Hope the abx take care of everything and no disease is spread!

I woke up this morning feeling totally hungover. My whole body hurt, my lips were swollen...blah. I took a three hour nap, and not just because I'm on call tonight! Of course, I woke up from the nap with a 6 year old jumping on me (and screamed bloody murder when he jumped on my quads!), so, you know, that felt good. rolleyes.gif And then when I tried to get out of bed, my back started spasming. Yeesh. After a prescription-strength dose of advil, I feel better, but still exhausted and desperately hoping not to get called in tonight. They're busy, but there should be enough nurses on and one person ahead of me to get called in. And as much as I really should run tomorrow (assuming I don't get called in), I think maybe a swim might be in order instead to give my legs another day off. I was actually thinking earlier about maybe going to spin class at the Y, and then I realized that it would involve a bike, and I quickly changed my mind. orngbiggrin.gif
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Gaye - You continue to amaze and inspire me!  And, I have totally been there wishing for the magical extra gears to make a hill easier.  Oh, and that's in the midwest.  Yikes!


Plady - I hope the Abx do the trick!  And that no one else gets sick.  I always have great guilt when I have visitors and my kids are sick!  Of course, my side of the family makes sure that every sniff and sneeze is my fault, so that may have something to do with it!


I am thinking of just doing some simple body weight strength work today.  With how sore my arms and abs are from Monday night, it is clear that some work needs to be done!  I'm hoping to involve the kids, too!

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Gaye, you are awesome. Thanks for sharing your posts and accomplishments!


Plady, I hope everyone is healthier soon!


Happy travels, sparkle!!


I've been half-posting and trying to post for several days now, but not quite managing it for various internet/phone posting/other lame excuses.


I was really happy to see my sisters, cousins and grandma at her 99th birthday. There was family stuff that could merit a yahoo post, but overall we all survived. I got a run on Friday with my (very hung-over) husband, but it was cut short by an insane windstorm that left me with bloodshot eyes from all of the dirt blowing around. We did 30 minutes, and I had a bunch of swimming in the pool and a lake swim during the trip, too.


Today was the last day of clinical teaching, and I'm on to supervising preceptorships until the end of August joy.gifWe got home late Sunday night and I did three ten hour shifts since then, so I'm ready for a little break. This afternoon was a great swim in the ocean after work, and tomorrow I've booked the 6 am slot for a run.


Airheaded moment of the month: the ascent trail run at the local ski mountain is this weekend (part of the series that I did the trail run for in May), and I thought it was Sunday like all the other runs in that series. So I booked a day shift on maternity on Saturday. When I went to sign up last week I realized I couldn't do it :(

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Gaye ~ the Courage Classic is an amazing accomplishment!  Congratulations on a job well done!


MelW ~ whoops, sorry you missed the race


sparkle ~ have a great trip!


Plady ~ hope the abx do the trick and everyone is feeling better soon


RR ~ finally completed Week 4 of C25K.  On to week 5.  Taking 10 days "off" didn't help.


NRR ~ swim team is DONE!  The team won the championship meet on Saturday and both DS and DD swam PRs in breaststroke!  It was a great season and all three kids are psyched to swim again next year.  DH, who complained and kvetched before the season started about 4 hour meets, etc. LOVED the whole experience and also can't wait for next summer eyesroll.gif.  Overall, it was amazingly positive experience for the family.  We are leaving on Sunday morning for the Smoky Mountains and a much needed vacation.  Phew....


I took all three kids to get new running shoes for school yesterday.  DS has grown massively this summer.  He's now sporting a pair of Men's size 8 Nike Frees.  That boy has some enormous feet.  And let me just say that shoes get REALLY expensive when you move up from childrens to adult sizes.  I also measured him yesterday and he's 4'11".  Only 2 more inches and he'll pass his dear, sweet Mama! 


I also went to the eye doctor this week and am officially in need of bifocals.  Hello, old lady.

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Katie is now in Women's size 7, and yes!  Shoes get much more expensive!!!!

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JayGee, way to go with the C25K! I'm impressed that you kept with it despite the 10 days off.


I wear a women's 5 1/2 or 6. I can often benefit from cheap kids shoes. My six year old daughter is only one size smaller than me in shoes. Her prediction is that she'll be taller than me by grade four. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised!


RR- 45 minute trail run this morning, bike ride into town, short hike and river swim this afternoon and yard work this afternoon. Not bad for the first day "off work" and at home in almost two weeks.


NRR- My August schedule isn't looking as relaxed as I had hoped for. I'm "off work" but working on a grid and schedules this evening, and the first half of the month looks pretty busy. I also did yet another job application this morning; this one for a permanent (!) part-time community health nurse for a nearby first nations community. It would be nice to have some job stability and I miss a lot of the community health work. Plus part time might just let me pick up some teaching work, and would definitely leave room for hospital shifts too.

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Morning mamas,


Well, test came back positive for Alison and neg for C but dr thinks she just was on the downside by the time they tested her.  He sounded pretty annoyed that she'd been in during the midst of the upswing and was sent home with an inhaler.  Anyway, we're all on abx now and hopefully the guests won't bring it home with them.  Now we're packing up for our trip to Yellowstone and it will be the first road trip we've taken in our itty bitty car.  It's actually kind of fun to see how well we can pack to fit what we need into it, in the past we've always had a ton more cargo space and so brought more than we needed anytime we traveled.  This is like a cross between backpacking and car camping.  My computer is also going on vacation, hopefully when I come back it will have enough oomph to handle more than one keystroke every 15 seconds. 


JRR: I just got a job offer!  I will get the details when I come back but it's a part time position at the theatre doing the backstage stuff.  I think it could be perfect for me and unless something is seriously whacked about it I'll definitely take it.


Sorry for the absence of personals but I'll check back in when we get back.  Hope everyone has a healthy, happy and not-too-hot couple of weeks! blowkiss.gif


FRR: MelW there is a ferry from Sidney to FH at 5:55p that gets in at 7:45 and one that goes back in the morning at 9:45.  It's not as long and Sparkle and I would like to keep you if you only do one overnight but maybe it would fit into your schedule?  And of course you could stay for two nights!

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plady~Hooray for diagnoses!

melw~I hope you find some relaxation in your August!

jaygee~Congratulations to your dinglets on their swimming accomplishments! Enjoy your vacation!

I'm still completely exhausted, four days later...more proof that I'm not as young as I like to think I am. rolleyes.gif I didn't get called in to work the other night. Nor did I get a workout in. Instead, I napped excessively. I did work Wednesday night and it was questionable whether I was going to make it through the night without falling asleep, but I did. Barely. Then I had to take DS out for breakfast before I could go to bed yesterday, since he was leaving to go to XH for the next three weeks. By the time I got to bed, I was completely done. I tried to read a book in bed last night, but couldn't keep my eyes open...and ended up sleeping 12 hours! Now I'm running out of time to get a nap in before work tonight, but I'm kind of wondering if I even need one since I've been up for all of 3 hours. rolleyes.gif I also have a plumber coming sometime in the next couple of hours to look at my leaky garbage disposal, fun. I was trying to hold out for a visit from home (stepdad is a commercial plumber), but decided it couldn't really wait any longer, if I don't want my kitchen to end up in my downstair's neighbors'. Sigh. And I'm also working on a jello salad for our "white trash" potluck at work tonight. Yes, "white trash". I don't know why. My guess is that it was the brainchild of a particular not-quite-normal charge nurse at 3 am one night. But, there will be cheese in a can and spam and such things. I figured that at least if I bring jello salad, it will be somewhat edible. orngtongue.gif

rr~Run? What is this "run" you speak of? orngbiggrin.gif I guess it's time to get back on the marathon training bandwagon. With an ugly 4.5 miles. My legs actually felt pretty good...it was the rest of me that was a mess!
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Plady--have a good trip to Yellowstone!

tjsmama--hope you can have a restful weekend.

JayGee--congrats to your kids!

MelW--sorry the month is filling up so quick. I'm amazed at how busy our summer has been without me working. And beginning to be very skeered about fall!

RR: um, none. Had meant to before or after the Olympics but I am a wuss, unlike those athletes. Have fantasies of getting up and getting an early run in tomorrow before we drive to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday. Hopefully that will actually happen. I already skipped out on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I guess it's going to be a four-day running week. It's the first time I've done that in a while!

NRR: So, we realized last night that the Olympics started tonight and that hmm, maybe it was time to finally figure out what kind of recording device we need with our HDTV. Our VCR won't record on it in its current state.

This was a topic we'd visited in January, at which point I'd found something that seemed like it would work, but DH, in typical DH fashion, waved it off with "why do we need to worry about that now?" kind of statements. (Answer: because otherwise you'll wait until the evening before the Olympics begin to realize that maybe you should have dealt with this months ago!!!) Anyhow, to make a long story short, they've stopped manufacturing anything that would allow people with network TV to actually record TV shows. The salesguy seemed perplexed that we didn't have cable or satellite, "because that's what everyone does these days."

We're both frustrated that there's basically nothing out there for people like us who only watch TV a couple of times a year, don't have cable/satellite and don't want to pay a monthly fee for something like TIVo when we're not using it all the time. (And I'm frustrated that the perfectly good option that we could have purchased in January was poo-poohed by DH, though that's water under the bridge now.)
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So, I had plans for a lovely 7am run this morning.  Turns out, I set my alarm clock wrong (PM, not AM), and the result is that I woke up at 8.  I'm guessing that I really needed that extra 2 hours, though, so am trying to be philosophical about it.  Working evenings really, really messes with my sleep schedule!  I'm seeing, more and more, that whatever job/career I go for really needs to be during 1st shift working hours!

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Today's run was so nice. I finally convinced dh to drive somewhere new to run. He was resistant because I wanted to drive over to his office to do one of the routes the XC team does. We ran from the Children's Beach in La Jolla past the cove to Scripps Pier. The time went so quickly. We had sidewalk along the shore, trails, streets, packed sand, big hills, a little bit of everything and plenty of other people to watch. To top it off when we got home the older two were still asleep but the others had made eggs and cleaned up the kitchen and gotten themselves dressed and ready! Next time I'll take pictures of the coast and the kids.

Gaye, I haven't mentioned how impressed I am with the courage classic and your century ride. It is quite the accomplishment. bow.gif

bec, I need my sleep anymore and having been going to bed so early I am contemplating naps if I can figure out how/when s that I can stay up late enough with the big kids. I cannot imagine how the shift work messes with things for you and Gaye and drjen and anyone else not getting to sleep at night for whatever reason.

Plady enjoy your trip! And your dingo meetup! I hope the girls are feeling and sleeping better with the abx.

real, we are having similar issues here. DH got me an antennae for my birthday (last October) that I never figured out and he was struggling with it last night. On the other hand I laughed out loud when my 9 yo asked about turning on the tv. "Will the Olympics still be on? I know how to turn the tv on and I think if I don't turn on a movie it will work but I don't know how to change the channel on the tv like you were doing last night." (We didn't know which channel NBC is here so we had to scan through)

I am a tiny bit jealous of all you petite ladies. I think to make myself feel better I will wander into the kitchen and casually take a wine glass from the top shelf . wink1.gif And then I'll convince dd1 and ds1 to wear last years school shoes to start this year. Ds1 just got new trainers and still needs racing flats for races/speed work...
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Gaye that ride does sound intense!


Plady - glad to hear you got a dx.  I had pertussis the Christmas before ds was born.  Cracked three ribs coughing.  Not pleasant at all.  Hugs to you and your kiddos!


Real can you watch some of it online?  I noticed that some of the events were online. I'm not sure the extent though.


mommajb - I'm coming in late and haven't read anything, but if I can read between the lines accurately, my response is being short can have it's perks...but honestly I can't imagine what I'm going to do at 60 when I have to climb on the counter to get to the shelf where dh put the cereal.  I always wanted to be tall.  Sigh.  It skipped me and went to my daughter.  She's nine and only about 5 inches shorter than me.  And half a size smaller shoe than me.


Dd and I had a race this morning.  She amazes me.  7:41, 8:00, 8:12.  I have now decided mandatory speed work outs for me on Wednesdays.  Twice while running she complained of seeing spots so I guided her to ease up a bit.  Which she did followed by a pretty quick pick back up of the pace.  My fear is her talent surpasses her judgment.  Thus, I need to get my butt in gear so I can keep up with her a little longer while her judgment grows.  She has two speeds...fast and faster.  I saw a girls shirt today that I loved...  I can't remember the first line, but the 2nd said "to run with me you gotta be good, to beat me you gotta be kidding."

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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

I am a tiny bit jealous of all you petite ladies. I think to make myself feel better I will wander into the kitchen and casually take a wine glass from the top shelf . wink1.gif

My husband keeps threatening to get rid of my stool because the kids use it to reach the high shelves. Unfortunately much of the kitchen is inaccessible to me without it lol.gif I cannot get wine without climbing on the counter.


bec, I hope your sleep-in helped. Sometimes your body knows what you need!


real & mommajb, good luck with your Olympic tv. The cable company called last week to offer a short-term deal in case we were tempted by the olympics.


RR- A beautiful 45 minutes in the trail this morning. My hip has been achy for a bit over a week now, and it's two more weeks before the chiro gets back from vacation. I'm sticking with shorter trail runs and lots of stretching and yoga until I can get an adjustment.

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not anything....everything

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I finally mapped out my marathon training plan. Sheesh. Nothing like waiting till four weeks in. rolleyes.gif Not to mention the fact that it is going to be extremely fluid. I'm theoretically using Higdon's intermediate 1 plan, but in reality, I will just be trying to get in the long run and the midweek long run from it, with hopefully two shorter runs. And thanks to my work schedule, there's going to be a couple of weeks where I actually do two long runs during the same week. Oh well.

Work was pretty uneventful this week. Believe it or not, both of the last two nights, I had three patients who had delivered naturally, and without IV access. Ok, a couple of them were not completely intentionally (they just went that fast), but still...pretty unheard of. We've been slammed, keeping postpartum patients in labor rooms, midwife patients delivering downstairs in high risk l&d because we didn't have room for them upstairs. Job security, right?

XH is still arguing about helping pay for non-work-related childcare. Sigh. It really irks me, mostly because he just stopped paying spousal support and is already getting back $2k a month, and now he's trying to nit pick me on something he said he would help me pay for when he wanted to move out of state. Grrr. I will prevail. Although probably not with 100% of what I want.

Tomorrow: long run. I am scared.
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Almost 10 hours on my feet doing markdowns at the store.  Worked from 6pm till just about 4am.  I think it has to count for something!  Goodness knows I'm sore enough from it!  And I get to go back for another 5 hours tonight!


Gaye - I just read an article saying that the 20-22 mile long run for marathon training does more harm than good.  It suggested that 17-18 mile long runs are perfectly good to develop the cardio fitness, and to add quality runs right before and after those long runs in order to train your body to function well while fatigued.  It was interesting.


I got really short with my husband because after working all freaking night long, and getting 6 hours of sleep (cause, hello, kids), I had to deal with a sink full of dishes so I could clean my coffee pot and have some caffeine.  Grrrrrrr.  He had yesterday off.  He went on a nice bike ride, then went and volunteered at the county fair for fun, and then puttered around the house.  Must be nice.

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Thread Starter 

Hi Dingoes! I have been faithfully reading along, but not a lot of brain energy to contribute anything helpful most of the time. Plady, was glad to hear you got a dx that will clear up the cough, and that the guests were vaxed. Hoping it ends there. And joy.gifon the job offer! Sounds awesome, mama. Gaye, like the rest, I am in awe of how you can dig in and find the power, but clearly you have it. Way to go, and I have no doubt you'll be similarly amazing as you train and race this next mary. Bec, did I whoop for you on the IM? If not, WOOOOT! Again, I don't recall a great amount of time for training, but you did it! And I hear you on the dh thing. Enjoy your coffee.


On being short, mommajb, I bought a dress for this party we're planning and now I have to have three layers of silk hemmed, cutting off about 8 inches. I can never get pants on clearance because short is just not stocked well, and I trip on maxi dresses sometimes. <shrug> Also, when I gain 5 pounds I have nowhere to hide it. orngtongue.gif


RR: absolutely zero. We get up at 3AM and cook eggs every day, then I go back to bed and try to sleep until 11 or so. Get up, do chores, run errands, study with the kids, regular life stuff as much as possible, and we usually start pooping out around 3 or 4 with no water or fuel. So we hit the couch or whatever, and then we start cooking iftar around 6:30. Break our fast around 8:30, so needless to say we're usually up until 12 or 1 before hitting the sack for the first two hours of sleep before waking to cook. I know it's not the way fasting was originally intended to be for the whole month, but I don't think they ever fast more than 14 hours on the Arabian Peninsula. So we're doing OK and we're one-third in.


Dh has found an apartment and plans to sign papers this week. I think we are downsizing and economizing a bit, but should be just fine, since we'll be there for mostly the very temperate season. But it looks like he found a place with a nice health and fitness center and pool, so we should be able to keep up with daily workouts. I am a little concerned about getting into the city center from the location (short distance but looks like it will always require a cab for safety, no biking), but we'll see. Dh has been stumped with ring shopping and I am apparently not helpful. 


Love to you ladies! I hope to walk some tonight if I can just get the kids to let me step out the door after we break fast. Wish me luck.

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jo, good luck with the walk tonight. It sounds like an intense fasting schedule, one that I hope provides time for reflection and peace (and a bit of wedding preparation, too!). Congrats on the new apartment.


bec, grrr about the dirty coffee pot.


gaye, I'm glad you got the marathon training schedule figured out. And I have my fingers crossed for you on the childcare support. You deserve it!


RR- Biked towing the trailer for the first time in months today. It was nice to ride at a faster than three-year-old speed and not to worry about traffic. Just a short ride across town a couple of times.


NRR- I picked blueberries with the kids yesterday- about 2 lbs wild berries (super sweet but seedy and tough-skinned) and 10 lbs at an organic berry farm. Freezing and jamming on the agenda for this evening, since yesterday I discovered I was out of canning lids and of freezer bags. My youngest also rolled around in the grass and hay and we spent the afternoon giving her antihistamines and watching a movie. I also emerged from the blueberries fields with an impressive swollen bite on my leg- probably spider but I didn't see the culprit.


I found out today that I didn't get the hospital unit clerk teaching job, not unsurprisingly. After I do some student visits this afternoon I'm meeting with a co-worker of my MIL's who used to hold the public health job that I applied for last week. I would really love to have just a little bit of "regular" work, since the hospital casual work can be so unpredictable. I'm almost certain that I will get enough shifts to survive, but the lifestyle of being on call and needing to take any/every shift offered and drop other plans is not something I'm looking forward to. And fingers crossed that there will be some teaching work again in January. Long-term I'm looking at next fall for a permanent job at the college, but it feels far away right now...

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