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Iowa- hoping things are okay...

Scowgirl- I had something similar toward the end of my pregnancy and particularly after they stripped my membranes and continued off and on. I wondered if it was increased discharge from the cervix thinning? In any case, keep us updated!
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Shinyredstar--thanks, that is encouraging that I'm not the only one! I will keep an eye out to see if it continues. In the meantime I think I'm going to take the evening primrose orally only, just in case there is a small tear in the sac. So far today there has been absolutely nothing else, so the discharge theory is sounding more likely.


tolovemercy--I hope all is going well! I know this has been a really long haul for you.


Iowa--I hope everything turned out OK.

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scowgirl - I just saw your post now about the fluid.  I wanted to let you know that my water broke as my absolute first sign of labor with my first two kids.  No contractions beforehand, no mucous plug, no bloody show.  I had my first 26 hours after my water broke and my second 11 hours after.  So...it is possible for your body to be "ready" even without those signs of labor.  That said, I hope you start labor firstbecause of being GBS+.  No need to add any extra stress!

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Nothing newsy over here.  My bleeding stopped around noon yesterday.  I went to my scheduled appointment that afternoon and while they said it can be a concern, the fact that it had stopped, baby was still moving well, HB was good, and my placenta position wasn't an issue, they weren't worried.  And I did request that they check me and she said that I was a good 3 cm and had about a centimeter of cervix left but that the baby was still pretty high (-2).  I know that a cervical exam doesn't tell you much, but I was glad I had requested it.  Still no contractions at all which I'm fine with as I'm still feeling very good and comfortable...plus we're having a Walking Tacos party at work today which I certainly don't want to miss:). 


scowgirl- Hopefully switching to the oral EPO will do the trick.  Nothing like analyzing everything when we all go to the bathroom every 45 minutes! 

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Glad you got good news, Iowa!  That's a relief.

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this waiting game sure is hard.  I still feel sick all of the time.  I throw up at least once a day.  I am having shooting pains in my vagina because she is sitting so low.  no real contractions yet.  I'm getting acupuncture to help speed things along on Monday.  I'm starting to have fears about labor.


sorry to be debbie downer!!


Good luck and good vibes to everyone out there!

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::hugs:: mama! Things will get better and just know that you CAN get through labor. It can be hard, but remember that, as someone else said on here, contractions are about 1 minute and in between them you are completely able to rest and there is no pain. You can totally get through 1 minute at a time. You are not the only one to have these fears about labor and beyond but once your little one is here you will be in love and these fears will melt away.

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I had my water break first last time (with DS), so I was convinced the wetness was that all over again - it wasn't, & I didn't have to be induced.  But, yeah, water breaking can be the first sign of labor!


I'm feeling pretty "down", too.  My due date was Tuesday.  I know it's just a guess - but I was certain this baby was coming early & feel like I've been waiting forever.  I now have a scheduled induction for next Thursday & appts next week for monitoring, ultrasound, etc.  Yuck.  I feel like a watched pot & I don't like it at all.  Some days I have lots of cramping, discharge, etc. that make me think today's the day - but it's not.  Then, other days, I have no symptoms whatsoever.  I feel guilty that I'm off work (even though I was only part-time).  I haven't been making any daily plans in case I have to cancel so DS & I have been around the house a lot - it's getting a bit boring!  Sorry to be another downer!


triple07 - I love your advice about 1 minute at a time.  I'm not too worried about labor (unless I'm induced again - not looking forward to that!), but it is definitely a great mentality to have going in!  Thank you for that.

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bluemooned - that is the opposite of me, I mademore plans once I passed my due date, every day hoping I would have to cancel.  Finally, at 41+1, I did! The plans were with people I didn't mind telling I was in labor, but probably wouldn't have otherwise.  And I rarely tell the kids ahead of time what we are doing, so they didn't know they missed out on the wading pool that day.  :)

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blumooned- I made a pedicure appointment for Thurs. the 12th.  DH ended up calling to cancel it about 5 minutes before I pushed baby out.  thumb.giforngbiggrin.gif  It's a worthwhile labor induction technique, imo, because then you still end up with a pedicure even if you don't have the baby, right?  I totally sympathize with you about those end-of-pregnancy stir-crazy days, though.   Hang in there, mama!  So close!

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not much going on today I see . . . probably because everyone but me is out having their babies!!!  BOOHOO!

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I'm still here too, just trying to get out of the house more so I stop analyzing every twinge.


We'll get there.

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I'm here! I am 41+1 today and feeling pretty defeated. This is my second child, so I erroneously believed that he would come sooner than my first. My OB doesn't seem too concerned, but wants to set up an appointment for an induction next week. Good news is I am 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced, so he said if we had to go the induction route we could rupture my bag and see if that started labor. I also get my hopes up everyday if I start feeling a little crampy, or start having contractions.


I try to get out of the house everyday, but I'm getting tired of people asking me when I am going to pop, or telling me I look like I am going to give birth any minute. I feel a little isolated. I can't really call people to just chat because they want to know when the baby is coming and the status of my cervix. I know he will make his debut soon, but I'm ready right now!!!!

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leapea, i completely understand.  I'm not quite as far long as you, so I can only imagine how frustrating it must be.  I'm not even due until saturday, but im only 5 feet tall, and i look like im about 14 months pregnant as opposed to 39 1/2 weeks.  so everywhere I go strangers call out to me telling me how huge i am, and warning me not to go into labor in front of them.  literally, this happens everywhere i go.  


and people only want to talk to me to find out if the baby is here yet, and im like, "when the baby is here, i'll call, i promise."


and i too, get excited every time i feel the tiniest pain in my pelvis or low back, which is OFTEN!  


this is my first, and ive chosen unmedicated childbrith, so add to the mix my fears and anxieties about the labor, and im just feeling frazzled.


the last 2 nights, my husband and i have just laid in bed together and cried.  the anxiety about the transition to parenthood  is just pushing both of us over the edge.  i think we'll handle it gracefully and joyfully if it would ever just HAPPEN.  but the sitting on pins and needles is hard.

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Many hugs to those of you still waiting, it gets hard!  Your babies will be here soon, even though it doesn't feel that way.  My third was my longest wait at 41+1 and for DH, that last week was the hardest and most stressful.  He was the one bugging me the most about when baby would get here!  


It is amazing how quickly these new little babies start to fit into the family.  Hadley has been here just over a week and I already don't know what it was like without her.  

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LeaPea - you sound exactly like me!  I am 41 weeks today with second baby.  I, too, thought this one would be early - so it seems like it is even later than it really is!!  I spent most of today crying b/c all my anxieties about the birth, adding a second child, being post-dates, etc. are just becoming too much.  My poor DS - he probably wants this baby to come out as much as I do, if just so his mama will go back to normal!

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Just got back from my 42 week appointment! I had a NST and baby boy looked great! I am going to be induced on Thursday (my choice), but would still prefer to go naturally into labor. I am now 5 cm dilated, so hopefully baby boy just falls out when it finally is time thumb.gif.


I got so excited last night because I started having contractions for almost two hours. I thought it was finally time. Then, it all just stopped out of nowhere. Talk about a mind f&^%!!


How is everyone else doing?

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It sounds like things are going pretty good for you Lea, besides being 2 weeks past your due date lol. Hopefully you will go into labor naturally before your induction :D Ill be sending you some "get labor started actively" vibes goodvibes.gif your way!

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Originally Posted by LeaPea View Post

Just got back from my 42 week appointment! I had a NST and baby boy looked great! I am going to be induced on Thursday (my choice), but would still prefer to go naturally into labor. I am now 5 cm dilated, so hopefully baby boy just falls out when it finally is time thumb.gif.


I got so excited last night because I started having contractions for almost two hours. I thought it was finally time. Then, it all just stopped out of nowhere. Talk about a mind f&^%!!


How is everyone else doing?

that sounds awfully annoying.  i have been having contractions regularly for 2 weeks, but nothing consistent.  I would be enraged at my body if that happened!  I'm only 4 days past my EDD, and im going crazy.  I can't imagine how you must feel.  good luck to you!!!


i had acupuncture yesterday, im taking every herb in the book, and im having sex as much as possible.  nothing. no dilation, no sign at all that she is coming.  I'm just generally moody about the whole thing.  

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@octomolars, try not to stress. With my daughter, I had no signs of labor. No contractions, dilation, engagement, etc. I was sitting on my couch four days overdue when my water broke. I had my daughter eight hours later. I try to remind myself of this everyday. Some women have days/weeks of prodromal labor and some have absolutely nothing.

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