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Benji has been doing this thing with his feet. He just pushes really hard with his foot just below my ribs and you can really feel the shape of his little foot! He's a strong little dude!

Oh! And my son does this too!!! It is SO cute, is it not? Sometimes if I tap his footprint, he stomps back. Adorable. 

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I can't figure out which way little missy is laying. I have no idea. I haven't felt any cervix or bladder kicks in two days or so, so I guess she has moved and earlier today I felt hiccups down low (like pelvis low) so I guess she was head down but next thing you know I feel a lot of jerky, rolling movements and I have a head back up by my ribs.

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I'm baaaaack! Ok, I was never really completely gone, but around less in June than I thought I'd be. Ive given up on catchingnup with whati missed here while was gone...i tried all last week and never got to post because i wouldnt make ittonthe end of the thread.

Our trip to CA turned out to be more eventful than we planned. We ended up staying a few days longer than originally planned, then on our way home, the engine in the new (used) car we bought while on 'vacation' went out, so our car is currently in Oregon being repaired. Luckily it was still under the 3 month/3,000 mile warranty that they gave us, so the repairs should be taken care of. But we did have to rent a car to get home. The vacation was not as relaxing as I'd hoped. DD was very scared of my I laws dog (with good reason, he is very nasty) and transferred the fear to her grandpa as well. There were a lot of tears and clinginess and this mama didn't get to relax much, It was night and day how much happier she was once we got home.

I've been in full-on nesting mode since we got home, though. We are getting ready for a big cross-country move at the end of the year, and need to get everything that we are not taking with us cleaned out by the end of August, when we go to Seattle to wait for baby to arrive. My garage sale pile is growing bigger every day!

Pregnancy-wide, I am feeling tired and achy. My stomach muscles are starting to separate...I can feel it most on days that DD wants to be picked up a lot, or when I've bent over repeatedly...like when I'm sorting through garage sale stuff. And my hips get sore if I sit/lay in the wrong position for too long, especially at night. But other than that, all is well. Kameron is growing right on schedule and I passed my GBS test just fine.
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102* here again today.  I'm seriously just melting.  I can't accomplish anything and I feel like I keep getting farther and farther behind on *everything*... ugh... and it's just not cooling down much at night so it's hot in the house.  It was 86* in here last I looked and I refuse to look any more.  The basement is cooler, but even starts feeling warm after a while.  The only thing to do is sit in front of the fan (which I have turned on right beside me as I type on here).  Heat + stress-induced-by-money-woes + pregnancy = meltdowns galore.  Gosh... it's like I can't even hardly talk without wanting to bawl.  And then, of course, today I was finishing up a top for dd3 for tomorrow and my last serger needle broke.  I cried.  Nearest place that sells them (that I know of) is three hours away... not really feasible since gas costs too much.  I'm not really thinking about it because it will make me cry more.


Gah.  Talk about a ray of sunshine over here.  I need to just get it together and move forward (what else can I do, really!?), but.. for a moment, I'll wallow in my tears and sweat... *then* I'll pull myeslf together and get stuff done ;)

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Aw, Judy, that sucks. hug2.gif Is there a pool or something near you where you can go to cool of and relax for a couple hours? I can't even imagine dealing with that kind of heat day after day. I'm embarassed to say that I've really been feeling the heat, and I don't think it's even gotten up to 85 yet this summer. We probably have some warmer weather coming up, but nothing like you've had.


Ilovejeff, sorry your vacation wasn't so relaxing and that you're having car troubles. We've mostly decided to stick close to home this summer, and while I was disappointed at the time that we weren't really going to have a summer vacation, I'm really glad now. It's just easier to be at home.


MissE, I'm pretty sure this baby is still flipping positions too. Baby was head down for quite awhile, but last week some time I'm pretty sure s/he flipped to a breach or transverse position. Instead of feeling tickles and pokes down low and kicks up high, I've been feeling most movement fairly low and on both my sides, sort of right above my hips. Today, I'm feeling kicks around my belly button in the front again, so maybe baby has shifted again, but I really can't visualize what position s/he is in. I know it's way too early to worry about position yet, but I'd still be a lot happier if baby would just go back to head down and stay there.


DH is out of town this week, and I was really hoping to get some stuff down around the house, but I've accomplished essentially nothing over the last 2 days. Yesterday DD was in a total mood, and I was exhausted from not sleeping well. Today I went to my mom and tots work out this morning and over did either the running or the lunges. Now I'm hobbling around because my pelvis and pubic bone are sore, which is not something that's been a problem before. I guess this is my welcome to the 3rd trimester!

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beans, oh, ouch. :\ I had a day a couple weeks back with a lot of ribcage pain and I am really hoping to avoid a repeat.. it was awful. Mine was especially bad when I sat down- can you get relief in any position?


Worldshakerz, that sounds adorable! Yesterday I was driving back from the store and got a foot right up the center of my ribcage. Couldn't see it, but you're right, there's definitely more strength there in the pushes. And it's weird- I know the baby isn't significantly longer than she was 2-3 weeks ago, but along with the increased strength her range of movement really seems to be expanding somehow.


Evi, suddenly mine seems to be all over the place. Or rather, I think she has been staying head-down, but she must be rotating because sometimes I'll get kicks way off to the side, and sometimes more toward the center of my body. In the last week it's been really evident that there are little hands (not the whole arms) moving around near my cervix- must be up by her face? Still haven't felt hiccups. That must be cute. :)


AFM, went to the chiro today and things are looking good. I'm so glad I'm able to go. And today I should have officially met my deductible with the insurance company, so the massage I have booked with their therapist after next week's adjustment should be super cheap. Friday's midwife appointment got rescheduled for tomorrow. It'll be nice to check in. In the last week or so I feel like my nesting urges have really calmed down. Maybe because prior to that I was really feeling it and went on a little binge. Got diapers and clothes (including nursing tanks for me, three cheers for eBay!) together, so there's not really much more we need to feel equipped, and no nursery means nothing to do there. There are some things I'll still probably pick up over the next few weeks, but for now I'm not feeling urgency.


It seems ridiculous at 29 weeks pregnant, but the other night on one of my middle-of-the-night, half asleep trips to the bathroom, I had a kind of realization.. was thinking about how just basic stuff can be kind of a pain with this swollen belly/uterus, and kind of comforted myself by thinking but hey, you know, soon enough things will be more or less back to normal.. and then (again, half asleep, go easy on me) had this light bulb go off: wait, my body will be more or less like it was before December, but.. things are never going to be like they were before December. The kid comes out, and sticks around. Ohhh.


FTMs, have you had a moment like that yet? Experienced mamas, do you remember this epiphany? I'm guessing it's going to be a big theme over the next two and a half months- things have become progressively more 'real' over the course of the pregnancy, but somehow it seems like I'm at a point now where I'll really and truly need to (try to!) mentally process the massive changes that are coming.

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@Hyde: When I was pregnant with DS (my first) DH kept asking me if I wasn't scared of the responsibility and everything else that was coming up. I was so confident I had it all and could do it all. I wasn't nervous at all BUT then I was at the hospital, felt the urge to push and the OB said "Ok, give me a push" and I looked at DH and told him, "I can't do this, can I just have another week or so" LOL. All this time you're getting prepared and hyped up for this birthday and then it was there and the moment was there and I was just surprised that it seemed so very soon.


@Judy: Oh my, where do you live? It's been hot here in TX but we have AC, it's expensive (like 215 dollars for June) but it keeps me sane. I could not imagine doing it without any kind of cooling system.

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Hyde, I didn't have that epiphany until after DS was here. It was a day or two in, and I was like 'seriously, what did we do???'

Judy, I feel your pain. Literally. I am lucky we have window units in the BRs at least. We have one in the basement that is surprisingly energy efficient, but I don't want to stay down there all day.

To the pp with the rib pain, ahhh, that was me for 2 weeks. Terrible! It was awful the days i was working at my desk. Same thing last PG as well. And then I got relief when my belly seemed to adjust and pop out from under there. So sorry.

The neighborhood pool is my savior. It is ridiculously crowded, but I just go with DS floats around in his life jacket and I enjoy the buoyancy and cool. It gets me through the afternoon.

I can't tell how this baby is positioned. I feel movement and I guess that is what matters.
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Evi -- I live in north-central Wyoming. Last summer was wonderfully mild with no temps over 100* and this year, it's a rarity to get *under* 100* it seems :/ It's so dry (I don't remember the last time it rained.... it's been weeks and weeks.) and there have been fires all around so there are burn bans throughout the state. It's a million degrees in the house right now but at 83* outside, that temp is cooler than inside, so we have windows open and box fans in the windiws pulling in the outside air.

Carlin -- we don't have a whole lot here in town (I live in a five-stoplight town of 5200 or so). Going to the grocery store is exciting because it has A/C wink1.gif Looks like I need to make friends with people who have A/C wink1.gif

I've been drinking my pregnancy tea (RRL, nettles, dandelion root) iced with some raw honey and it does help keep me hydrated (I feel like I'm sweating buckets) and tastes good. And then doing a lot of sewing in the basement. This is why the rest of the house is falling apart (ugh... messy!)... I can't bring myself to do much of anything on the main level because I sweat just while sitting down :/

Hyde -- I still get that way with babies -- and I'm on baby #5!! I think it's all surreal... and really, nobody is ever *fully* prepared because you can't be! Just as you can't know exactly when you'll go into labor (and that's just one day!), you can't ever fully comprehend the impact this will make on your life because only your child will tell/show you in time. That said, it will hit you hard at some point and there will probably be some freaking out.... and then, as you're cuddling your baby at just minutes or hours old, you'll have to work really hard to even remember what life was like beforehand!
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Hyde, for some reason it all becomes more real to me when I'm taking our dog for one of her 3-4 daily potty walks.  Bending down to pick up dog poo in a plastic bag makes me think 'there's another source of poo about to arrive - what have I gotten myself into???'.  That's really the only time I feel slightly negative about the impending baby.  I get the same feeling but in the positive 'I can't wait' way when I go into his nursery/playroom and see his books lined up on the shelf.  I can't wait to read to him.  Actually I was reading a few books to my friend's kids the other day and it was nice because he was also there to hear the story.  Also, yay ebay purchases!  What kind of nursing tanks did you get?  I'm in the market for some :)


Judybean, hang in there.  I feel for you, that sweaty while just sitting feeling is awful, especially if there's no escape from it! hug2.gifDo they sell the needle you need on amazon or fabric.com or joann's fabric online? 


Ascher, I've been meaning to comment for days but always get pulled away and  leave my post unsubmitted, your ultrasound picture slays me.  That smile just looks so little boyish and real - ykwim? you must be going crazy with glee over that boy, especially since his smile looks like his dad's.  I even showed DH who agreed that it was impossibly cute. 


Loving seeing the belly pics and ultrasound pics.  I am so looking forward to seeing newborn pictures as our babies arrive!


AFM, I have to say, please take special care of yourselves in these last few weeks! I keep making small and pretty stupid slip-ups that could easily be more serious . . . stumbling on the steps, putting car in fwd instead of reverse etc.  Well yesterday I was making a pot roast and the weight of the roast splashed a big glog of burning hot oil onto my hand and I ended up having to have DH come home from work and take me to urgent care (we share a car and I felt like riding my bike there in that much pain was a bad idea).  I've got 2nd degree burns covering my whole thumb down to the joint near the wrist and a big bandage/soft cast over my left (dominant!) hand now.  It was excruciating and as we all know pain meds are quite limited during pregnancy, the doctor offered me anti-inflammatories and said that they are 'pretty safe' to take now because I'm this far along in the pregnancy.  No thanks! So of course it's tough to cook, clean up, take a bath, brush or pull back my hair etc with a huge non-waterproof bandage on my dominant hand. Then just to make things impossible and almost funny, since I'm already having to lie on my left side for optimal fetal positioning, with all of the pillows arranged just-so for normal discomforts like big belly and tender pubic bone, now the doctor said that I needed to lie with my left hand elevated on a pile of pillows 'like a princess'.  I must have six pillows in the bed now.  It's a joke, and it's sweltering !!! I must have tossed and turned because DH kept asking me if I was alright during the night.  Moral of the story, keep sharp ladies!

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To everyone living in an oven atm, I'm SO sorry.  one of the reasons we moved back here from So Cal was the heat.  When it was to hot to sleep ... well, I'd rather it be a smidge cold then hot.  One day at a time I suppose.  I'd probably be spending time at the mall or the library, usually AC'd around here.


Us?  yeah, i'm hoping we get a few weeks of heat so my Dad can get his hay in sometime before the end of August.


Epiphany's: Yes, I get them every once in a while.  1. next time I'll have a baby in a carrier when we're doing this 2. omg how am I going to be able to care for a nursling, a child, AND wash dishes and make dinner all at the same time? 

I've figured it's going to be a shock.  A welcome one, but one none the less.


Baby Position: I wish I felt something so clear as a foot.  That would be cool.  I still feel lots of movement really low, yesterday movement was straight down.  Things down there aren't meant to jiggle like that baby!  Haven't felt anything in my ribs, thank goodness.  I think the baby stays head down and rotates from side to side sometimes, but not a lot of radical movements.  you know?


AFM: Our place is in COMPLETE disarray.  My DH's cousin (we like him) is coming to stay for a few weeks.  Umm.. yeah, so major cleaning and purging this last week.  He'll be here in one week and the living room looks like a tornado hit it.  DH is doing the bulk of this project.  Next is the kitchen and then bathroom.  We need it to be guest ready, and we don't live that way.  I am NOT a good housekeeper.  I admit it.  I'm happy if the floor is swept/vacuumed, dishes washed, and laundry done (folded and put away).  BUT, things are getting done that I've wanted done for a long time.  Stuff of DH's is getting OUT OF THE HOUSE!  His old punching bag, boxes of cords that I don't know what they go to etc... I don't feel right getting rid of things like that when they are not mine and DH is, well, we both are, procrastinators and something of slight hoarding/'just in case' tendencies. I think we have too much stuff, but then 1/2 of it's mine so I should practice what I want to preach, you know?  oh well.

At least the place will be ready for baby.  :)

I need to get a birth pool and the birth kit in the next month or so.

That's about it I think.  

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Happy Fourth of July. Any plans today? We gonna be heading you to my MIL,  I made potato salad and a trifle (classic huh?). The kids are excited about 'firework day'.


On a different note: How can a four year old hog an entire queen size bed? DD was laying in our bed spread eagle while the weight of my belly almost pulled me out of bed, since I was laying on the edge :). It's about time we put the crib up so I can put my belly on the crib mattress.


Hope everyone has a great day.

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Originally Posted by hyde View Post


It seems ridiculous at 29 weeks pregnant, but the other night on one of my middle-of-the-night, half asleep trips to the bathroom, I had a kind of realization.. was thinking about how just basic stuff can be kind of a pain with this swollen belly/uterus, and kind of comforted myself by thinking but hey, you know, soon enough things will be more or less back to normal.. and then (again, half asleep, go easy on me) had this light bulb go off: wait, my body will be more or less like it was before December, but.. things are never going to be like they were before December. The kid comes out, and sticks around. Ohhh.


FTMs, have you had a moment like that yet? Experienced mamas, do you remember this epiphany? I'm guessing it's going to be a big theme over the next two and a half months- things have become progressively more 'real' over the course of the pregnancy, but somehow it seems like I'm at a point now where I'll really and truly need to (try to!) mentally process the massive changes that are coming.


I had a moment last night when i was all achy and not able to sleep and slightly hungry and just feeling like my insides were stretching in every possible direction and I had a "I want a way out" moment in my sleepiness. Like my body just wanted to not be wearing this baby for a second. I've been doing this for 7 months now and I just wanted a second where how I felt could stop for a moment. I've had tons of moments where I realize that things will not be the same anymore, and that's fine with me. I'm excited about that, as crazy tiring and hard as it will be at first. I'm excited to have my body back, too, more in just the sense of not having to scrutinize everything I do because it effects someone other than myself. Of course, with breastfeeding, I still will, I guess, but not in such an intense way as now. I'll be able to touch my toes again, and work ab muscles, and eat a deli sandwich. boy do I miss deli sandwiches...

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Spent the day outside... I can't imagine not having A/C right now. Keep hydrated!!! 


Other notes... I think I experienced a little contraction (brax style) this afternoon. I'm only 28 weeks- isn't that a bit early? Could it have been something else?

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MirandaM: Thank you, that's so sweet! He took some awesome pictures. I'm in love with the fact that he already has a smirk. ;)

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Today ONLY got up to 94*!!  You don't even know how happy that makes me!!  ;)


Went to a wonderfully fun parade in a small town of just 300 people that always has a huge parade (so many people show up!  It totally at least triples in size!)....


Here are my girls in outfits I made (from tank tops to skirts to tutus!  And matching headbands!)



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Judy...adorable. i will post a pic of us as soon as i can get to a computer.

Anya: nope..not too early at all. I have them all the time, especially when my bladder is full. Mine actually started around 14 weeks or so and are getting more and more uncomfortable.
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so cute, Judybean!


Ugh...I had two s'mores...I was a little nauseous after. :( Hope everyone had a great 4th!

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judy - SO CUTE! I wish I could sew. That's amazing!


Everyone suffering in the heat - I am so sorry, too! In Fargo it was 95 and I couldn't imagine not living with AC. Where I live it usually hovers around 85 and that is HOT to me. I feel for you who have to endure 100+. Yikes!


So happy it's July already! I'm sitting here, on my holiday, up way too early watching guys clean my couches. 7:30 am is way too early for all this noise. My kids are sleeping through it though. 


We just got back from our trip to Fargo to purchase our nursery furniture yesterday. DH set it all up the moment we got back. It looks so... ready now! Although I stood in his room and looked around and my first thought was... I am never going to sleep again.


I am IN LOVE with water/swimming. The moment my belly hits the water, the pubic pain disappears while I'm in there. Our hotel had a great pool and we set up a 4.5'x15' here at home that does the job. I could just float in that thing forever.


When I go back to work next week, I will only have 20 more business days left until maternity leave. It's going to be the longest 4 weeks of my life!

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Wow, last night I had a dream that I was having signs of preterm labor and had to go in an ambulance. At the ER an ultrasound showed I was having triplets!!! LOL. It was a very vivid dream and I was totally flipping out looking at the ultrasound pictures which clearly showed three babies. I woke up and was like "Whoa" LOL. 


Anya: I have been having Braxton Hicks for a quite a while now too, at least since 20 weeks. No worries, your body is getting prepared for the upcoming birth. If you find them happening too often drink some water and lay down a while and they should settle down. 


Our 4th of July was very laid back. We just did some small fire works outside our apartment. The kids are really driving me crazy today for some reason, I am definitely in a crabby sensitive mood. I need to get them outside but i think i just heard thunder :(. Maybe I can take them to the play place not far from here, where they can jump and slide on the big inflatables. 

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