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Count me in the "nothing" camp. I can count on one hand the number of pangs I've felt where I actually said to myself, "Okay, I think that was actually a contraction." I'm not in any rush, though. I'm doing things like sitting on my yoga ball, walking a lot, doing kegels, having sex, side-lying to bring my ankle swelling down, that kind of stuff, but I'm not doing it with the mindset of starting labor, but instead just to hopefully make it all easier once it actually starts. In the meantime, my partner and I are trying to enjoy the last of the "just us" time that we have left.

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For instance, here's me on a yoga ball at work! :D

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I can't wait to hear baby news from you!  And with Jack I never had one braxton hick or anything until I was in full labor and with Harper I did have random braxton hicks the last trimester (more common with 2nd babies) but no other signs of labor it all started.  So I guess what I'm saying is make sure your bags are packed because you just don't know when your little baby wants their birthday to be! 

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I know you're right! We finally got the baby bag packed last night, and we're planning on packing our L&D and hospital bags tonight! For some reason, I've got a funny feeling that tomorrow night might be it, since I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow over lunch (the friend I'm getting one with insists there are accupressure spots on the feet that can stimulate the uterus), and then we've got a cold front moving into the area overnight, and I think the barometric pressure change might work some magic, so we'll see!


I had a midwife appointment today over lunch, and even though they don't like doing them, she still consented to doing a cervical check on me because I was so curious. She said I'm dilated to 1cm, not fully effaced, still posterior, and that she wasn't able to get her finger inside my cervical os, so I don't think I've lost much of or any of my mucus plug. Obviously, that stuff doesn't have any clinical significance, and I could still go into labor today, but I loved getting the input!

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We had ours packed early only because of the scare at 36 weeks.


Sending labor vibes goodvibes.gif your way!

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My baby girl arrived on august first!!! I hope everyone is doing well!
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Hello everyone! I'm finally checking in again. Risa and I were having some major breastfeeding issues (sounds like a few others were in our same boat), so I took time away from the computer to try to bond and work on those. Things are finally getting much better, thankfully. I can't wait to catch up and see how everyone is doing!
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Hi GoofyInOK! I have been wondering how you and Risa were doing, and so glad to hear things are improving on the breastfeeding front. I had heard breastfeeding was often very difficult, but I don't think anything could have prepared me for how viscerally stressful it would be to feel like I couldn't feed my child, at a time when hormones and sleep deprivation and just everything changing were also wreaking havoc on my brain. Can you share some of what you did to try and improve bonding with your baby, other than (I assume) just spending a lot of time holding her and doing skin to skin?


Again, great to hear from you!

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Hey there scowgirl!  :)  I know what you mean about how stressful it felt to feel like you couldn't feed your child...  I was there myself, and it was SO heartbreaking hearing her cry, I just almost lost it a few times.  :(  Ugh.  I hope we never go through that again.  It was so, so terrible.


Anyway, about the bonding, more than anything I have just tried to be really present with her when breastfeeding and at every other time we're together...  At first I noticed that it was so painful, I just kind of wanted to escape it, so I was watching tv, reading, etc while nursing, just trying to take my mind off the pain...  But then I realized that I was also not helping matters, because we weren't bonding like I had wanted, and I felt like we were both so frustrated with the whole thing because we weren't reading each other well.  So now I pay total attention to her, learning her cues.  It really helps.  Sometimes I sing to her, sometimes I stoke her hair...  A lot of the time (before she falls asleep) she looks up at me, and instead of the early looks of frustration, she looks at me now like, "I love you, Mommy," and that just melts my heart.  It has been a rough road but I am SO glad we are here!  To anyone who is struggling, it can get better with time...  Not that it will be easy or that everyone's experience is the same, but it is just cruel to me that it is so hard in the beginning with everything else we have to recover from postpartum.  So I hope this helps someone!

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Aww! That is so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing.

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