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38 weeks last Friday


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You have a beautiful belly, delilah, i can see why you'll miss it smile.gif. I hope all goes well with your induction! I'll be waiting for an update.

Granolamama--that shade of blue looks really good on you and you are seriously glowing love.gif
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Delilah and granola looking good!
Delilah I can't wait to hear your good news smile.gif
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39.5 WEEKS (almost there!)





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WildMansMom - you can almost see the baby in there!


Granola - you look very happy!!  Makes me happy, too!

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36 weeks (3-5 days ago)! One normal comparison, but then a friend of mine did a mini photo-shoot for us this weekend, and I *loved* the silhouette pictures, so here's one of those too. orngbiggrin.gif






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The silhouette turned out GORGEOUS!!  Very womanly.

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Originally Posted by scruffy too View Post

The silhouette turned out GORGEOUS!!  Very womanly.

Thank you!! I wanted to have something to commemorate the feeling-beautiful part of being pregnant, and not just the ohmigod-I-feel-enormous part. I think she did a great job.  love.gif

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Wow, very beautiful, chocolatechip!! I'm sure you will treasure that photo for many years smile.gif
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Writermama has inspired me to do comparison pics--the first is from around 16 weeks and the second is from today, 38 weeks:


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Everyone looks so gorgeous! I did maternity shots last weekend. Hopefully I'll have the proofs back soon. 


Have a great day, goddesses.



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sunshinelove - there's a definite difference in belly size there!!! You are looking much more "ripe" now! orngbiggrin.gif Lovely!


eternalw, you have a basketball belly! Soooo cute!!

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Thanks, chocolatechip smile.gif

Eternalw--i also thought "basketball" when i saw your belly! So cute :-D
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Haha.. thanks!
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Thanks for the compliments ladies!  :) 


Chocolatechip that silhouette shot is AMAZING!!!!

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40 weeks today! Hangin' in there!


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LightForest!  You look great!  

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I took this on Thursday at 39 weeks, my first ever (posted) belly pic, and maybe my last smile.gif
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will be 40 weeks Wed. and I really hope this is my last photo!!!



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