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Fireworks in the Bajingo Juice - TTC #1 in our 30's - July 2012 - Page 2

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Originally Posted by librarygirl View Post
I was sitting on the grass watching the fireworks, with the puppy in my lap on Wednesday and I couldn't help but think that maybe next year I'll be holding a baby, instead.



I had similar thoughts as I watched kids having fun at the parades we went to on the 4th.


Adding to the string of bad news, AF is paying me a visit as well. I think I'm settling in to TTC as the new normal. This month I was not as stressed/worrying about things and found the 2WW flew by. I'll be trying OPKs hardcore this month (tried last month but didn't POAS nearly often enough to catch it ... maybe once every 2 days!) so that gives me something different to channel my impatience at.


Good luck and happy summer to all!

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Please add me:)


31 TTC since February 2012

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Trying very hard not to symptom spot during this TWW but.....


I just posted this on a different thread but thought I'd share here, too.


We only DTD twice during my fertile window so I wasn't real hopeful and haven't been focusing on it too much but late last night (9DPO) I had a tiny bit of spotting. A little more this morning but now (at noon), it's seems to be stopping and it wasn't ever heavy, just a bit of light pink CM. I've also got a pinchy-pully feeling in my uterus last night and this morning (not bad just a tad uncomfortable). It's too early for me to spot for AF, unless I'm having a really strange cycle.

Against the sane part of my brain's advice, I just POAS and got a BFN but if I'm just now implanting, of course it's BFN. :) Going to try to wait until Friday but I'll probably use one of my $tree tests tomorrow just because i can't resist.


FX'd for me, please!

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I'm still waiting to O and I've got a stupid cold. I'm not feverish, which is great for my temps, but I can't breathe. Are the cold medicines likely to linger in my system any? 

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suzmo, I will add you to our list.

meg, I wouldn't think that cold medicines hang around very long

librarygirl, looking forward to seeing what is up with you and the early spotting.

AFM, AF is almost over.  I find it funny that so many of us are cycling at the same time. Reminds me of college when all my roommates seemed to have AF at the same time, but here we don't live together.  Interesting.

Yesterday was my 2nd wedding anniversary.  DH bought be a dozen roses and we went out to eat at olive garden. My belated birthday gift (ordered 3 weeks ago) showed up - a custom made dress.  I love it, fits well, and it is so pretty.  DH did well chosing from the several dresses I liked.

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BuffyAnne, sorry to hear of your loss.  I hope your stay here is short and that a BFP comes your way soon. I have added you to our list as well.

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Still spotting, still crampy, still BFN. I think AF is coming but all this spotting isn't normal for me. I need to make an appointment with my midwife and see what's going on. We had dinner the other night (she taught my Billings class and we had our "final", which was just hanging out and talking and looking at charts) and she was concerned by my 12 day luteal phase being too short and if I'm now spotting 3 days before that, that's not good.


I know I'm not out of the game until AF actually does show this month but I'm not feeling very hopeful right now.


On the plus side- I've had a migraine for two and a half weeks and if AF shows her ugly face, I can get vicodin to take, which should help, a lot! The doctor I saw last week for it simply shrugged off my pain and suffering and didn't even want to hear that I had a migraine (he treated me for a sinus infection, instead). When I asked for pain killers (I've taken vicodin, in moderation, for years) he said, "nope, only tylenol if you might be pregnant". I know that's the best, but honestly, I know a lot of women who have taken vicodin during pregnancy (on advice from ob). That kind of pain/stress from a month-long headache cannot be good for an embryo.


Okay, off to work another day, with a headache...The last one like this landed me in the emergency room for a shot of demerol. Really not wanting to go that route again. 

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AF arrived in full force just a bit after I posted that this morning. :( At least I was finally able to take some aspirin and advil and get headache to where I can at least work today.

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Librarygirl- What about Percocet? I know that one is okay for pregnancy. My RE gave it to me after retrieval last year and I know people who are currently pregnant and have taken it on OB recommendation.

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lilac: happy belated birthday! A custom made dress sounds like a wonderful and extravagant way to treat yourself! Best of luck on this new cycle. I'll keep my fingers crossed for an anniversary gift for you...


librarygirl: sorry about AF arriving though I assume you're probably relieved in a way to have some certainty. The not knowing and wondering is what gets me. You want to believe but not get your hopes up too much and then after a while you just want to get it over with.


AFM: waiting to O but I increased my vitex and checked cervical position today (CD12) and it was waaaay up there... I haven't used my LH strips since, based on past cycles, I wasn't expecting to O till after the 20th, but maybe I should check... It would be a happy coincidence that we BD'd yesterday just for fun.

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librarygirl, sorry that AF found you but hopefully you have gotten some pain relief.  A 2.5 week migraine sounds like no fun at all.


dakipode: I love my new dress!  Wore it to a baby dedication today and several people commented how pretty I was in the dress.  Great complements are always good!


AFM: had a fun day with friends who I used to spend a lot of time with before they had kids (one has a two year old little girl and the other a 5 month old).  We got to together to celebrate the 5 month old's baby dedication at church today.  Very special ceremony blessing the parents and little girl and consecrating them to the Lord as the parents raise the little girl.  It was so sweet.  Then we had a potluck at the park afterward.  DH and I stayed at the park party for about 3 hours and when we could stand the heat no longer (it was 93 degrees F) we came home.  Got to hold the baby, talk with my girl friends and have fun.  Much needed!

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Another Bajingo baby boy was born - really early - June 28th when he was due Oct. 1 - to dandylez .  Another fighter little boy is making his way in the world!

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Can I join in!? My name is Victoria, call me Torre for short. Husband and I have been NPNT/TTC since October, we started TTC last July, but put it on hold after I started having migraines. We have moved into the active "OH CRAP why aren't we pregnant yet phase", now though.... SIGHHHHHH... I've been a member of Mothering for a while. We have 2 little girls, have had somewhat of a rocky road but are on our way to better days. I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm last October after the migraines started (unrelated however) which has made for some stressful times. But we are committed to baby number 3 and are supposed to be seeing an infertility specialist August 1st. I've started temping and using OPK's again. Im gearing up to ovulate now, I think... Just wanted to stop in, say HOLA! Hope I can join the fun!

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Librarygirl- do you suffer with migraines often? I know I do! My Dr prescribed Fiorcet (which is caffeine, tylenol, and butalbitol). Most HCP's consider it safe during pregnancy and TTC. The Butalb is a barbiturate though so its only recommended no more than once or twice per week it CAN make headaches worse if taken too often. Be careful with Percocet (not trying to undermine anyone's advice at all, but im a nurse and work in a detox and it scares the pants off of me), while it's safe, its an Opiod and if overused can mimick heroin like withdrawals and can be addictive. Have you tried prevention? Magnesium can help as well as Vit b2 (Riboflavin) as a preventative measure. I've found those help me alot! I get hormonal migraines and tension migraines so of course Yoga and massage along with acupuncture and chiro if you are open to it help as well. I also keep a headache journal with the foods I ate that day! It can help you draw correlations between food and migraines. HTH! Migraines STINK!


OOOOO and I had a 8 day migraine in May and finally BENEDRYL saved me! I passed out for 16 hours, but I woke up headache free!

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There is a link to my chart BTW. Im 28 DH is 32 (almost 33) this is our 8th cycle

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Sometimes I really wonder about FF.  Today, it gave me cross hairs because last week i had wet CM and my temp "jumped", but I know that O should be coming soon, although no EWCM yet.  I am hoping for this weekend when DH and I are away at a family reunion where we can sleep in and relax in our hotel away from everything. I am wondering if my CM pattern is getting more normal now that I have been on thyroid drugs for 8 months. I was noticing that my O dates have been in the 14-16 day range and my last cycle was only 27 days long, not 35 like it used to be.

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Had EWCM yesterday.  Yeah!  Not much today.  I wonder who long it will last this month?  I am hoping for less than my usual 7 days.  DH and I are going away for the weekend so hopefully we can relax and have a little fun.

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lilac: happy BD'ing this weekend!


AFM: O arrived earlier than ever, CD18, very exciting, with accompanying EWCM, which I hadn't seen in a while either, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle.

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So far so good for a relaxing weekend.  Meeting lots of relatives that I haven't seen in probably 15 years.  Pretty cool.  Lots of time for BDing :)

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NanandAubie- I am wondering whether there is any interference I should worry about between Magnesium and Synthroid. I know I have to take my prenatals several hours away from the time I take Synthroid due to the iron, so I just want to avoid any other possible interactions as well.Separate issue from migraines, but I don't take Perc very often. However, when my Tramadol doesn't work for my Endo pain, I sometimes have to go to the Perc. Trying to avoid all narcotics right now though.

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