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sparkle, I really do feel for you. I hope you find what will help and asap. Feel free to share here or on yahoo if releasing thoughts will help. I know I have done some of tht this past year.

jo, your wedding plans sound like a terrific party and celebration. The dress is beautiful and the shrug will be a wearable heirloom. no pressure poppy! I can't imagine dh caring about my shoes for any reason other than me complaining that my feet hurt. lol.gif How will Ramadan affect Whole30 and such? Do you have a headlamp for night running?

MelW, I hope the 'excitement' of the water leak is over and that the repairs go smoothly. That corpulent and cognizant...Wht was the real mantra? eyesroll.gif

Nic, did I mention I am not only going to be saying no but am going to pull back on commitments? I am driving myself crazy here.

bec, your taper madness is funny from this distance. joy.gif on the hotel situation/fix.

plady, did you call about dd1's cough? I hope theatre camp is smooth yet dramatic. wink1.gif

real, I am so impressed with your use of the jogger. As ds2 approaches 40lb bec's old ironman sits in the garage unused (and available). I love all the passing you got to do while racing! My garmin 305 is 4 years old and the battery is not as spry a it once was. I have loaned it to ds1 but now it has teenage boy sweat on it and I need a new one. bag.gif

Hi Geo! Did you sign up for the full or half in Oct? I should go back and read.

kerc, I hope you are glad to be home and I wonder how your dh can make it up to you???

Wow, I like talking to everybody but I need to post more often if I am going to do that. The little girls have been in ice skating camp and my former figure skater wants out. The skates sit in my closet next to the sewing machine getting about equal use lately. They are my prepregnancy shoe size (from half a dozen pregnancies ago) and I can not buy new ones or bear the thought of not wearing the style boot I am used to. Talk about first world problems to have in July! Runs are improving, sugar free agrees with me, I am moving toward more dietary changes that include adding animal protein. I have been doing so much reading and I think I will approach it like a 30 day or 3 month experiment. There are a couple of 'challenges' I am interested in participating in and I could use/am seeing radical improvement in various areas, not just weight loss.
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Sparkle - hug2.gif mama.  I've been there with depression, where even the slightest forward motion or activity or errand or chore or anything takes a monumental effort.  Be gentle on yourself and ride the wave.  Don't be afraid to reach out.


Jo/Poppy - I LOVE the dress and the idea of the shrug and boots.  Fabulous!  Hop on over to Charming Charlie where we have at least cute rubber rainboots on sale! lol.gif


Kerc - Poo on DH.  Mine has done things like that before and it is aggravating when he gets into self centered mode!  I hope it is a short lived phase!


Real - I too, am always impressed with your stroller runs!  It's been a few years since I passed mine on, and it had been a long time since I had used it!  I'm getting ready to sell my bike trailer as well!  Now that all the kids are riding on two wheels, I see no reason for it to take up valuable garage space!


Mamajb - Taper madness is always funny in other people.  Yesterday's expression of it was extreme exhaustion.  It took a heroic effort to just get my bottom off the couch!  And, then, I may have had too much to drink in the evening.  Sheepish.gif  I'm being reminded, this morning, that I am not, actually 23 anymore!  Today, I need to face the consequences of the frenetic energy of two days ago, where I made 3 different appointments for today, before heading out for haircuts for the whole family this evening! 


So, no RR, just, you know, trying to psych myself up for this!  Stomach is still flip flopping.  We are going to meet tomorrow morning for a short, easy 20 mile bike ride tomorrow morning, so that should get some of this out of me!  Then, up to Racine on Saturday!  Still no word from the hotel, but I am feeling fine about it, knowing that we have the invite to bunk with the other ladies that are capable of making a proper hotel reservation!

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Day 2 of the 30 days done. Whew. It wasn't so bad today, even with the darn weights. Watch me start talking schmack and then die.

I kept our double jogger/bike trailer for now for hauling stuff. I'd prefer to get a dedicated bike trailers that's designed for cargo, but this one is paid for.
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Way to go kerc!
bec, enjoy that bike ride!

I have underarm problems. eyesroll.gif
My two favorite running shirts won't come clean. For a while I wore my newest dingo shirt (grey) for every run even if it was dirty. Now it always stinks and I have washed and used an enzyme cleaner many times. The other is a white race shirt that just fits so well and looks decent with a running skirt that fits. Any ideas?
I bought a dress at title nine last fall (tomboy something or other) and while it appears dark grey it is a very subtle stripe knit. The lighter color has discolored yellow in the underarm area. I don't think I put it away dirty and I use a crystal deodorant. Again this dress has been washed and sunned several times and I need it back. It works for everything comfy enough for pajamas, casual enough to wear unshowered yet nice enough for a dinner and more money than I usually drop on a single item of non-running clothing.
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sparkle ~ just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and hope your dark cloud lifts soon hug2.gif


mommajb ~ baking soda?  Otherwise, I'm out of ideas.  I'll my best running shirts stink to high heaven as soon as I sweat the tiniest bit in them.  Yuck.


bec ~ hope you had a good ride today.  Taper madness, indeed!


kerc ~ sorry your DH is being pilly.  Your trip sounds like it was lovely though.


jooj ~ the shrug!  the dress!  the plan!  It's all so perfect and I'm very excited for you and your family.


RR ~ did C25K week 4 earlier this week and it felt fine.  I tried to run with my DDs this morning during DS's swim practice but it ended up being a slow stroll with lots of looking at leaves, acorns, and grass. 


NRR ~ tonight is the last swim meet of the season, other than the Conference meet next Saturday.  Only the top 4 kids in each event swim the conference meet, so DS will be swimming, but DD1 may not be.  There are a lot of FAST girls in her agegroup!  I am ready to let the kids sleep in past 6:30 for the last few weeks of summer before school starts too.  Our family is going to the Great Smoky Mountains for the first week of August and I am so ready for a vacation.  This weekend we have a wedding and two birthday parties.  Life moves too fast sometimes.

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Just pinned a link on my pinterest Mommajb

Here it is.Never used it, but an idea anyhow.


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Hello everyone!


Man, I am hopelessly behind help.gif with you guys, and I have missed you all over the past few weeks!


I haven't updated the race list or results since mid-June. So sorry, guys! Is there any way that you could PM me the races - planned and raced - that I have missed?


I have pages and pages to read, but here goes:


Bec, this weekend is your big HIM??? I am so excited for you! I can't wait to hear about it! Good luck! fingersx.gif Any way for us to track you?


 Real, I just read your RR broc1.gif Wowza! Fast and awesome race!


Kerc, the 30 day shred sounds like just the ticket to kick start feeling better in your own bod. thumbsup.gif


Jo & Poppy - I can't wait to see more of the wedding outfit luxlove.gif


Mel, I hope you do get that work done so that you can enjoy a weekend off. You deserve that. And you are kind of my hero if you know how to fix a toilet yourself. Wow.


Sparkle hug2.gif


RR: I have not been running in 2 weeks. I did something to my knee (again, same stupid knee) on a run, then spent days driving in a car up to Maine, icing the heck out of it. It did not get better, in fact it got much worse, to the point where I could hardly walk except with a peg-leg kind of limp for a couple of days. Since making it back home again, it seems to have leveled off to almost normal, but I am still wary about running. My gut tells me that it is just a flare-up of the arthritis my ortho doc thinks my knee is destined for. I am actually in wait-and-see mode and not planning on visiting that ortho again unless this reoccurs. I sure hope I can pick up training again soon or that fall marathon is not happening.

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mel38~Here's hoping the knee is just a tweak and that you're back in full training asap!

melw~So sorry about your water damage. My kitchen sink is leaking, and I'm patching it with a red solo cup underneath it in hopes that my stepfather, the plumber, will make a visit soon and can fix it for me. bag.gif Meanwhile, I hope that it doesn't get so bad that it leaks downstairs...

real~It's next weekend...still plenty of time to donate. love.gif

geo~That looks so lovely. Color me jealous.

sparkle~hug.gif Hang in there, sister. grouphug.gif

bec~You are going to be fabulous.

I am so very tired. Usually, by my third shift, I'm adjusted and do fine, but I was tired going in yesterday, and then was just completely exhausted and drained by the time I left this morning. Add on to that that the dog had another one of his seizures/episodes this morning, and I spent an hour awake with him, mopping up his drool and praying that he wouldn't throw up...and then had to sleep in DS's bed because the dog had drooled all over my bed and I needed to wash all the linens...yeah, I'm tired. No kickball tonight, but the kickball peeps are instead going to Casa Bonita (yes, without kids...because the food is SO good lol.gif) and then the girls of kickball are going to see Magic Mike. Sheepish.gif Hopefully I can stay awake!

Work just totally wiped me out this week. Busy. I had a post-surgical GYN patient who was really busy the first night, had her back the second night and added a Spanish-speaking only patient with a crazy medical history (stroke, cardiac issues) and a baby who wouldn't breastfeed, and then kept HER last night and added ANOTHER Spanish-speaking only patient with a crappy breastfeeder who was under bililights. Phew. I do ok most of the time with our SSO patients with my muy poquito espanol, especially if they speak even a little english, but both of these spoke NO english. Which meant a lot of time on the translator phone. No bueno. I am so espanol'ed out right now, I may start hallucinating espanol. I'm so embarrassed, I had a break down last night when I was getting report and started crying in front of the day shift nurses. I was just overwhelmed by my assignment, which turned out to not be that terrible, but still...it was not an easy assignment, and I guarantee that none of the day shift nurses would have done that assignment, but it was ok for them to assign it to me, a new grad? Whatever. I did it, and I feel like I did it well. So there. On top of all that, I found out after i got to work last night that our nurse educator was going to be coming in at 3am to shadow me to level up. Which, great, I WANT to level up sooner rather than later (hello, biggest percentage raise that we'll ever get...), but with no warning, and at 3am? 3 am on nightshift is totally downtime. Luckily, she didn't show up till after 4, and then we spent half an hour talking about my patient assignment before she followed me to watch me help my bililights baby breastfeed. And of course, it was the worst feeding of the night, but I had a ton of patience and managed to get the baby to eat at least a little. Oy. I'm done. Stick a fork in me.

rr~Ha. Going to attempt a long-ish run of 6-8 tomorrow. We'll see how that goes...
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1jooj - your plans sound fabulous. I am so excited for you! How are your kids finding it being back in the US?


MelW - hug2.gif


Real - is bedtime going any better? 


bec - way to use that energy!


kerc - hug.gif that stinks about your dh being so self-absorbed. There seems to be a nasty virus going around infecting h's all over. Sorry it hit your house.


mommajb - what are you reading? I am noticing big changes with reducing sugar and increasing protein. I love book recommendations!


sparkle - hug2.gif    flowersforyou.gif


ds wanted me to drive him to meet up with some of his friends from school tonight. Turns out that hanging out in a coffee shop because it has wi-fi isn't necessarily the smartest choice after spending 8 hours working in another coffee shop all day. My head is pounding, it is noisy in here and I am tired of listening to coffee grinders. It doesn't help that there is a woman who says everything in a very LOUD voice close by. I am a grouch.


I am thinking back about a month when I wasn't sure how or if I could make some of the amazing dietary changes some of you were. It seems like it has happened with me barely even realizing it! Little changes here and there and patience rather than judgement when I mess up (okay, maybe there is still a little judgement going on) helps a lot. I decided that grain free was going to be better for me than just gluten free. I don't miss it at all. Then I ditched potatoes. I had a stomach virus for a couple of days and haven't gone back to my morning chai latte since. I tried making it with almond milk the other day but the love just wasn't there so I may be free of that milk and honey fest too! That one makes me kind of sad but I do feel better. I would say I am 98% dairy free with just small bits of cheese or tzatziki every once in a while.  I have increased my protein intake - nuts, seeds, meat, eggs, some legumes but not as many as before - and I am not nearly as hungry as I used to be. For breakfast every day I have an egg and a smoothie with berries, kale, pumpkin seeds, mango or peaches, coconut water and  little bit of almond milk. I have a big salad for lunch every day with a little roasted meat, some nuts and seeds when I get hungry and something small for supper but I am never very hungry any more. It is great! The lemon meringue pies at the cafe where I work were a weakness for a little while but now I make myself think of how my tongue stings when I eat sugar every time I look at them and I am doing better. No more diet coke even - just lots of green tea every morning! My energy is more stable, the brain fog is gone and this morning I realized I am about a 6 or 8 again which feels great. I was starting to feel like Aunt Marge blowing up in Harry Potter but no more  smile.gif  I am intentionally NOT thinking about calories or low fat, getting my fibre and carbs mainly from veggies and fruit - and the weight is finally melting away. 4-6 is ideal for me so I am hoping I can be there by fall. With so many other things falling apart around me, it is nice to be fitting back into some of my favourite clothes I haven't worn in a few years. This is why I never gave them away!

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mommajb--things sound pretty good, especially with your approach to diet.

kerc--I'll likely do the same thing with our trailer. We have a solo, so it's small and light. WTG on the shred!

bec--taper taper taper taper. lol.gif

tjsmama--we need a plumber too. Our hot water heater is leaking. And good job on the 3 am feeding stuff. I can't imagine anyone expects it to be perfect all day long.

Shanti--bedtime is only slightly better. I'm imagining it will be really ugly when we get to NY. It always is. And wow, you're doing some amazing stuff with your diet!

Stroller runs: this was supposed to be the summer R ran with me on the shorter runs. I remember telling everyone that 7yos were too big for a stroller. I didn't count on the broken arm factor....

RR: 2nd Thursday Adventure Run at Road Runner Sports. They unveil a map at starting time and you run to places to pick up raffle tickets. I had the brilliant idea to run to Whole Foods where you could get 10, and on the way there it occurred to me that maybe that wasn't the greatest plan when it's 88 degrees out. Oh well. I made it back with three minutes to spare. I'm hoping to do their August one too. They gave out a ton of stuff, and apparently people could even wear-test things on the run (Amphipod, Yurbuds, Garmin!!).

NRR: I'm not happy with a certain home repair store that begins with L. When we came home on Saturday, there was water in the laundry room and it turned out the hot water heater was leaking.

On Sunday we went to said store, where they advertise that if you buy a hot water heater by noon on a business day, they'll install it by noon the next day. Great. Except that they don't mention that this doesn't apply to tankless. And in fact, getting a tankless is apparently a really slow process. They came out to do the estimate on Wednesday and said we'd have a quote by that afternoon or Thursday.

We're still waiting. And apparently after agreeing to the quote, it can take up to a week to get it installed. Small wonder not a lot of people are getting tankless water heaters these days!

I contacted a friend whose husband is a plumber in hopes that maybe he could to this, and faster. Right now we're turning off the hot water except for taking showers and doing dishes, but it needs to get fixed before we go to NY or we'll have to drain the tank. And honestly? It shouldn't take this long.
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Real, the Adventure run sounds like fun, and perfect timing for you to check out gear. thumb.gif


Mommajb, I've never solved the shirt stink problem either. I have had some luck mitigating with oxyclean type stuff, but I would not call it success. Some fabrics just don't want to give it up, and I am a sweaty stinker.


Gaye, I can testify that the foreign-language operation adds a whole second brain load. When I was living in Morocco, I needed 10 hours of sleep a day, and I really believe the extra 1.5 hours was for my brain to process and file the language data. It sucks, but you're doing so well. You are all there, mama.


Mel38: Noooo! Along car ride is just the worst, it seems, for any injury. You are talking osteoarthritis, right? Everything I read these days says keep it moving; I imagine after all the car time, it felt like hell. Sorry, mama. I hope it's better fast. Do you take glucosamine or anything like that?


bec, keep on taperin'! energy.gif


kerc, how you feeling now, mama? mischievous.gif I'll be interested in how you feel about the whole thing after a month. I need the personal discipline to stick to a movement program that's more than 3x a week for a month. I've made good changes, but feel like there is so much more to do.


Shanti, blowkiss.gifand flowersforyou.gif to you. That you have been dealing with such stress and still making such solid improvements in your own diet is amazing, mama. I do believe that better fuel helps you through stressful times far better, but I know my own brain and how easily I find myself dietarily circling the drain when life throws a punch. I am glad you're feeling uplifted. Makes me smile.


So fasting starts in a week. During that week beforehand, I want to take my kids tubing and maybe do one other fun thing. I also will need to stock up on meats for the freezer, so might take a drive down to Milwaukee. Mommajb, you asked how W30 would affect fasting, and here is where my head is at: technically, it won't be a W30 anymore, since I will not be eating during the day and I will be ignoring hunger and thirst cues. The deprivation aspect is obviously not a part of W30. That said, I've discovered that eating a higher-fat, lower-carb diet drastically reduces hunger, and I am fat-adapted enough to go a long time without eating before I really feel hungry-hungry. The biggest challenge will be establishing a sustainable life that involves eating at 3AM and then again at 830PM, fitting in healthy movement between 830P and 3A, getting enough sleep, and keeping my head screwed on straight enough to get life stuff done. All that said, like W30, Ramadan is also just 30 days (or less), and I need the opportunity to center, the exemption from social demands, and the quiet time alone with the Maker.


Speaking of, it's Friday! I am meeting some former colleagues for brunch, then prayers, and then...then? We'll see. Weekend.


ETA RR: 6 miles outside. Felt wonderful, though not nearly as great as earlier this week. Then, this song came on during my run and I felt at once understood and humiliated.

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Race Report:  Iowa Games Triathlon

The Friday before the race I went to Starbucks to get a coffee fix and to work on school stuff (I can't get stuff done at home- too many distractions).  They had a new guy working behind the counter and I chatted with the rest of the staff - he heard me telling one of the girls that I was doing the tri on Sunday and piped up that he was too. thumb.gif  I asked him if it was his first or if he'd done others... He said that he'd done quite a few... and so I shamelessly pumped him for information (nothing like having someone there, in the flesh, to ask!). He even sat and talked to me on his break.  He said he'd look for me on Sunday and wished me luck. smile.gif  Saturday was a no good very bad day from the minute I stepped out of bed, just tons of stupid little stuff not going the right way: coffee filter breaking before I got it in the trash, coffee grinder spitting fresh ground coffee all over the kitchen, the bike rack was broken, hubby had a meeting out of town that went over by 2 hours, and on and on and on... but I managed to make it down to Des Moines to get my packet (my number and a t-shirt). Came home and just tried to finish the day without melting down.


Sunday morning, I got to the race site around 7.  Met some awesome people in the transition area that helped me with racking my bike.  Made my way down to get my chip and then to wade in the water.  Wow! It was warm - almost like walking into a bath (they announced before we started that the water was 90F and that no one should be wearing a wetsuit).  While I was down on the beach, the barista found me!  How he recognized me with my swim cap on and sunglasses, I'm not sure.  But it was great to see him and get some positive words.


They divvied us up into our waves and got things started - the elites went first and were out of the water in less than 6 minutes!  I was in wave 5, so had a chance to watch how everyone else was doing things. The ladies in my wave were all chatting, laughing and having a great time. and then, we were off... hundred yards out, 200 yards over and then back to shore.  I didn't do too badly. It was actually kind of peaceful in the water.  Once out of the water we had a run up the hill to transition.  I got my socks and shoes on, put on my helmet and headed to the mounting line (can I just say here that "mounting line" makes me laugh... I have such a dirty mind!)... and off I went on my ride.  15 miles of rolling hills and curves (3 times around a 5 mile loop).  I heard "on your left" more times than I could count.  LOL. It was awesome to watch some of the other bikers whip by me. On my second loop, I got passed by a young guy on a bike and as he passed, he looked at me, pointed and said, "Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"  About 1/2 a second behind him, I said the same thing.  lol.gif  He was one of my former students.  Totally made the bike portion worth it.  The last loop I got passed twice - once by a woman about my age who had inadvertently done an extra loop (oops!) and once by a man twice my age as we were going up the long hill.  I laughed at myself all the way to the turn in to transition.


At transition, I racked my bike and headed out for the run - my butt and legs were numb!  I'm pretty sure I looked funny running.  The 5K was a 2 loop route on a paved park road with water at the turnarounds.  I did my first loop and was heading back out for my second when my former student (from the bike portion) joined me for my second loop (he'd finished his tri in less than 1.6 hours).  Gotta tell you ladies, just thinking about it makes me all verklempt in a good way.  Meant a lot that he stayed with me and encouraged me all the way to the end.  I walked more than I should have, but wasn't sure I had enough left in me (that and I really needed to pee but wasn't sure I could hold it if I ran!).  I did run in the last 100 yards and it felt great!


As I was loading up my stuff, the barista stopped by to chat and congratulated me on finishing.  He got 1st or 2nd in his age group and was heading to church.  orngtongue.gif 

Dh did make an effort to be down with the kids, but he misjudged times and he was getting to the race site as I was less than 10 miles from home (hour drive, either way).  biglaugh.gifDd1 was very disappointed that she didn't get to see me finishing.


Official tri time posted: 2:11:46.5  (swim 0:11:08.2, run 0:41:52.4). I know that when I do this again, I will  be under 2 hours.  Just need to find the right one to do next.  Oh, and I didn't hurt at.all. the next day.

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Nice job, dimitrizmom! clap.gif There's just nothing like a first triathlon. I remember SO many moments from my first, it was truly special. I'm so glad you got hooked! orngbiggrin.gif

jo~I don't know how you handle Ramadan and manage to do all the things you do. Is it just me, or is Ramadan really early this year? Seems like it's usually closer to September...

Here is my sophisticated movie critique for Magic Mike: Channing Tatum really can't act, but he sure is pretty. shy.gif Oh, and there was actually MORE plot than I expected. lol.gif

Got some errands run today, took DS to the pool for a few hours (oh, how I wish we had a community pool in my neighborhood...$14 for the next neighborhood over's pool was a bit pricey!), then did some baking for tomorrow's fun. I'm on a team with my kickball peeps for an event called WASApalooza. Basically, there are 8 stations and we'll be playing playground sports (things like scooter hockey!). You don't know what the event is until you get to the station. It takes place at the football stadium, and events are around, under, and IN the stadium. And our registration includes tickets to the Major League lacrosse game that night, and a hot dog and beer. I'm excited, it should be fun!

rr~I did it...first long run of marathon training (and my only run of the week bag.gif). It was a great 7 mile run. Except for the part where it was 8 miles long! orngbiggrin.gif Really, I felt pretty decent up until the last mile, thanks in no small part to my friend Hilary who is kind enough to run much slower than her pace with me. I still haven't figured out exactly which training plan I'm using, but it's week 17, and I figure 8 miles is a good start!

eta: If anyone has a few extra dollars to throw in for a great cause...I'm still a LONG way from my fundraising goal for the Courage Classic (about $400 away). All donations go to support kids and families at Children's Hospital Colorado, and every dollar helps! Fundraising page here. blowkiss.gif
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Happy travels bec! Race Strong!

I hope the swim meet went well JayGee. Running with the girls is a mental exercise in patience: I am glad Alice is old enough to take them and she is glad for the wimpy run. lol.gif

kerc, pinned and dawn purchased. I'll let you know later how my dresses and shirt are faring. Very interesting to you I am sure.

Hi Mel38! I hope your knee is just a flare and that you are off and running again soon. Isn't it frustrating when the inactivity hurts more than the activity?

Gaye, you are the picture of work hard, play hard!

Shanti, I am reading the books talked about here - Why We Get Fat, the Whole30 info. I think a Whole30 is my goal (it makes so much sense to me today) but I am getting there in fits and spurts. Cutting out sugar, eating whole foods, adding more protein. Still room to clean it up but I am eating well enough that I am enjoying my workouts and runs. Remember when you thought all the stress in your life meant you couldn't make more changes and as you have dealt with everything and made more changes you have gotten stronger and the changes have happened? You are very motivating to me.

Real, When do you leave for NY? The trip isn't setting up to be stellar, is it?

jo, I hope the w30 contributes to the spiritual experience that fasting brings to you.

dimitrizmom, way to go! Have you found your next tri yet?

The last couple of days have been a struggle. I am not falling off any wagons but I am fighting it and not feeling as good. I am right at O. I am convinced everything is one type of hormones or another lately but I am not sure how exactly mine affect me so I pretty much blame hormones for any negative.
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RR: loveeyes.gif 32 semi-ugly minutes on the stationary bike, 25 decent minutes of C25k on the TM not sure what the actual first week of C25k is, but i did 1:45 walk/:45 run for 25 minutes) I am SO out of shape it is literally scary, as in, I dont know if Ive ever come back from being so unfit ... it's like, at this age, every window of time not working-out creates a deeper and deeper hole out of which to crawl (almost literally) - it's not fun...

NRR: our new bed came today, which means moving into our own bdrm and out of I's (the 4 year old, who keeps indignantly asking "when are you getting out of my room!?"), and also means our first ever king size bed (now that the kids are allllmossst done coming into our bed in the middle of the night) disappointed.giflol.gif
Oh, and maybe best of all, Game of Thrones is finally available from Netflix and in my mailbox! Let the marathon miniseries watching begin orngbiggrin.gif (after the kids are asleep of course)
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I think that my next tri will be http://iowasbestdamtri.com/ in September... I'm not sure how I feel about having to pay for a USA Triathlon membership to participate tho.

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Wow, Dmitrizmom, you really DID get hooked! I'm so glad you loved it.


Gaye, you really pay attention! Ramadan actually moves back (the whole Islamic calendar does) about 10 days each year. So it slowly creeps across the seasons, and seems to sneak up on us every year. Funny to me that you got that feeling! orngbiggrin.gif


sparkle, thumb.gif for doing the workout in spite of how you feel about it. I hope it helps you to turn it around. I know it always does for me, in spite of the killer inertia I seem to develop.


OK. I went and tried on some Fryes at the shoe store, and of course they had too big and too little in stock. So I ordered just right online. drool.gif And dh seems to have worked out, more or less, the food stuff for me; I just need to make it happen. And I'll discuss with the farm people and finalize that this week, and look at invite proofs, and order the print run. My bluegrass picker friend might be able to come, my girlfriends have giant stashes of old linens, I think I can still get soda pop in tiny bottles, and I can order a cake when my friend gets home.


Since there is no ceremony/service, there is no program. So...guest book (saw some awesome stuff on Etsy), favors, plates/napkins/flatware...what am I missing?


RR: No running today. My calves are hard and kinda crampy, so they need a rest. Will do a little yoga yet this afternoon and try getting out early tomorrow.

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Jo ~ I love reading about your wedding plans!  Sounds like it will be an awesome party.


dimitrizmom ~ congrats on your first tri!  Sounds like there will definitely be more to come.


sparkle ~ good for you for doing something!  It's so hard to start again, I agree.


RR ~ did day 2 of Week 4 C25K this morning


NRR ~ I am woefully far behind on this thread!  DS and DD1 were both chosen for the swim conference meet team so we have one more week of practice this week and then the big conference meet all day next Saturday.  Our team won every single dual meet this season!  It's nice to be on the winning team for once (considering DS's dismal soccer team results from last year...) This summer has been nonstop with swim team, but we've all enjoyed the whole thing so much.  Even DH, who was dreading all the 4 hour meets.  Must go now and get ready for the wedding we are attending this evening.  One of my friends from the kids' school is marrying one of DH's soccer friends!

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JayGee, congrats to DS and DD1 for making the cut for the conference meet.


sparkle, I'm glad you got started with the exercise. It will get better and easier.


dimitrizmom, congrats on an awesome tri! Your student was so sweet to run the final loop with you.


jo, it sounds like you have everything in place for a lovely wedding.


tjsmama, I'm glad you survived your 3 am check in. I've been known to call students in preceptorship at crazy hours (more so the first year I supervised, because I was up night nursing already), but can't imagine going it at 3am!! Your assignments have sounded brutally hard lately- hang in there!


mommajb, big hugs. I hope you escape hormonal purgatory soon.


Shanti, I'm amazed at the changes you've made in spite of the changes and challenges in your life. You are so strong and I admire you so much!


Mel, I hope your knee is on the mend and nothing serious.


real, good luck with water heater. It seems the bad-luck dingo plumbing has come in three (me, you, tjsmama)


NRR- It's been a really long hard week. I failed one student in my clinical group, and dealt with all of the associated emails, phone calls, exit letter/meeting, etc. Wednesday evening we met the students at the college in lieu of post-conference to discuss preceptorship placements and schedules, and the meeting went loooong. Thursday was grocery shopping, a teleconference education session (done from home with kids in background...) and a "fancy tea party" with six kids that my oldest has been planning for months. The party did not live up to her dreams and she spent the last 15 minutes in her room crying while her friends played- disappointed that they didn't want to play the games that she had imagined. She recovered with a trip to the river in the late afternoon, and seems to have bounced back well. Friday was a trip to the dentist to have my cavity filled, followed by the exit interview with the student. Also a couple of visits from various people related to the plumbing leak.


We're still out one bathroom, but the fans are gone and the wood is all dried out. New flooring, vanity and repainting of the downstairs ceiling are on the agenda for this week. Hopefully it will all befinished by Wednesday, because we leave Thursday for an extended weekend to see all of my family and celebrate my grandma's 99th birthday. Also on the docket before the trip: 3 ten hour shifts clinical teaching and a job interview (to teach a continuing ed class for hospital unit clerks).


RR- Friday night I was finally going to make it to the hill climb run that my bootcamp instructor does. But it was cancelled. I did my own hill trail run, the longest since my ankle injury from the little bike crash a couple weeks ago. I feel out of shape, but managed 45 minutes without too much soreness. Also keeping my sanity in check has been almost daily swims in the river and ocean- I've been swimming 6 of the last 8 days.

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DM--the one-day membership fee is typical for most tris. I thought they all charged it for people who didn't have an annual membership like tjsmama.

JayGee--congrats to your kids!

MelW--that's a lot to fit in before next weekend. I'm always impressed at how much you're manging.

RR: 3ish around the neighborhood.

NRR: got quote from the new plumbing people. It was more expensive but didn't require holes in our ceiling (for an expanded gas line) and they can have it done by Monday. He started the work today. Among other things, he rerouted some lines to the outdoor spigot so we have a nice new one, and even better--it has a separate shut-off valve from the sprinkler system. The old one didn't, which meant that if we wanted to water our trees with a hose during the winter (on a warm day), we'd have to turn on the entire sprinkler system just to get the hose working, and then blow out all the lines at the end. This is so much easier, and it means I can do it if I need the hose at some point. He also rerouted the dryer hose to the other side of the window, and we're going to move the washer and dryer to the back wall after this is all done.
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