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We haven't told family yet, but my younger brother and his wife are expecting #3, and she's due January 4th! Two days before me! It will be fun to tell them, since we're literally at the exact same place in our pregnancies smile.gif. She's had 2 c-sections, so I don't know what she's planning to do, but I'll be 100% supportive and happy for them no matter what! Our daughters birthdays are March 4th and March 5th (one year apart) so it will be fun to have close birthdays again too smile.gif.
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Clarasmama - that is so cool! I think it would be so cool to have a friend or family member pregnant with me!
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Hey, Ladies. I'm new here. I'm 15 weeks today- Yay! I'm excited to be moving right along. My husband deployed close to three months ago, and we found out a week after he left that I'm pregnant! Crazy times. My daughter is 2.5 and will be three in October. She is still nursing, although it's down to nap and bedtime now, and I feel the end coming soon. Thankfully, my nipple sensitivity is not extreme, but I know there's no milk left, so it's just for comfort. I just in the past week have moved her out of the family bed into her own twin bed and also nightweaned her. I wish nightweaning were the end of night waking, but we're getting there. She now goes back to sleep in just thirty seconds after I lay her back down on her bed. I'm super excited about the progress. I knew we couldn't have more than one in the bed, so I thought now's a good time for it when I'm not huge yet!


We're having a homebirth, and I just had my first prenatal with my midwife a week ago. This will be our first homebirth, and I'm so excited that I loved my midwife. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find one that I liked. With my first, we had a regular OB in a hospital, and I managed to have a natural birth, but I hated stressing the whole time that they wouldn't let me do what I wanted. 


So, I hope that I can "get to know" some of you lovely ladies. I can't deny that there's a lot of loneliness around my house! 


Anyone have any words of wisdom about dealing with a toddler while pregnant? I'm doing everything by myself, and I feel like such a failure at times! My child has never eaten so many carbs (at least they're not processed carbs?), watched so much TV, and spent so little time getting out! I hope I'm not ruining her forever!

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Welcome Tbutton! I have a 3 1/2 year old and am also at 15 weeks, I know how you feel about the carbs, and TV. My husband works a lot, and I am lucky that my job lets me stay home with kiddo 3 days a week and the other 2 days he gets to go to work with me. While I work in my office, he has run of the house and watches TV all day, he brings his toys out of his room and plays with them in front of the TV and while I hate it I feel right now this is the best I can do. Before I was pregnant I made all his food and most of it was primal, but now he eats a lot of home made muffins, some cereal, cheese, and fruit while I am working, he has stopped liking meat in any form so that is a daily battle. The two days I take him to work with me my boss has a candy dish and *ALL DAY LONG* he is asking/ begging me for candy and french fries and it seriously drives me nuts! I am still dealing with food aversions so that is not at all helping the situation. I do try to take him outside at least once a day but sometimes its just long enough to feed and water all the animals and come back inside where it is cool because its to hot to be outside long right now. And just last week I found a rattlesnake under my back porch next to his swing set, so I am a little paranoid of going outside. I hope it gets easier/better when it cools off but for now I am doing the best I can. And I hope that once this baby is here and we get into a new "normal" I will be able to go back to living the natural home-made primal way of life, but I don't think that the next 6 months will do any permanent damage to him, or at least I hope not! 

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Hi TButton! Your daughter is the cutest, I love your avatar pic smile.gif My girl is 16 months, but she is really lucky in that I work from home and DH is a graduate student on summer break. So she gets all kinds of attention right now! I'm nervous about DH going back to school in August though, it's so much harder to get work done when it's just me and her all day. She LOVES Planet Earth (the big ol' BBC nature documentary), which I don't think is the worst thing ever, so she watches a good amount of that maybe every other day. Sometimes daily if she's having a crabby pants kind of week. I know a lot of mamas that do zero tv time, and that is great but I think kids miss out a little if they don't get to see shows on animals and space and science...all the nerdy shows I loved when I was a kid smile.gif.

Does you DD watch that kind of stuff already? Maybe she'd like the animal shows like Nature or National Geographic? Then she's at least learning something. Clara now has 7 Schliech animals, most of which she knows from Planet Earth, and even if she hasn't seen it for days her little animal figurines are still her favorite toys. It was so funny to give her the gazelle and the lion, and to see her little face light up with recognition right away!
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Pogo- Thanks for the support! I hear you on your toddler eating no meat. I was on the GAPS diet (which is similar, I believe?) when I first got pregnant, and my DD was eating all kinds of meat, veggies, eggs, and nuts, and begging for more. She was eating soup with tons of chunky vegetables and meat and thinking nothing of it. I even had her trying beef liver. Then I started getting so sick, I just had to throw the diet out the window. With all my carbs coming from fruit and vegetables, I was not getting nearly enough. My blood sugar was dropping so low, so often, I would have to eat every twenty to thirty minutes to keep from passing out, but I still wasn't able to get up and walk easily. My family had to come rescue me for fear I'd die over here by myself. Anyway, I finally decided enough was enough, and rather than all the grain increase making me sick, it tasted fantastic, and I just got better and better. Anyway, all that to say, my daughter went from what I thought was a great healthy diet to wanting nothing whatsoever except bread. That's it. Fortunately, as she's gotten more used to it (it was completely thrilling at first to have that forbidden fruit!), and as my milk supply has completely dwindled, she's willing to add in more fat, fruit, and some eggs. But there's still so little protein! Oh well, I guess! We're doing the best we can, right?!


Clarasmama, thanks for the compliment! I think she's adorable too. That picture is her saying Cheese to the camera. It's only happened that perfectly once, so I was glad I at least got the picture :). Thank you so much for mentioning Planet Earth- I honestly think that's a GREAT idea. I happened to turn on PBS last night, and the show Nature was on. They were looking at the parrot populations of Australia and happened to be showing the exact type of parrot that my dad owns. She was totally enamored, and while we kept watching, I was thinking "Of course! THIS is real educational television!" I hadn't even thought of it- partly because we don't have cable. We do have Netflix, though, and I think they have a few different shows like that on there. Anyway, that just cements the idea for me, so thank you!!

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Happy to help! I think Netflix does have quite a few, and if you have Hulu+ I know the show Nature is on there too. So is Nova but she might not be as interested in that yet smile.gif. Regular Hulu may have it as well, I haven't checked. We don't have cable either, just Hulu+ and local channels. I used to feel so guilty about the whole TV thing, but I realized that I've learned a lot about really interesting topics from documentaries and nature shows, and it's clear to me already that Clara loves animals and learns from nature shows too. With that in mind, I think a little TV is just fine.

And now my pregnant body is saying GO TO BED!!! It said that 9pm actually, and I chose to keep reading Birthing From Within instead smile.gif. I tried to read Dr. Sears' Birth Book, but couldn't get far with it (I already knew everything they kept talking about), and I like parts of Birthing From Within but it's not my favorite so far. Orgasmic Birth by Elizabeth Davis was actually a really interesting read, and I want to re-read Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper this pregnancy too (read it before I even got pregnant the first time). Any other must-read recommendations for a second time mama??
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We did gaps at the beginning of the year, I liked it, my son and husband hated it, we only lasted like a month so not even long enough to get through the intro diet. So I don't think I will ever be going back to that again lol but I do really like primal. My son watches a lot of history shows on like dinosaurs and space. His favorite thing is the walking with dinosaurs series, its something like 7 hours total and he can watch it over and over. Every once in a while he will watch a nature show but he usually wants dinosaurs over everything else. We take him twice a year to Denver to do to the nature museum so he can see the dinosaur bones. I guess there are a few museums closer that are just dinosaurs but we have not been to those yet.

clarasmama, I love reading! I actually don't have any pregnancy books anymore. I was going to see if my midwife would let me go through her lending library so I can read a few I don't know if I will get to, but if I do I am going to look for the titles you mentioned!
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Clarasmama- I've been trying to decide what to read next in the birthing genre. I feel like that's one of the things I love about being pregnant! A constant excuse to read about birth! I've read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and most of Spiritual Midwifery along with The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth (which is better as a reference than a read-through). The first time around, I also LOVED Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent. I don't know if ya'll have read it, but it's a CNM's story of how she became a midwife doing homebirths in Berkeley, CA. She basically just tells birth story after birth story. I thought it was very inspiring, but on the second read, I wish I could ask my midwife a thousand questions about why she does this or that. There are still a lot of things that I'm not sure about when it comes to emergencies and needing to transfer to a hospital. Overall, though, still a very good read. I would love it if I could find another inspiring, uplifting birth book that is not so much of the how-to. Any suggestions?


Pogo- So you did the GAPS intro?! Yeah, if my husband were actually here, I would never have gotten away with doing it for those two months or so. He would have hated it! Of course, I skipped the intro. I had tried it once before, and after day two, I was unable to walk because of such low blood sugar! I then realized that you're not supposed to do the intro while pregnant or breastfeeding, and I was bfing at the time. Anyway, I'm over it now! I've been down that path, and I'm ready for a new one! Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be just fine to just eat whatever types of food, excluding sugar, but just make every single thing from scratch. I feel like the worst things for you diet-wise are all the artificial ingredients, so I wonder if I could just forget about how much of which type of food I'm getting and just make what I want, from scratch?! I don't know. I just know that our diet is the bane of my existence. I really do worry about it! 


I was just thinking- maybe I should start a book suggestion thread? 

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TButton - Thanks for those titles! I've had Ina May on my hold list at the library for like a month and still haven't gotten it :/. One book that sounds like Baby Catcher that I'd like to read is "Catching Joy" by Brenda Hensler. She's a midwife that has been at over 1,000 births, and she definitely has some good stories to tell! I met her recently, she is so nice too smile.gif

Diet wise, we are mostly primal/paleo at my house, even (or especially) DD. She gets very few sweets, and next to no grains at all. Healthy as a little horse too! I need more carbs during pregnancy, but am doing okay otherwise with vegetables and fruit, and protein and fat! (yes fat, it's crucial to health!)
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12 week appointment was yesterday with the follow. Up for the ERA ultrasound. Everything looks perfect! I've gained 3 pounds which is good for me since last time I was still down about 5 pounds at this point. And finally, the nausea is starting to fade. I love it when things all go well at the same time.
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I really liked Diary of a Midwife - you can find it here:  http://www.amazon.ca/Diary-Midwife-Power-Positive-Childbearing/dp/0897895886  It is a story about how a woman became a midwife and the trials and tribulations of providing women birth choice.  I've read it twice so far......

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Ahhh, I just checked and my local library has Diary of a Midwife on the shelves.  I need some good birthy reading, I'm going to try to make it to the library later today!

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I'm 15 weeks on Wednesday.  I had a scan a few weeks back (when i was 13+2).  Bit blurry but here s/he is....


baby number three.jpg


It was (hopefully) our one and only hospital appointment.  The hospital midwife was lovely and the sonographer was fab and when i told her we wouldn't be doing the anomaly scan she had a good hunt about and made sure there was only one, the placenta was in a good place, my ovaries looked  good (i had a large luteal cyst with DD1) and everything she COULD see was normal-looking. The midwife was really chatty and friendly and (for a nice change) totally unthreatened by our decision to use an IM.  The Dr didn't see me but his registrar felt the need to come and tell me that i NEEDED to get the anomlay scan.  She couldn't tell me why - she said there are conditions which, if diagnosed, they can improve the outcomes for the babies, but when i asked her which conditions she literally said "i can't think of them right now"!  In the end to get out of there without confrontation i took the referral form for the 20 week scan then left the hospital and binned it rather than scheduling the appointment.  I got the impression the MW was super annoyed that the dr wouldn't let it go but instead kept saying "i really feel you SHOULD get the scan" over and over...


I'm not feeling much movement yet, maybe a few tiny nudges today, but i've got an anterior placenta so maybe that's why.  I'm not worried anyway, my uterus is growing by the day.  My IM is coming to book us on Wednesday, and then i guess i'll be fully on the rollercoaster.  Still doesn't feel very real, and i'm having a hard time believing i will actually have 3 kids after Christmas....

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Tbutton- sorry it took me a few days to get back here, I also worry about our diet all the time, in the last 5-6 years I have been on SAD, then went vegetarian, then vegan, then primal, then gaps and then tried to do the sally Fallon type diet. I have finally come to peace that no one diet is "better" than the other, they all have goods and bads. So I plan to just make everything from scratch, and do the best I can at that, even if I go back to more primal (i do plan to) I will still make all my family's food to keep them away from the processed foods that I think are really the big issue in today's health problems. I do still buy some pre made items, but I am hoping that when we get our land in the mountains and I get to become a stay at home mom/housewife with a small farm I will not need the grocery store for anything other than flours and the like. My ultimate goal is to raise our own beef (for milk, meat and hides), pigs, rabbits (meat and pelts), chickens (meat and eggs), and goats (milk and meat if I like it), and possibly even a few sheep or llamas I'm not sure yet on them but I would love to be able to spin my own wool. And garden for everything I can possibly get to grow, I even have plans to construct a greenhouse so I can try to grow things like bananas and avocados. There is a guy who lives up in Aspen Colorado, and before his greenhouses were lost in a fire he grew everything you can think of in them so I know its possible. Its just going to take me a while to get there. I know how to can and preserve I just can not get a garden to grown where I'm at right now.


I am going to see my midwife tomorrow after work, so I am going to see what books she has that I can read. I also think I might be starting to feel some movement, the other night I had some strange sensations inside me, I don't remember DS feeling like that though so I am not sure. I cant believe that I will be at 16 weeks tomorrow! Time is flying by! I need to get sewing and knitting for this baby!!!!!


GoBecGo- I will only have 2 but yeah I want winter to hurry up and get here because I am so over this summer heat, but then I think oh no when winter gets here I am going to be having a baby, what am I going to do???

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Super crazy it's already July! I am feeling great, My prenatals make me nauseous, so I only take them on days I know I'll be away from the house and can't eat as much or as healthy as normal. Laziness is here, but so glad the extreme nausea is gone! DD is still nursing like a champ, day and night, I've been making lactation bars and eating them and they certainly help my boobs to feel full and I know she's loving that, hubby too wink1.gif I was eating so many carby foods the first couple weeks that I finally can control what I eat and am starting to actually look pregnant nd not fat lol. So far 4lb weight gain, so I feel good. Plan on starting a gym for their bikes and pool since crazy fl weather is raining everyday. I'm still soo undecided if I want to find out the sex, I'm such a planner, so I want to know. But also really want the surprise on his/her birthday smile.gif I meet with out midwife for the first time on the 23rd and can't wait, we haven't heard the heartbeat yet, so I can't wait, bc I sure don't feel pregnant just content with how everything is going smile.gif
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I am so impressed with many of you ladies and your great diets! I aim to eat healthier, but I have a carnivore for a DH and the world's pickiest toddler, plus working f/t leaves me beat by 6pm. My goal is for my family to eat better, but in reality it seems our diet is actually getting worse over time!


I had an appointment with my midwife this morning; she is the same midwife I saw when pregnant with DS2. We got to hear baby's heartbeat - a nice strong 160 bpm. Also did all the fun things like pap and bloodwork and physical... :P. She didn't mention anything about my weight gain, but I am up 15lbs already and am only 12w4d. I am concerned... hopefully it slows down now for a bit!

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I read Diary of a Midwife a couple days ago, really enjoyed it!  Now I need some more birthy reading.


Both of my daughters have birthdays this week and DH just started his new job, it's been a busy week!

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Husband coached childbirth was good as are Ina May's books. Currently I'm reading Dr Sears Discipline book - more for the other 2 :)

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Hi everybody! I just had my first appointment and am measuring right about 12 weeks, which is what I thought I was. And, we heard the heartbeat with the doppler! thumb.gif Very exciting. My due date is end of January, so I'm thinking this might be a February baby after all. DD was born at 42 weeks via c-section after a very long labor, and I'm currently on the hunt for a VBAC provider. There is a midwifery practice where I live, but you can't deliver at their birth center, you have to go to the hospital with them. And home birth midwives seem to be all underground here, which DH is not into at all.


My biggest concern is finding somebody who is not going to want to start induction at 40 weeks. My daughter was only 7 pounds 8 ounces when she was born, so I think I'm one of those "gestate a bit longer" ladies. The OB who did the csection told me she didn't see any anatomical reason why I shouldn't attempt a VBAC, the labor was stalled because my daughter was, in her words, "bungee jumping with her cord". I guess it was wrapped under her shoulders and then around her neck twice. They had to untangle her to pull her out. Has anybody ever heard of that happening, though? I thought the cord was supposed to be slippery so that wouldn't happen. Anyway...


I was glad to see some book suggestions on this thread. Anybody have some suggestions for finding a good VBAC provider? Questions to ask, books, etc.?



And Pogo, and TButton, I also have a toddler who won't eat meat. We were vegetarians until I had some GI problems this year, and I'm now eating gluten-free as an experiment. I added meat into my diet because I lost so much weight, but DD will not touch it. She's a carb junkie. I try to keep it healthy, but it's a struggle.

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