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Jury duty anyone?

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So here I am, minding my own business, when DM calls.  They got a letter summoning me to jury duty.  Being that juries are overseen by the government, its only natural for them to call me up by my maiden name, at my parents house, after I have gotten preggers with DB#2 and have been married for several years.  I'm calling in to get out but its a pain since, of course, I don't have the letter in hand.


To even go for the first day of summons, I would need to get someone to watch DD all day (its an eight hour wait to be called on average).  Also, I have no ID under my maiden name.   If I get called for jury duty for reals, no way is the "pay" covering the cost of childcare.  And what am I going to do on a jury, call a recess so I can hit the women's room every 20 minutes? Also, food: I need it every so often or we will be recessing because I threw up.  Yup, I'm still sick.


Okay, rant over *sigh*. 


PS  I am totally going if they say I need to, I'm not going to skip, I'm just frusterated that they can't find enough non pregnant people to do this.  I actually wanted to go during college for the experience (law is fun to me, what can I say?).  Of course, no one called me then....

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Last time I got called for the same week as my due date! Luckily there was a box to check if you were pregnant, my midwife wrote a note, and that was the end of that.

See if you can send in a note to get out of it ahead of time.

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You won't have to go if you get a letter from your MW. To be honest, I got called years ago and was too flaky and busy and just never got back to them and missed the date and everything and never heard another word...so...not that I recommend my method, but its not like they are gonna show up at your house {uh, they don't even know where you live} and drag you there ; )


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I have been called twice (and like you would have LOVED to do it...just after kids it was more difficult). The first time I wrote a letter stating that I was a stay at home mom and that it would cause great financial hard ship to have to find child care for DD. They accepted that and I never heard another word.


The second time I was called was when DS was about a year old and was nursing. They made me get a note from my doctor stating that I was breastfeeding. Once I had that they excused me.


I would love to do it one day....maybe when my kids are grown. orngbiggrin.gif

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I got called in the same week that I have an anatomy scan and am supposed to go in for a thyroid check. I can move both appointments, but I kind of just want to get jury duty over with. I'm going to try and call in--I'm hoping being 20 weeks pregnant with twins will allow me to go home. I'd love to serve, just not now.

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Thanks everyone!  Its nice to know I'm not the only one.  I'm going, officially, and hopefully it will be interesting.   By calling, I did learn the following


1.  Calling is a PAIN.  If you can at all do so before the "late date" just write a letter, it was two hours of calling in circles before I found the right human.  Also, call after one pm, the jury coordinator has to do orientation and might not have voice mail, but they DO come back after lunch.


2.  By calling, you can find out the schedule for jury selection.  Friday is traffic court/one day cases for us, and purportedly they make people hurry up with jury selection so that all the trials are set before noon.  Guess which day I asked for.  Hey, I want to do it, but a three week trial would really strain my friends and family.  Its not THAT big a contribution to society...


3. In my county, I asked about being excused, and they said a letter from my midwife (or OB or about hardship or kids or anything) won't excuse me fully just delay service for a year.  They said by phone I can orally push it back a year once, and could keep coming back each year with a documented excuse and they will move it back another year.  But it never goes away.


4.  Everyone who has ever gone says, if you want out, just act professional and intelligent or big mouthed and fringey.  


 I kinda wanted to before anyway, so why not just do it.  And be off the hook for at least two years :)  

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They called numbers 86-182, and my number was 71.  Whew!  We'd have had to get baby up two hours before her usual morning bottle to get everywhere in time with one car, and G_d had mercy on us and let me "sleep in" (oh how luxurious my normal alarm felt this morning!). Its amazing how little things feel so good when you are threatened with losing them.

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I ended up serving two days this week. They called 1-400, I was #6. I ended up being selected for a civil trial. The judge did ask if I'd be okay sitting for 45mins-1 hour at a time, and I decided to just do it, since at this point, I don't have to worry about childcare.


It was actually pretty interesting, and we deliberated for about 5 minutes. Then we spent 10 minutes talking about whether we should let them know we were ready to deliver our decision so soon.

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