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We have been using woven wraps with Nora almost exclusively. We have a few different brands/lengths and I am loving them. They all feel really secure, definitely more than the stretchy wrap that I used with Kai. One of the best things about them is that I can get Nora on my back and she can look over my shoulder as I am going about my business until she falls off to sleep (which is usually pretty quickly...the other awesome part). The other thing that I like over other carriers is how versatile they are. There are literally tons of different ways to use the wrap which can be really comfortable. The worst part about them is that there are so many really really pretty wraps out there calling my name. I just bought a fourth, which I rationalized by remembering that we have hardly purchased anything for Nora at all. A few clothes and some diapers....so really, I have still spent way less than when Kai was on the way to us/just arrived and we didn't have a lot left from him since Nora was completely a surprise baby. I still use a ring sling for times where we are going to be in and out a lot...like running multiple errands.

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I have been using the Ergo most while DH prefers the Beco.


I have given up on the infant insert in the Ergo because DS is just too long, but have found a way around that which may work for others who are struggling with it being too wide (ie, baby can't open legs that far yet. I stick one leg out the side like normal, while his other leg hangs down under the belt. He is still in a seated position in the seat so feels pretty secure. I wore him on two cross-country plane trips that way and through 4 airports this week that way and it worked really well.


I'm actually selling my Mei Tai and SnuggyBaby wrap (which I love but just don't use) on Diaperswappers.


The Ergo is it for me. I HAD to have the Beco because I was just sure I would love it even more and it is way prettier, but I actually prefer my old Ergo. I'll keep the Beco though since DH really likes it.

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Chiro, you make me laugh.  From the Costco woman who gave me all her wraps I got a Storch, and it is quite wonderful.  Although, in these hot, hot days I am really loving my Wrapsody Breeze.  It is so light, I hardly notice it on, especially compared to the Moby which I had been wearing.  I have to say, I think I'm going to love the woven especially once it cools down a bit.


So let's see, here's my list:


2 ring slings - I don't love because they either restrict movement or cut into my neck.  I do use them to nurse in though, and for quick trips when I don't want to wrap up.

3 Mobys - Absolutely love, but they are too hot right now in these summer months.

1 Storch woven - LOVE!

1 Wrapsody Breeze - LOVE!

1 Ergo - This my second Ergo, because I wore my first out. I use it all the time, but not until my babies are about 6 months old.  I think now that I have a woven I may not use the Ergo exclusively, but I do love how easy it is to take on and off, and use on my back and such. 


Plus a couple more slings and wraps that I need to get rid of that were gifts or really old and not ones I like.


Yes, I'm obsessed, and I still spend way too much time drooling over carriers online, when I know there is no way to justify them.  Oh to be independently wealthy...

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kaismum- what wrap do you like best?  I like wraps but my shoulders get so sore and I get hot.  Is there a wrap that doesn't do this or a carry?


jenny- wow how awesome about all of those carriers!  I am seriously obsessed with carriers and I desperately want to find the perfect one for life for me.


ok here is the break down of my list so far....still working on it


- renting a beco butterfly.  I would definitely recommend this along with the ergo.  A point in the beco's corner is that little babies can be worn in it. I do not think it is as easy in and out as the ergo but it is a matter of 5 vs 10 seconds so no biggie.

-The next carrier I am getting is a tula ssc.  Seriously I dream about these things. It has padding in the legs for baby and darts at the bum for an even more ergonomic distribution.  the fabric snuggles the baby like a wrap but it has the support like an ergo and beco for the baby wearer.  It also has additional support that you can buy for wearing your baby throughout toddlerhood and has the option of an infant insert that makes more sense than the ergo infant insert.  Down side is it is pricey. I will definitely let you know how I like it, I am waiting a couple of weeks before I order it but it will be soon!

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I absolutely love baby wearing.  My babies are nearing 30# and getting really close to two years old and they still love being worn as much as I love wearing them.


I have been through five carriers as we searched for what worked best for us.


I had the baby bjorn and it was okay until they hit about 15#.  I had the dr sears ring sling wrap and it was great while they were tiny.  I had the Infantino front / back carrier and again, it was okay - front only - until they were about 15#.  I got a gently used metal frame back pack from a friend and thought I'd love it since the boys are bigger now ... but I hated it.  Finally, my favorite, my pick and I wouldn't have gone through so many if I would have started with this one ... is the Action Baby Carrier!  It's so comfortable and I'm still wearing my boys - one at a time!  The Action Baby Carrier will hold them until they are 40#.  I'll be sad when I can't wear them anymore!


Best wishes!

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I love my woven wraps! I have more than I need but I love each one for their different qualities and sizes. I also have a mei tai and a ring sling. The ring sling was useful for quick trips in the early days but now it just aggravates my shoulder. I like the mei tai for the quickness but she doesn't seem to like it right now. The wraps she loves! I even have my DH wrapping her when I am at work. 

There is a swap on facebook (for those who use facebook) where you can find some great carriers and wraps as well as thebabywearer.com



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I have a a Girasol which is really soft and smooshy, it is short, so I use it mostly for a quick ruck under the bum. It is great though because there isn't a lot of extra fabric hanging around and there is nothing on the front of me, so I stay pretty cool and the smooshiness of the wrap makes it less diggy on my shoulders. We also have a longer (size 6) Hoppediz Light. It is super for the summer weather and I use it to do a ruck tied tibetan which takes a lot of the pressure off of the shoulders or a kangaroo front carry which doesn't get too hot because it is a single layer of fabric on the front with crossed straps in the back and the shoulders are spread out a bit so it isn't diggy or hard on them either. The other wrap is a hemp Indio which I have mostly just used for kangaroo carries because it is short but sort of hard for me to deal with for back carries as the fabric is really grippy. We also have a Storch which I haven't used a whole lot yet because it is heavier weight and the longest wrap. I have used it a couple of times to do a double hammock which is really a comfortable back carry for longer lengths of time. I like this blog post: http://www.becomingmamas.com/babywearing/wraps/  It gives links to videos for a bunch of different carries and talks about a lot of different brands of wraps. :)

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Thanks. That was super helpful input about wraps. I am just drooling over a ton of them. I have a bali breeze and i need something not long that wont dig in my shoulders. So i know the perfect ssc for me but not wrap. Any wrap advice welcome! And, long shot i know, anyone have a wrap i can borrow/try out?
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I'm going gaga over wrapping!






I'm also feeling the pull of wrap stash development. I have two right now, and I use both a LOT. I want MORE!!!

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Has anyone used a Boba Air? It seems they are very light-weight and easy to have with you but are they made for every day use? I noticed it is not as structured (or expensive) as the 3G.

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not sure about the boba?  so...if you are wrapping, what is your favorite wrap and why?

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I'm wrapping, and I have three very different wraps. Ellevill Zara Fresh, Storchenwenge ("Storch") Vicky, and Natibaby Gears. The zara is grippy and light and thin and I love love love it. It's my favorite and it's definitely the coolest of the three for the Summer. The Vicky is nice and cushy, more so than the Zara. The Gears is thick and cushy, still needs breaking in, and warm. I'm head over heels for the zara. 

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I scored a zara aubergine 6! on facebook- thanks for the direct rik!!  I could not be more excited!!!!!  Pics and reviews later.  Not getting a tula, looks like DD is a wrap baby. So, I have gone down the wrapping rabbit hole...  Now, to figure out back carries as well as Rosie :)

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I'll read through everything in a second but just wanted to say that ergo has some sales on carriers and I combined the sale with a 10% coupon code  and got an ergo for hubs for $70.00 brand new. coupon code is girlsgonechild10

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I have to stop reading threads like this, I really want a non strectchy wrap and maybe I should have spent the money that I shouldn't have spent on the ergo on a non stretchy wrap but I had this image of an ergo for Hubs with a Jedi logo on it and HAD let it go but then the stupid link to the sale popped up and I succumbed. I get stupid with money sometimes when we have a little extra, which isn't actually extra b/c I should have left it for fixing my car and I still haven't told Hubs what I bought, only that a package was coming. 


off the tangent and back to wraps, I tried that back carry with my moby (before I knew you weren't supposed to) and I LOVED it. What type of fabric are you supposed to use because I am thinking maybe I could make one or something.

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Courtney, I think the key for the fabric choice is that it can't have stretch along any direction. Anything tightly woven may work. I'm betting thebabywearer has a thread or two on DIY wrap fabric choices. I'll take a look; I'm curious myself.
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courtney- I have a wrap you can try first if you want?  I think there are definitely pros and cons to either a wrap or a carrier.  I loved my ergo with DS.  It is super easy on and off and nice on the shoulders.  I really liked the versatility with DH wearing it.  On the other hand, DD only likes wraps because she cannot seem to sleep in the ergo. I feel like the wrap fits better on me but is not as easy to just pop her in and out.  I wouldn't feel bad about buying an ergo, it is a good carrier! and from what I saw, cora seems to like sscs a lot :)

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oh and rosie, what carry is that? I have tried several back carries with DD and she loves them, yay for the zara!  No problem with sleeping for her, I am just trying to figure out which carry fits me best.  Courtney, the baby wearer website is really helpful, and addictive :)


kaismum- I am definitely looking at getting a girasol for my short wrap, they are just so pretty!

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The green wrap picture is a double hammock. It's our go-to carry at the moment, for anything longer than 5 minutes. The other night I worked on a double rebozo shoulder to shoulder and LOVED it as a longer term carry (1-2hours). DRS2S on youtube...

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