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So, dd has to be worn to sleep during the day.  Not just worn down to sleep but during sleep as well. I have had her in the moby and bali breeze wraps because she likes to be snug and secure feeling.  My shoulders are killing me as of this past week bc she has gotten so much bigger.  Any recommendations for a good carrier that is more snug feeling?  She does not like the mei tai, ergo is too wide or the beco gemini.  Also, do any of you know what a tula carrier is?  My dh would appreciate me finding a carrier and stop spending money.  is this just something I should tough out until she is bigger and likes the mei tai or ergo better?  Thanks for any thoughts!

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I've been using a WAHM ring sling.  Lil' Peepers Keepers, or something like that. I find that it is comfortable pretty much all day long, but not sturdy feeling.  Like, although I can go hands free,  going up and down, and up and down, and up and down picking up toys is not comfy. Why is your Ergo too wide, do you have the infant insert?  That thing I can go up and down in.  I feel like my Ergo is more of a "around the house/housework" type of carrier, while my ring sling is a "walking through the park/watching the babies" type. 


I've never heard of a tula

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i love my ring sling but i agree with cherry that housework would be difficult with it.  i am interested in the ergo if you can do the up/down of housework with that one.  C sleeps endlessly in the ring sling, but i usually only wear it for outings, like park time and grocery shopping.  never heard of tula either.

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Thanks ladies. The ring sling would be awesome but it hurts my shoulder and I never feel like it is as hands free as the moby or other wraps. Maybe I do it wrong but I end up crazy sore.  The ergo is too wide because I don't have an infant insert. I found it cumbersome and my kids are way too long and hate to have their legs bent up in any way. I wore ds in the ergo and was able to do the up down work by just squatting instead of leaning. I still put a hand on him to make sure he didn't slide any.  I do seem to have some back/shoulder issues so maybe it is just because I am more sensitive. Really need to get in to see a chiro!

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I can't do ring slings long term either.  I don't know if I wear them wrong or what, but they always hurt my shoulder.


A friend of mine, though, just showed me a new (to me) way to wrap that is supposed to be way better. I'm still getting the hang of it, but I quite like it. Basically you put the wrap across your belly and over your shoulders like normal. You don't tuck the ends through the piece across your belly, but put your baby in that piece exactly where you want her.  Then you tuck the ends around her bum (and criss crossed under her legs if you want) and tie it. It looks pretty much like the normal moby wrap except the ends are over the cross belly piece instead of under.  The advantage is that you can snug it perfectly around the baby, and tighten it where you need to, as opposed to wrapping it all up, putting baby in and then hopping it's tight/loose enough/holding baby's head, etc.  Also, I do find that I can spread it out better across my back. 


Good luck on finding a solution.  DS loves sleeping in the wrap too, and this weekend we went camping, so there was no lying him down at all. I was glad he likes the wrap, but by the end of the weekend my back was achy too.  I am looking forward to when he can fit in the Ergo comfortably.

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I've been using a baby k'tan mostly, as L is also held during sleep.  It's the knit cotton fabric like a moby but is 2 loops instead of a giant piece that you tie.  There's also a wrap-around piece to the K'tan for when they get bigger.  I got the version that has mesh fabric on the back to make it lighter weight fabric-temp wise for me.  I can put this on even when DD is asleep (though there's a little wrangling needed) and she feels very secure in it to me.  I find that as long as I make sure to spread out the back pieces a bit, it doesn't cause too much strain on my back compared to my ring sling, etc.

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I was waiting for a SSC---- Action Baby Carrier,  I  have not used it yet but I think it really comfy and quality guranteed(Factory in USA- even hand sewed). And best of all it is just $98 lower than other brand and with a good quality. I think your husband will apprecite it more specially if you can get discounts,..I have seen in ABC facebook  that they also offer discounts( from $98 to $50-$75) and some contest which I am not familiar. By the way, what is the weight of your dd's weight. ABC weight limit is 40 lbs.  Hope that helps!!  joy.gif

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I love my Action Baby Carrier!  My babies love it and Kip sleeps in it almost each time he's in it.  The boys are nearing 30# each and the Action Baby Carrier is still very comfortable!


It's lightweight, packs well and is easy to use.


Best wishes with finding what works best for your little one!

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any suggestions for a forward facing easy to use carrier?  (I mean for baby to be faced out)  I love my ring sling but not so much with collin facing out.  just doesn't feel as sturdy.  suggestions?

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I am going to start by saying you definitely know what is best/works for your kid and I don't want this to sound judgmental, I am just giving my two cents and really don't mean for anything to be taken personally and won't take it personally if you are like thanks but no thanks for my advice too :)

Ok, well, it is not really recommended for babies to be facing forward out. Purists will say never do it. I don't do it because my kids get overstimulated at some point facing out and they need to be able to regulate it for themselves and turn in and turn off.  That being said, the beco gemini is good for facing out because you can snap the middle of the seat smaller to face out or keep it wider for facing in. The waist is super supportive and so are the shoulder straps. It seems like the best ergonomic option for facing out in the soft structured carrier options. Hope that helps. I have mixed feelings about facing out and totally get wanting to do it but also why kids can't sometimes. I think ultimately, mommy knows best and what their kid can handle.  The ergo does have a side carry option that I thought was comfortable and easy to do. Baby could face forward or turn in away from the world if he wanted.

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thanks flavorful, i totally see your point.  i'm usually pretty good about facing him to me when i know he's had enough.  the trouble i'm having is that when he's just had a nap for a few hours (usually in the ring sling) he wants to face forward while he's wide awake, and if i don't face him out, then he just fusses until i take him out of the sling completely, and let him face outward while holding him in my arms.  i'm totally open to other solutions or ideas if you guys have any!!! he's pushing 16lbs now, so holding him indefinitely is getting more difficult!!

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I just got a Boba 3G that I love but it is my first soft structured carrier so I haven't had any others to compare it to.  It is very comfortable though and great for the hot weather with not having to wrap a million layers on the baby.  I have already gotten tons of use out of it and I only got it on Friday.  I think my baby likes it better than any of my other carriers because she isn't smashed against my chest and she is up high where she can look around.  Its a very good design for us. :)  And it is so comfortable for me that I have let her nap in it several times.  I love the sleeping hood too.


She is too long and big to fit in the carrier with the infant snap adjustment but she doesn't seem to mind her legs being spread wide.  They are no wider than they are in a FWCC in a wrap.  But my baby has really long legs so that might be part of it.

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Chiro - I went to a babywearing meeting to figure out how to get Odin forward-facing, I assumed in a wrap. Instead, we tried a basic ruck back carry, and Odin LOVED it. He could see over my shoulder, but he was still secure and sitting on his bum. 


Sooooooo, I bought two woven wraps already. I can see how they can become addictive very quickly. VERY quickly. I'm really excited!

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OOOHH Rosie i may have to look into that!!! what kind of carrier did you do that in??

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I was borrowing a Storch Leo (http://www.storchenwiege.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=148802043). It seems to be a favorite recommendation for first time wrappers and for a "one and only" wrap over on babywearers.com Warning: they are pricey and beautiful. I bought one with a couple blemishes for $80 (a yellow storch) and a new one like this (birthday present from mom squee!) for $175. 

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Oh my goodness that is beautiful rosie!

Flav-- what's the difference between the tula and the beco? They look very similar.
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We have multiple babywearing options  - a ring sling (a friend made it for me from a woven wrap), a mei tai, a moby wrap, and an ergo.


We were lucky to be given all of these as gifts!  I was using the ring sling quite a bit in the very beginning, but it started to hurt every time I wore it so I haven't used it for a while. I liked how easy it was to feed in it, though, so I might go back to it later on.

We use the ergo whenever we go out with Tasmyn. She loves it and so do DH and I, it's very comfy and easy to put on and off, plus the insert keeps baby snuggly and warm (it's winter here). But we don't really use it around the house.

Our favourite carrier for home use is the moby, I love how comfy it is for both me and baby (in fact she's sleeping in it right now). The only down side is that it is a bit fiddly to put on and if Tasmyn is fussing sometimes I can't be bothered to take the time to wrap/tie the moby.  That's where the mei tai comes in - it's super quick to put on and is more comfortable than the ring sling.


I am starting to think maybe I should try a woven wrap as well because I really want to get into back carries and also I know that soon enough Tasmyn will probably be too heavy for the moby (she's already 13 lbs at 9 weeks old). A friend has a whole stash of them so maybe I will borrow one from her. I don't want to get addicted though - there is a facebook babywearing sell/swap group over here and there are always so many beeeeauuutiful ones for sale.

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The main difference between a tula and a beco seems to be that the beco can have its straps crossed in the back and it has a narrower seat.  I prefer the tula bc it seems to support the M shape of the baby better and it has a little bit of padding for the baby's legs.  beco butterflys also have fabric in between you and the baby and tulas do not. 

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I have a boba which I luuuurve. It's very trim and super comfy to wear. We also do the Moby sometimes, it's a little hot for it right now though. I really want a didymos woven wrap http://www.didymos.de/en/Babywearing/DIDYMOS-Baby-Wrap-Sling/2/ they're very spendy though, so like Chap, I might try and get off of our local Facebook sell/swap group. Those ladies have some beautiful wraps! I can see how they can become like a shoe addiction.
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seriously, i almost can't afford to be friends with you guys right now! as if my overpriced diaper bag obsession wasn't enough to send my dh over the edge, now i can't stop searching for *perfect* carrier... i will totally blame you guys when the UPS guy shows up at my house AGAIN! (and, yes, we are totally on a first name basis)

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