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Fireworks?? Or no?

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We've skipped fire works the last 2 years, but I'd LOVE to go this year. They are just a mile from our house. Last year I could see a few over the trees as I stood outside with the baby monitor. :) 


My son is 21 months, and sometimes can be startled by loud sounds, but if he's ready for them he's fine. My bigger concern is whether or not it will totally scre up bedtime. He's normally asleep by 9 and the fireworks start at 9:30. We are planning on leaving around 8 and walking then just hanging out in the park till they start. 


Anyone else bringing their toddlers to fireworks? Ours our tomorrow... 

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It will screw up bedtime, but I would do it.  Bring earplugs for your ds, just in case, or be prepared to leave if it bothers him.  If you can find a good viewing spot at a distance where the noise and crowd aren't so intense, that's even better. 

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We do have noise blocking headphones for him. Thanks for the reminder. My hope is he will fall asleep on the walk home. :) 

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I would definitely try it out. Our little one is usually in bed by 8pm but we are going to try to adjust her nap to a little later in the day so she can hang a little longer and see the firework show that starts at 9pm. I know she would LOVE it! It's just one day...right? Have fun!
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I agree with the others.  I actually brought my son (20 months) last year, and he liked it.  He had a short attention span, but we had kept our distance from the crowd, so it wasn't so bad.  He fell asleep on the way home, and he did fine.  He slept in the next morning, then we were able to get things back to normal pretty quick.  We'll take him again this year :)


Your son is probably old enough that you can warn him about the noise, too.  I would talk about it, and if you are able, do a little count down before the first big booms :)

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So last night things went great (for anyone thinking of going tonight). My son loved the fireworks and the other kids there, he fell asleep in my lap near the end of the fireworks and and I laid him in the wagon and he slept the whole walk home. The only issue is that he got up really early this morning and is pretty crabby, with a big family party ahead of us today. So Hopefully tonight he catches up on some sleep! 

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