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ear infection

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I went swimming bout a week and a half ago and woke up with my ears hurting really bad?I think I might've gotten water in my ears.my ears are sorta swollen inside it hurts to put drops in my ear because I have to rub my ear for it to fall down but my ear hurts so bad I can't even touch it without me screaming in pain!I have not been able to sleep for about a week now.someme body please tell me what will help me get rid of my ear infection in a fast way!
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Ouch! I think you need to see a doctor. It sounds like you have an infection.

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what you are describing sounds like outer ear infection (otitis externa is the professoinal term, swimmers ear is the common name). My kid had it, and the only way to get rid of it is waiting for it to pass. Try and clean your ear with Q-tips (only the outside!!!! don't shove it in or it will hurt more).

You can visit a GP and get painkiller ear drops, which will make you feel a bit better. An ENT might be able to help you clean the ear so the infection won't return. i found this article to help me in the past - http://www.eardoc.info/news/swimmers-ear-overview

Hope i have helped! Feel well soon.

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Have you seen a doctor? My son needed prescribed drops for swimmer's ear and we had to keep water out of the ear while it healed. I feel for you and hope it's better soon!
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