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Thanks Chiro and Court for the support. I was better yesterday. Not completely but it was a pretty significant difference. My poor kids though. Yesterday DD (5 years) asked if they were driving me crazy again. Yikes! I tried to lighten the mood by telling her that DH was. I suppose that I've got to watch myself. My kiddos are old enough to remember my moods.


Saudade - I've never had a baby lose their hair. I find it very interesting that Lennon started losing hers at the same time that you did. Juliet was born with the darkest hair out of all of my babies so we'll see if it comes out at all. I haven't started noticing any hair loss on myself yet. "knock on wood"

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Saudade, my second lost her dark hair but I don't remember it falling out, maybe I wasn't looking closely enough, it was black amnd then it was blond.

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Jenny- thanks for pointing that out, I didn't even notice but yay for 1000th post!  I am glad you seem happy if your pg test were positive. I think I might literally fall over and die. Not because we don't want more kids but the past several months have been huge in transition and I need some normal before another pregnancy.  Plus, we are planning on adopting the next two so that would be a kink in our plans for sure.


saudade- not sure about the hair loss. DS definitely lost almost all of his hair around 2.5 months but I never saw it on the pillow.  He didn't have dark hair so maybe I didn't see it. I just remember being sad that his fell out.  I am so sorry that you are sad about supplementing. I completely understand and I would be sad too. Feel free to be sad but don't let it be a reflection of how good a mommy you are because you have been working so hard and doing awesome. Many hugs.


adore- sorry about the rough time/feeling at home. I have been feeling super down and blue and then I feel guilty because I really have a great life and no reason to feel that way.  I hope you feel better very soon. Glad the next day was better.


Arby- yeah my carrier obsession is insane. I think I have found the perfect carrier that combines the security/snuggles of a wrap with the support and ease of the ergo.  It is called a tula and it is made in poland. I am emailing the maker to get a better idea about my specifics.  I am going to sell my beco gemini and wraps to be able to get it because I do not need all of the carriers I have and I want an SCC for the support and ease.  So sorry about the daycare. is there another option?


Jess- I am sorry you are so discouraged, you are definitely working very hard!  Keep trying! You might not have to pump for a year, it is very possible that she can get the hang of it and latch soon. I am in awe, the little bit of pumping I did with ds I hated.


courtney- um ok I am ridiculously excited about you coming up to nc to visit!.  It isn't always 100 degrees up here lol. but yeah it can get horribly hot.  Hoping to catch a break in the next two days, for the past week it has been in the 100s with the "feels like" temp being in the 110s. crazy. I don't know how you do it with your DH out of town. I know you just have to do it but I am impressed. One of the reasons we moved was so that DH wouldn't have to work weekends regularly too. It seriously messes with my psychological/emotional state to not get a weekend with him at least every other week.


AFM- the whole noise thing feels like a hamster wheel because I want to help DD be adaptable to noise but I also don't want to spend all of my time now working on sleep. So, for the time being, we will just see what happens lol.  I have been feeling blue and I think part of it is the whole moving to different states and not being able to go anywhere in the car thing.  DD starts screaming 5-10 minutes in because she gets sleepy and wants to sleep but it takes her 30 minutes at the very least to fall asleep. I just cannot do that to her and DS.  It makes me sad because I have friends I want to visit but I cannot get to them and there are play dates that DS would really love but I cannot drive there.  On top of that, the crazy weather has made it so I can't get out to the park every day and it just sucks to be inside for a lot of the day every day of the week.  I hate being all sucky about life because I can't really complain.  DD is getting so crazy addictive because she will be awake a lot longer and so smilely.  I am still waiting for that elusive laugh but she does a shriek squeal thing that is adorable.  My shoulders are dying carrying her but I so cherish these snuggles. I have been so wistful about how grown up DS is now and how quickly it all happens. Definitely not ready to be done with babies.  Hope everyone is doing well. I really appreciate reading how everyone is, it might be some of my only social outlets for now.

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Courtney & Flavorfull: hope you gals enjoy your visit! Fun fun fun!

Jenny: Whoah! On pins and needles to hear about the result! I sometimes have fleeting thoughts of having another right away...but then it passes. I think we'll wait a couple years.

Arby: Sorry about the daycare sitch. Hope u all can find a solution that makes you comfortable.

Saudade & Jessi: I'm in awe of you both! So much dedication and strength with your nursing issues. Your babies are both so lucky to have such awesome mamas!

Nic: Sorry about the job loss. Change can be sooo stressful! I hope everything works out for you guys.

AFM: Things are going well. I'm loving our Boba and Moby (actually its a cuddly wrap...but same thing). I'm wishing I had a ring sling too...hmm, might have to keep my eyes peeled for good deals.

It's a heat wave here. HOT HOT! It's 35 Celsius (95 fahrenheit) today, which is pretty hot for where we live. Most people don't have air conditioning (us included) so the nights are pretty sticky.

Good news! The Breastfeeding Action Commitee in our city was successful in campaigning for a milk donation depot to open here. The main donation centre is in Calgary, but starting in a couple months, we can drop our donated milk off at a hospital here in Edmonton to be sent to Calgary for processing. And when babies here need the milk it's shipped back. Yay! Now I know what to do with my giant freezer stash (oversupply). Holden won't take a bottle, and I don't go back to work until next March.
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Jenny-- Must post results soon!! I think we're all waiting with baited breath!  In a world where i got to stay home with the babies, i wouldn't totally mind being preggo again :) 


courtney and flavorful-- i'm SOOO jealous of your visit! Hope you guys have a wonderful visit!


Day-- so exciting about the milk situation.  wonderful to know that babies who need milk now have a way to get it!


AFM-- so for the past 2 weeks i have been suffering from a migraine..ugh.  2 solid weeks of 8/10 pain, just trying to make it through the day most of the time. I have been so miserable.  I mentioned it to a friend and she thought it was a combination of exhaustion and dehydration, and suggested gatorade.  by friday morning  i was so bad off that i had to call dh home from work (which has only happened 2x in our 10 years together) looking back, friday morning is a complete blur.  at some point both my mom and dh were here, and i was back in bed.  not sure how that came together.  anyway, about 2 gallons of gatorade and many hours of sleep later, i felt much better.  by sunday morning, i woke up without pain, but with double vision...ugh.  it cleared up quickly but still kind of freaked me out.  anyway, i seem close to normal now, but we'll see how the vision goes tomorrow morning.  I feel like i'm finally coming out of a fog i didn't know i was in.  guess my life is a little more draining than i realized, and i am now trying to find ways to calm things down a bit.  


in other news, i think ds has grown out of his swaddle blanket.  it's an absolute must have, as it's the only way he sleeps, so i was wondering if you guys have any favorite blankets to recommend? 

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saudade: H lost all of his hair in the week after birth and currently has this old-man look with hair just at the base of his neck. It looks like more is growing in though, so I'm waiting to see what his hair color ends up being.


flav: let me know how you like that Polish carrier!


chiro: I had wicked migraines in the first few weeks PP, and I seriously don't know how to treat them without aspirin. did re-hydrating help you at all?


I'm actually feeling better about the daycare, I just think it's hard for me to admit that I need to go back to work. I have absolutely no career to speak of and working in service is going to be so hard while breastfeeding. I mean, taking a pump break when I have a full section? Impossible. We need the income, but I'm worried it's going to be very very hard and very very stressful and still just a crappy waitressing job. (I'm whining so much, sorry).


Okay, now here's my query. I seriously think I might have an early teether on my hands. DH thinks I'm nuts, but mellow guy Heron has suddenly taken a turn for the fussy (especially around feedings) and has given me some serious chomps on the nipple. He's drooling like crazy and biting on his fingers. I really feel clueless when it comes to teething help and I have nothing on hand. Do I need to buy one of those sophie giraffes that everyone has? they seem so expensive for a chew toy!

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Chiro - What about a larger piece of baby flannel for a big swaddle blanket? If you sew you can stitch up the edges to keep it from fraying.


Arby- it is totally possible. My cousin had a 2 1/2 month old with teeth! We have Sophie but my kiddos never really chewed on her so I would say, save your money. I have always loved Hylands teething tablets when my kiddos were miserable with teething pain. Also, if you wet a washcloth and freeze it, that might make a nice little chewie for your babe. I'm sure that there are other great ideas out there too! 

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Sorry ladies, I had a busy weekend.  I am feeling much better. I haven't done a pregnancy test, but I'm 99.9% sure I'm not (although every time I have to pee sooner than I think I should, or feel at all sick, or anything else weird, we joke that I am.) The only reason it is even worth entertaining is that DS sleeps so well at night, and so the chances of my fertility returning soon are a lot greater.  My other two boys ate every two hours until they were 15-18 months old, so I didn't get AF back until I night weaned them.  This little one usually only wakes up once in the night, and it's often not until morning (5 am).  Sometimes he doesn't wake up at all.  It's wonderful, but the chance of ovulating is much greater because of it.  If I ever do get around to getting a test at the dollar store, I will let you ladies know.


For those of us feeling pretty miserable lately, I wonder if it's a 3 month thing or something. The end of last week I was seriously the worst mother on earth. I was in such a bad mood for three whole days. I remembered that I hadn't been taking my placenta for a few weeks, so I've started up on that again.  I am feeling better yesterday and today, so maybe it's working.  Seriously though, maybe there's something about the 3 month mark that brings on the baby blues, because I've been feeling it too. 


My sister-in-law who's baby died last year had a baby on Friday morning.  She had the most perfect VBAC, and baby is good and healthy. Of course the nurses insisted on supplementing, and so she's struggling with BFing, but I think she'll get it all figured out.  It makes DH mad when I suggest that things that happen with my inlaws are their fault and not just the doctor's/nurses', but it seriously makes me mad when people don't stand up for themselves and do what they know is right.  At the family dinner last night everyone was saying things like, "Well, you have to obey them, but I wonder if there are other options" and "They wouldn't let her breastfeed because they had to get an accurate blood sugar reading."  I just bite my tongue... HARD!


Off to the rodeo today in the blazing heat with all the littles and my two nieces.  Wish me luck!

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Arby: Again our babies are kindred spirits! I was just saying yesterday that I think Holden is starting to teeth. Very drooly, spit bubbles, chewing on his hands, and sucking on his bottom lip. We'll wait and see if any teeth come of this smile.gif
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My DD also started losing her hair around 2 1/2 months, and we joke that she has male pattern baldness because so far she's only lost it on top! My hair started falling out like crazy about a week ago (3 months PP), but hopefully it won't follow the same pattern!

I think we have pre-teething going on over here. One day my totally chill baby started being fussy. And the drool, oh the drool! She always has her hands in her mouth in general, but now she seems to be chewing on them more than sucking. I thought it was straight up teething, but then I was reading Dr Sears and he says babies can start feeling pre-teething discomfort at 3-4 months. Right on schedule!
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in other news, i think ds has grown out of his swaddle blanket.  it's an absolute must have, as it's the only way he sleeps, so i was wondering if you guys have any favorite blankets to recommend? 

I've been using a miracle blanket but just folding up the bottom half now that her legs are too long to fit in the pouch. It works well to keep her arms swaddled but her legs free. Also easier to change a diaper or potty her in the night.

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Thanks lala I have the miracle blanket too. I will try folding up the pouch!
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arby-- I have gotten SOOOO much better with rehydrating. I have had to use meds too this time, but they didn't do anywhere near what the gatorade did for me.  I'm sure there must be a better way to hydrate, though.  gatorade just doesn't thrill me... any one have suggestions on rehydrating drinks that aren't essentialy sugar water??


Jenny-- glad you're feeling better.so happy for your sis in law's healthy baby! thats wonderful.  I would also have a VERY hard time biting my tongue! hopefully she will get the BFing down soon :) congrats to them both!


re teething: yep, we're there too. spit bubbles, chewing hands, etc.  although, Collin has started throwing up a lot of mucous, with no other sign/symptoms of illness.  do you guys think its teeting related??


oohhh, and i want to take a quick poll... (dh and i are currently having a bedtime *discussion*) .... for those of you with 3/4year olds.. what is bed time at your house? do you allow any tv time to unwind? if so, how much? we currently put dd to bed around 8.  at times i feel like thats too early, i would prefer 8:30, but DH would prefer 7:30, which i think is ridicuolous.  I don't even get home from work till 7 sometimes, and I NEED to see my child for more than 30 minutes... so anyway, i am interested in knowing what your bedtime routines are if you don't mind sharing!

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We aim for 8:30 with my four-year-old, but some nights it's more like 9. It's hard when we're all on a slightly later routine in the summer to remember to be good about it.

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Jenny: Whoah! On pins and needles to hear about the result! I sometimes have fleeting thoughts of having another right away...but then it passes. I think we'll wait a couple years.


day- I think this is hilariously cute because I remember you saying earlier at some point (i think that you would only have one...sounds like you're keeping the options open now!


I am soooo bad at individual responses, but you all seem like you are triumphing through all sorts of problems and i am so glad to 'know' you.


arby- I also have no career to speak of and worked in the service industry for years and i am sooo with you, i can;t even IMAGINE taking a break to pump with a full section. good luck!


rosie also seems to be pre-teething. she is drooling all over the place and sucking/biting at her fingers but so far is no more fussy than she was before. i actually didn't think anything of it but my in-laws were in town for the week and my MIL was sue she had started the teething process.  In other news, my one year old kitty died last week. I am completely heartbroken and felt like such a bad kitty mama because since rosebud was born i really hadn't been giving him the amount of attention i had been while pregnant (he was my pre-baby baby and snuggled through the worst of my miserable pregnant days.) this weekend i felt like a bad mom to rosie because i was bawling about the kitty all weekend and maybe wasn't giving her quite the attention that she deserves either. she was cooing and smiling at me all the while, though. i feel like the worst of my mourning is over now but why is it so hard to lose a pet? i can't even imagine losing a child :( I hope you are all well and enjoying these wonderful babies we have!

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bedtimes is 8 but that really means 8:30 sometimes 9. and now that it is summer 9 is sometimes 10. During the school year it is 7:30-8 for the 6 year old who needs a lot of sleep and the 9 year old has to be in bed by9-9:30, she doesn't usually fall asleep until after 11, she doesn't need very much sleep. The 3 year old has just recently started to have to go down with her sisters. i think 7:30 is insane early. I have a friend who puts her kids to bed then but I think my kids would mutiny. The neighbors across the street have their kids in bed by 6:30. If you don't get home until 7, no way would I put them down half an our later. I'd do 8:30. what does the morning situation look like? How much sleep does he need? We individualized bedtime because that is what our kids needed.


Cora is always drooling, copious amounts! She chews on her hands often as well, not sure if it's teething or just what she does.


so the other day she rolled from her back to her side and you could tell she was super pleased with herself, I bet when she rolls all the way over she'll think she's a superstar!

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day- we did not have ac in NY and for the most part it was awesome but when it gets hot, ugh sticky nights are no fun!


chiro- sorry about the migraine, that sounds awful! I am glad you were able to get hydrated. I just make my own "gatorade" with salt, lemon juice and a bit of sugar or honey.  Two parts water to one part real apple juice is supposed to be the best natural hydrator. tastes gross though :)  bedtime is a range of 7:30-9 for DS depending on- his nap length, how tired he is, if I made dinner early enough and most importantly, what time DH gets home.  I would rather keep him up to eat and play w daddy. DS also prefers later bed times and gets up around 7 or 7:30.  For the most part he is done and doing books w dad around 8-8:30.  we never do tv to unwind and usually not at all bc ds gets more hyper/doesnt listen as well after any tv.


arby- no idea about the sophie, people alway seem to like them. DS seemed to teeth for a couple of months before he got his first tooth. DD is super drooly and fussy too but cannot seem to find or care about her hands.


jenny- congrats to your sister! It is so hard to bite my tongue around the in laws. My SIL is pg and induced her first bc her parents were coming in town and she wanted to have them there. she wasn't even over due and the baby was little. I am hoping ths time goes smoother.


tara- i am so sorry about your kitty. many hugs, that is super hard and sad.


courtney- dd seems proud of herself when she gets her stuff together enough to get out a coo or squeal. it is hilarious to watch. she gets so focussed on listening/watching everything else that she has a hard time keeping up her end of the conversation. ds is such an extrovert she will have to figurer out when to just break in and talk lol.


be back later ds just got up!

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Ok back for a few seconds. here is my insanity...I cannot figure out which tula I want. I have narrowed it down to two prints  Print1 and Print2.  I like them both but I don't really like the green in print1. I think I feel a lot of pressure because it is so much money.  If I could afford whatever I wanted blah blah blah, this one is the one I would get. Dh doesn't like it because he says it is too 80s, well and the price but I think it is pretty!  I might wait for this print to come out and then do that one. I am selling my beco and bali breeze wrap for it because it seems like this will be the carrier that works for me for the rest of DD's babywearing time. I have done a lot of researching for what I want and this seems like the best type but it feels like a big decision.  DD is still worn all day during any of her sleep time. Which one would you choose?


I am all about being indecisive today. We are going to repaint our living room in the house. It is where we are the majority of the day and it is an ugly yellow that believe it or not, makes the room seem darker!  It is weird. So I have paint sample papers taped up everywhere and two squares of sample paint on the wall and I still don't know what I want. oh well, some day I will get my brain together enough to figure it out.

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I like print one. Those are cute carriers...but it looks like it might be uncomfortable under the arms. Do these not cross across the back?


I think I changed my mind...the elephants are soooo cute! I understand why you can't decide! Looks like a Beco...they have cute prints too!

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Tara: I know hey?! I was dead set against having more than one...but now I'm dreaming of like 3! Crazy how that happens wink1.gif

Flavor: I love them both. Although I do love the elephants a little more.
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