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Fetal Movement

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I just need to gush. :)

Last night I was feeling my baby move and I put my hand down there and I felt movement from the outside! Oh, man, that was fantastic.  This past week I've been feeling more obvious movement, and I love it.


How about you ladies?



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That's wonderful!  What a magical moment.  I'm definitely feeling movement, but not from the outside...yet.  Can't wait!

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I've been taking a minute every night when I lay down in bed, but not yet. I'm 14 weeks today.

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I've been feeling movement for a few weeks now. I started feeling little tickles about 15 weeks. Now the movements are a little bigger. This past week, I've been feeling very subtle movements from the outside. DH hasn't felt them yet. The baby stops when I tell him to feel! This is my first baby and it is super exciting to be feeling the baby!


This past week, I also found that I can hear the baby's heartbeat with my fetoscope. That is very exciting. I've been checking in almost every night...

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That's so exciting! Feeling baby move is definitely one of the best things about pregnancy. I'm feeling movement from the inside but nothing on the outside yet. I can't wait to be able to share that with my son! And my husband of course, but he has BTDT last time around. smile.gif
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Yes, I love feeling my little guy wiggle!!!  Literally puts a smile on my face joy.gif

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I think I'm starting to feel wiggles, but nothing hugely definitive yet.  I have always felt them early, but I'm now convinced I was feeling gas a lot in the 1st trimesters. lol


With our loss a few years ago I thought I was feeling movement up til the day I found out she had already passed (I'm sorry to talk about sad stuff here!) at 14 weeks.  So this time I'm a little skittish and really skeptical about it.  lol.  Waiting for big rib breaking kicks, I think!



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I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow, incidentally.  I've been sort of maybe feeling flutters for about 2 weeks ish. 

I do know little bit is fine and moving a lot in there, actually, bc at last apt when we heard the heartbeat s/he was moving a TON.  So heard it, not really felt it.

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lulubikes, since you mentioned the fetoscope I've been trying mine to no avail.  All this waiting! Ugh. winky.gif

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16 weeks and I'm at the disconcerting stage where sometimes there is lots of very noticeable movement and other days there is nothing I can be sure of.  I know from experience that it's positional (i.e., if baby is facing 'out' I can feel a lot more kicks and stretches than if baby is facing my back).  But it does kind of worry me on the days when I only get little twinges 2 or 3 times a day.

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Thats awesome!!!! I have been feeling some movement since about 14 weeks. Im 16 weeks now and feel little thumps when I am sitting still and resting. I cant wait to feel kicks and feel it from the outside!!

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I really did not expect to feel anything this early, but I started feeling little movements over the past few days, and last night they got a little stronger. Babe has been wiggling around consistently for a good two hours this evening!

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I started feeling movements at 14 weeks and now I feel kicks and baby turning around or moving to the other side of my stomach, especially when I am quiet and sitting/lying down.  I had my dh put his hand on my belly and I didn't tell him when the baby kicked.  Each time baby kicked or moved, he felt it!

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