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My belly button has started to hurt, like its been stretched too far anyone else experiencing this?

No, but it's getting shallower, which DP finds adorable.

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Mine pops in and out when I push on my belly. It's fun to play with when I'm really bored. Ah, navel-gazing at its finest. XD

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27 weeks!

My belly button is super sensitive, not good with a toddler who likes to push it in! Lol
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Okay, I haven't put up any pics yet, but this one is too good not to share smile.gif. Let me introduce you to my alter ego- Holly Go-not-so-lightly. (This is from a few weeks ago when I was 23 weeks.)






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Originally Posted by delilahbeau View Post
My belly button has started to hurt, like its been stretched too far anyone else experiencing this?

I started having pain the other week directly to the left of my belly button. It has either gotten better or I'm just used to it now. I don't think my belly button could pop out anymore. It is like a triangle shape. I'm terrified to see what it is going to end up like after pregnancy.

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26 weeks, 3 days! and feeling H-U-G-E.

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@withlittlelungs, Yeah mine feels like it stretching. It sore all around!!! I am hoping it subsides soon. You look adorable!!!

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Thanks, lady <3

The pain has subsided for me. It was really uncomfortable in the beginning. I'm thinking now that it could have been positioning of one of the babies. I have read that your belly button doesn't have the extra muscle protection around it which makes it extra sensitive. I hope your pain eases soon!

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Belly button is better, phew! Here is 28 weeks 4 days on my way to company holiday party.
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27 weeks already...the huge shift in my appetite, hormones, and tiredness last weekend let me know I entered the third trimester but now it's official.




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Ladies, beautiful!

That is me yesterday at 24 weeks. People at work have said I've popped in what seems like overnight. I can definitly feel it! I try to take weekly pics on the day it goes up. (I started at 8 weeks, but have missed a couple.)
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It's been ages since I managed to post a belly photo!

This is from 28 weeks, and yes, that knob is my bellybutton, the very secret interior creases of which have been exposed for months now due to diastasis recti. I'm hoping it returns to its former tight inny self but who knows!? I don't think my bump has gotten bigger in a while but boy, oh boy, is it firmer.

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30 weeks!  We're going to take some nicer photos this weekend, and maybe every couple of weeks from now on, because I'm really growing!





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28 weeks. Measuring 37 lol

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29 weeks
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28 weeks (measuring 30, a far cry from 37 weeks w/littlelungs!)  Buko, You have popped! That is a fantastic bump your sporting.




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writermama your bump is so round and perfect!

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awwwwe, shucks. Thanks w/littlelungs!!

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This is 29 weeks, it was taken last week (December 15th) and because I am such a total slacker I am just posting it today! Hopefully DP will snatch a few over the next couple days, and also on Christmas I should have a few taken... 

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I know this a belly thread, but buko, you have some fantabulous hips. orngbiggrin.gif


withlittlelungs, do they tell you to do anything in particular to keep your back in good shape when you're carrying twins? I notice my back gets tired already, and I've only got one (and am measuring right where I am expected to be). smile.gif

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