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I'm so sorry, Monday. Thinking of you.

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So sorry for your loss, Monday.

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So sorry Monday


Tear, I completely understand not wanting to TTC. With my first BFP we m/c at 9-12 weeks (loooong story) and I was so desperate to get pregnant again. I only had 1 AF then a BFP. DS1 was only 6 months old when we fell pregnant again with DS2, but we were not nursing (another loooong story) so I truly expected it would be so easy to get pregnant again with another baby. So not true this time.


My cycle is still all over the place. After increasingly long cycles for 3 months straight I decided to chart my temp to see if I was even ovulating. I got a confirmed O for the same day (cd20) on 2 different websites and so figured it would be an exciting 2ww to see if this was the month.


Then on Saturday my temp dropped, but I was in denial so I retook my temp a couple of hours later (I got up first time to pee) and it looked like it was back up some. Then Saturday night AF arrived AT 7DPO mecry.gif


So I'm back to waiting to O and charting for another cycle.


DH suggested that maybe it was my body resetting back to the 27.5 day cycle I've had since I was 14. I adore his positive attitude, but I really wanted to be pregnant by now. I know it will happen when it happens, but the 7 day luteal phase this past cycle has me concerned. Hopefully it will get back to normal soon.

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Hi everyone! I've been following the posts, even though we are still waiting to TTC, but I have a question: I'm currently taking prenatal/postpartum vitamins to make sure my folic acid levels are good for when we start TTCing, but they expire this month. Would you keep taking them or buy a new batch? I know expiry dates on medicine can be optional...like our one-year expired Alka-Seltzer still works, lol, but I'm not really sure about something like folic acid. Any suggestions?

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Monday - So sorry for your loss.

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Updated to here.


Lidamama84, would you like me to add you to our roster under "waiting to be ready"?  Sorry, I don't have a good answer for your question...I wonder if the expiry is because the ingredients lose their potency?  If you know a good pharmacist (not one who's just going to try to sell you new vitamins!) that might be a good resource to ask.  Oh, and that reminds me, I should take my prenatal today! 

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Yes, please go ahead and add me to Waiting to be ready. I wondered the same thing about the potency of ingredients, but I don't know any trustworthy pharmacists to ask. I should probably just go to the health food store to get new ones, but since we aren't even TTC, I figure I could just save the cost and use up the old ones first...probably only a month's worth left and I hate waste :(

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Sorry Lidamama, I don't know the answer to that either. If it's just a month's supply I'd probably use them up too.


I have a question for those of you who are TTC #3 or more. Did finding out about #2 feel the same as it did with #1? Let me explain--when I got pregnant with DS, I was not using OPK but I was pretty confident we had great timing and I swear I had some weird symptoms soon after ovulating. Within 24 hours I had several intense cramps and a wave of intense nausea, I kept waking up in the middle of the night to pee, which *never* happens, and I had a faint line by 7 DPO, and a bright line at 9 DPO.


I'm in the 2WW and so of course I wonder if it will be similar the next time, which it certainly hasn't been this month. I just took a test at 7DPO and there was nothing. Oh well, just curious how similar/different other women's first, second, or subsequent pregnancies were.

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Heather, I felt pretty much the same in early pregnancy with #1-#3.  I had to pee all night long and my fingers swelled up and I had nausea very early on.   #4 snuck up on me--no very early signs.  I had counted myself out for that cycle when one day I realized I had been nauseous all day and AF hadn't arrived yet.  I took a test and sure enough BFP. 


Speaking of nausea, I've had it on and off all day.  Maybe it's just because I didn't eat enough but I can't help but hope!  I'm 8dpo, I tested when I got home tonight since I had the nausea all day and got a BFN.  Crossing my fingers for tomorrow.  My BFPs often show up at 9dpo.

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Monday - I'm so sorry for your loss. :(  A similar thing happened to me a few months ago, I miscarried at almost 7 weeks. I had an extremely low progesterone.


AFM - I don't really know what I'm doing anymore. I was convinced to stop ttc completely as of next period that's already here, it's driving me insane. Last month I tried OPK, they never got positive. My cycles are all over the place, I don't think I even ovulate anymore, but felt like I used to a few months ago. I have no clue what my body is doing. Vitex seems to mess my cycles up even more. Maybe I should just forget TTC...if only it wasn't so hard. I did start nursing more often again though. We were back to once a day, now it's twice - she loves nursing too much. I find it funny how everyone is getting pregnant around me almost by an accident now. The only thing I'm sure of right now is that I won't wean dd. Of course my friends think I'm a complete lunatic for even still bf her. They also tell me of course I have problems, I got my first ppaf when dd was about 19 months. That I just have to laugh about. :)

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heather: My first 2 pregnancies were a complete surprise, even though we were trying, I was convinced I would have trouble conceiving, because of my family history, so it wasn't until I was complaining about feeling queasy that DH went and got me a pg test. I was 5 weeks along both times. When we started trying for DD2, I was super aware of my body and tracking my cycle, so I knew EXACTLY when I got pg, waited a couple weeks and poas. BFP. Now, I'm feeling like it's not the time to be trying for #3, but for some reason I started feeling pg yesterday. I haven't had my first PPAF yet, so I have not been tracking anything, but we have been using protection. I'm sure it's just from reading all the TTC forums, I've started symptom spotting, but either way I have a physical next week and I will ask them to test when I go. Blah. Oh, well, it's not terrible news if I am, I just wanted to wait a bit, maybe change jobs, do some home reno projects. I don't know what DH will say if I am, tho. 


boomer: I haven't gotten my first ppaf yet either, and DD2 is 13 mos, if it makes you feel any less like a "lunatic" LOL!!!

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Heather, some things were the same and some were different with each of my 3 previous BFP cycles. I was charting with the first 2 and new before I tested as I saw my temps rise instead of fall. With the 3rd one I was very emotional for about a week before AF was due. I would cry over silly things. Some symptoms I get on BFN cycles too, like implantation time cramps, sensitive nipples, so I try not to read into anything (even though I often fail and get my hopes up.)


I'm beginning to come out of the funk of AF showing up at 7dpo now that she is almost gone. I'm being a lot more careful about taking my B6 every day along with my prenatal. Hopefully this month will be better, but I'm beginning to accept that I just may not be fully fertile again at the moment and having another may take a while. I know I have so much to be thankful with the 2 precious boys I already have. Even if I never get pregnant again I am already so bountifully blessed.


I know part of it for me is that i always dreamed of having a really large family. Since we didn't get married until I was 35 and then didn't get pregnant with DS1 until I was 37 I know that time is not on our side for a large family. I turn 40 next month and I'd love to have at least 2 more before time runs out (my heart yearns for 4+ more children) so I don't have the luxury of large gaps between children. At the same time I am not willing to stop breast feeding just so I can get pregnant quicker. I really struggled with nursing DS1, so there is no way I'm going to sacrifice even 1 day of the time I get to feed DS2 from my own body.

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I completely missed that this thread was even started!

I'm back at Waiting to O, AF arrived on Saturday. Hopefully this is the month!
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9dpo today.  BFN this morning. 

Here's a question... If I normally go without urinating longer during the day than I do at night, is it better to test during the day?  I assume FMU is said to be best because most people have gone all night without urinating, right?  So if I go longer without urinating in the afternoon (because I'm too busy at work) then testing as soon as I get home in the evening might be my best time?  Is this valid thinking here?  After having my third child I never stopped having to urinate frequently during the night.  Ugh.  (No, I'm not diabetic.)

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Thanks for the responses, ladies! I've kind of suspected that I'd know as soon as I got pregnant again, since I am pretty in tune with my body, but there's always the hope that it will happen when you don't expect it! Maybe it's more common the more children you have, too, since you're too busy to pay as much attention. =) I have a friend who just realized she was pregnant, got a dating ultrasound, and is around 10 weeks already! She took a test early on that was negative, then just thought she was gaining a lot of weight. Anyways...


Sorry for the negative, jr's mom. I don't know whether testing in the morning is simply b/c urine should be more concentrated or if it's b/c hormone levels are usually higher then.


Also, to make all of you who haven't gotten a PPAF feel better, I didn't get mine until 21 months, 2 weeks after nightweaning. I think I've got the oldest nursling on the board. Although to be honest, I am trying to wean, mostly because it has become so uncomfortable for me, especially the second half of my cycle. He's still quite attached to his "milkie", but it's getting harder and harder for me...

I hope this month is better for you, Lynann. I want a big family, too, and thought I'd have a semi-reasonable shot at it since I got married at 30. But now it will be over 3 years between 1 and hopefully #2. Quite the opposite of what usually happens in my family! But I try to remind myself that I am blessed to have my husband and son My husband's had a lot of health problems that have affected his fertility since our son was born. Now he's being treated for a prolactinoma (pituitary tumor), which causes high prolactin levels. Anyone here familiar with this, by any chance? I hope it doesn't take too long to correct his prolactin levels and give us a better shot...

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Hi all, updated to here!


Well, I went to my Dr. this morning and got the results from the progesterone testing.  My number was 36 on 7DPO.  I think she said the "normal" range was anywhere from 13 to in the 250 range, so I am definitely on the low side of "normal".  Anyone have any experience with this?  Would you be concerned about TTC with that type of number (given the increased risk of a miscarriage/chemical??)


Still hanging out in waiting to O, but likely going to O today or tomorrow.  To bad it's been too bloody hot to want to BD.  We have no airconditioning at home, and DH hasn't got it at work either so by the time evening roles around the thought of any type of "activity" is not that appealing...lol.

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11 dpo.  Still BFN. 

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Originally Posted by SandyLoam View Post

I'm on CD16 (last cycle was 26 days). Not sure if I ovulated, but I've had watery fluid for about 5 days, and my cervix was high, soft and open a few days ago, so I'm thinking I can be moved to the 2WW. I did ClearBlue OPKs (with the smiley face) since CD6 and they were all negative, so I'm not sure at all if I ovulated. Have other people had negative OPKs and ovulated that cycle? Is it common or uncommon?

Since I'm not sure if I've O'd yet, we'll make sure to stay awake long enough to BD a few more times in the next few days. Curious how long this cycle will be since my last one was 26 days and the one before 34. Expecting AF anywhere from July 17-25 this time. Makes for a lot of guesswork!


Good luck to all the ladies waiting for their BFP this month! And best wishes to everyone who got one already!!

Got a positive OPK on July 11 (CD21). So the 2WW has reset for me! 1dpo. I'll test on July 26 (CD36) if AF doesn't arrive. Hoping AF doesn't come early again (CD26), like last cycle for me.

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jrsmom, still hoping for you!

nstewart, I think 36 is a wonderful number. My RE said that the "average" pregnancy progesterone level is 16. She told me that today. Seriously. You don't need to worry about it, and I have to believe that. love.gif

Sandyloam, good luck in your tww!

heather, I'm sorry you've been trying for so long. We tried for a bit over 2.5 years for DD, and it was one of the hardest things DH and I have gone through. I hope your DH's prolactin levels even out soon, and that you get your bfp soon, too.

Lidamama, good luck at your physical next week. I hope that you and DH are happy with whatever answers you get.

boomer78, good for you for sticking with your guns and nursing as long as feels right for you and your LO. Don't listen to other people's pressure. hug2.gif

Monday, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that your are healing and taking care of yourself. hug.gif

lynann and livingsky, I'm sorry AF found you ladies. I was hoping for you guys!

privateeyes.gif Well, I haven't posted much here and I feel bad for not being a better thread member. I wasn't doing much posting anywhere but I've been reading lots. I got a positive pregnancy test today. I won't yet call myself one of "those people" who flit in briefly and flit out pregnant, because DH and I have a painful history of loss and we're both feeling thrilled about this pregnancy but scared. If you ladies would send us lots of sticky vibes we would appreciate it. This would just be such a dream if this little one stuck around and grew healthy and strong. Thank you for your support even though I wasn't posting much. grouphug.gif
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Congratulations Tear78!!  Sending positive vibes your way and wishing you a sticky bean! thumb.gif Let me know if/when you'd like to be moved.  Thanks also for thoughts on the Progesterone numbers.  It makes me feel reassured knowing that!


Sorry about the BFN Jr'smom.

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