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July 2012 Rockstar Mamas

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Welcome to the Rockstar Mamas thread! Our wonderful group of mamas started following each other in the Charting to Avoid thread over in fertility. Eventually we created "The Whatever Ladies!", a safe place for those of us who were not trying to prevent pregnancy, though not actively trying to conceive either. Spread out over a year, we all got pregnant and had our current babes- several whom are over a year old now!

We made the decision to switch to Rockstar Mamas, after a conversation about how each and every one of us was a Rockstar in some way, for living and thriving through the parenting challenges thrown our way every day. Feel free to join us in our thread, but be warned, the conversation moves fast!

Not really rules but something to consider if you join:

1. Need to be chatty

2. Know that we are all vastly different from one another but we've become friends so we respect those differences. We are vaxers and nonvaxers; homeschoolers, unschoolers, public schoolers; run the gamut from vegan to paleo; some of us want more kids, some don't, and some aren't sure...but we all manage to really get along and come together on things we DO agree on.

3. Aren't afraid to ask each other the hard questions or point out the obvious when/if we want advice!

Member List:

lyeterae ~ Baby boy born February 2011
annie ~ Baby girl born April 7, 2011
Barefootscientist ~ Baby boy born May 30, 2011
AnnieA (due 7/18) ~ Baby girl born July 17, 2011
MarineWife (due 7/30) ~ Baby boy born July 25, 2011
Baby_Cakes (due 8/16) ~ Baby boy born August 16, 2011
MovingMomma (due 8/9) ~ Baby girl born August 18, 2011
akind1 (due 9/28) ~ Baby girl born October 11, 2011
mom2one (due 10/23) ~ Baby boy born October 21, 2011
jeninejessica (due 12/01) ~ Baby girl born November 29, 2011
Kindermama (due 1/6) ~ Baby boy born January 1, 2012

June: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1355087/june-rockstar-formerly-whatevering-mamas-2012
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Thanks for the new thread! I feel like we were *just* starting the June thread. This summer is going fast!

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We did start the June thread late.
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OMG! I am so happy to be home! Being evacuated for 72 hours was harsh. Especially with A.


Basically, the fire started Saturday afternoon and we were worried about it and a few miles from our house was being evacuated, etc. Then nothing happened, it stayed on the other side of the mountain.


Then Tuesday happened. 


The weather basically stuck it's middle finger at us and the fire crested the ridge, jumped two fire lines in 10 min and raced down the mountain at 65 miles an hour. Craaaaaaazzzzzzzy. 


After the first night I was pretty sure my house was fine, but still couldn't go home for two more days.........  I get that, because the fire was nuts. We were evacuated with about 20,000 people and the cars were gridlocked. 


Oh, and most of us went from no warnings or pre-evacuation to get the %^&^^%%^^ out of dodge if you want to live lol.gif Amazingly I got most of the stuff we needed to be comfortable. I even got a fan (white noise) for A. 


Anyways, I was so happy to be home I basically turned into wonder woman and cleaned the whole house top to bottom. All three bathrooms, vacuumed the whole thing, mopped the floors, did all the laundry. It was better than the hormone responsible for *nesting* because I wasn't 9 months preggers!


When I get a chance I will try to read through the other thread and catch up. I'm so happy to be back!! love.gif

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Oh Annie, so glad you guys are ok! Thanks for letting us know!


DD has been so sad today w/out her big brothers and sisters. DSS 11 played with her pretty much non-stop while she was awake so she was pretty bored w/just mama today. greensad.gif We did go to the party store and picked out Sesame Street/Elmo decorations for her party and that cheered her up a bit. I think we'll go to the water wall tomorrow at lunchtime. Need to keep her busy until they come back home on Sunday.

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annie ~ glad you are home and all is good.

Dylan is actually falling asleep again at 9. This is the upside of him only taking one nap a day. Last night he fell asleep before i was ready for it, so not only did he have on just a regular diaper instead of a night time diaper but he didn't have on a cover, either. I had to put a night dipe on him before I got into bed around 11. He woke for that but nursed and went right back to sleep. So nice!

He's also not getting as disturbed by others at night. He still startles or stretches or rolls over sometimes when someone else moves but he doesn't get fussy and need to nurse again every time.
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I'm toying with the idea of leaving Ava's crib where it is but dropping the mattress and putting the fourth side up. She loves her bed, like loves loves it and wants to play in it all the time but I don't want her to fall out of the bed. She doesn't want to play with me in her bed, she just wants to explore her own space, if that makes sense. But I don't want to lose the convienence of the set-up we have. Is that selfish of me?

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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

I have a baby that won't nap!  Gah!!  Yesterday he skipped his 2nd nap and today he fought it as well.  I'm waiting 10 more minutes before I try again.  Send me patience.  I'm NOT ready for him to take one short nap a day!!!


Since deciding to pursue being a doula my baby fever is all but GONE.  I'm trying to figure out if that's why or if it's just that things are a bit harder lately.  Not sure.  


JJ - your staycation sounds lovely!  I'm sorry you had to come home to such a mess, but at least b/w good food and good memories, it was worth it!!!


I STILL have a sinus infection.  All I want to do is sit on my ass and eat carbs.


Gah! Days T doesn't nap, and I'm mess. It's a mind thing too, I know, but I need that second one!


I had some of that too. Being able to be a doula and still immerse myself in pregnancy and the magic of birth and new babies, helped to remind me that i could be a part of it, without it having to be -me-. 


The staycation -was- lovely. Unfortunately, since we've gotten home, DH has been a grouch again. :( It was such a nice 24 hours where it felt like old times. We had fun and it was careful and so nice. Then for instance, he went ot bed early tonight with no warning or anything. I went into the room to grab something, and he was laying in bed, and there was still half an unpacked suitcase on my side of the bed. I asked him to at least pick it up a little bit... he sighed at me, but finally did it. Then an hour or so later, Ten woke up, and I went in, she was obviously scared and hurting (teething bad right now), but I badly had to pee before I sat down to cuddle her back to sleep. So I brought her into our room, and told him that I had to go pee, and then told her I was going to let her cuddle with daddy for a minute, and I would be right back, and then put her to bed again. I asked him to cuddle her, and that hopefuly she'd start falling back asleep, but if not, I'll grab her and put her back to sleep when I was done. I started to put her down, and she fussed, so I was leaning over her and comforting her, rubbing her back, telling her that daddy would cuddle with her really nicely..... and he ROLLS OVER and turns his back to her. I asked him another couple times to roll over and cuddle with her, so he finally rolled over, but wouldn't even touch her or put an arm around her or anything, while she laid there fussing and crying. :@  I mean seriously!! I get that you're tired and you were sleeping, but give me a break. *sigh*


nom nom carbs!


Originally Posted by annie2186 View Post

OMG! I am so happy to be home! Being evacuated for 72 hours was harsh. Especially with A.


Amazingly I got most of the stuff we needed to be comfortable. I even got a fan (white noise) for A. 

I can't even imagine! so glad you guys got everything you needed!

Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

Last night he fell asleep before i was ready for it, so not only did he have on just a regular diaper instead of a night time diaper but he didn't have on a cover, either. I had to put a night dipe on him before I got into bed around 11. He woke for that but nursed and went right back to sleep. So nice!

That's the worst!! 

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What happened to multi quote?!?! I just figure it out and then they take it away?? LOL
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AnnieA - I bet it is REALLY hard on A when her sisters and brothers go. I couldn't imagine! Ana gets mad when the big kids go downstairs without her.


I had Ana's crib right next to my bed, all four sides up, and about two steps away until she moved into the room right next to me. It was really nice for her to have her own space, and it wasn't a big deal to have to stand up to get her, because I could basically collapse right back onto the bed. 


MW - glad to hear D is getting some good sleep! I slept on an air mattress with A while we were evacuated, and she actually STILL slept through the night! but she was a squiggle worm. Holy crap! squiggle this way into a wall, squiggle that way into me.....she slept the whole time even though she would wake up and look around sometimes and then go back to bed.


JJ - I get the whole "unhelpful husband" thing. hug2.gif My husband didn't/doesn't help with the baby stage really at all.........it sux. I really decided it just isn't worth getting into fights everyday over! I have recently started leaving him with all the kids, etc. and making sure he REALIZES that they are in fact HIS children too. Grrrrrrr. Stupid boys.


Carrie - sorry you have a sinus infection! I have serious sinus problems due to allergies............hate it! It just came on when I was pregnant with A and never went away. 



Oh, did I tell you guys that M had a double ear infection? I took her to the doc's (8 days ago) monday. She had a fever off and on and then started saying her "ears were broken" and saying her jawline/teeth hurt. Crazy. None of my kids have had any ear infections (that I knew of) I am going to have to start putting colloidal silver in everyone's ears. The antibiotics was something else I actually remembered to grab! LOL

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How did I not know there was a july thread!?  dizzy.gif


I'm going to try to convince DH we need to go see this house!  http://www.homes.com/listing/photo/161140262/2_Deer_Path_GREEN_BROOK_NJ_08812


Lmk if the link doesn't work.  


Going to whole foods for lunch today.  I need to get in the shower while the kids are playing nicely!  Instead I'm looking at houses, lol.  Ok.  BBL!  

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JJ ~ That would piss me off!

Carrie ~ Nice looking house. I like one story ranches. That's what I want next time. I'm tired of running up and down stairs.

Now I'm getting achy pains in my right pelvic region along with tons of ewcf. O? I should mark this on the calendar to see if anything happens in 12-14 days.

Multiquote is back.
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Definitely mark it down.  It can only help in the future.  If it's nothing, it's nothing, but if it is O then you'll have history written down!


Chris ruled that house out b/c the taxes are too high.  Bummer.  He found this one!  http://www.homes.com/listing/photo/167886069/117_South_Ln_PRINCETON_JUNCTION_NJ_08550  


The stairs freak me out, and I do want a ranch more than stairs.  But...nice, charming, and tons of land. 


Lunch was good.  I had really good sushi!  Met with my friend and her little girl and had a nice time.  I am loving having IRL friends!  Makes life full and interesting!  I met her at the Target nurse-in.  I'm so glad I went to that, now!


I didn't make it.  It's 4 pm and I had some wine.  Idk what it is, but Finn's fussing is loud and on my nerves and Nora is really begging for attention.  When they both start in at me at the same time I just don't have patience.  1/2 glass of wine and I'm cool as a cucumber and can happily manage!  lol.gif

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oh, i don't like those stairs, either. definitely not kid friendly. they would have to be replaced.

i had to take kellen to the doc today. since sean is off it was just the two of us. we got ice cream afterward. it was nice to have time with just kellen.
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Baby_Cakes, that's too funny about the wine!


MW, what's going on w/K?

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Carrie - Wine! *sigh* and we just stocked the freezer with ready-made margaritas and stuff. Indulge for me!


Annie - so glad you are back home!


Hope K is ok, and glad you got 1x1 time with him.


Lake was awesome. I want to go to the ocean beach though. We are thinking about it.


Our dream house (that's in our heads) definitely has no stairs. I don't like dealing with it. I would be ok with a basement, but most of the living needs to be done on one floor.


Boo. Naptime is over.

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Drinking wine for you, Kat!  Bummer you can't drink but it's for such a good reason! love.gif  How are you feeling?  Any/more morning sickness?  When is your u/s again?


Mw, what's wrong with Kellen?!  A trip to the dr for you guys is a big deal!


I don't think I'd replace the stairs.  But it would be interesting trying to babyproof them.  They won't be babies for long.  And if we are truly done with having kids then I really only need to "worry" for another year or two.  You know?  But, I'm getting ahead of myself.  Haven't even SEEN the place in person. 

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Carrie- I lvoe the front door of the second one. And the kitchen. And the bath with the laundry in it actually. lol. And that is a massive finished basement! It's funny how with your first place, you're just like "HOUSE! I HAVES A HOUSE!" And then when you start thinking about the second or third and so on, it's like "Ok, but it has to have a garage, and AC, and a basement, and a walkin closet, and must have a pantry, and would ideally have a walk in shower and and and and and... " lol. 


We need to repaint the front of our house in the next few years, and I'm pulling for grey with a red or blue door, or a very pale blue with a black door. I love the way that pops!

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JJ - YES!  Exactly.  You learn so much about what you NEED and how you want to live!!  I can't stand being in our current house much longer.  It'll always have a place in my heart b/c I had my babies here, but man, we have sure outgrown this space.  


Finnley needs a room!!!

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I wrote a post and then forgot to post it before closing the window. :doh

Kellen is fine. He had a bump that looked like a pimple on his belly for about 3 months. Then a few more showed up on his leg so I wanted to have them looked at. Turns out it's warts. Yuck! Doc said they don't usually treat them unless they are on the face. They should go away on their own within a few months. The one on his belly actually looks like it's almost gone. They can spread if they are scratched and opened. If they start to spread, we're supposed to go back.
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