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My temps still look triphasic today, and I can't blame it on extra wakeups because snugglemonster slept from 1 to 5! (huzzah!) I took a test and it was negative, but I'm only 8 dpo (though my LP tends to be short afaict). I'm going to test again in a few days if nothing changes.

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i tried temping a while back to see if there was any pattern...but had no luck.  I'm glad to see that so many of you are able to get something out of your charts, even with erratic sleep schedules.  My bad luck with charts just had something to do with the fact that I was no where near Oing or AF.  so hopefully if we don't catch the first egg, i can start temping then :)

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Originally Posted by Lidamama84 View Post

Lots of Canadian girls on these TTC boards lately, eh?

Chalk up one more Canadian girl here!


Originally Posted by brogansmomma View Post

I did try checking CM a few times but I was never sure if it was what I thought it was - eg: creamy v sticky

If you keep checking over a period of a few cycles, you'll start to be more comfortable with the difference.  Creamy, think like Jergins lotion.  EWCM, think literally of egg whites.  Tacky, think like when you get white glue between your fingers and it isn't really dry, just a little dry and you pull it apart and your fingers don't really stick, but the glue leaves little peaks.  That's about the best I can describe it.



Originally Posted by erigeron View Post

My temps still look triphasic today, and I can't blame it on extra wakeups because snugglemonster slept from 1 to 5! (huzzah!) I took a test and it was negative, but I'm only 8 dpo (though my LP tends to be short afaict). I'm going to test again in a few days if nothing changes.

Fingers crossed for you!


So, the last few days I've been tired and feeling a bit queezy in the afternoons and I broke down and POAS yesterday morning.  The result was a BFN, so I don't know if it was just to early, or if it's a BFN. It was 9DPO (right, you don't count O date as a DPO?) so I guess that's a bit early.   I don't regret testing though, at least now it's off my mind a bit as I was really starting to get excited.  I guess I just need more sleep and really it was silly of me because I am sure that 9 or 10 DPO is way too early for morning sickness anyway.  I am so silly.

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Is it just me or do the days drag on all month long when you're TTC?!  AHHHhh  I hate the unknown...


Since my first PPAF 8 days ago, I've been temping and my temps are pretty stable but very low.  At least low in comparison to what they were when we were TTC our first last January.  Low like 96.8 up to 97.2. Has anyone else experieced low temps like this?  I'm wondering if it related to BF'ing. 


I'm going to start using OPK's this week too, but I'm wondering what everyones thoughts are on when to use them and will one per day suffice or should I go with 2?  I bought the internet cheapies so I'm out about 30 cents a piece.  Any help is greatly appreciated!


brogansmomma, I've never understood the CM differences either (and they gross me out a bit, too - sorry), but your description, nstewart, is very helpful and I may give that a shot!  =-)

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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post

Chalk up one more Canadian girl here!

And another one here!

erigeron and nstewart - I know everyone has different results with tests, but I couldn't get a BFP until 14DPO last time around, so I personally wouldn't at all worry about a BFN so early. You could definitely still get a BFP! I hope you both do!

AFM: We're into the BDing time of the cycle! CD18 here and I usually ovulate anytime between now and CD23, so this week we'll be (getting) busy! Unfortunately DH and I are working opposite schedules this week because we have no day care, so I don't know how much 'quality' time we'll get, but we'll make it work somehow.

And in other news, I'm busy sending babydust thoughts to my brother and sister in law. They're trying IUI in hopes of having a second babe and today is the big day. They're awesome parents and I'm really hoping it works for them! I'm also hoping that sending all those thoughts their way will help keep me from obsessing about my own cycle! It would be pretty cool if we both got pregnant this cycle too.
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NewMama I agree that the days go by so slowly waiting to O then they drag by on the TWW too. It seems like we are always waiting, waiting, waiting when TTC. I also have much lower BBT.


Brogansmomma I too have had some confusion on CM definitions. I think also part of it is that we don't always have text book CM either. I know for me that I only get a very brief time with EWCM (like a few hours) that is then followed by copious amounts of what I would describe as watery CM that is not lotion like as the creamy CM is prior to the EWCM, and isn't stretchy at all, just very wet. And I get it for a few days after the EWCM, like this week I had EWCM on Saturday and today I still have lots (and I do mean lots) of watery CM. I don't remember having so short a time with EWCM and so much watery CM in non-lactating cycles, but then my cycles were very different then too.


nstewart FX'd that you just tested too soon, and your BFP is just around the corner.


Erigeron FX'd for you too.


AFM Not really sure what is going on right now. I had EWCM on Saturday but then my temps went lower and are still lower than my normal FP temps (normal is about 97.2 and I went down to 96.81 on Sunday and today its only at 97.07) so no signs of O yet. I'm on CD18 today and last month I didn't O until CD20 but then had a 7 day LP. I had O cramps on Sunday afternoon (or so I thought) and then last night it felt like AF was about to start. I still feel the way I normally do just before AF, but its way too early and I haven't even O'd yet (I think.) My nipples are so tender I wince every time I have to nurse, and I don't usually have tender nipples as a AF symptom. If I wasn't charting I'd be thinking that last AF wasn't really AF and POAS, but I was charting and so I know my temps matched up and it really was AF. I've always been so in tune with my body, and now I'm just confused.

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Scratch what I wrote before... AF just arrived. Better luck next month, I guess.


So I'm back in Waiting To Ovulate.


DD is 13 months old today. :)

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Originally Posted by nstewart View Post

Chalk up one more Canadian girl here!

And another one here!


And another! I'm at 13dpo and trying to hold off testing. I think I'd rather AF arrived than a negative hpt. Because if it's negative, then I'll be impatient waiting for my next cycle to start. I'm on cycle day 35, so it's been a long wait so far! Baby dust to everyone on this board.

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Originally Posted by SandyLoam View Post

I think I'd rather AF arrived than a negative hpt.

Yes, me too! So far I've been very good about not POAS. I've decided to wait until 14DPO, because with my first pregnancy, I got a BFN at 12DPO and BFP at 14DPO. So it's easy(ish) to convince myself that there's no point POAS before 14DPO because a BFN wouldn't mean anything. And since I usually have a 13 or 14 day LP, so far there's been no need to POAS either cycle since we started TTC again. I have high hopes for this cycle though! DH and I are both committed to DTD every day from Monday (my earliest typical O date) until Sunday (my latest typical O date). So far we've managed it smile.gif No sign of a temp shift yet and my OPK wasn't quite positive yesterday, so I'm expecting a positive OPK this afternoon and hopefully O in the next day or two.
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Still no positive opk and I'm on CD25. So instead of assuming that my cycles will be wonky for a bit seeing as this is my first PPAF, I've googled and it is common for some people to ovulate during CD10 through 12. I started testing on CD13, which was July 14. I missed CD19 but the sharp pinches slash twinges I felt briefly on my right were before July 20.

Off to google how likely it is to ovulate that early so soon postpartum...

IF I ovulated early, I'd be far enough past to POAS, wouldn't I? I'm afraid to because I don't want it to be true that my cycle is wonky and because I don't want to see a BFN. Also because I only have 10 pee strips and don't want to waste them.
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Turns out my opk would get darker if I were pg, at least for awhile. I did not know this. Not that I truly thought there was a chance I was pg already but it was a nice daydream.
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Updated to here!


Brogansmomma, I think a wonkey first few cycles are pretty normal.  As long as it's a late O date but still an ok LP, it just makes TTC more tricky but doesn't mean you won't!


So, today is DSs 2nd birthday, and CD28 for me.  I seem to usually have a 29 day cycle, so AF is imminent if I'm not PG.  I had planned on testing today, but didn't have a PG test at home and wasted the one I did have at 8DPO.  I haven't made it to a drug store the last few days (had a 4am-8pm work day yesterday!), but will stop tonight I guess.  I do not feel pregnant.  With DS, I had crazy CM during the 2WW, my nipples changed color and I had a desire to avoid alcohol.  No such symptoms this month, but each time is likely different, right?  If AF doesn't arrive tonight I'll test in the AM because the anticipation is killing me!!

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Hi ladies. Checking in from the road. We've been to Detroit, then Niagara Falls, and now we're camping in Lancaster County PA. I should be O'ing any time now. Unless I get O pains I won't know when though. Based on my usual timing I should O today or tomorrow. We miraculously managed to BD last night so we actually stand a chance of conceiving this month. It was DH's idea; I had been rethinking our TTC plans while spending so much time in such close quarters (a small RV) with our 4 little ones this week! Don't get me wrong--they're awesome--but not easy. Wouldn't it be ironic if we conceive on the cycle I am second guessing our plans? Obviously I would still be very happy or I would have shooed DH'S away last night.

Good luck everyone!
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ok, so guess who just showed up immedietly after I bought a PG test!  Not that I'm surprised! Oh well, at least I didn't waste another test! Back to waiting to O!


jr'smom, fingers crossed for you!


I am heading out of town tomorrow for 10 days, camping, and won't have access to internet, so I'm sorry but I won't be able to do any further updates.  Is anyone able to host next month and do the updates for the rest of this month in the August thread?  

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Hi ladies, just checking in briefly. Nothing to report here, on CD 14 and no signs of O yet, which is sadly typical. Hopefully it won't be another crazy cycle like last month! If I can be disciplined about it, I think I will use internet cheapie OPKs for a week or more, just to make sure I'm reading them right and not getting multiple LH surges...


Nstewart, sorry this month didn't work out. Jr's mom, you're in my part of the country right now! Hope the weather isn't too wet and soggy for your camping trip!


I'll be traveling a lot in August so probably won't be online much then.

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I just had O confirmed as Tuesday so I'm 3DPO.


I've been crazy emotional this week, so much that DH asked me if I was actually already pregnant (I get crazy emotional for the first few weeks around a BFP), but no I'm just crazy emotional, probably because my 40th is just over 2 weeks away. Since I did actually O this month I should know one way or the other by my birthday. If its no this cycle then I think we're going to take a break from actively trying, as there are other things going on that I need to focus on.


Sorry to keep this short, but I'm in a really bad head space and need to take my focus away to something more positive for the sake of my mental health.

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nstewart, sorry it didn't work out this time. good luck this month!


heatheresc - my cycle was wierd this time & last time. last cycle was 26 days (weird for me) and this cycle I thought I O'd on CD15, never had a positive OPK, but based on CM. Then I randomly did another opk and got a smiley face on CD21. I thought there was no chance, since my last cycle was only 26 days, but I somehow got to 14dpo, took a test with fmu yesterday and got a positive saying 2-3 weeks since conception. (Then a neg urine test at doctor, then a positive blood test). So even with a weird cycle, we were somehow lucky!


Now I just have to stay relaxed and remember that anything can happen over the next couple of months. I've had early losses before, so my doctor is going to book me in for an early u/s to try to see a heartbeat to put us at ease.


Good luck to all you ladies as you ttc! Please send sticky thoughts my way! Thanks for all the support over the past couple months.

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SandyLoam, congratulations! I pray all goes well with this baby! Have you looked into progesterone supplementation? Just a thought.


Thanks for the encouragement, too...maybe this cycle will be the one for me, too! Still waiting to O...

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WooHoo, SandyLoam! Congratulations!

I can be moved to 2ww now. (sorry i can't bold on my phone.) I had O pains the day after we BD. Crossing my fingers that we stand a chance.
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Hi everyone! I haven't read through the thread, but we've been trying for our 2nd for over 6 months so I thought I'd join! My dd just turned 3 last month and nurses 2-3 times a day. My dh is worried that the nursing is interfering with us getting pregnant. I believe that I ovulate (I've been charting for maybe 6 years) and my cycle came back regularly at 11 months pp. I have symptoms around O day (cramping, O pain, cm) and get a positive OPK every month, but I don't chart my temps anymore. Is there any evidence that breastfeeding so little can prevent pregnancy? We got pregnant the second month ttc for both pregnancies I've had (the first m/c at 5 weeks), and both my sisters get pregnant either on accident or the first try even while bf (both have 4 kids). We weren't expecting it to take this long (though I know it really isn't very long compared to so many). Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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