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I'm in the same boat, scruff.  I thought I'd have a legit preggo belly by now, but not really yet...  Not in a remotely obvious way, anyway.


I work from home, so tend to wear yoga pants and whatnot most days, whether pregnant or not...  Right now I'm still wearing my "transitional" non-maternity (but flowy-er) tops when I "go somewhere" and otherwise just wearing my basic knit tanks/tees with maybe a hoodie to hide the slight paunch/mini belly.  That's about it.  I bought a fair bit of maternity clothes from Old Navy's sale and the big consignment sale I went to, but they look stupid/too big still (IMO).  I thought at least by 20 weeks I'd be in them, but I'm 19+2 today and no end in sight...  Maybe by 22 weeks or so? 



same as you two, scruff and buko!  everything between boobs and hips seems to be moving outward at the same pace, so there's no roundness to it yet.  still wearing all my normal pants, too.  



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Cactusita, yessss... Once again, your photo looks like a more slender-overall version of what I have going on (or don't)! I can definitely tell, but I can't imagine that any stranger is thinking "there's a pregnant lady." Even friends still comment that I don't really look it yet. Of course, I feel Buko moving every day now, so I'm not worried... But go figure!
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Cactusita - exactly what Buko said - a more slender version of me, too!


I know I said it before, but I'm truely amazed at the differences between all the bellies.  I have very little real life experience with pregnant people and assumed everyone grew at the same pace and developed similar looking bumps.

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Originally Posted by scruffy too View Post


I know I said it before, but I'm truely amazed at the differences between all the bellies.  I have very little real life experience with pregnant people and assumed everyone grew at the same pace and developed similar looking bumps.


I really thought this too! And now it's obviously so not true! I haven't been able to wear my normal pants since week 11, and had pretty much stopped by week 9 because they weren't comfortable any more. In my prenatal yoga class, there is another woman who is 20 weeks, and my belly is noticeably bigger than hers. And there's another woman who is 36 weeks, and she is Japanese, and she has the cutest little basketball of a belly! It's hard for me to believe she's so close to term!


I am going to be very interested to see with this group over the coming months if those of us whose bellies popped quickly will end up with bigger ones, or if the ultimate size has nothing to do with how quickly they start growing. smile.gif

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I love seeing all the different bellies, too!!  Variety is the spice of life, as they say.  Here's me @ 17 weeks: 



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18 Weeks already...phew! This pregnancy seems to be flying by. Thought I'd try a bare belly shot with a little bit o' button. Got to mix it up, you know! :)

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16 weeks.... (8th baby) I hope the pic isn't too huge.

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oops. double post. sorry.

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 18 weeks!

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Everyone looks amazing!!!

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Finally got a chance to use the computer so this is this week's photo!  I took it last night - 18w1d (Please ignore the wonky bow holder.  It lost a nail and I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.)


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Hey you all! 19 weeks now. I feel a lot bigger this week and I can feel my uterus (Esp. during braxton hicks) all the time now that it is high and firm. 




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20 weeks today!
Halfway there!
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 19 weeks today!

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18.5 weeks: 



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Cute bellies!! Here is 19 weeks!


I finally got my maternity clothes back. The shirts are nice to have, but the pants are still too big and really uncomfortable, I need to go stock up on some yoga pants. I am debating getting a bigger normal size or actual maternity...


On the subject of belly buttons, mine did not pop at all with DD1, but did with DD2 and pretty much never went back. It is not very attractive at all! :)

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17 weeks! The top of my uterus has now just reached my belly button. smile.gif (Is it weird that I find the uterus growth as fascinating as the belly growth?)


So many beautiful bellies in this thread!



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Chocolatechip--I also find uterine growth to be very fascinating. When I'm lying down I like to poke around to find the top of my uterus, it always makes me smile smile.gif. The belly girth is also interesting, I'm one of the smaller ones here which has made me wonder if that will continue to be the case. I took a look at the belly photos from my pregnancy with DD and I looked about the same at 19 weeks that I do now. I had a huge growth spurt at around 28 to 30 weeks, though, that made pictures of me earlier along look like almost a different person; the difference in size was that vast. Near the end it looked like I was carrying twins but it was just one chubby beautiful girl (10.5 lbs--her daddy is big lol). I wonder if my belly will follow the same pattern this time, too.
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When I was in the OB's office, last week, I asked the Nurse Practitioner what she was feeling for when she measured my fundal height. It was fascinating. It feels weird to press my uterus with my fingertips from top and bottom, but very cool. :)

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Oh good, I'm not the only one! smile.gif I definitely like to feel around to figure out how far up my uterus has gotten. It *is* weird to have such a noticeable structure in there, but it reminds me every time of how cool our bodies are to be able to do that!!! I'm definitely a scientist, so the very first time my midwife said she was going to check my fundal height, I was like, "neat! How do you do that? What are you feeling for?" I do that at the dentist too. "You see a cavity in my x-rays? What are you looking at? How is that different than other gray spots?" I do better with care providers who don't mind answering lots of questions. lol.gif


So now I'm curious what height people are, because I'm wondering if that makes a difference in the belly shape. Some people's bellies are definitely sitting lower in their torsos, whereas mine seems to take up my whole torso. But I have a short torso, so it makes sense. There's already no real room for my belly to come back in before hitting my ribs. I'm 5'4"! smile.gif

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