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I like print one or the carnival print -- mostly the carnival one!
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ok so get this, last night the website I like has a drawing to win the tula of my dreams for a super discounted price!  It was a wrap conversion of a woven wrap I love made into a tula.  So, I won! But major bummer. two were up that were the standard baby size and one was a toddler one. I only registered to win the baby ones but it looks like they pooled everyone together regardless of size wanted.  So I won the toddler one and had to turn it down :(  cannot say how bummed I am.

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bummer flav!

Just wanted to pop in to share my most recent amazement. I've heard countless times that drying cloth diapers in the sun bleaches out the stains, but never truly realized how well it works until today! Whoah! Our formerly yellow stained dipes are now beautiful snowy white! I love it when things exceed my expectations smile.gif
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Flavor - what a bummer!

Day - it is quite awesome isn't it???


Does anyone else have a babe that spits up a lot? Juliet is pretty happy for the most part but she spits up A LOT. When it is really bad her middle seems to get tense and she is fussy. I've taken her in for Cranial Sacral twice and it REALLY helped this last time but it looks like we'll have to go in again.

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I caught up but no time for personals as I promised myself that I would spend time knitting tonight instead of cleaning and facebooking. 


Nora is making progress with the car. I have had about three trips where she has been happy-ish on all legs. Including one trip with three stops. I am hoping this means that it won't be too difficult to get to our family lake house next week. Fingers tightly crossed on that one. I am considering putting Nora's convertible in thinking that it might be more comfortable for her than her bucket seat. But, the thing that is holding me back is that it will need to be behind the passenger seat making it more difficult for me to reach her when my husband is driving and I would be able to do something...even if just hold a hand. I wish car seats didn't have to be so giant sized.


Speaking of cars....anyone have a volvo wagon with trunk seats? We just traded a VW wagon in for one a few weeks ago and I am curious about those back seats. The manual says they are for kids 50-80 lbs as is a built in booster in the middle of the backseat. But, in WI kids under 8 and 80lbs are required to be in boosters. So, if they are built to function like the seat with the built in booster does it count as a booster? DS sat back there (for fun, not with the car moving) and the seat belt hits everywhere safely and the hatch is steel, not fiber glass. I guess overall, I feel like it could be safe to use from time to time but am just really wondering about the legality and also if anyone else has used them. I was thinking about calling our DOT but forget during business hours on a daily basis.


I can't remember who asked about sleep in a noisy house, but we use a fan or a white noise machine for everyone. And closed doors. Nora seems to be able to sleep through most of Kai's crazy loud stuff so far, I am hoping that sticks. She actually is an amazing sleeper in general and everyday I hope that it continues. I keep thinking that as soon as she starts teething or hitting big developmental milestones it will come to an end. 


My first LLL meeting in about four months was today. It is crazy how much babies grow when you don't see them for a stretch like that! All the moms babies are suddenly toddlers or on the verge of being toddlers. We had five leaders for a short time and one moved, one retired and another decided it wasn't compatible with her other obligations within six months or so of each other. So, now there are just two of us and it is so hard to do anything extra or raise any money to do anything extra. Thankfully, just this week, two awesome moms approached me about pursuing leadership. I am really hoping they work out. 

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Kaismum, any tips on getting someone through the LA process? We have two interested applicants but one is going VERY slowly and the other hasn't even done one BRG session (though she bought the books). It's down to two of us here too, and my co-leader is going phone only, opening up a private practice IBCLC, and clearly transitioning out of LLL. I don't know if I can lead a group by myself, and then there's the whole do I want to bow out of LLL and reaffiliate with Breastfeeding USA?

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Cora spits up a lot, like bubbles from her mouth almost half the time.


gah I read everything early than had to leave the computer and now I don't remember everything I read.

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sfmb - We have mostly done weekly meetings at times when mamas could meet without little ones to manage, also so that the meetings can be kept short. Of course if that is not possible we really just meet whenever is good for the applicant. We talk each meeting about what we will cover at the next meeting. The applicant chooses what we will do and when we will meet, so it is self directed, but structured enough that it doesn't take a year to get through the application process. We also focus mostly on meeting and helping stuff and talk in depth only about the breastfeeding specific stuff that the applicant has questions about. It was seeming that we were spending time talking about stuff that applicants knew well instead of focusing on what they needed more information about and mostly it was how to be a leader not so much the breastfeeding specific stuff. We check on breastfeeding knowledge more during the preview and trust that they are looking more in depth into the areas where their knowledge is not as strong until then. So, our preview is usually a little more involved than some might be. I try to remind them also that they don't have to be an expert on every aspect of every breastfeeding challenge that can crop up, but they do need to know where to find the information and a clear way to translate that information to moms...so that they are not spending a week reading about IGT or something. Did that make sense? I feel like I am not making sense at all this morning. Too much on my mind I guess. 

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SFMB and Kaismum, I've got 4 LAs starting in September, and I'm freaking out just a bit!  It will be good, because right now I'm a lone leader, so having some help will be nice, but I'm really hoping I can handle the LA process with 4 moms.  On the other hand, I kind of figured that if I was doing one I may as well do all...  We'll see if I survive. I'm glad I don't have to deal with all the International/Breastfeeding USA garbage. It was just starting up when I left Michigan. Things are much smaller in Canada, and much happier! 

I'm heading on vacation with just me and my 3 boys on Monday.  I'm going to my family's cabin in Idaho for a few weeks (kay, maybe I will stay a month...).  I'm super stressed about it, going all alone, but I'm just as stressed being at home where everything's a mess and I want to be at the lake. My mom will be there next Thursday, and DH will come at the beginning of August, so it won't be that bad, but still - it is going to be a major mothering test for me.  The good thing is, I will be away from the internet for a while (I spend way too much time in front of the computer), I will be able to sun my diapers, I will be able to knit as much as I want while the boys play in the lake.  I hope it's fun.

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Jenny, you will have a great time and will totally be able to handle this!!


I'm beginning to wonder how my 12 hour drive to north Carolina with all 4 girls will go, the thing I dread the most, is every time someone has to pee i will have to unload all the girls. When the whole family went on the trip one of us could stay in the car, especially when one of the others was asleep, plus I have to figure out when I will drive, where I will stop. if we should sleep somewhere overnight, etc. I really don't want to have to pay for a hotel but sleeping in a rest area with 4 kids is insane. I so wish I knew someone half way up.  I suppose I could do 2-6 hour driving shifts and just get out and play somewhere  halfway. Hubs is really good at driving into the night even after a long days work, I am not good at driving at night because my eyes want to close.


In Coraline news, she rolled over two days ago for the first time, from belly to back, I missed it of course. She was on her belly and then i turned around, grabbed my phone to see if my pregnant friend who I am doulaing for had called and then when I turned back around she was on her back.

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Just a quick note for Courtney... Could you bring a training potty seat in the car for the drive? A friend of mine lines a plastic grocery bag with a disposable diaper that she cuts in half, and puts that in the potty chair, then the kids use the chair on long trips and all she has is a diaper to dispose of. It may be a lifesaver if one has to pee and the others are asleep. Just a thought. Will be back later...
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