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spotlight on: Princessjules

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You're up!
What first led you to MDC?
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I just saw your kids are gonna be exactly one year apart. You just had a baby in September 2011? That is awesome. How are you preparing for your new situation, going from one to two?

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What do you do for work?

What is your dream job?

What's your specialty - a meal or dessert that you make better than anyone you know?



Just a side note - Adventures in Tandem Nursing by Hilary Flower (I think?) has awesome information on tandem nursing, and lots of info on nursing through pregnancy as well.  Totally worth a read if you haven't already.

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Did you do anything fun for the 4th? (Wait! Are you even in the US?)
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bumping- Aug 13-19 smile.gif
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Madimamcita - My mom recommended MDC to me when I was pregnant with DS 1. She is also a member so it is fun to talk about the different threads we see..


MissE - Yes Irish twins! I don't know anyone who has had kids this close together so I am kinda on my own in this area. Luckily we are expecting another boy so I don't have a lot of new things to buy, at least not right away. I am planning on getting a double stroller eventually but I liked wearing DS1 when he was little and will probably do the same with this one, so a double stroller is not a necessity yet. I am trying to get as much food prepared as I can for when this baby is born because DH will only be able to get a week off of work, which is better than nothing! I am also reading everything I can get my hands on about Tandem nursing, looking at blogs and stuff like that... I am also trying to get some general deep cleaning done. I am running out of energy incredibly fast though!


Other than that I have not done a whole lot of prep for going from one to two, mainly because I don't know what to do. I can plan all I want but so much depends on the baby's temperament!  One thing I can say is that I am not worried about having enough love for the two of them, I never understood that... I love the baby so much already, I am not worried about having enough love to go around. Energy on the other hand...

DS is consistently around my baby bro who is 6 months younger, so he has had some practice at being gentle and we haven't had a whole lot of jealousy issues. I have also watched my parents introduce new siblings to small children (my younger bros are 6,4, 2 and 5 mos).. SO I have been really paying attention to that to try to  minimize sibling rivalry.. Other than that I really have no idea what I am doing or how I will cope... We have lots of support from both immediate families so we will have lots of help!

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mamalovex3 - I have been reading adventures in tandem nursing and LOVE it! I think I will have a hard time applying some of their great advice because my baby is too young for me to be able to reason with him or have him understand what is going on, but I have been talking to him about a new brother and more milk when the brother comes, just in case he understands lol


I used to work as a middle school teacher at a private Christian school. I love those kids but they also showed me how un-sneaky teens can be and I realized I must not have been nearly as clever as I thought I was when I was a teen... I quit last summer because I wanted to stay home with DS, but I do go to college full time, mostly online though.


My dream job is kind of boring but it combines my hobbies and my family. I would love to work at a mommy and baby second hand shop. I love going to second hand shops and finding stellar deals and I also think if I owned one I could have my kids with me and wouldn't have to be away from them for so long.


My favorite meal to make is calzones. Idk that I make them better than anyone I know but everyone I make them for raves about them... I also make a garlic butter sauce like Papa John's, to dip them in!


Crystal_Buffaloe - Yes, I am in the US! We went over to my parents house for burgers and fireworks, but DS didn't like the bright lights and loud noises from the fireworks so I ended up being inside during them greensad.gif... It was a fun night with the family though!

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The 4th is one of my favorite holidays, but we didn't do anything for DD's first two because of bedtime and noise issues ... and I'm wondering if we're out of commission for the next two as well with this bean :P We will see!

I think I had glanced at your signature and saw the "please let him start walking!" and assumed there was some kind of medical issue -- only reading this just now did I realize that he's just a baby! What kinds of things is your DS doing now? Cruising? How heavy is he? Can you still wear him? My sister and I are 13 months apart smile.gif
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No it's not a medical issue he is just so young! He is taking a few steps now so I am excited! Just having him able to hold my hand and walk to the bathroom with me will be a huge help after this baby gets here... He is a very active crawler and can crawl very quietly up the stairs in about 20 seconds. He also plays with his toys very happily and has started to try to stack blocks himself he only gets two stacked though, he always knocks it down when he tries to put a third block on -so cute though! He is pretty heavy but I am not sure exactly. Last time he was weighed he was 18 pounds so I am thinking he is around 20 now. I could still wear him in my ring sling but it can get a little awkward with my belly, thankfully he is happy to sit in a stroller or grocery cart when we are out.


Were you and your sister pals growing up? Me and my next youngest brother are 17 months apart and we always had each other to play with! It was nice cause our parents were pretty young when they had us so none of their friends had kids, so we always at least had each other. I know it will be hard when they are little but I expect them to grow up to be best buds. Especially since Jesse will be too little to remember having mommy all to himself.

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