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I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for taking the time to share their belly pics!!!  I LOVE them all!!!


Here's me yesterday (32 weeks and some change):

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Looking good, scruffy!
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I love that photo, akind1! That is also a very interesting wrap variation. Is that something you figured out just works for you, or did you find it somewhere?

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Thanks! I love the pic too. That's double hammock - it's one of the most standard carries I know. I just tied it a bit to the side rather than right in the middle. It's very comfortable and pretty rock solid even with a wriggly toddler. If you are very thin, I think it's possible with a size 5 wrap (which is 4.6? meters) most people can do this with a size 6 (4.8? meters) which is kind of a base line size, but as a fluffy mama I really need a 7 (usually 5 meters or more)to pull this off. You can also tandem carry like this - pop new baby in chest belt bit upright.


Sorry if that's too much information - I love wrapping. I am beyond glad I learned how.

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33 weeks!

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34 weeks
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akind1 - thx for taking the time to explain it.  I can't wait to start babywearing and I'm hoping at least some of it comes naturally to me. dizzy.gif


WLL - do you bang your belly on things?  It's amazing how far out it is!!  I LOVE IT! love.gif


MPsSweetie - looks like the baby grew a bit this week! innocent.gif

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Double hammock... I'm going to have to look this stuff up. We had a moby and, once my daughter got past the front carry stage, we couldn't figure out a strong enough back carry wrap style. The ones they have on the moby site, I was always afraid she was going to fall out.

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Augh akind1 how do you manage that amazing wrap job??? I just tried the double hammock tie on DD (2.5 years, 30 pounds, aspiring gymnast and/or stunt woman) and I could not for the life of me gather the strength to hold her on my back while leaning forward and figuring out the correct tie.... She was having a great time monkeying on my back, but I finally gave up, an exhausted mess! I suppose it would help to have a toddler who's used to a back carry? I always used a front carry with DD, until last September when my growing belly made it a little difficult. I've really missed babywearing with her, though.

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It has changed!

Ahhh, I'm just getting so excited with how big we are all getting! Next week is February, it's sooo close!
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I've been SO SLOW to get any belly shots with this pregnancy, but here we go! I also dug up a photo taken at almost the same point in pregnancy #1! It's fun to compare! I've gained maybe 5 pounds  more this time around and my midwife tells me she thinks the baby will be bigger this time. Can you all see a big difference?


Photo on the left is from pregnancy #1, taken at 33 weeks.

Photo on the right is from my current pregnancy, taken at almost 34 weeks.



And yes, I'm wearing the same pants in both photos. Needless to say they are all time favorites. wink1.gif

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Don't use the moby for back carries! it's far to stretchy to be secure! You can look for bargain used woven wraps (or some new) at or below about $100 - and since I wrap for years, I feel it's worth it - but not for everyone.


Double hammock is tricky for toddlers - if you have a phone or food or something to occupy them while you wrap it helps. I'd start with a ruck tied in front - simple, focuses on getting a good seat without having to worry about passes - which can be tricky and require some flexibility - and go from there.


I am loving the belly pictures! I can't wait to get the rest back from the maternity shoot and take some more!

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Withlittlelungs: every week your skin looks more and more taut, this week its almost painful-looking. Does your skin hurt or does it itch?

On the babywearing topic, I used a moby for the first 4 or 5 months with DD, after that I used the Ergo. She was a bigger baby (10.5 lbs at birth) and since its a stretchy cloth wrap it was getting more and more challenging to use it successfully (success as in a secure, high hold not dragging butt near my hips which would hurt my back). Maybe if I had known a hold like akind1's I could have used it longer, but I just switched to the ergo. It provided a lot more support and it was easy to take on and off. A word of advice for those attempting the moby for the first time: allow yourself a learning period in which you attempt to put it on correctly and make a secure hold for your baby. It will probably be a little tricky at first. Just remember to follow the directions on their website and make it as tight as possible ( since its stretchy the baby will loosen it with his/her weight but if it start out too loose then your back will pay for it).
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Light Forest - I'm not sure I *see* a big difference, but I seriously can't stop staring at your pictures!  So beautiful and perfectly round.


WLL - I am curious like sunshine - does your skin hurt?  I'm amazing to me that the female body is designed to stretch that much.  It sounds silly, but I just can't get over it.  Probably why I love this thread so much, I've never been around pregnant people before (and technically, I'm still not) but I can't get over the transformations our bodies are capable of making!

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scruffy- Sometimes I bang my belly on things! I am always nervous about getting things out of the oven (ours is higher on the wall), because I'm afraid I will burn my stomach on the door. 

sunshinelove & scruffy- I didn't get any stretch marks with DS, but this time I definitely have them. THOSE itch so bad and when I try to scratch them they hurt. I have resorted to using an olive oil, brown sugar, oatmeal scrub in the shower which gives me some itch relief and doesn't hurt as bad. I also lather myself in lotions/oils multiple times a day. 
I have no idea how my skin is going to survive the next 3-4 weeks. I'm surprised each week my stomach doesn't rip open lol

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34 weeks

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Here's me at 33 weeks (finally found an image hosting site that doesnt turn it sideways yay!):

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GRANOLA!!!!! you have been missed! luxlove.gif

34 weeks

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I've missed you ladies too!!!  And your belly is SO CUTE!

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