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Full moon baby

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Finally we have our little one. Hi ladies. Juniper Lee was born this morning at 1:01am. Full Moon will officially be 12noon today She was almost a week post Due date. Birth was very fast and intense. Less than 4 hours in hospital after nearly a week of prodormal (pre-labor). Sometimes called "false", but what a crock that is. I had several nights when contractions kept me up all night. She was 7lbs10-nearly 2 lbs more than dd1. I got my intervention free (except penicillin for GBS) birth- no pit, no pain meds. Midwife, nurses, doula, sis, and hubby were fantastic. Will post pics soon. Now, I am exhausted.
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Yay! Go full moon! Congratulations. Hope I'm posting a similar story soon... Looking forward to pics.
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yeah! congratulations on the birth of your little girl! what a wait you had!

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Congrats!  welcome to your little one.  i love her name!

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congratulations!  I admit.  I am jealous :)

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Picture Update (posted in a few spots)

Above:  Big sister in love

Below:  4th of July Morning-just over a day old



Feeling really strong and super happy.  My super fast labor kept us from getting the full dose of penicillin for GBS so they are keeping us until afternoon to make sure all her vitals stay so good, but the nurses have been so great and my sister is here taking care of my other daughter and will come pick us up later.  DH has to work today because the 4th is a big day for his job, but then he is taking 10 days off to be with us.  He was such a great birth partner (and keeps telling me how beautiful and inspiring I am) and is such a doting, glowing daddy, I am falling in love all over again.

All the other late mommies- any day now!  I can't wait to hear your stories.  

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So cute!  And I love the name :)

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