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Let's talk about it - JULY!

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Can you believe it's July already?  

Many of us have hit the 2nd trimester and the rest are not far behind. How are you all feeling? 

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Feeling pretty great!  Dreams are still really crazy but the exhaustion and morning sickness have let up for the most part.  I'm into my 13th week now and honestly without many symptoms reminding me every single minute that I'm pregnant I have a hard time feeling like it's real.  I'm sure all that will change as soon as I have a real belly and start feeling the little guppy in there...  

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I'm 11 weeks today and the nausea and fatigue are still constant all day long.  The fatigue is the toughest right now as I have two children that I am having trouble keeping up with!  I'm having a bit of trouble doing up certain pairs of pants and it is getting a little hard to hide my growing belly at work.  I have two more weeks left before going on vacation so am hoping I can hide a bit longer and tell my colleagues when I return from vacation.  I'll be in my 15th week by then and will feel much more comfortable sharing my news! 

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I'm full into the sweet spot of the second trimester love.gif with movement, a cute (not awe inspiring) belly, and not so large that I feel like a loping cow. My hips pop and ache and I could do without vericose veins thanks very much, but I cannot complain. I'll be thirty-seven in a couple weeks and have been pregnant three times in the last three years (neveryoumind seven times total) so I think I'm doing ok. orngtongue.gif My workouts are kicking my butt, however I mean it to be so. I intend on coming out of this pregnancy in better shape than when we conceived.  

I am still undecided on finding out baby's sex. Some days it's a yes and some a no. My US is on the 30th so there are a few weeks yet. It's a matter of my SO not wanting to know, not caring either way about his/her sex, loving the idea of aggravating my family with suspense 2whistle.gif versus the fact that I cannot stand to wait. 

To those of you still nursing - how's it going? My babe just turned one partytime.gif and almost never nurses during the day. It seems like he's on it nearly constantly for hours at night. Nursing has turned irritating with the nipple sensitivity and toddler shenanigans. Why do they pinch?? I so look forward to that cuddly sweetness of a nursing newborn.    


How is life treating you, itsajenism?

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Things are going great here!  We still haven't told many people yet, just my mother, father, sister....and my tenant.  I'm really want to cherish every day of this pregnancy as it might be my last (I'm 38 and DH said no more than two).  We heard the heartbeat last Friday - boy - isn't that amazing?  We won't be finding out the sex until the birthday....one of the best parts of holding off on finding out is to see how it KILLS everyone else not to know!

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It's been a rough week around here. The icky nausea has returned, but I'm mostly blaming it on stress. I just found out my cousin who was due four weeks after me miscarried over the weekend. She's my best friend and we were so thrilled to be pregnant together this time. My brother and (almost) sister in law are in Colorado Springs and just lost their house to the fires. The pictures were so heartbreaking. Nothing survived. Nothing.

Before we head out to Maine on vacation tomorrow afternoon, I have a detailed ultrasound, to make sure everything is ok after my high fevers at the start of this pregnancy.

Stress much? Me? Never!
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PatchChild, that is SO much to deal with, my heart breaks for your friend and your brother greensad.gif

We decided to wait until we maybe know the gender (if little baby cooperates!) to tell our families, so still a few weeks. Though it was fun to torture everyone by not knowing the first time...we're going to have an ultrasound at about 16-17 weeks, and we both do want to know this time so we'll make the announcement somehow after that.

I'm in week 13, last of the first trimester, and I'm feeling "normal" for the most part. More lazy, but no nausea, no crazy mood swings...crazy carb cravings but nothing I can't take care of wink1.gif. Clara is still nursing at 16 months, but it's getting more aggravating and more painful as time goes on. I want to redirect her and distract her, but it rarely works. Her grabbing the other boob while latched on drives me completely nuts!
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 Her grabbing the other boob while latched on drives me completely nuts!


Dude.  This is also a major problem in my life!  I successfully nursed through another pregnancy and went on to tandem nurse, and never thought I'd struggle doing it again.  But this time my baby is a more difficult nurser and my nipples are soooo sensitive.  I definitely want to push through this phase, but I just had to vent that out a little bit.  How are you coping?  

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I'm in my 13th week of pregnancy as well.  Still throwing up a few times a day, wish that would stop, but not as tired as I was.  I'm also nursing my almost 15 month old, who likes to preform acrobatics while nursing.  Luckily I'm not nearly as sore as I was just a few weeks ago.

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PatchChild - so very sorry about your brothers house, I live about 45 minutes from Colorado Springs and my midwife almost lost her house. So many people lost so much its just horrible what they are going to have to go through. At least he got out though, a few people didn't make it out :-(. I am also sorry about your cousin, that must be so hard. Hopefully everyone heals fast and life gets better for you all.

I am starting to really want to find out if its a boy or girl. I want to shop for a few things we need and it would be nice to know, but we still won't find out. We don't do ultrasounds so there is no way to know. I want to get some cute cloth diapers (or the fabric to sew them) and also some baby legs. I have a few pairs of baby legs from my son, but if its a girl I will want some cute girly ones, and if its a boy I will need a few more pairs of boy ones. I guess I will just have to wait until the birth and order them after that. Same with the diapers, I will just buy a few to get by then order them after the birth.

My mom has me really irritated right now, she is throwing me a baby shower and I just don't feel like I want one, need one or should have one. She got mad when I was pregnant with DS because I would not let her invite anyone without my ok on it. Well she felt cheated by that so she is inviting the people she wanted last time this time. She hates her sister (we have an ok relationship) and she's inviting her, she hates her mother, my grandma (I don't hate her but I also don't like her) and she's also inviting her and really that just sounds like a not so fun time. She is also inviting my in laws, and I love them but they are so different from her and she always seems to need to compete with them and it makes me so uncomfortable when everyone is together. Holidays really suck for me because everyone comes to my house. I don't know what to do. I am making husband go with me though so that I can run and hide if I need to, and its not until late October from what she said but I'm already freaking out about the whole thing. Sorry for the rant! I just don't know who else will understand.

I don't think I could hide my belly to save my life right now, its pretty big already (I did have a nice layer of fat to start with) I am enjoying it though, but when all this is over I am determined to get in shape and get back to a reasonable size as quick as I can. I am planning on reading the book mummy tummy, my midwife said the "hernia" I had fixed that came right back was not a hernia in the first place and that book could have saved me from having said false hernia fixed... Or well not fixed. So I plan to read that book and follow what it says and hopefully it will help.

(Sorry for any typos I'm on my phone and its fighting with me)
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13wks and a few days here-feeling better overall, though I get tired pretty easily. I'm feeling some flutters-which is great...and my fundal height is a bit higher than my dates, but I figure it's because this is our 6th.

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Coconutbroccoli, i'm mostly coping by limiting nursing a little bit when I can. DD nurses about 45 minutes or so on waking, and then she wants to nurse again as soon as a couple of hours later! After a huge breakfast usually! So I redirect her a couple of times and that will help do an hour or so. She still nurses between 5-8 times per day though. Left boob is extra sore, so I do offer the right one more often. And I block the non-nursing boob with my arm like a football to keep her from playing with my nipple!
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Pogo, UGH with the baby showers! Seriously, they can be such a disaster! They are only okay when the person throwing the shower makes it about YOU (the pregnant one, amiright??) and not about them getting to throw a shower. I had a huge falling out with MIL over baby shower sh*t with DD, because her friends that were mainly throwing it dissed my mom in jr. High mean girl fashion....NOT OKAY for a pregnant girl who loves her mom. Still don't feel as close to MIL as I did pre-baby, it's sad. Because of the shower thing among other issues that came up with the baby.

That's another reason we're not telling family until later, no time to plan a cross country baby shower!! Plus literally the only big thing we even need is a car seat, unless people wanted to donate to paying for our home birth smile.gif. Knowing my family the majority of both sides will absolutely not support that idea!
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I was still nursing at the beginning of this pregnancy, but haven't in the past 3 weeks. DS2 is 2.5 years and was only nursing for nap and bedtime and it got to a point where he wasn't even nursing for milk anymore but just comfort nursing. Honestly, I could not handle the comfort nursing anymore so I weaned him. He has only asked a few times since. I really didn't want to wean him at all but it was frustrating for both of us so I feel like it was the best thing to do.


I made it all the way to 13 weeks without throwing up, only to end up throwing up last night. Now I've been working all day to squash the nausea. Ugh. I'm so pissed that I made it so far only to end up getting sick. Hopefully it was just a one time deal. I really don't want to end up feeling this way for half the pregnancy like I did with my other two. 


Other than that, I'm just kind of coasting along and waiting somewhat impatiently to start feeling better. 


Oh! I did just find out that my little sister is pregnant (after 9 months of trying)! She's about 8 weeks behind me. joy.gif

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Slightly better news all around. My cousin is doing better after the miscarriage. They are already talking about when they can try again and are pretty positive and upbeat. My brother and fiancé got to go see the land after the fire. Even though nothing at all was spared, they at least got some closure and are making plans to go forward.

I'm enjoying a lovely vacation week with family and suddenly, I can't zip any of my pants. They fit when I packed them! Thank goodness I tossed in a belly band on a whim or I would be spending the week completely indecent. It's so fun to see the belly growing.

I've never done the nursing and pregnant thing but ouch! I still remember when my son was into the acrobatics while nursing, that was the end of things for us. I can't imagine that on top of the sensitivity of being pregnant.

* Sometimes I love autocorrect. I just misspelled pregnant and it corrected to elegant.
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I am feeling sick and exhausted all day long. My sickness tends to peak right around the hour long commute home from work during rush hour. Nothing like trying to hide the fact that I am thisclose to puking on the commuter next to me on the train! greensad.gif Anything in my mouth makes me gag; a toothbrush, gum, my tongue, etc. And my boys find it absolutely hilarious when I gag, the stand outside the door giggling!


I am big, I am down to only a handful of outfits that fit. I think I'll pull out the maternity clothes this weekend. I haven't told my colleagues yet (just my reporting manager), but I notice they are looking more at my belly then my face when they talk to me. I'll probably have to say something soon.


I was nursing DS2 up until last week. I didn't want to full-out wean, but I just couldn't handle nursing him anymore. Like many pp's, it was super painful, and nursing off one boob and playing with the other drove me absolutely insane! I just began distracting him when he asked, and he took it all in stride! He hasn't asked to nurse in 6 days now, and I haven't offered. I didn't think it would have gone this smoothly. I was more looking to cut back our sessions, but looks like he we are done completely. I am sad and relieved at the same time. 

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I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow, and am definitely still tired and nauseous. I have to travel for work somewhat frequently, and it's amazing how traveling and giving presentations quash my nausea! I guess a little adrenaline does the trick. I'm hoping that by the time I get to week 13 or 14 I'll be feeling more energetic and eating more normally (i.e., more veggies, fewer carbs). Not really showing yet, and I'm itching to tell more people ... but trying to hold off until our 12-week ultrasound confirms everything's still all good. I'm having lots of dreams about providing inadequate care to other people's children ... clearly feeling a little anxious about being a new mom. 

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Feeling pretty groovy or *elegant*  here at 10 weeks. Morning sickness is winding down (I'm always done be 12 wks! ) and I'm having  more energy days. 


Homeschooling 5 kiddos has me sacked come night time, not to mention keeping up the housework (what housework?!) Thank God my honey is a cook and LOOOOOVES to make food for me yummy.gif  and the kiddos of course so at least I don't have to worry about making dinner! thumb.gif


My baby boy is now a whopping 20 months and wants to continue nursing still. He only nurses to go to sleep so it's not too bad although uncomfortable. I just try and knit or read to keep my mind off the grating, pinching, pulling, biting, raspberries, and then grinning-at-me-when-I-flinch.......irked.gif 

No really I love this time when I've got lots of EXTRA MOMMY HORMONEEEES going on and no tiny baby yet.

So I just pour it on my kiddos, especially my toddler and watch him swim joy.gif

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Originally Posted by Pogo0685 View Post

My mom has me really irritated right now, she is throwing me a baby shower and I just don't feel like I want one, need one or should have one. She got mad when I was pregnant with DS because I would not let her invite anyone without my ok on it.



I would just play hookey!  If you don't want this shower, let her invite whomever she wants then....oops. Something came up! winky.gif

Like any mom-to-be needs extra stress.


I just got through THE WEEKEND FROM HELL with my inlaws. Staying all together at the beach house....They don't know I'm preggo yet, (Thank God or I might be in the same boat as you!) they  all have very different opinions of 'big families'. It was rough.  Enough said.

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I don't feel I can play hookey, although my DH said the same thing! She has got my best friend in on it (best friend is going to be the "Host" and my mom is just paying for everything) I will at least know the guest list, and who will actually be there to mentally prepare. But I cant leave my friend like that. I also figure I can hopefully get some cloth diapers as gifts because then I don't have to buy them, and that's almost all I really need.


I would LOVE a big family! I only have one brother and I always wanted more siblings. I don't think my husband would like a big family, but having 4 or 5 kids I think would be awesome!

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