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Carrie ~ That's one chunky monkey! Dylan thighs are 11" around. He only weighs about 22 lbs., too. He's a bitty think compared to Finn. winky.gif

I measure inseam from crotch to top of the ankle or wherever you want the pants/leggings to end. When I make long pants at the beginning of the fall/winter season I try to make them about an inch longer than needed so they will last through the season.
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MW-- how did his night go?! That sounds so promising!



Send good thoughts/vibes this way? DH was offered a new position at work, and I really really really want him to take it. It's a little bit more money, set hours 7-330 M-F, with benefits- and they're even kicking them in after 1 month instead of 3, (I gave up a pretty good benefits package when I went on mat leave, because paying it outright for the year was insane, well for us here in canada anyways), and the job also gets him off the floor, and into a more office type position. So instead of dealing with customers all day, and getting dirty and walking around and feeling like 'just another sales guy', who works all over the place shifts, he'd actually have more of a 'career position' (even though long term, this is NOT his career).  To me, it sounds like a no-brainer---- but it's also a TON of work, for what isn't really -that- much more money... so he's hesitant, and might not take it. He's worried that it's going to end up being more stress than it's worth, and since it's a new position that they're essentially creating for him- he's worried that he's going to get a lot of flak and they're going to be very demanding. 


So yeah... I understand his reasons for not wanting to take it... but the idea of it being a set schedule alone has me wanting to say TOO BAD!! lol That would be -so- nice. And with the type of position it will be, he'd be able to adjust his own hours a bit too-- so for things like right now when he has physio and OT twice a week- he could go to them and say ok- for the next 6 weeks I'm going to work Sun-Thurs 7-330, and Tuesday I'm going to work 10-630. That not only gives us weekends together to go camping, etc, but also carves out his appt times.       And then more money... like I said, it's not a ton- but with the $ increase, and then it now being a full time (right now, he's working around 25ish hours I think on average)... it's potentially almost an extra $500 per cheque. And the benefits... Gah. Ok, I'll stop going on and on. Just good thoughts for this to go the 'right' way it should, whatever that is!!


Off to catch up on FB and then be productive! Sbux is offering free new drinks today, so we're going to run some errands! 

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JJ ~ That sounds like a great opportunity for your dh. I hope he decides to take it. Could he always choose to go back to the floor if it becomes too stressful for him?

The night went very well. D woke when I went up there. I changed him. We all climbed in bed. He nursed and settled pretty quickly. It was nice. We all slept until 8:45 this morning, too! Oh, and the other night dh put him to sleep and he stayed asleep when we all went to bed about an hour later. I got to actually go to bed and drift off to sleep without nursing him.

I want to get all of your opinions on which size of these diapers you would get. Dylan is in the overlap between the medium and large. They both fit him well but the medium is a little more trim, I think. Here are pics.

This is the medium. I can still snap it on the 3rd set of snaps. There are two more snap sizes before it's to the largest size.


This is the large. It's snapped on the smallest set of snaps and there are 3 more snap sizes.


Which would you all buy? I like trimmer so I'd like to stick with the mediums if I can. I'm kind of thinking he may be able to wear those until he PLs based on how they fit now. But maybe it makes more sense to get the larges to make sure he can wear them as long as possible. They aren't that much bulkier. I don't want to have to buy the large size later because he did grow out of the mediums.
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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

Carrie ~ That's one chunky monkey! Dylan thighs are 11" around. He only weighs about 22 lbs., too. He's a bitty think compared to Finn. winky.gif
I measure inseam from crotch to top of the ankle or wherever you want the pants/leggings to end. When I make long pants at the beginning of the fall/winter season I try to make them about an inch longer than needed so they will last through the season.



Ooh ok I remeasured.  It's 8 inches from crotch to ankle, right where I think they should end.  Thanks!


Yes he's a chubby monster!


I would do larges.  They don't seem that bulky and you guarantee they'll fit til he's done with them.  It's a safer bet.  You could always just get a few of each and use them both.


bbl - gotta head out to school!

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I would do Larges too. a little bulkier now, but a better fit for longer. Gabe is on some of the furthest snaps in our BG, and they no longer hold poop in as well it seems. I need to get serious about the potty training. *sigh*


Gabe weighs 28-30 lbs I think, and is 36-37 inches tall (again, I think, it's hard to get him to sit still) He's lean but has wide hips.  DH has put Norah in one of Gabe's large blueberry and it wasn't a bad fit. And she's not even 20 lbs yet! LOL


I am sleepy, need more sleep. Norah didn't want to nap without me next to her, she finally went down. ugh. I hope she wakes rested and happy.

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Ok, I can't decide what to make for you all so you'll have to choose. Depending on the yarn I may have enough for a hat or leg warmers or socks. What do you all want or would use the most? Keep in mind that the thinner the yarn, the less warm it may be, so a hat made out of sock yarn may not be good for freezing winter days. (If it's wool or acrylic, it would still be pretty warm, though.)
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Hmm - I think I'd like a hat then!  Can you do stripes?  With ear flaps?  Thanks!!


Ok - somehow I need to get thru this day w/o killing DH.  I took the kids outside while he was out running so I could take out the trash and recycles and water the garden.  He comes home and is like, "oh what are you all doing outside? Are we staying out here??" and that irked me.  So I told him what we were up to.  He volunteered to bring the hose around so I said thanks, and then he hands the hose to Nora and says here go water the plants.  But she was playing and *I* wanted to water the plants so I could also see if anything needed to be picked or straightened, etc.  Whatever.  I said, "Wait, I definitely want her to have the sprayer nozzle on so she doesn't soak them" and he turned the hose on anyway w/o the nozzle!  Ugh.

Then after we straightened out that mess, she said she wanted to go in thru the front door.  I asked him if he came in that way and if he locked the front door.  He said, no he hadn't locked it.  So I haul Finn and follow her around the house, get up to the door - locked.  I could have murdered him, I swear. 


I need another cup of coffee!


In good news, sleep was good last night!  Hooray for a break from the insanity!!  He slept from 830 -1130, then 1130 til 4!!  Woo what a nice stretch -- and yes I slept that whole time, too!  Then he was up again at like 7.  Not bad, Mr. Finn!  Lets keep it up!  


Family trip out to Costco and Sams today.  What was I thinking?  Maybe I'll just stay home!  Ha!

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Ok, Carrie. Hats take the most yarn so that one will really depend on if I have enough. I can do stripes. But...I can't find that yarn I said I could use for you. I don't know if I recorded it incorrectly in my stash database or I put it somewhere that I can't find. lol.gif I did find something else, though. It looks like this.


That picture is kind of washed out. It's muted brown, blue and white/cream.

Guys just not thinking! When mine changed D's poopy diaper he threw his t-shirt on the floor and put the diaper with poop in the diaper pail even though he knows the poop needs to be sprayed off. He left it all in the living room, no less. This from the guy who leaves wet pee diapers laying around all over the place, even right on top of the diaper pail because he apparently can't be bothered to actually lift the lid. eyesroll.gif I think he did that just to spite me because he doesn't like to spray the diapers. That's fine. I'll spray them if he'll put them in the bathroom with the sprayer.

He complains about stuff being all over the floors all the time but he drops everyone's dirty clothes on the floor and leaves them there. WTH? Ha!
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That's beautiful!!  Hmm, now I want leg warmers made out of that instead!!!


DH won't even TOUCH a poop dipe.  Ugh, he'll take it off, neatly place it somewhere (even right into the pail, which sucks b/c it stains if I don't rinse it within a certain amount of time!!) and then just recently he'll actually put a CD on him.  He used to put him in a sposie!  Oh well.  Better than not changing him which was the battle I used to fight!


I still want a sprayer!

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DH had to change the dipe after he stuck his finger in it. lol.gif The only way I keep dh from using sposies is to not have any in the house. I've been trying to switch back to cloth wipes but he keeps buying the sposie ones. I'm still not sold on the wipes sprays. They don't seem to get the wipe wet enough to really clean the bum.
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I keep them around b/c I do use them a lot of the time.  I don't mind using them sparingly.  Like when Finn has a bad rash and I want to use triple paste.  I also don't usually bring cloth dipes with me when I go out.  I keep a few sposies in my bag and the travel wipes, and I'll change him to a sposie while out.  We'll leave the house in cloth, but I'll change him to a sposie.


He'll change Finn but I was just saying he'll change him to a sposie dipe.  At first it was a slap in the face.  When we were having our issues.  Since we've been on better terms, he's doing nicer things for me and accepting the crunchier things I'm doing and not NOT doing them out of spite.

I'm not into cloth wipes.  I love disposable wipes.  They are great not only for bottoms but for messy hands, faces, baby puke, etc.  And they help when Nora has to use the potty to poop while out and about.  Not giving those up!


Ran a 5k tonight on the treadmill!  34 minutes!  My time isn't getting better but I'm shocked I was able to do it, even, b/c I was sick for so long!!!  Last time I tried to run I failed miserably.  JJ I thought of you while I was running.  I honestly was on the couch for a couple weeks and was able to get up and run that 5k thanks to the program.  I think you should try it if you haven't started already!

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That reminds me, JJ, I've been meaning to ask if you could sidecar T's crib the way Annie did? Maybe that would work if you don't have room or money for a king bed right now.

I don't mind using sposie wipes but having to buy them all the time is getting to me, especially since I have a ton of cloth wipes. Seems so wasteful.
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I just finished making this whole set for that homeschool mom's baby. I love the way it all turned out. The only problem is that the booties look tiny, one seems to be just the teeniest bit bigger than the other and the straps are a little crooked. I'm not great at crochet, though, so I'm still very happy with how they turned out.


af.gif is trying to make an appearance. I had a teeny bit of spotting for 2 days. Yesterday had some red, clotty stuff and today some nasty looking brown gunk.
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OMG that set is gorgeous!!!  You can nitpick all you want but man -- sort of makes me want another little girl to dress up!!!  love.gif


Boo to AF!  I'm trying to O, I think.  O pains and some watery CM.  No EWCM but definitely not my BIP, so going to watch the calendar.  I'm not temping this month.

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Thanks. Knitting for girls is so much fun. There are so many possibilities. Boy knitting is very limiting.

Eh, I don't really mind af.gif showing. I'm kind of happy about it in a way. I'm not sure why or how to explain it. Maybe because it means that everything is getting back to normal. shrug.gif Does that make sense?

I marked on the calendar when I had that ewcf and cramping. It was the 3rd. If I count yesterday's red as flow, that would make a 10 day lp, assuming I did O. That makes sense. It's short for me (my usual is 12 days) but within normal. My lp was short for the first few cycles when af.gif came back after Ethan and Kellen.

I'm not going to temp but I'm going to try to keep track of CF. It will be interesting to see how well that corresponds to af.gif without temps. I've never done it that way before but it would be nice if I could have an idea of when to expect af.gif without temping.
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I keep forgetting to tell you all about Ryan. First, he has been so much more pleasant since he started dating this girl. She's really nice, too. He bought the boys ice cream from the ice cream truck and he offers to pick things up for me when he runs out. Second, he's being considered for a manager position at his work. Very promising.

I just realized that we have to start thinking about moving up to Virginia again. DH is supposed to get orders in February or March. He doesn't know how soon after getting them he will have to go. It could be a few days or a few months. We really should have our house on the market about 6 months before we will vacate it. That's August! I don't know what we'll do. I don't think dh has realized it's so close.
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Wow, MW, that is coming up soon! Hopefully it won't take too long to sell your house. Does the Marine Corps buy your house if it doesn't sell and it's time for him to go to the next duty station?


The birthday party was fun but there are lots of things I would do differently if I could go back and change things. The first thing would be NOT having it at my mom's. She just gets herself so freaking stressed out. I tried really hard to plan things so we wouldn't be rushing around and her in the kitchen the whole time cooking. It still didn't work out well. I texted DH on Friday and said he was allowed to give me a knock upside the head if I started talking about having another party at my mom's. Also, I would have made more of an effort to protect Ava's naptime. Originally, my plan was to not go to my mom's until she woke up from her afternoon nap so she was well rested. I should have stuck to that. But my dad was visiting from out of town and I felt guilty (ugh, the source of all problems) so I took her out there in the morning. Then I should have stayed laying down with her when I did get her to sleep to help keep her asleep but I felt guilty (again!) about other people doing all the work for the party so I went downstairs to help. So Ava was overtired and I don't feel like she really enjoyed the party. Also, for those planning 1st birthday parties, get pictures of everything BEFORE people start arriving. I have no pics of the table set-up and all the decorations that were really cute. I wanted a pic of Ava in her b-day outfit with the cake and it didn't happen. Oh well. Next year is going to be at a park w/takeout pizza....hahahaha!


The video slideshow turned out great though. I worked on it for four hours and didn't go to bed until 2 AM on Friday night and I still didn't have it great. Then I had DSS 17 work on it and in about 20 mins, he had it amazing. I should have just had him do it from the start! Lesson learned! I put it on youtube and will post it on Tuesday on her b-day.

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MW: The dress is beautiful! The dress I crochet'd Norah is one of the hardest things I have done.


Moving - ugh - I don't want to think about it. We will be doing it again one day, into our own house, but packing, unpacking, going through boxes that have been closed over a year now? *sigh* one one hand, it's like Christmas. OTOH it's a major PITA. I feel for you.get by with


Men . . . DH changes diapers when he has the kids alone, or I ask, or he notices first. Poopy or wet. But he kind of stacks them, doesn't like putting in a wet bag. I don't spray diapers  - what falls off or can be peeledor shaken into the toilet goes, what doesn't, gets washed. Haven't had any issues.


We use disposable wipes. DH likes them. I think with cloth wipes we could get by with fewer wipes per poop, and I wouldn't have to worry about keeping the the wipes seperate from the diapers. But we buy them in bulk at Sams and we have to run out before I can justify having cloth wipes.


Having to start thinkng about Parties. I think this year we are going to do Gabe's at the Children's Museum. I have a mix of crunchy and not-so-crunchy friends who can be picky about where their kid(s) play during sick season, and the museum is usually a safe bet. Plus being a late november birthday, I can't really depend on doing an outside venue. I might *gulp* also make it a no-presents party. Less to cart home, plus both sets of grandparents are getting him non-wrappables, and I think we might too (seriously considering getting him tickets to the Fresh Beat Band as his gift from us).  That and I don't he cares if there are gifts so long as there is cake. LOL.


Norah, we will just have friends over at home. Going to try to announce the new baby then, and I need to manage to not tell anymore people about it, so our parents aren't the only ones surprised! 

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Parties can be exhausting and stressful. That's why I don't do much. I can't handle it all. I've been trying to get a cake ordered for D but the cake lady's website won't load. I hope she hasn't gone out of business. I'm going to call her today.

I used to keep my cloth wipes in a wipes box with water but I got tired of having to refill it. Plus, it would get slimy with mildew or something. Yuck! That's why I got the wipes solutions. They say to just spray the wipe and then wipe baby. It sounded easier for the diaper bag than always making sure I had a few wet wipes in a bag, too. But they don't really get wet when I do that. Do you suppose it doesn't really need to be wet as long as baby's bottom is clean?

Haha, Kat. Gotta keep your mouth shout! It's so hard to not tell.

Crochet is hard. Whoever said it is easier than knitting was crazy! Some stitches count, some don't (sometimes). If you don't add at least one stitch at the end every time you will lose stitches (but no one ever tells you this in a pattern). It is impossible to tell the right side from the wrong side. And, how do you hold the yarn and the piece at the same time so you can do a stitch easily, anyway?

At least when we move we won't have to pack or unpack. The military pays the movers to do all of that for us. DH says he wants to do a DITY move if we go to VA. That means we move ourselves. He says we can make money if we do that because the military will pay us a certain amount per pound plus mileage and other travel expenses. I don't see how I'll be able to do that with the 3 little kids running around. But, then, if I'm at my mom's, I guess I won't have to. DH can do it all himself if he wants.

I would like to go through our stuff and get rid of things before we move. If I don't, it's no bigge because we'll just go through it when we unpack wherever we end up and get rid of stuff that way.

D has a 2nd molar. Not much sleep for 2 days. I got some teething tablets and then forgot to take them upstairs when we went to bed. He's also stayed up late again and fought going to bed the last 2 nights. Not fun. I woke up before 7 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. caffix.gif
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Lauri - glad the party was a success!  I would have felt the same about all the guilt.  It's hard not to!  I'm going to try hard to let go of a lot of the details b/c I really want Finn to get at least one nap in that day.  His party is going to start at 3.  I figure that way I have a few good chances he'll take a decent nap that morning/afternoon if he keeps the same schedule is he moving toward now (nap from 1230 or 1 -2 or 3.  Only thing is he's never slept at my ILs.  So.  Hopefully it works out!  Otherwise I'll be talking about the same thing in a month!!


Can't wait to see the slideshow!  I'm glad it turned out well.  


Kat - a no presents party sounds reasonable to me, especially w/a venue like that.  I would LOVE to take the kids to see the Fresh Beats!  One of their favorite shows!  And yes cake is wayyyy more important!


I'm so excited for this new baby! 


MW - eek moving that soon sounds daunting!!  That's sweet about Ryan.  Sounds like he's doing so well!


AFUs - Ordering the invites today, and hopefully going to print them out as well.  I want to get them in the mail this week.  The party is only a month away so I need to get them out!!  

I was going to include the amazon wish list I put together as a separate card in the envelope, but DH shot that idea down.  He said it felt wrong since we are throwing the party.  Since I don't care either way, he wins.  What do you guys think (just curious)?


I have like no plans this week!  That means I suppose I have time to clean.  Haha.  

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