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Moving to Pueblo

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I am moving to Pueblo from CA in about a month and don't know much about the area. If anyone is from there or has been there and would like to tell me anything that comes to mind about the area I would be so thankful! Also, does anyone have nay referrals for good, selective/delay vax friendly pediatricians? TIA!

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I live in Pueblo West. It's a desert and It's windy. :) It is the smallest big town you'll ever live in (see everyone knows everyone), so be careful who you talk bad about. We've enjoyed living here, although we're moving next month for DH's job. 


We see Dr. Simony for our ped. The wait time in the waiting room is atrocious but I am happy overall with him as a ped.  

If you're looking for an OB (at any point in the future) Dr. Growney is your guy. I can't say enough good things about him and this is after I had an HBAC. I haven't had a live birth since then but he has cared for me with my 2 recent losses and he has been fantastic. I couldn't have asked for better. I have a great homebirth midwife too. :) 

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Thanks, I'll check out Dr. Simony. I am currently in a super small town so I think I cna handle it and I sure hope I need a midwife while I'm living there :).

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I just saw this today so you should be in Pueblo pretty soon. I live out east of Pueblo and have lived in or around Pueblo my entire life. We don't do doctors very often so I have no recommendations for you on that front, but there is a wonderful midwife in Colorado Springs that accepts Pueblo patients. I am using her right now for my 2nd pregnancy. I had really good luck with Dr. Fowler in Pueblo if you need an OBGYN anytime. Do you know where exactly you are moving to, like what side of town? We have a wonderful library, with lots of little library's all over town. In my personal opinion our school are horrible, so we plan to home school and I am the farthest thing from a social butterfly so I have had a lot of trouble making "mommy" friends. We go have a lot of wonderful farms out here in the county where I live though and lots of recreational things to do nearby like hiking, fishing, hunting. We also have quite a few festivals and parades coming up in the next few months. If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me or ask! I am not sure how hot it is where you are currently at but right now Pueblo is in a non-stop heat wave and almost every day has been over 105 so make sure you bring your shorts!

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Thanks! We will be living in Avondale, just outside the city. We are bringing our chickens so needed to find a more rural place. I am totally nervous about the climate. Where I live its like 40-65 year round so I have barely any summer clothes...I guess thats an excuse to go shopping! I'm planning to homeschool as well so I'm not too worried about schools. We leave on the 31st...It's going to be interesting travellingwith a baby, two cats, and chickens! 

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We live right before Avondale but thats what our mailing address is. Except for the heat and the wind I love it here. And fall is right around the corner so it will cool down soon. How many chickens do you have? We are trying to start a farm so we have chickens, ducks, a horse, dogs, cats, fish tanks and a snake. I told hubby no more animals but then I decided to trade a fish tank for a bird cage so we will be getting birds soon! I love animals. Have a safe journey here and I hope your move goes well! It's nice that like minded people will be in the area soon!
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