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National Breastfeeding Awareness Week - "BREASTFEEDING CELEBRATION!"

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National Breastfeeding Awareness Week is celebrated each year during the first week of August. This year we are organizing a "breastfeeding celebration" at the local Whole Foods to help raise awareness about the importance of breastfeeding (AND to rebuke the negative publicity that the Time magazine article imprinted on the world). 
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to plan  this type of event?
This is my first time planning one.  I started a FB page to handle all of the responses I'm anticipating.
Any ideas on marketing and press releases?  Should I contact the store manager at Whole Foods and let them know our plan, perhaps they will be interested in supporting our cause too?  Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.
I'm based out of the Boston area.

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Subscribing to the thread for ideas and info. thumb.gif

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Yay for nurse-ins!  Just curious... why Whole Foods in particular?  My initial thought is, "you'll be preaching to the choir, honey".    


Good luck with everything! orngbiggrin.gif

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Thanks!  Hoping more mama's post some ideas here!  Is there a way to link this to my FB page for the "nurse-in?"

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Currently, no. Linking a post to your FB is a feature in development for our platform. But you can use the Facebook Connect feature. That would entail joining under your FB account using your FB username. If you want to do that just let me know and I'll help you through it. :)

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true.  however, the whole foods we are planning on nursing at is at an outdoor upscale mini-mall with lots of outdoor traffic, great publicity spot!  Also, Whole foods still sells formula so maybe we should nurse in that aisle?  j/k LOL!


Another plus is that our local news station is across the street from this mini-mall so, hopefully it will be an easy day for the camera guy!


originally one of the ideas was to nurse at "hooters" restaurant but that seemed a bit crass and there were plenty of mama's that didn't want to go there.  Also we didn't want any more negative publicity given the Times article.


Thanks!! good luck with your VBAC!  We just had our second in April and had an HVAC.  amazing experience, challenging but amazing!  all the best to you!!

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Yes, I'd love you to show me how to use the FB connect option.  thanks!

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Anyone have suggestions on where to get free brochures - pro breastfeeding?

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Hey New Voice, Welcome to Mothering. Here's a link to some ideas for using our International Breastfeeding Symbol for activism. You can download a free copy online. I think your ideas of Whole Foods and the local media are good. Is there any Call to Action? Is there a state breastfeeding law that you want to support? Do you want to educate people about the Baby Friendly Initiative or about getting formula samples out of hospitals? Do contact the WFM mananger. I've found the store in Santa Fe very supportive. They have let us use their community room for information tables and talks. You might want to add that as well. And, consider whether you want to do a nurse-in or some other event. Here's an Breastfeeding Action Guide blog I did that might have some ideas. 

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Originally Posted by newvoiceMOMMA View Post

true.  however, the whole foods we are planning on nursing at is at an outdoor upscale mini-mall with lots of outdoor traffic, great publicity spot!  Also, Whole foods still sells formula so maybe we should nurse in that aisle?  j/k LOL!

I get you're joining about being in the formula aisle but what is the issue with Whole Foods "still" selling formula? News flash here but lots of babies need formula for various reasons. I don't see anything offensive about a store selling a product that some children need. I think your nurse in idea is great and I wish you well with that but I hope you're careful in how you frame things so as to not offend people by making it sound like mothers who must at some point rely on formula are in any way failures. It's precisely that kind of attitude that prevents naturally minded mamas from being able to successfully share info. Best of luck with your nurse in.
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your absolutely right!  I was completely kidding about nursing in the formula aisle.  I completely agree that some mothers need to use formula for their own reasons and are certainly not a failure (that is not the message we want to give).  In an ideal world these mothers could get milk from a milk bank, donor, sister, etc.  I apologize if I was offensive in any way, just dry humor.  We are planning on nursing outside their front entrance area, there are lots of outdoor tables/chairs.  Thank you.  We are excited to promote a positive image for all breast feeding women.

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Wonderful!  Thanks for the great feedback Peggy!  I just contacted the MA breastfeeding Coalition to see what support they can offer.


I recently found out that as of July 1st all 49 MA hospitals are bag free!  



I'm excited to check out the links you provided.  Thank you!

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Awesome locale!  The foot-traffic and news station location sound ideal for the cause. thumb.gif  And good idea to nix the hooters idea. Haha! 


And thank you so very much for the V/HBAC good vibes. That was very sweet of you. luxlove.gif

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Whole Foods in Dedham is generously supporting us with snacks and beverages for the "nursing celebration." They are promoting it with in-store signage and on their FB page.  


We have also signed up with the biglatchon.org for the event!  Very exciting for the world of breastfeeding!!

Please spread the word if you know of anyone that would like to participate.

Our FB page is....http://www.facebook.com/groups/breastfeedingawareness

If you would like to be added to the page let me know!

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Oh this is just in time! Lately, I am experiencing a lot of "booby traps" coming from the mouths of new moms on Facebook. So frustrating. The more awareness the better. I am not in Boston but would like to put a like on your page anyway! 


Edit: Or join your group... ;)

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what's ur FB name, I will add you to the group!


Here's a fun new video I came across... supporting breastfeeding.  Good Luck!!


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